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Rick D. Watts
Born 1960s.
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Rick Watts was born the only son of Howard Watts and Betty Greenfield, despite having 10 half-siblings. Howard was 42 when Rick was born and Betty was 36. They had almost been married for two years when Rick came along. Four of his half-brothers lived in the house where Rick was raised on 15th Street in Billings, Mt; Dick Wright, Don Wright, Dan Wright and Cliff Watts. At least they did until before 1973 when they were all out of high school. So Rick spent most of his years at home without his siblings.
Dick died in 1976 and Don in 1984. Cliff went to the Army and was stationed in Germany. After his time in the service Cliff moved to Arkansas where the rest of the Watts siblings were raised. Dan lived in Miles City, Forsyth and Billings before moving to Aurora, Colorado in the early 1980s. Rick followed him there in 1987 and worked for Columbine Systems in Golden, Colorado as a computer operator.
Rick was raised a Southern Baptist and he and his mom were both Baptized together in 1975. Rick left the Baptist church shortly after that and searched through many religions before joining the Roman Catholic Church in 1988. He remains an active member of that church.
Rick met Katrina Yenko in the halls of Billings West High School in 1982 with a memorable moment outside the rooms of Mr. Gorseth and Miss Bach. Rick liked to wear t-shirts and buttons with odd sayings on them. That day he wore one that read, "Smokey the Bear Kills Boy Scouts For Their Hats". Katrina laughed when she read it and Rick fell in love with her laugh and her sparkling green eyes. They became friends for many years and then started dating in the beginning of the Winter Quarter of the 1985-1986 school year while in college in Billings and Bozeman.
They married in St. Patrick's Co-Cathedral in Billings, Mt on 16 March 1988. It was a Wednesday evening wedding. They had wanted to marry on St. Patrick's day itself, but there was a feast day celebration in the church that night already. Katrina was still finishing college at Montana State University Nursing School at the time so they lived in separate states until she was able to move down on June 6th. They had a long drive with two cars, but brought Jenalee Wright with them for company - and Rosie the cat who did not enjoy the trip at all.
Katrina passed her Colorado State Nursing Boards and started work for Children's Hospital in the Special Care Nursery before the summer was over. They also took their honeymoon in August of that year to Walt Disney World including a cruise on the Big Red Boat without realizing that Katrina was already 2 months pregnant by this time. The boat was not the most pleasant of experiences for her.
Shortly after Alisha was born in 1989 Rick returned to college and received his Bachelor's degree in Computer Information Systems from Regis University in the Winter of 1991. He was working for Samsonite at that time and they helped pay for his school. As soon as his degree was secured and Alex was born, he started into his career in computer programming and left the world of computer operations behind.
As his brother Dan would say, Rick and Katrina slowly moved back towards Montana as they moved from Golden to Arvada then Westminster, Thornton, Federal Heights and finally Firestone with the kids being born all over the Denver Metro Area. They have lived happily together in the same house in Firestone since 2001 bringing three more boys into the family along the way for a total of five children born over the course of sixteen years. [1]


Oldest Known Watts Ancestor Research

Huntingdonshire related Watts Births
My Tree
William Watts Born 1770
Phoebe Watts Born 1793
William Watts Born 1795
Ann Watts Born 1818
Rebecca Watts Born 1823
Thomas Watts Born 1828

From Other Trees - not known if related to me
John Watts Born about 1730
Judith Watts Born 1755 Little Paxton
Hannah Maria Watts Born 1826 St. Ives
Amy Watts Born 1833 Southoe
Minnie Watts Born 1899 Ramsey

DNA Matches


Rick is the son of Howard Watts[2] and Betty (Greenfield) Watts[3].

How I Met Your Mother (Genealogy Style)

