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Shan S. Dawson formerly Ward aka Carlyle, Smith
Born 1970s.
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== Biography ==

Mary "Shan" Ward-Dawson
Born: 1970 in Florida at the Naval base

Tom Ward- (1947- ) U.S. Army Captain, Helicopter Pilot and Combat Veteran of the Vietnam War.
Patricia Smith- (1947-) Stay at home Mom & team mother.

Siblings: Thomas Ward- (1979-)

Thomas O. Ward Sr.- ( 32 degree Mason with York & Scottish Rite Shriners, Owned 2 Insurance Companies, and former President of Sertoma Intl.
Mary A. Slate- ( Stay at home mother of 6.
Frank J. Smith Sr. (1924-1997) U.S. Navy Veteran, WWII, former shoe designer and fitter to movie stars in Miami as well.
Mary L. Chitty- (1929-2010) Owned an Answering Srvc in Atlanta for over 50 years. Shoe model in Miami for a few years.

Martin Dawson- (1979-) U.S. Army Intel Veteran (disabled 2011)
Marriage year: 2008

Previous Marriages:
My 3 children's father is "Carlyle" a retired US Marine who I was married to for 8 years. Sadly it was not a good marriage, and it ended in divorce, but my children were worth it all. I was married for almost 6 years to a "Smith" 2 years after my divorce. He left me for a woman 12 years his junior. (this was a huge blessing in disguise)

Kara (Georgia)
Spouse- Jared
Matthew (Florida)
Katie (Florida)

(Kara's daughter's)
Ainsley (Illinois)
Zoey (Illinois)

My Bio:
I have had a very interesting life to say the least, and I'll try to give my best account of my life thus far. I wish all our past relatives we research had this much info. That way we could get to truly know them. This will hopefully give you a better understanding of my life thus far.

How I came about:
My dad was in the U.S. Army as a Helicopter Pilot and Captain during the Vietnam War before I was born. My mother was pregnant with me in Texas, and I was to be born on Halloween 1970. My dad was adamant that he would not go to Vietnam until I was born. My mom went back to her family in Florida, and went into labor with me.
I was born at the Naval Hospital. My dad was able to be there for my birth, then headed to Vietnam November 1, 1970. My father was in Vietnam until mid of 1972.

Where I grew up: I was raised in Florida until age 3, then we moved to Alabama where I went to pre-school and kindergarten. We then moved to Georgia near Dobbins AFB, when I was 5 years old, then north of Atlanta where I lived until I was 19 yrs old.

My dad taught me from a very young age to be hard working, and to never give up.
Some of my early jobs:
Babysitting, yard work, cleaning etc. From age 15 on I held several jobs. (retail jobs, childcare, office work, and as a telephone operator, trainer & switchboard manager. I ran a TY Beanie baby and online craft store for several years as well. Now I sell Arts & Crafts, and work a little online too.
I did cheerleading & also coached elementary age cheerleaders for a few summers. I was involved in gymnastics, ice skating, dance (tap, ballet & jazz), took piano lessons, Choir, USAF JROTC, Softball, studied Spanish for 3yrs, loved to swim, attended church activities growing up, and volunteered on weekends with concessions at a ballpark where my brother played sports.
After High school graduation, I worked for a year to pay for my College tuition. I went to a private College in the North GA mountains. At that time I was still unsure exactly what I wanted to do in life. (Nurse, Military, or stay managing the Communications business). The next year I decided to go back to work full time at my communications job.
Military Experience:
3 years of JROTC (USAF) during High School and 1 year College. I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps at 21yrs old. Not many women can say they went to boot camp at Parris Island SC. I am very proud that I had that adventure, even though it was short lived due to getting hurt. ~Semper Fi~

MVA Accident:
In 2001, 2 weeks before my marriage to "Smith", I was hit in a MVA while I was driving with my children to a visitation pickup. I am a Traumatic Brain and Spine Injury Survivor. I'm considered 100% disabled, but am not wheelchair bound. (I have long/short term memory loss, seizures, and other medical issues). I'm very grateful no matter what, that I'm where I am today. It's been hard work, but I'm so much better than I was.

