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Thomas Whaley (1776 - 1838)

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Thomas Whaley
Born in Worcester, Marylandmap
Ancestors ancestors
Husband of — married [date unknown] in <, Anne Arundel, Maryland>map
Descendants descendants
Died in Clear Fork, Smith, Tennessee, United Statesmap
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Thomas Whaley was born in Worcester County, Maryland in late 1776, a few months after the death of his father Elias Whaley. His mother, Martha Dale Whaley was pregnant with Thomas as her husband lay dying. (This is family info, handed down).

We do not have much information about his life. We do know that he served as a Captain in the Navy. It also appears that he was a man that took his faith seriously. He often wrote and shared his viewpoints on God with his mother.

In 1791, we find Thomas Whaley listed as a witness to the Will of Joseph Dale in Worcester County, Maryland. Thomas Whaley can also be found in the 1800 U.S. Census of Worcester County, Maryland. His brother, Seth Whaley, is listed as living in the same area of Maryland. Thomas and Peggy Bratten were married about 1791 in Worcester County, Maryland. She was born on September 5, 1777 in Worcester County, Maryland, and died on September 7, 1872 in DeKalb County, Tennessee. Her nickname may have been Polly.

From the land records of Worcester County, page 511, we find that in 1805, Thomas and wife Peggy sold twelve and one half acres to Thomas West. He also sold 176 acres (parts of William's Chance, Rachel's Lot, and Speer's Adventure) on April 7, 1805 to Seth Whaley, his brother. They sold all they had to pursue the dream of Tennesssee painted by Adam Dale. Their hopes and dreams became a reality.

Thomas Whaley came with his family, at the invitation of Adam Dale, (Thomas was a first cousin of Adam Dale and his sister Sophia Evans Dale, early settlers in Liberty) to the hills of Tennessee. Long before DeKalb County's creation from parts of surrounding counties, Thomas was there with his family building a better life. They probably paid taxes in Wilson County, Tennessee. (From book, "Tennessee Cousins.")

In 1805, Thomas Whaley and a large group of his relatives arrived at Liberty, Tennessee. The community consisted of Adam Dale's cabin and a grist mill. By 1807, Adam Dale had Liberty surveyed and divided into more than 50 half acre lots.

In 1809 Smith County, Tennessee Deed Book C shows the sale of a tract of land on Smith's Fork to Thomas Whaley.

Listed in the 1820 Census, Thomas is living with his son Thomas Whaley. Whether they were living, or just visiting has not been documented.

Two sons of Thomas and Peggy were Elijah and Thomas Jr. they married and raised families in Tennessee. They were both born in Maryland and came with their parents at a young age. Thomas was a first cousin of Adam Dale and his sister Sophia Evans Dale, early settlers in Liberty.

It is not positively known when and where Thomas Whaley died but early Census information and land records support the idea that he was in the Smith, DeKalb County, Tennessee in 1830. His burial site is unknown.



In Thomas Whaley's Bible Records:
William H. Whaley ws born March 12, 1821.
Sarah Ann Whaley was born January 30, 1820.
Thomas Whaley departed this life in January 1838.
Margareth Whaley departed this life in November 27, 1839


1800 U.S. Census, Worcester County, Maryland.

Thomas Whaley Family, Free Whites
2 male under 10; 1 female under 10
1 male 16-26; 1 female 16-26
1 male 26-45 ; 1 female 26-45
0 male 45+; 1 female 45+
All others - 0
Slaves - 0

1820 U.S. Census, Smith County, Tennessee #98,

Thomas Wha(i)ley. His household.
1 male, 10-16; 1 female under 10
1 male, 26-45 ; 1 female 16-26
1 male, 45+ ; 1 female 45+

1830 U.S. Census, Smith County, Tennessee

Thomas Whaley, Free Whites
1 male under 5; 1 female under 5
0 male 5-10; 2 females 5-10
0 male 10-15; 1 female 10-15
0 male 20-30; 1 female 20-30
1 male 30-40; 0 female 30-40
1 male under 5
1 female under 10
Free colored Persons:
1 female under 10 years
1 female over 100 years
1850 U.S. Census, Dekalb County, Tennessee District 9 Smithville census.
Dist 9 (Smithville) 1850 Census
1001 Thomas Whaley 55 WM Clerk of Chancery (son of Thomas) $300 MD
Henrietta (Duncan) 44 wf TN
Sterling 22 WM Merchant TN


From: Thammy Webb, County Historian, DeKalb Co. , TN
Received: October 17,1996


paqe 11. 23 Jan 1835. Thos. Whal ey of ~ th County to Leonard Lamberson

of ~th Co. for $800, one half of 2 tracts "called the mill tract and joining
the town of Liberty. ..on the north boundary of said town" beginning at the
town spring below the mill and on same side of ~th Fork as the mills,
containing 26 acres, other tract above the cotton gin containing 13/4 acres,
bought fram Thos. w. Duncan by Dale and Lamberson. Tracts include the mills
and cotton gin. Witnesses: Thos. w. Duncan, George R. Givans, B. Blades.
Registered 02 Jun 1836."