Years Watts Greenfield Comments
Before 1700 Huntingdonshire, England Dunbar, Scotland 300 miles appart on the eastern shores of England and Scotland
1700-1740 Huntingdonshire, England Lyme, CT Captain Archibald Greenfield (ship named The Swan) had two boys who were raised by their mother or her family while he lived in Salem, MA.
1740-1770 Huntingdonshire, England Montville, CT James Greenfield and sons farm in this area while his brother Archibald Star Greenfield and his sons continue their sea faring ways near Salem, MA.
1770-1820 Huntingdonshire, England Cherry Plain, NY Bethuel Greenfield and his brothers Archibald, Raymond and William clear the land and farm around Cherry Plain, Berlin and Stephenville, NY. Bethuel married Lydia Rose and Bethuel II was born in 1776. Bethuel II married Deborah Fuller around the turn of the century.
1820-1830 Huntingdonshire, England Cherry Plain, NY Archibald, Raymond and William move to Sempronius, NY. Bethuel died in March of 1833 in Trenton, NY which is 130 miles from Cherry Plain and on the way to Sempronius. Perhaps he went to join his brothers later? All 4 brothers were Revolutionary War veterans which apparently is why they headed that way.
1830-1850 Evansville, IN Toulon, IL There is a depression in the US duing this decade known as the Panic of 1837 that lasts until 1844. Bethuel Greenfield II moved to Stark Co, IL between 1837 and 1850. Sylvester is born in 1837 in Genesse, NY. William Watts receives 20 pounds at a town meeting on Sept 30, 1830 to travel to the US with his wife Susan Wooten and their chidren including Thomas Watts who was born March 9, 1830. They end up in Scott Township Indiana, about 300 miles away from where Bethuel Greenfield would eventually bring his family. These Greenfield and Watts families continued living about 300 miles appart from each other until after the Civil War.
1850-1860 Evansville, IN Toulon, IL Bethuel Greenfield II moved to Toulan, Stark Co, IL between 1837 and 1850 when Sylvester marries Mahala Winter on Nov 28, 1850 in Stark Co., IL. It is very likely that Sylvester attended the Lincoln Douglas debates in Toulan during 1858. Bethel II had died in Toulan in1855. Albert Joseph Greenfield is born May 1, 1858 in Kenniree, IL. Albert Watts is born in June of 1854 in Indiana.
1860-1880 Danville, IL Toulon, IL Sylvester Greenfield (25 years old) joins the Civil War (Company A or H, 65th Illinois Infantry) on March 10, 1862 at Oneida, IL. He was captured at Harper's Ferry on Sept 15, 1962 along with over 12,000 other men by General Stonewall Jackson and held by the Confederates until January of 1863. He was honorably discharged on July 13, 1865 at Greensboro, NC. Albert Joseph married Marible Clark Sept 12, 1877. Albert Watts married Weltha Ann Puffer on Feb 28, 1877 in Livingston Co., IL. At this point these Greenfield and Watts families lived 150 miles appart on either side of Bloomington, IL.
1880-1890 Conde, SD Sterling, NE William Sylvester Greenfield is born June 18, 1881 in Sterling, NE. Sylvester Greenfield dies in Atchison, KS on March 28, 1884 and is buried at Sterling, NE. Henry Jason Watts is born Nov 12, 1884 in Danville, IL. The 1890(?) census shows Albert D Watts living in Beotia & Conde villages, Spink, South Dakota. In this time period the families now moved to be 400 miles appart and almost directly north and south from each other, however now the Watts family is to the north and the Greenfields to the south. They may have passed each other in Iowa on the path to their new homes!
1890-1920 Conde, SD NE, KS and CO William Sylvester Greenfield married Alta Frances Vance in Colorado Springs, CO on July 22, 1902. Rosco Albert "Jack" Greenfield is born Dec 30, 1904 in Bellevue, KS. Henry Jason Watts married Isabella Darlene Meyer in Conde, SD on Sept 8, 1909.
1920-1940 Hysham, MT Hardin, MT Roscoe Greenfield married Ines Miller in Hardin, MT on May 6, 1926. Betty Jo Greenfield is born Sept 4, 1928 in Hardin, MT. Howard Watts is born June 13, 1923 in Crandel, SD. The family then moved to Hysham, Montana (where the wagon broke down) in 1924 after losing everything in the Great Depression. They had owned a livery stable in Conde, SD which was lost. The families are now less than 50 miles appart and start seeing each other at community functions.
1940-1945 Forsyth, MT Hardin, MT William Sylvester Greenfield died in Hardin, MT on May 4, 1940. Howard Watts served in the First Armored Division during WWII as a radio man in an M-4 Sherman Tank. He followed Rommel across Africa and was part of the Anzio Beach landing. He saw Mussolini hanging in the Roman square with his wife, mistress and dog. He was honorably discharged from the US Army as a Staff Sergeant in 1945. Henry Jason Watts died in Forsyth, MT in 1943 while many of his boys were in the service.
1945-1963 MT and AR MT On January 31, 1948 Howard married Della Wakefield in Florida with Harvey Watts as a witness. They lived on a farm in Arkansas and had 2 boys and 4 girls together by March of 1960. On February 23, 1946 Betty Greenfield married Howard Wright. Betty (Greenfield) Wright’s life changed forever when Howard Wright died on January 12, 1962 of kidney disease leaving her with three young boys to raise on her own. Shortly after this Grandma Watts visited Howard Watts’s family in Arkansas and told Howard that Betty was a widow. Howard and Della had not been getting along too well at that point. In the summer of '63 dad made a decision to leave his family and return to Kinsey. Shelly was about a year old at that time. He drove over to Jack Greenfield's farm and asked if he could take Betty for a drive. He immediately started courting Betty who was working as a cashier in downtown Billings trying to find a way to make ends meet.
1963-1987 Billings, MT Billings, MT Roscoe Greenfield dies in Miles City, MT on Mar 3, 1981. Howard Watts married Betty Jo Greenfield on Sept 19, 1963 in Cody, WY. Rick Watts was born June 22, 1965 in Billings, MT. Katrina was born June 18, 1966 in Miles City, MT and adopted by Dr. Nick and Emma Lou Yenko.
1987-2000 Denver, CO Rick moved to the Denver Colorado area for work in 1987. On March 16, 1988 he and Katrina were married in Billings, MT.
2001-current Firestone, CO Rick and Katrina moved into their current home right after the 911 crisis. The home was originally built by a United pilot and his stewardess wife who dropped out of the deal after the tragedy before ever seeing the home completed.