In July of 2008, I married Marty in Northern Michigan. We both feel so grateful to have found one another, and after 12+ years of marriage he is still is my best friend. He is Artistic & very intelligent. We are enjoying our life together more than ever, and love to Garden, take walks, and travel. Although my husband has a very hard time due to being a Veteran with severe PTSD, he tries to travel and push his limits. We sadly have no biological children together, as I had 2 miscarriages.

I belong to several Military/Veterans groups where I try and give back and help those with PTSD, and also those in military families.

  • March 2020 I got my Veteran Caregiver Certification to work with Veterans. I am very proud of that. (I try despite medical issues, to help out in some way). I feel blessed to be so well rounded, and have hands on experience in many areas.

My Family Tree Research:
I am a part of several Ancestry/Genealogy sites where I research both sides of my family. I LOVE researching, and have done a good bit on other sites. It is my hope to transfer all of that knowledge over to wikitree. So please bare with any flaws I may make. The format is very different than the others, but as you can tell, I like my profiles to have life to them. That way when future generations read them, they can know as much about everyone as possible. =)

I am especially hoping to find my Grandfathers "Smith" (Schmidt) and "Holahan" (O'Houlihan/Hoolihan,Houlihan) side of the family. I would really like to know who my Great Great grandparents were on that side of the family.
My Grandfathers side of the family are from Brooklyn/Bronx/Newburgh, New York and New Jersey as well.
Update 2017.. (I am told my 2xs great grandparents names are possibly Patrick Hollahan and Mary Barlow, and the others are Joseph Smith and Jeanette "Jennie" Bogart)
The info I know on him so far is the following:
Frank J. Smith- 1924 Brooklyn, NY.
He was in the US Navy during WWII.
He married my Grandma 'Mary L (Chitty) Smith'. His parents as far as I can find are:
Marie Agnes "Aggie" Holahan and Frank Grant Smith. Sisters: Ruth T (smith) Laxton, Marie C Smith, Francis Genevieve (Jeannie) Smith, Rita Smith Edic and Helen A (Smith) Embler.

I am also researching my entire family tree which include names like: Stuart, Stewart, Ward, Smith, Holahan, MacDonald Moore, Chitty, Cardin/Carden, Scott, Vaden, Slate, Richardson, King, Byrd, Simmons, Wilson, Campbell, Barlow, Freeman, Fortner, Shaw, Taylor, Watkins, Dean, Winstead, Toole, Holland, DOTY, Hatch, White, Bogart, etc (just msg me for more names).

Famous Relations:


  • * Scott-12063 Randolph Scott and I are 15th cousins once removed
  • Warfield-8 Bessie Wallis Windsor and Shan are 17th cousins 1x removed
  • Sachsen-Coburg_und_Gotha-5 *Edward VIII (Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha) Windsor
  • Capet-116 Isabelle (Capet) Plantagenet Isabelle is the 23th great grandmother of Shan
  • Plantagenet-378 King Edward II is the 23th great grandfather of Shan
  • Ross-555 Aodh (Hugh) "Earl of Ross, Earl of Stratherne de Sotheronland, Hugh O'Beolan" de Ross is the 21st great grandfather of Shan
  • Valois-6 Jeanne (Valois) de Hainaut Jeanne is the 23rd great grandmother of Shan
  • Brus-102 Maud (Matilda) Burnell formerly FitzAlan is the 21st great grandmother of Shan
  • Bruce-3176 Sir Robert "Lord Bruce, Earl of Carrick, Lord of Annandale" de Bruce formerly Bruce is the 21st great grandfather of Shan