page 12. 05 Dec 1833. David Fite to Leonard Lamberson, both of ~th Co."

for $600,27 acres on Liberty's north boundary "including the mills and gin."
{ Witnesses: Thara.s Whaley, Silas Cooper.}
Registered 25 May 1836.

page 13. 19 Jan 1835. Thos. Whaley to David Fite, both of ~th Co., TN,

for $300,14 acres partly joining the town of Liberty. Witnesses: Thos.
w. Duncan, John Reed, Leonard Lamberson, Benj. Avant.
Registered 25 May 1836

paqe 318. 19 act 1837. Thomas Whaley and wife Henretta Whaley of Maury Co.,

TN to Well s Adamson of CaIU1on Co. for $100, "two undi vided tenths in the
tract of land fo~rly owned by Josiah Duncan Decd. and the same that Wells
Adamson now lives upon including the land deeded to Josiah Duncan by Looney
except the parcel deeded away by said Duncan known as William Goggins tract. II

paqe 380. 10 Feb 1838. Elijah Whaley and Seth Whaley of Cannon Co. to "their

n"Other Margaret Whaley" of Canon Co. for "natural love and affection," her
"own proper use and disposal during her widowhood all the land that Thomas
Whal ey died possessed of. .."
Acknowledge and registered by Elijah and Seth, 21 Feb 1838
paqe 380. 10?-Feb 1838. Margaret(x=her mark) Whaley "relict of ThaTlas Whaley
deceased," Seth Whaley, Polly(X=her mark)Goggins, William Goggins, all of
Cannon to El i jah Whal ey of Cannon County, for $200, all their interest in
land "belonging to ThaTlas Whaley late of said county now deceased." Beginning
on SW corner of tract that Moses Allen now lives on, West 113 poles, north
146 poles to Wm. Goggins line, East 113 poles, south to beginning. On waters
of Clear Fork, acres not stated. (about 100 acres)
Acknowledged by than and registered 21 Feb 1838.

page 381. 10 Feb 1838. Margaret (X-her mark) Whaley, relict of Thomas Whaley

decd. , Elijah Whaley, Polly and William Goggin all of Cannon Co. to Seth
Whaley of Cannon Co. for $200, all their interest in 125 acres belonging
to Thomas Whaley, decd. , on waters of Clear Fork and joining Elijah Whaley's
100-acre tract.
Acknowledged by them and registered 21 Feb 1838.

page 382. 06 Feb 1838. H. Duncan of Maury Co. to Wells Adamson for $50,

one undivided tenth of 100 acres which Josiah Duncan "lived on up to the
titre of his death. "

page 383. 01 Feb 1838. Thos. Whal ey of Maury Co. , TN to Seth Whal ey of Cannon

Co. for $25, all the interest Thooa.s has in "the Estate of his father Thos.
Whaley, late of said county of Cannon, now Decd. -both real and personal"
including land, livestock, furniture, etc.
Registered 21 Feb 1838.

Indenture (Elijah Whaley and Seth Whaley to Margaret Whaley, widow)

This indenture made in the year of our Lord, one thousand eight humdred and thirty________, by and between Elijah Whaley and Seth Whaley of the County of Cannon and _______of ________of the one ________and their mother Margaret Whaley of the County ____ _____aforsaid of the other part _______: that the said Elijah Whaley and Seth Whaley for and in consideration of the natural love and affection which they ______toward said Margareth Whaley, their mother, hath given and confirm, unto their said Margaret Whaley's own proper use and dis______ during her widowhood also the farm that Tomas Whaley died poccessed of t have and to hold the said farm and premeses with the a_ __ _ thereunto belonging or _ any wise appertaining there unto, during her natural life or widowhood; and by these presents the said Elijah Whaley and Seth Whaley do bind themselves their heirs and __ unto the said Margaret Whaley her heirs and ______ during her natural lifetime or widowhood _ In witness whereof they have here unto __ their lands and _____ this the day and year first above written. Signed, Elijah Whaley and Seth Whaley
State of Tennessee, Cannon County, Personally appeared before me ____ ___ G_____ clerk of this county court of Cannon County the ___ named Elijah Whaley and Seth Whaley (the _______) with whom I am personally acquainted and who acknowledges that they __________ the witness named _________ for the purpose ______ that they _____________ the witness named ______- for the purpose ____ thereunto ________witness my hand at office the 21 Jan 1808. Signed, Samel F. Gourrin, Clerk.