Autosomal and X DNA Matches Via Mother's Ancestry

  1. Betty (Greenfield) Watts, mother, 3555.1 cM shared. GEDMatch #M084306
  2. Don Greenfield, second cousins with me, 261.5 cM shared DNA (Greenfield-817) -><-
  3. Don's son shares 132.4 cM with me but is not currently listed in WikiTree. GEDMatch #A456673.
  4. Sharon Mill's son Trevor is my second cousin as well sharing 293.6 cM autosomal and 22.4 cM on X. (Mill-156)-><-
  5. Marvin Uffelman's granddaughter Holly Harrington is also my second cousin and we share 164.9 cM. (Crum-490) -><-
Chr WikiTree GEDmatch Range (millions)
1 Greenfield-817 A647682 235-239
1 Mill-156 T465486 30-53, 173-196
1 Crum-490 M240700 88-95, 158-165
2 Greenfield-817 A647682 238-242
2 Mill-156 T465486 98-101, 113-122, 180-183, 198-202
3 Greenfield-817 A647682 33-46
3 Mill-156 T465486 21-33
4 Mill-156 T465486 16-19, 177-186
5 Mill-156 T465486 73 - 77
5 Crum-490 M240700 19-31, 102-121
6 Mill-156 T465486 104 - 106
7 Greenfield-817 A647682 22-37, 139-151
7 Mill-156 T465486 22- 37, 86-87
8 Crum-490 M240700 128-138
10 Crum-490 M240700 112-123
11 Mill-156 T465486 46-55
12 Greenfield-817 A647682 0-4
12 Mill-156 T465486 20-22, 75-106
12 Crum-490 M240700 3-8, 94-106
13 Greenfield-817 A647682 27-37, 102-109
13 Mill-156 T465486 102-109
13 Crum-490 M240700 103-110
14 Mill-156 T465486 91-106
14 Crum-490 M240700 73-81
15 Greenfield-817 A647682 91-100
15 Crum-490 M240700 38-52
17 Mill-156 T465486 52-73
18 Greenfield-817 A647682 5-11
18 Mill-156 T465486 13-23
20 Greenfield-817 A647682 0-2
20 Mill-156 T465486 15-32
20 Crum-490 M240700 0-4
22 Greenfield-817 A647682 15-32,34-47
22 Mill-156 T465486 15-32

Autosomal DNA Matches Via Father's Ancestry

  1. Kathy (Watts) Nile, half-sister, GEDMatch #A194171, 2008.9 cM shared.
  2. Scott Oftedal, first cousins once removed, 4.32% shared DNA (Oftedal-5) -><-
  3. Daniel Stone, second cousins once removed, 1.45% shared DNA (Watson-7723) -><-
  4. Amy Ozog, third cousins once removed through Henry W Meyer Sr. (Charles Meyer, Ruth Meyer, Patricia Peyton, Amelia Ellen "Amy" (Lane) Ozog) with 64cM on 4 segments.
  5. Herbert Depke, third cousins, 63.2 cM shared DNA (Depke-2) -><-
  6. Denise Lemon Knapp, 8th cousin, 20.1 cM shared DNA (Lemon-335) -><-
  7. Jeane Berry, 10th cousin, 22.4 cM shared DNA (this should be a closer relation) (Berry-6525) -><-
Chr WikiTree GEDmatch Range (millions)
1 Oftedal-5 23andme 117-164, 173-195, 229-249
1 Watson-7723 23andme 55-61, 236-249
1 Amy Ozog 23andme 161-167
2 Depke-2 T699251 38-75
3 Oftedal-5 23andme 0-5
3 Watson-7723 23andme 68-74, 111-117
7 Berry-6525 A822290 3-15
7 Watson-7723 23andme 154-159
10 Oftedal-5 23andme 96-106, 118-133
11 Amy Ozog 23andme 66-98
12 Oftedal-5 23andme 3-10
12 Depke-2 T699251 3-6
13 Watson-7723 23andme 72-104
15 Lemon-335 A863846 69 - 89
17 Oftedal-5 23andme 3-35, 73-77
17 Watson-7723 23andme 13-25
18 Oftedal-5 23andme 4-32
18 Amy Ozog 23andme 3-8, 56-60
21 Oftedal-5 23andme 41-43
22 Oftedal-5 23andme 18-23

Y Chromosome

Rick shares the same Y chromosome as Thomas Jefferson. Tracing back the Watts family and Jefferson family, they lived within 70 miles of each other in the 17th century (Pettistree and Blutisham). However there are 11 DNA variations between the two indicating that their shared ancestral father was likely from thousands of years ago.

Interesting reads on this Y haplotype: The DNA of Thomas Jefferson, Phenicia.org, BBC News

Y-SNP T signature positives: M184/Page34, M272/PF5667, (M70/Page46/PF5662) Created using http://www.y-str.org/2014/04/23andme-to-ysnps.html and http://www.isogg.org/tree/ISOGG_HapgrpT.html

FTDNA Y-SNP, Y-STR test is done: Haplogroup T-M70

Marker Value
DYS393 13
DYS390 23
DYS19 15
DYS391 10
DYS385 15-16
DYS426 11
DYS388 12
DYS439 10
DYS389I 13
DYS392 13
DYS389II 29
DYS458 16
DYS459 9-Sep
DYS455 11
DYS454 12
DYS447 28
DYS437 14
DYS448 19
DYS449 37
DYS464 11-13-16-17
DYS460 11
Y-GATA-H4 10
YCAII 23-26
DYS456 14
DYS607 14
DYS576 15
DYS570 16
CDY 36-38
DYS442 11
DYS438 9
DYS531 11
DYS578 8
DYF395S1 16-17
DYS590 8
DYS537 11
DYS641 10
DYS472 8
DYF406S1 12
DYS511 9
DYS425 12
DYS413 20-20
DYS557 16
DYS594 10
DYS436 12
DYS490 12
DYS534 13
DYS450 8
DYS444 11
DYS481 23
DYS520 19
DYS446 16
DYS617 11
DYS568 11
DYS487 13
DYS572 11
DYS640 11
DYS492 12
DYS565 11