Founding Fathers
Alexander Hamilton 10th Cousin 4xs

Signers of the United States Declaration of Independence

  • Samuel Adams Jr 17th cousins 8 xs
  • Charles Carroll 11th cousins 6xs
  • Carter Braxton 11th cousins 7xs
  • Ben Franklin 13th cousins 11xs
  • William Floyd 6th cousins 9xs
  • William Ellery 13th cousins 7 xs
  • Button Gwinnett 14th cousins 8xs (He was ALSO 4th Governor of Georgia)
  • Lyman Hall 12th cousins 8xs (He was ALSO 16th Governor of Georgia)
  • Governor John "the Signer" Hancock III John Hancock III- 10th cousins 7xs (He was ALSO 1st Governor of Massachusetts, 4th & 13th Presidents of the Continental Congress)
  • -Benjamin Harrison V 11th cousins 7xs (He was ALSO 5th Governor of Virginia)
  • John Hart 5th Cousins 8xs (He was a public official and politician in colonial New Jersey, who served as a delegate to the Continental Congress)
  • -Joseph Hewes 14th cousins 7xs
  • -Stephen Hopkins 13th cousins 7xs (He was ALSO governor of the Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. He held many offices such as Delegate, and Justice of the Superior Court etc)
  • -Thomas Jefferson 10th cousins 6xs (ALSO 3rd President of the U.S., 2nd Vice President of the U.S.,1st United States Secretary of State, 2nd Governor of Virginia etc)
  • -Francis Lightfoot Lee 8th cousins 9xs (He was ALSO Virginia Senator, Virginia Senate, Delegate to Continental Congress, <ember of the House of Burgesses (Stamp Act), First Families of Virginia etc.
  • -Richard Henry Lee 8th cousins 9xs (He was ALSO President pro tempore of the US Senate, US Senator from Virginia, 12th President of the Continental Congress and Lee County, Georgia is named in his honor.)
  • -Philip Henry Livingston 8th cousins 6xs (ALSO member of committee of one hundred, president of the provincial convention, member of continental congress, member of provincial congress, so forth)
  • Thomas Lynch III 12th cousins 9xs
  • -Robert Treat Paine 11th cousins 7xs (ALSO Attorney-General of MA, Judge of the Supreme Court etc)
  • -Caesar Rodney 12th cousins 8xs (ALSO 4th President

of Delaware and Continental Congressman, lawyer and politician, an officer of the Delaware militia during the French and Indian War and American Revolution, and from the Adelmare family in Treviso, Italy)
Magna Carta Baron Sureties (Great Grandfather's and Cousins)

  • Sir Hugh (Hugh III) "5th Earl of Norfolk" le Bigod is the 23th great Grandfather of Shanan Bigod-1
  • Henry "5th Earl of Hereford" de Bohun is the 26th great grandfather of Shanan bohun-7
  • William "Lord of Belvoir" d'Aubigny formerly Albini and Shanan are first cousins 25 times removed Albini-37
  • Sir Gilbert "7th Earl of Clare, 4th Earl of Hertford, Lord of Harfleur and Mostrevillers in Normandy" de Clare formerly Clare is the 23th great grandfather of Shanan Clare-673
  • John "Lord of Warkworth Castle, Northumberland" FitzRobert formerly Clavering is the 22th great grandfather of Shanan clavering-13
  • Sir John "John of Chester, Earl of Lincoln, Constable of Chester" de Lacy Knt formerly Lacy is the 24th great grandfather of Shanan Lacy-284
  • Sir William "Keeper of Dover Castle" de Huntingfield and Shanan are fifth cousins 23 times removed Huntingfield-11
  • William "Lord of Stanway Castle, Essex" de Lanvallay formerly Lanvallei aka de Lanvalay, Lanvalai and Shanan are first cousins 24 times removed Lanvallei-3
  • Sir William "Lord of Curry Mallet, Somersetshire" Malet is the 26th great grandfather of Shanan Malet-18
  • Sir William "Baron of Thirsk" de Mowbray and Shanan are first cousins 24 times removed Mowbray-151
  • Sir Saher (Saier) "1st Earl of Winchester" de Quincy formerly Quincy aka de Kenci is the 26th great grandfather of Shanan Quincy-226
  • Robert "Lord of Hamlake Castle, Yorkshire" de Roos formerly Ros aka de Ros is the 24th great grandfather of Shanan Ros-162
  • Sir Robert "3rd Earl of Oxford" de Vere is the 25th great grandfather of Shanan De_ Vere-309

