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Are you a genealogist with a little time to spare to help others?


Any Genealogist

Here are things any genealogist can do, even if you just registered on WikiTree as a guest member.

5-30 minutes

Encourage other generous genealogists

Most genealogists work in isolation. What makes WikiTree special is that we're a community of genealogists working together.

Part of what makes working together enjoyable is that we encourage each other. If you have five or ten minutes to spare, here are quick and easy ways to show appreciation to other volunteers.

1 or 2 hours per month

Offer your foreign language skills

Can you read a language other than English? Our community needs Language Volunteers. This generous group helps with greeting or mentoring international members and is sometimes needs for document translations.

1 hour+ per month

Offer to do look-ups in your local area

Become a Local Research Assistant and offer on the ground help with research in your area to other genealogists. This is WikiTree's version of Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness. If you can do lookups at local archives, take cemetery photos, or anything where local help is needed, your help is appreciated.

10-30 minutes

Answer a genealogy question

Look in the Requests For Volunteers or Requests For Genealogy Help category of G2G. Requests For Volunteers specifically asks for help within projects, and Requests For Genealogy Help is for individual genealogical queries.

15+ minutes

Collaborate on the Profile of the Week

Every week our community focuses on one featured profile and their family. What can you add or contribute? Scroll to the bottom of the home page for this week's collaboration.

< 5 minutes

Say if you've taken a DNA test

WikiTree has extensive DNA Features and some of them get pretty complicated. But they're all built from one very simple thing: knowing whether people on the tree have taken a DNA test for genealogy

If you have taken a test, select which test you have taken. Ultimately this could help very distant cousins of yours confirm their genealogy.

Wiki Genealogists

When you're a confirmed member who has signed the Honor Code, we can keep you busy!

Connect yourself to our tree

Every genealogist starts with their own family tree. On WikiTree, doing your own genealogy helps others too. You'll be helping distant relatives and future descendants of your ancestors.

Link to getting started page ?

Find an orphaned profile that needs your love

When a profile doesn't have a Profile Manager we call it an orphan. It's a profile that needs someone to care for it. You can adopt these profiles and help out by adding biographies or sources to them.

Be a Sourcerer

A Sourcerer adds source information to unsourced profiles. You can find these profiles in the Unsourced Profiles category. By adding sources to profiles, you are helping make our tree more useful by letting others know where the original information came from.

Connect someone for the Global Family Reunion

WikiTree's goal is a worldwide tree with everyone connected. In anticipation of the Global Family Reunion on June 6, 2015 we are using the host, author AJ Jacobs as a reference point for connection to the big WikiTree.

Tell others about The Free Family Tree

WikiTree pledged to stay 100% free, so we need to keep costs low. Since we don't have a big ad budget, our community depends on word of mouth. We grow when our members tell other genealogists, their family and friends what we do.

Ambassadors are some of our awesome volunteers who are active on various social media channels and/or bloggers who are dedicated to helping share the Wikitree love.

You can also share profiles on your blog or Facebook, using some of our Cousin bait tips.

Become a "Cemeterist"

Do you have a local cemetery and a camera? The Global Cemeteries Project needs you!

Take local interest photos for use in profiles (cemeteries, historic buildings, etc) Cemetery transcription

Experienced WikiTreers

Once you've been on WikiTree a few months and have a good grasp on the basics [link?] here are more ways you're needed.

Do some merges

Special:BrowseMatches ... how to do this for non-family ...

Join a project

Join or collaborate with a project

Join or start a One Name Study

Join or start a One Place Study

1+ hour per week

Welcome new members as Greeter

Greeting - Greeters welcome new WikiTreers to the community and give them helpful links to get them started.

2-3 hours per month?

Offering your help as a Mentor

Mentors answer questions about the website, encourage members with helpful suggestions and step in whenever problems arise, providing guidance and instruction.

1 hour per week

Protect WikiTree as a Ranger

Wiki sites are special because essentially anyone can edit them. Stopping spam, vandalism and questionable activity as quickly as possible is a crucial part of any wiki. Rangers serve and protect the community in a vital way — mostly just by being on duty and staying alert.

Coordinate new volunteers

Become a Volunteer Coordinator.

Write a blog post

Are you really experienced with a certain aspect of genealogy or an expert in using WikiTree in a certain way?

Contact Eowyn about guest posts on the blog.

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