Thomas Jefferson Y-STR signature: 393:13, 390:24, 19:15, 391:10, 385a:13, 385b:16, 426:11, 388:12, 439:12, 389-1:12, 392:16, 389-2:27 (SNP#:# of repeats) http://www.isogg.org/wiki/Y_chromosome_DNA_tests

X Chromosome

I have connected my X chromosome to Deb Semmens on 23andme (she is also kit# A884071 on GEDMatch). She is a 5th cousin, once removed through Violet Combs who was born in Born 1747 in Virginia and died 14 Feb 1842 in Fayette County, Ohio, USA. This places her father Joseph in the same location where George Washington grew up and about 4 years older than the future first President. Maybe they knew each other? My X chromosome ancestors leading to her are:
1. Rick is the son of Betty Greenfield Watts
2. Betty is the daughter of Roscoe Albert Greenfield
3. Jack is the son of Alta Frances (Vance) Thompson
4. Alta is the daughter of James M. Vance
5. James is the son of Violetta Figgins
6. Lettie is the daughter of Willis Feagins
7. Willis is the son of Violet Combs
This makes Violet the fifth great grandmother of Rick.

Mary Etta Feagins[4] and Elijah Smith[5] are Deb Semmen's 2nd great grandparents. Mary Etta being the daughter of Daniel Feagins. And Daniel the son of Willis Feagins. Willis is our common ancestor, but since he could only have received his X chromosome from his mother Violet Combs, she is our oldest certain match of this DNA sequence. Additional sourcing and entry of her genealogy on WikiTree is required to properly verify the match.

We match on X sequence 122,208,528 through 141,654,384 (29.00 cM or nearly 1/6th of the total length of the X), meaning that anyone else who also matches me on this sequence is most certainly also descended from Violet Combs. 29 cM would be more typical of 3rd cousins once removed which is due to the lack of recombinant events with the X passing from father to daughter. We also share chromosome 1 sequence 241,401,288 through 249,210,707 for an additional 15.04 cM which makes us more like 3rd cousins. Those who match my maternal chromosome 1 in that same sequence are almost certainly also descended from Willis Feagins and his wife Elizabeth Jones either of whom could have passed that sequence down to us.

In one DNA match I have a proven connection to both a Smith and a Jones. That seems like it should be helpful to someone down the line!

Additionally, I know that I am related to WikiTree member Rhonda Bales on our X chromosome.

The list below shows all possible Surnames/Oldest known ancestors for X-Chromosome. The X-Chromosome is recombinant, but it does not follow the rule of 50 for genealogical genetics. Men always pass an essentially unchanged X to their daughters and women tend to pass a version of X to their children with less variations than is the case for their other 22 chromosomes.
100% — Betty Greenfield (1920s - unknown)
50% — Roscoe Albert Greenfield (30 Dec 1904 - 03 Mar 1981)
50% — Alta Frances Vance (16 Dec 1885 - 29 Oct 1944)
25% — James M. Vance (23 Mar 1849 - 03 Mar 1933)
25% — Violetta Figgins (Oct 1828 - 30 Jul 1908) [confident]
12.5% — Willis Feagins (05 Apr 1795 - 1873)
12.5% — Violet Letiticia Combs (1743 - 14 Feb 1842)
25% — Lillian Alfretta Nesmith (abt 18 Nov 1857 - 15 May 1931)
12.5% — John Nesmith (24 Sep 1833 - 02 Aug 1922) [confident]
12.5% — Judith Pettingell Davis (10 Jun 1805 - 20 Jan 1895)
6.25% — Nehemiah Davis (03 May 1755 - 23 Aug 1823)
6.25% — Phebe Dorr (1770 - 01 May 1849)
12.5% — Alvira Watkins (31 Mar 1830 - 18 Nov 1900) [confident]
6.25% — Jonathan Watkins (31 Jan 1800 - 12 Oct 1861) [confident]
6.25% — Elizabeth Haning (1772 - 21 Aug 1824) [confident]
6.25% — Elizabeth Newton (17 Jun 1808 - 06 Aug 1887) [confident]
3.125% — Solomon Newton (02 Aug 1783 - ) [confident]
3.125% — Patience Hastings (31 Oct 1782 - ) [confident]
50% — Ines Miller (23 Feb 1904 - 12 Oct 1977) [confident]
25% — Soloman Jacob Miller (03 Jul 1875 - 14 May 1955)
25% — Evaline Yates (22 Apr 1845 - 25 Jun 1879)
12.5% — Solomon George Yates (1802 - 1859)
12.5% — Cecelia Durham (abt 1780 - 1840)
6.25% — [Fifth Great-Grandfather Unknown]
6.25% — [Fifth Great-Grandmother Unknown]
12.5% — Mary Lavinia Wells (12 Nov 1815 - 25 Apr 1907)
6.25% — Zachariah Wells II (1780 - 1870)
6.25% — Elizabeth Abigail Osborne (15 Jan 1757 - 15 Mar 1856)
6.25% — Rebecca Sheperd descendants (abt 1785 - )
3.125% — [Fifth Great-Grandfather Unknown]
3.125% — [Fifth Great-Grandmother Unknown]
25% — Myrtle Rachel Duncan (23 Jan 1884 - Aug 1963)
12.5% — Samuel Duncan (12 Nov 1860 - )
12.5% — [Third Great-Grandmother Unknown]
6.25% — [Fourth Great-Grandfather Unknown]
6.25% — [Fifth Great-Grandmother Unknown]
6.25% — [Fourth Great-Grandmother Unknown]
3.125% — [Fifth Great-Grandfather Unknown]
3.125% — [Fifth Great-Grandmother Unknown]
12.5% — Adaline Smith (15 Jul 1865 - 28 Jul 1922)
6.25% — Charles W Smith (abt 1830 - bef 1880)
6.25% — [Fourth Great-Grandmother Unknown]
3.125% — [Fifth Great-Grandfather Unknown]
3.125% — [Fifth Great-Grandmother Unknown]
6.25% — Rachael UNKNOWN (15 Feb 1834 - 25 Feb 1911)
3.125% — [Fourth Great-Grandfather Unknown]
3.125% — [Fifth Great-Grandmother Unknown]
3.125% — [Fourth Great-Grandmother Unknown]
1.5625% — [Fifth Great-Grandfather Unknown]
1.5625% — [Fifth Great-Grandmother Unknown]