Mayflower Passengers

  • Alexander White is the 12th great grandfather of Shanan white-416

(still need to go through all of them)

Presidents of the United States of America

  • President Abraham Lincoln and Shanan are 16th cousins once removed Abraham Lincoln
  • President Herbert Hoover and Shanan are 15th cousins once removed Hoover-328
  • President Franklin D Roosevelt and Shanan are 15th cousins Roosevelt
  • President John F Kennedy and Shanan are 13th cousins Kennedy-96
  • President Ronald Reagan and Shanan are 12th cousins twice removed


  • Nancy Reagan and Shanan are 17th cousins once removed Robbins-4
  • President Harry S Truman and Shanan are 17th cousins once removed Truman-3
  • President Ford and Shanan are 10th cousins twice removed King-1042
  • President George W Bush and Shanan are 10th cousins once removed Bush-4
  • President George H Bush and Shanan are 9th cousins twice removed Bush-7
  • President Bill Clinton and Shanan are 18th cousins once removed Blythe-6
  • President Barack Obama and Shanan are 18th cousins once removed Obama-2
  • Hillary Clinton and Shanan are 19th cousins Rodham-1
  • President Jimmy Carter and Shanan are 17th cousins Carter-1086
  • President Lyndon B Johnson and Shanan are 14th cousins three times removed Johnson-8927
  • President Richard Nixon and Shanan are 16th cousins once removed Nixon-22
  • Nixon-22
  • John Griffith (Jack) London formerly Chaney-637 are 11th cousin 1x removed.
  • Cousins to both Remington and Winchester Rifle Founders.


  • First-hand information. Entered by Mary Shanan Ward at registration.
  • My Birth/Marriage certificates

Only the Trusted List can access the following:
  • Shan's formal name
  • full middle name (S.)
  • e-mail address
  • exact birthdate
  • birth location
  • images (37)
  • family tree
  • father's name
  • mother's name
  • siblings' names
  • children's names (3)
  • spouse's name and marriage information
  • mitochondrial DNA test connections
  • autosomal DNA test connections
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Hi, Shan!

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On behalf of the Military and War Project Leaders, we are doing a six-month check-in with members.

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Hello Shan,

Good to meet another cousin. Wilma.

posted by Wilma Detwiler
Shan thanks for your note. Maybe you have my brick wall in your Ward line. That would be wonderful.

Thanks for connecting with me cousin!!

posted by Gigi (Ward) Tanksley
Hi Shan,

The Holahan's in my family came to the U.S. in 1866 and 1868. They lived very briefly in Hurley, NY, up by Kingston, where there was a stone quarry where my grandfather James worked. They moved to Brooklyn in approximately 1870 and stayed. I'd love to hear your Holahan story also. Regards, Peter Holahan

posted by Peter Holahan
Cousin connections are great! Although I am not sure that I am connected to Walter Scott. Our William Scott of Bedford, VA Research Project is entering its fifth month and we have found no proof for who his parents were. His birth date and place are also unproven. We may have to come up with some vague term, like X cousins, that means somewhere back there but we don't know where.
posted by Steve Lake
Ah yes, 13th cousins... Practically Siblings! But you are actually coming up as 8th Cousin twice removed when compared to my wife, so I guess we're related by marriage.
posted by Phillip Rich
Hi Shan, thanks for your message about our cousin connection. How exciting! Unfortunately I can't check the connection finder with you because of your privacy settings but it's lovely to hear from you, cousin! Susie :-)
Hey Shan,

Cousin is Cousin. It's great to meet you! hopefully we can work together to connect the trees. If you have any questions let me know and I will do whatever I can to help.



posted by Earl Grant - Lawrence
Hi Shan,

Would like to say how much your work is appreciated. Thank you for all you do.

A couple of of your tags might need amending as they will not really connect you to the community. the tag is usually a single surname for example Stewertstuart should be two tags as it is two spellings of the surname name. I suggest you add them individually to improve connections. Also is Vanlangingham Dutch in origin it might work better as VAN_LANDINGHAM

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