  • November Term, 1856. ~O~ DUTX vs WILLIe!::! STALCUE. A bill
of complaint was brought by John Duty and wife Lucy A. Duty,
Samuel, John R., Harriet J., Catharine and Mary Brown, minors, who
sued by their next best friend, John Duty, against William
Stalcup, administrator with will annexed of James Brown, deceased,
Joseph Dirrickson and Thomas Moss and wife Sarah A. James Brown
died in Smith County, Tennessee about the lOth of July 1843. His
will was filed for probate at the October 1843 term of court.
John Duty was married to a daughter, Lucy A. (Brown). About two
years after the death of her husband James Brown, the widow, Sarah
A. Brown, married Thomas Moss. This marriage created a problem
because in his will James Brown had specified that the bulk of his
estate be held by his widow until her death or remarriage. When
Sarah A. married Moss, this meant, according to her first
husband's will, that she would have to relinguish her claim to his
estate and that the estate then be divided among James' children.
February Term, 1829. JOSHUA M. COFFEE & THOMAS WHALEY vs
ANTHON~ ~ARQ .Joshua M. Coffee and Thomas Whaley were merchants
trading under the name of Coffee and Whaley in Smith County,
Tennessee in 1829. They sought a judgment against Anthony Ward of
said County who owed them $144.1/4/100. Said Ward owned town lot
No.9 in the town of Alexandria in the County and State aforesaid.
Daniel Alexandria had sold said lot to James Threat [sic] who
conveyed it to Ward. Ward then supposedly conveyed it to Samuel
0. Quarles who then turned it over to the firm of Tubbs and
Hazzard. Coffee and Whaley indicated that they believed there was
a connivance between Ward and Quarles; therefore, they requested
that Alexander, James Thr;eweath [sic], Samuel 0. Quarles and Tubbs
and Hazzard be made defendants to this bill. The lot was sold and
the case settled.
  • January Term, 1859. ~ B. CONDIT vs C. F. BURTON. This
case seemed to have grown out of a case begun against Condit (sic]
in 1839. Conditt stated that for many years he had been a
resident of the State of Arkansas; that he left Smith County
during the fall of 1847 and moved to Arkansds where he has resided
ever since. Therefore, he stated that he was a stranger to many
of the matters and things in the bills of complaint filed against
him. He said that he married Rebecca, daughter of Loderick Vaden
and that both Loderick and Rebecca are deceased. He stated that
he believed Benjamin Vaden was appointed Administrator of Loderick
Vaden's estate but he did not know anything about Loderick's
indebtness nor the value of his estate. He acknowledged that he
was the surviving partner of Vaden & Conditt (Samuel F. Vaden).
He listed as issue of the marriage of him.self and Rebecca Vaden,
deceased, the following: Elizabeth A., wife of Theophulus
Edmonson; Tennessee C., .wife of C. C. Monday; Mary P., wife of
Thomas Ivey, all citizens of State of Arkansas and residents of
Independence County. Parmelia E. Conditt, John H. C. Conditt,
m :t;o..

WHITE COUNTY, TENNESSEE, Deed Abstracts, 1801-1820

  • p. 96 1 Apr 1817. Indenture (Courtt, p.77) between William C. Brittain and Thomas Whaley. $24 paid, lot 31 in Sparta.
Wit:Lawson Nourse and Thomas G. Roberts
  • p 115 (Court p 297) Bill of Sale 22 Jan 1814, John E. Dale, Smith Co., TN to Leonard Amberson. 1 negro boy named Jack, age 14 or 15 yrs. $250 paid.
Witt: Isaac Warren
William Anderson
Thomas Whaley


Further support on Thomas Whaley's relationship with Seth Whaley comes from two more sources:
  • Reginald V. Truitt, Worcester County, Maryland's Arcadia, published 1977 by Worcester Co. Historical Society, page 572. Capt. Peter Whaley, 1779-1860, son of Seth and Esther Whaley. Married Elizabeth Davis, 1793,, 1880. Whaley ville name for him. He bought timber, made shingles, sold them in PPhiladelphia and NewYork. "he owned, and, in cases, operated his own schooners, as did his father before him." His shipping terminus was on a prong of St. Martin's River, "now a shallow body."
  • Worcester County, Maryland, Orphans Court, 4 Feb 1799. Sammuel Bratten, age 17, of Worcester County, chooses (in accordance with the will of his father Samuel Bratten) to be apprenticed to Thomas Whaley of Worcester County, "Mariner in the coasting trades", to dwell with and serve him in the coasting trade and learn "the art of navagation," until he reaches the age of 21. Ophans Court records of Oct 1792 indicate that Margaret, wife of Thomas Whaley, is a sister of the above Samuel Bratten. Thomas Whaley made bond with Seth Whaley to carry ou the terms of the apprenticeship.