Notable Relatives

Puritan Migration

  1. George Lewis Came to Plymouth Colony around 1623. Then he went to Barnstable in 1641. I do not know what ship he came over on, but he is my 11th great grandfather through William Sylvester Greenfield. He is also the fifth great grandfather of Buffalo Bill Cody.
  2. John Butler b. 1625 John Butler immigrated with his parents from Eastwell, Kent on May 11, 1637. He is my paternal eighth great grandfather and also the fourth great grandfather of Wild Bill Hickok.
  3. Reverend John Robinson was the pastor of the Pilgrims before they sailed on the Mayflower in 1620. He was their pastor while they were in England and Holland. Though he died in Holland in 1625 without sailing to the colony, his son Isaac did come to Plymouth Colony in 1631 aboard "The Lion".
  4. Deacon Thomas Lynde He came to this country and settled at Charlestown, where his name appears among the inhabitants in 1634.
  5. Elizabeth Watts Starr married to Dr. Comfort Star came to America on the Hercules of Dover, sailed March, 1634/5 and settled in Boston, MA [6]
    1. Dr. Thomas Starr probably came to America with his parents when he was 19 and married Rachael. Her origin and even her parents are not currently known. Dr. Starr was a surgeon during the Pequot War which occurred between 1634 and 1638.

U.S. Presidents

  1. George Washington 11th cousins 6 times removed
  2. John Adams 14th cousins five times removed
  3. Thomas Jefferson 12th cousins four times removed
  4. James Madison 8th cousins 6 times removed
  5. James Monroe 12th cousins five times removed
  6. John Quincy Adams 12th cousins four times removed
  7. Andrew Jackson not related, yet.
  8. Martin Van Buren not related, yet.
  9. William Henry Harrison fifth cousins 7 times removed
  10. John Tyler 10th cousins five times removed
  11. James Polk 11th cousins three times removed
  12. Zachary Taylor 12th cousins four times removed
  13. Millard Fillmore 12th cousins four times removed
  14. Franklin Pierce 12th cousins 6 times removed
  15. James Buchanan 11th cousins 8 times removed
  16. Abraham Lincoln 13th cousins three times removed
  17. Andrew Johnson 16th cousins three times removed
  18. Ulysess S. Grant 12th cousins three times removed
  19. Rutherford B. Hayes 7th cousins four times removed
  20. James Garfield 6th cousins four times removed
  21. Chester Alan Arthur 9th cousins 7 times removed
  22. Grover Cleveland 7th cousins three times removed
  23. Benjamin Harrison 7th cousins four times removed
  24. Grover Cleveland 7th cousins three times removed
  25. William McKinley not related, yet.
  26. Theodore Roosevelt 15th cousins twice removed
  27. William H. Taft 7th cousins three times removed
  28. Woodrow Wilson not related, yet.
  29. Warren G. Harding 11th cousins twice removed
  30. Calvin Coolidge 8th cousins twice removed
  31. Herbert Hoover 13th cousins twice removed
  32. Franklin Roosevelt 9th cousins twice removed
  33. Harry Truman 17th cousins
  34. Dwight Eisenhower 18th cousins three times removed
  35. John F. Kennedy 14th cousins twice removed
  36. Lyndon B. Johnson 14th cousins once removed
  37. Richard Nixon 12th cousins once removed
  38. Gerald King Ford 10th cousins
  39. Jimmy Carter 15th cousins once removed
  40. Ronald Reagan 14th cousins once removed
  41. George H. Bush 6th cousins
  42. Bill Clinton 17th cousins
  43. George W. Bush 6th cousins once removed
  44. Barack Obama 10th cousins twice removed
  45. Donald Trump not related, yet.

