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What is a Watchlist?

Your Watchlist is the list of profiles you're watching.

It's not exactly a list of your family members and ancestors (see your Family List.) Technically, it's a list of profiles where you're on the Trusted List.

You're alerted to changes in your Watchlist through your Family Activity Feed and weekly e-mail update.

Adding and removing profiles

On WikiTree, you don't directly edit your Watchlist by adding or removing profiles.

A profile is automatically on your Watchlist if:

  • You create it.
  • You request to be added to a profile's Trusted List and are approved.
  • Someone else proactively adds you to the Trusted List.

Trusted List changes can be made in bulk or one at a time from the "Privacy" tab on profiles.

Here is more on Trusted List Additions, Trusted List Removals, and reducing the size of your Watchlist.

Icons for tools and views

Icons after names link to various tools and views:

pedigree.gif = Ancestor Pedigree Chart
relationship.gif = Relationship Finder
edit.gif = Edit the Profile

These are just shortcuts. Other views are linked from the individual profile pages.

Status/Surname/ID column

This tightly packed column has three valuable tidbits for advanced WikiTreers.

First, the status icon indicates whether the profile is:

M.gif = Managed by you.
A.gif = For an active active member like you. The number is their contribution count. Clicking it will lead to their contributions page.
P.gif = For a pending member, i.e. someone who has been invited to join WikiTree but hasn't accepted yet. Clicking it will lead to a page to send another invitation.

If you don't see one of these three icons, it means the profile is passive but not managed by you.

Second, this column displays the person's Last Name at Birth. If you click on this it takes you to a separate index with all the people with this surname who are on your Watchlist.

Third, it shows the WikiTree ID, which is a combination of the Last Name at Birth and a number (note that the ID is the combination, not just the number). The ID is important for links, merging, etc.

Privacy Level indicators

The colored dots in the last column indicate the Privacy Level:

bullet10.gif = Unlisted
bullet20.gif = Private
bullet30.gif = Private with Public Biography
bullet40.gif = Private with Public Bio and Tree
bullet50.gif = Public
bullet60.gif = Open

Pink, blue, and green backgrounds

A pink or blue background behind a name indicates a female or male.

If the background is green it means that no gender has been selected for the person. WikiTree doesn't set a default gender unless you're adding a mother, father, or spouse, and people often forget to select it.

Custom lists

You can create custom sub-sets of your Watchlist using the To-Do Lists feature.

See also: Reducing the size of your Watchlist, What is a Trusted List?, Trusted List FAQ.

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