Rachels Lot
7 April 1805 Thomas Whaley sold 12 1/2 acres to Thomas West.
7 April 1805 Thomas Whaley with wife Peggy Whaley sold part to Seth Whaley.
1850 resurveyed by James Whaley.
(Selling off land to move to Tennessee)

PUBLICATIONS This is from a book called, Tennessee Cousins.

Adam Dale, from Maryland, early settler on Smith's Fork.
Probably the first actual settler in the territory now comprising DeKalb County, was an old timer frrom Maryland by the name of Adam Dale. Long before DeKalb County was carved out of parts of the surrounding counties, Adam Dale settled on Smith's Fork Creek, near the present towwn of Liberty. He probably paid his taxes inn Wilson County.
Other early settlers in the same territory (now is DeKalb County) have been listed as follows,
Thomas Whaley, Henry Burton, William Dale, James Bratton, George Given, Pruitt Family, Abraham Overall, Reuben Evans, Benjamin Blades, Benjamin Garrison, Martin Phillips, Giles Driver, David Taylor, Zechariah Lefever, Barnard Richardson, William Floyd, Jonathan Doss, E. Turner, Thomas Simpson, Josiah Duncan, Thomas West, John Dale, William Bratton, Waalker family, Jacob Overall, Robin Forrester, Matthew Sellars, Nicholas Smith, Jesse Allen, Britton Johnson, Levi Bozarth, F.G. Magness, John Wooldridge, William Adcock, John Vantrease, Stewart Doss, James Goodner, William Grindstaff, William Wright.


Information comes from Thomas G. Webb, Historian; DeKalb County, Tennessee - dated 23 March 1997:
After doing lengthy research over a period of several months in the microfilmed original records of Worcester County, Maryland, I have not been able to locate a document that establishes beyond question that Thomas Whaley is the son of Elias Whaley and wife Martha Dale. No willl has been found to exist for Elias or Martha Whaley. The inventory of Elias Whaley, (found in Worcester County, Maryland Inventory Book J W II, 17831790, pages 484-486) lists as nearest of kin, Seth Whaley and Esther Whaley, Elias's son and daughter-in-law. The will of Martha Dale Whaley's father, John Dale (found in Worcester County, Maryland Will Book 1769-1783, p. 368) gives to Martha a negro woman Rachel, and at Martha's death to go to her daughter Hannah, with Rachel's increase to be divided equally between Hannah and Seth Whaley. No further documentation has been found for other children of Elias Whaley, though there were probably several others.
However, there are some pieces of evidence which strongly indicate that Thomas Whaley is a son of Elias Whaley and wife Martha Dale. Family tradition says that Thomas Whaley was a cousin of Adam Dale, who led the way into Tennessee. Adam Dale's father, Thomas Dale, was a brother of Martha Dale who married Elias Whaley, which would make Adam Dale and Thomas Whaley first cousins.
A Whaley genealogy compiled by a descendant of Seth Whaley says that Elias "May have had a son Thomas Whaley, for an old paper says Seth Whaley settled business for his brother who was a Capt. in Navy and later went to Tenn." This old paper is said to be in a D.A.R. application, and I have not seen it. However, Worcester County, Maryland, Deed Book W., page 223, dated 16 January 1804 shows land on Pocomoke River sold to "Capt. Thomas Whaley of Worcester County."
Worcester County Deed Book X, page 181, dated 7 Apr 1805, shows Thomas Whaley selling 276 acres to Seth Whaley. "Pege (Peggy) Whaley wife of the said Thomas" relinquished her right of dower, indicating that this was their homeplace. This was apparently when they left Maryland and moved to Tennessee. Besides selling his home farm to his brother Seth, Thomas also named a son for his brother Seth. This is clearly established in Cannon County, Tennessee, Deed Book A, page 380, date 10 Feb 1838, where Elijah Whaley and Seth Whaley convey to 'their mother Margaret (Peggy) Whaley...during her widowhood all the Land that Thomas Whaley died possessed of."
Besides a son Seth, Thomas Whaley also had a son Elijah, which is a form of Elias, and may have been for his father.
When Thomas Whaley moved to Smith (now DeKalb) County, Tennessee, he bought land on Clear Ford. A few years later an adjoining tract was bought by Josiah Duncan, who had sold his land in Maryland to Seth Whaley (Worcester County, Maryland Deed Book X, page 202). Josiah Duncan's first wife could possible have been a sister of Thomas Whaley. Another adjoining tract was bought by William Truitt, whose wife Tabitha Whaley was probably a sister of Thomas Whaley.
The preponderance of the above evidence indicates clearly to me that Thomas Whaley (c. 1769-Jan. 1838) is the son of Elias Whaley and his wife Martha Dale, of Worcester County, Maryland.

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