Magna Carta Surety Barons

  1. Sir Saher de Quincy, 1st Earl of Winchester is my paternal 22nd great grandfather through Sir Thomas Umfraville, 1st Baron De Umfreville.
  2. Sir Gilbert de Clare, 7th Earl of Clare, 4th Earl of Hertford, Lord of Harfleur and Mostrevillers in Normandy is my maternal 24th grandfather through His Majesty Robert I, King of Scots
  3. Sir Richard de Clare, Earl of Clare, 3rd Earl of Hertford is my maternal 25th grandfather also through Robert the 1st.
  4. Sir Robert de Vere, 3rd Earl of Oxford, is my paternal 25th great grandfather through Lady Margaret (Holland) Beaufort, Countess of Somerset, Duchess of Clarence
  5. Sir Hugh Bigod, 5th Earl of Norfolk is my paternal 23rd great grandfather.
  6. Sir Roger Bigod, 2nd Earl of Norfolk is my paternal 24th great grandfather.



  1. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of the Commonwealth Realms paternal 12th cousins once removed through John Lambert (England) and maternal 13th cousins twice removed through Sir William Erskine, 4th Lord Erskine (Scotland)-><-
  2. Prince William, Duke (Windsor) of Cambridge paternal 11th cousins through Matthew Mayhew. Being closer related to the Prince than to his Grandmother Queen Elizabeth II obviously means that his mother Princess Diana Spencer of Wales was also my paternal 11th cousin though once removed. -><-

Ancient Nobles

  1. John Fitz-Gilbert, Royal Marshal of King Henry I(England) is my paternal 23rd great grandfather
  2. Sir William Comyn, 1st Earl of Buchan (Scotland) b.1163 is my paternal 21st great grandfather
  3. Sir Robert de Brus, Earl Carrick, Lord Annandale, Sheriff of Cumberland, Governor of Carlisle Castle b. 1243 is my maternal 23rd great grandfather
  4. Sir William de Stourton (England) b. 1290 is my paternal 19th great grandfather. (His eldest son and grandson are also my grandfathers.)
  5. Sir James "The Black Knight of Lorn" Stewart is my 18th great grandfather through great grandmother Vance.

Kings and Queens[7]

  1. My parents lineages join with His Majesty Malcolm III, King of the Scots, King of Cumbrians, Maol Chaluim mac Dhonnchaidh b. 1031 who is my maternal 29th great grandfather and paternal 28th great grandfather. (He is also the son of King Duncan in Shakespeare's MacBeth). Through him, all prior Kings of England are paternal and maternal grandparents except King Edward the Confessor (who lost England to William the Conqueror), King William (the Conqueror) and King William II.
    1. Her Majesty Eadgith Edith (Matilda) "Maud" Queen of England b. 1080 married King Henry I of England and they are my paternal 27th grandparents. Henry's brother was King William II and his father was King William I (aka William the Conquerer). His great great grandfather was Richard I of Normandy. My paternal line continues through King Edward III who is my paternal 20th great grandfather. King Stephen and King Richard I (aka Lionhearted of Robin Hood fame) are only cousins, all others are grandparents including King John of Magna Carta and Robin Hood fame. The last titled royal in my connection to the Plantagenets is Earl Charles Somerset, 1st Earl of Worcester of whom more can be read at Charles Somerset (Wikipedia). I descend from his daughter Elizabeth. Her first husband was the grandson of Sir John Savage who had been a Lancastrian commander at the battle of Bosworth in 1485. When her husband fell into debt and was held in the Tower for the murder of another knight (John Pauncefote, esq.), all his lands were forfeited to the crown. Elizabeth married again to the man who had been given her first husband's lands. Unfortunately that man was William Brereton who was notorious in the court of King Henry the VIII including engineering the execution of Sir John Eyton. Thomas Cromwell himself ultimately held proceedings against William who stood accused of criminal intercourse with Anne Boleyn, was found guilty and was beheaded on May 17, 1536 at the Tower of London. Elizabeth's daughter Anne married into the Robinson family. The Robinson's have no royal connections so she would not have been allowed into royal service. She likely married into such a family due her father's debts making them unable to provide a dowry. Or maybe it was just because of love. She was the great great great grandmother of Reverend John Robinson who was the pastor of the Pilgrims before they sailed on the Mayflower in 1620. He was their pastor while they were in England and Holland. Though he died in Holland in 1625 without sailing to the colony, his son Isaac did come to Plymouth Colony in 1631 aboard "The Lion". Their descendants ultimately married with the Blossoms and then the Butlers on their way to becoming Manzers and Watts.[8]
    2. His Majesty David 1, King of Scots (the Saint) b. 1085 is my maternal 28th great grandfather. My maternal royal line then continues through Robert III, King of Scots. However, my mothers line contains branches from many Bruces as shown here:
  2. His Majesty Robert I, King of Scots b. 1274 is my maternal 22nd great grandfather.
    1. Princess Margerie (Bruce) Stewart b. 1297 is my maternal 21st great grandmother.
    2. Princess Matilda "Maud" Bruce b. 1303 is my maternal 20th great grandmother.
  3. His Majesty Robert II, King of Scots b. 1316 is my maternal 20th great grandfather
  4. His Majesty Robert III, King of Scots b. 1337 is my maternal 19th great grandfather
    1. Sir John Stewart, the Baron of Blackhall b. 1355 (son of Robert III) is my maternal 20th great grandfather
      1. Princess Margaret Stewart of Scotland b.1397 (daughter of John of Blackhall) is my maternal 19th great grandmother.
        1. Sir Duncan Campbell, 1st Lord of Auchinbreck and Kilmichael b. 1431 is my maternal 18th great grandfather. My line continues through the next 2 Lords of Auchinbreck and Kilmichael.
    2. Princess Mary "Marjorie" Stewart of Scotland, Countess of Angus, b. 1380 (daughter of Robert III) is my maternal 18th great grandmother who married into clans Kennedy, Graham and Edmonstone.
      1. Baron Gilbert Kennedy,1st Lord Kennedy of Dunure b. 1406 (son of Mary Stewart) is my maternal 17th great grandfather.
        1. Sir John Kennedy, 2nd Lord Kennedy b. 1436 is my maternal 16th great grandfather.
          1. Lady Margaret Kennedy, Baroness of Avanda b. 1472 is my maternal 15th great grandfather.
  1. Sir John Beaufort, KG, Earl of Somerset b. 1371 was my paternal 18th great grandfather and the grandfather of King James II of Scotland as well as the grandson of King Edward III. King Edward III's third son John of Gaunt, KG is the basis of my royal cousins through Richard III.
  2. His wife Lady Margaret (Holland) Beaufort, Countess of Somerset, Duchess of Clarence b. 1385 is my paternal 18th great grandmother and is a descendant of Magna Carta surety barons Robert de Vere, Hugh Bigod, Roger Bigod, and Saher de Quincy.
    1. Margaret (Beauchamp) Welles, Duchess of Somerset,Countess of Kendale b.1416 is my paternal 15th great grandmother. She is King Henry the VII of England's grandmother (through her daughter Margaret (Beaufort) Tudor) and is the basis of all my royal cousin relations from him forwards. Her first husband, Oliver St. John, Sheriff of Glamorganshire was my paternal 15th great grandfather. She later married Sir John Beaufort KG, 1st Duke of Somerset who was the son of my paternal 18th great grandfather Sir John Beaufort, KG, Earl of Somerset.
      1. Lady Margaret Beaufort, Countess of Richmond and Derby b.1443 Her son by her second marriage, Henry Tudor after he won at the Battle of Bosworth Field, became Henry VII, King of England. She is my paternal 14th great aunt and she founded Christ's College and St. John's College at Cambridge. She was a Lady Companion, Order of the Garter (L.G.).

Gunfighters, Pirates and Oliver Cromwell

  1. US Marshall Wild Bill (James Butler) Hickok first cousins four times removed. b. 1837[9]
  2. Buffalo Bill Cody 6th cousins 6 times removed, on the maternal side.-><-
  3. Mercy (Sands) Raymond (b.1665, d.1741) - A Greenfield link to a Pirate, Captain Kidd, and an Archbishop. She is the great granddaughter of Archbishop Edwin Sandys. [10]
  4. Our Greenfield line currently ends with Archibald b. 1650. All male Greenfields would have been killed in the Battle of Dunbar 1650 by Cromwell or if they survived they were put on a death march to the slaver ships.[11]
  5. Another dead end is with the James Rogers and Jean Cochran marriage in Derry, Northern Ireland. Derry was one of the cities used by Cromwell to relocate English and Scots into Ireland in order to assist against Irish Rebellions. The parents of this couple would have fought in Ireland on the walls of Derry for Cromwell and King William of Orange against the native Irish and their chosen king, King James II[12].
  6. Lady Elizabeth's second husband was beheaded by the other Cromwell - Thomas. William Brereton stood accused of criminal intercourse with Anne Boleyn, was found guilty and was beheaded on May 17, 1536 at the Tower of London. Modern historians believe him to have been innocent and that this was simply a political action by Cromwell.[13]

Mixed Bag

  1. Sir Isaac Newton, Philosopher, Mathematician, Astronomer, Physicist, Scientist is my second cousin, 11 times removed[14] -><-
  2. William Shakespeare is my 8th cousin 15 times removed. The first common ancestor for Shakespeare and Rick Watts is William (Whalesborough) de Walesbreu. The relationship is through Hanna Starr who married Archibald Greenfield the Mariner around 1717.-><-
  3. The famous comedienne and actress Lucille (Ball) Morton is my 9th cousin on my father's side and 9th cousin twice removed on my mom's side. paternal maternal

War Veterans

American Revolution

  1. Captain Samuel Houston Sr., Massachusetts. He Commanded the 5th Company of Colonel Josiah Brewer's Regiment, Massachusetts Troops. (maternal seventh great grandfather)
  2. Captain Samuel Houston Jr., New Hampshire. In June 1775 Samuel Houston enlisted and served as a Private until 1 March 1776 in Captain George Reid's Company, Colonel John Stark's Regiment, New Hampshire Troops. On 1 March 1776 he enlisted and served in Captain Gibbs' Company in General George Washington's Life Guard until January 1777. He again enlisted and served from January 1777 to 13 December 1779 as a Corporal in Captain George Lewis' Company, Colonels Baylor and William Washington's Third Regiment of Light Dragoons. (maternal sixth great grandfather)
  3. Lieutenant Benjamin Nesmith, New Hampshire. Served under Capt. Houston Sr. and Colonel Josiah Brewer. (maternal sixth great grandfather)
  4. Private Bethuel Greenfield I, New York Militia. He served along with 3 of his brothers; Archibald, James and William in the Forth Regiment under Captain Bries and Colonel Van Rensselaer. (maternal fifth great grandfather)
  5. Private Benjamin Butler, Rhode Island. He served under Captain Ballou, Captain Potter and Colonel Mathewson in the Militia. (paternal fifth great grandfather, ancestor of Wild Bill Hickok and the Presidents Bush)
  6. Captain Robert Vance, Virginia. Served in the 13th VA Regiment at Fort Pitt and later with the 9th Virginia Regiment. Also served in Lord Dunmore’s War in 1774 against the Shawnee and Mingo American Indian nations. He was in charge of building Vance Fort in Coraopolis, PA in 1776. Near what is now the corner of Second Avenue and Chestnut Street.(maternal fifth great grandfather)
  7. Private Nehemiah Davis, New Hampshire. He defended Piscataqua Harbor at Portsmouth, NH under Captain Abraham French and Colonel Joshua Wingate. Later he was ordained as a Baptist Minister. (maternal fifth great grandfather)
  8. Captain Daniel Feagins, Virginia. He is rumored to have fought at Brandywine. (maternal fifth great grandfather)
  9. Captain Francis Miller, North Carolina. Enlisted as a private under Captain Charles Polk and Colonel James McCall and fought at Cross Creek. He was made Captain by General William Davidson over 100 men known as the Riflemen Rangers. He was under the command of Colonel Robert Irwin and General Pickens. He claimed to have built the wooden cannon which led to the British surrender of the Rugeley's Mills Stockade Fort in South Carolina in 1780. He served until 1781 and was in the battles of Hanging Rock, South Carolina and Guildford Court House, North Carolina which ultimately led General Cornwallis to Yorktown where he would surrender to General Washington. (maternal fourth great grandfather)
  10. Private Elias Graves, Massachusetts. 7th division under Captain Elihu Lyman and Colonel Elisha Porter.
  11. Sergeant Samuel Puffer, Massachusetts. Served under Captain Haynes, Captain Wheeler and Colonel Reed.

American Civil War

  1. Corporal Sylvester Greenfield, Union. Served in the 65th Regiment, Illinois Infantry (Scotch Regiment) (maternal third great grandfather)
  2. Major Jeremiah Berger Remington, Union. Enlisted in the 89th Regiment of New York Volunteers as a lieutenant shortly after Bull Run. Fought in South Mils and Camden, NC; South Mountain and Crampton's Gap; Antietam; Battery Huger (where he was promoted to Captain); Cold Harbor; and Petersburg. After recovery from his second bullet wound, he accepted a staff position with the 18th Army Corps and by December of 1864 was an aide to General Godfrey Weitzel of the 25th Army Corps - the "colored troops" - with whom he took possession of the Confederate presidential mansion in Richmond during the wars final days. (maternal third cousin, four times removed; James Greenfield's Great, Great Grandson.)

World War II

  1. Herman Watts US Army Air Corps (uncle)
  2. Homer Watts US Army, 104TH Infantry Division which liberated the Dora-Mittlebau concentration camp. (uncle)
  3. Staff Sergeant Howard Watts US Army, 1st Armored Division. El Guessa Heights, Ousseltia Valley, Kasserine Pass, Djebel Naemia, Djebel Achtel, Anzio Landing where he spent four months (22 January-24 May 1944) on that beach under heavy fire. (father)
  4. Harry Watts US Navy on the USS Lamar (uncle)

Korean War

  1. Harvey Watts Air Force (uncle)
  2. Herb Watts US Army, 3rd Infantry (uncle)

50+ Year Marriages

  1. Thomas Watts and Harriet (Seybrook) Watts 1849- 1909
  2. Henry Meyer and Caroline (Fricke) Meyer 1850 - 1910
  3. Sol and Myrtle Miller 1901-1955
  4. Jack and Ines Greenfield 1926-1977

Ancestors that are neither Scottish nor British

  1. Henry Meyer and Caroline (Fricke) Meyer are my great great grandparents and they came from Bremen, Germany in 1854.
  2. John Vance and Mary Williamson Vance are my 8th great grandparents and were born in 17th century Ireland, but they may have been English or Scottish immigrants there. The Vance family traces back to Scotland for certain.



  1. As Remembered by Rick Watts on 11 Jun 2017
  2. Paternal relationship is confirmed by a triangulated 23andme match between Rick Watts, first cousin Scott Oftedal (Watts/Meyer) 4.32% shared DNA, second cousin Daniel Stone (Watts/Puffer) 1.45% shared DNA and third cousin Herbert Depke (Meyer Fricke) 0.85% shared DNA
  3. Maternal relationship is confirmed by a 3,585.9 cM 23andme (3,555.1 on GEDMatch) match between Rick Watts GEDMatch M092132 and his mother Betty Watts GEDMatch M084306
  4. https://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=15638533
  5. https://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=94307665
  6. https://archive.org/details/historyofstarrfa00star
  7. http://www.britroyals.com/royaltree.htm
  8. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_Somerset%2C_1st_Earl_of_Worcester
  9. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wild_Bill_Hickok
  10. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edwin_Sandys_(bishop)
  11. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Dunbar_(1650)
  12. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Derry#17th-century_upheavals
  13. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Brereton_(groom)
  14. http://isogg.org/wiki/Autosomal_DNA_statistics

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Hi. I cannot answer your question about Thomas Mayhew. I got his biography from a distant cousin who I am unable to contact for further information on family genealogical questions (my cousin may be deceased).
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