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Hello everyone congratulations on your badges, iam not sure how to say this but I need a member of admin to contact me regarding the few who where involved in hacking my accounts its turned really serious , bank nearly empty , nda of nufc wot 4 I dont no and it all started when thay and their pretend investigatetor over stepped its involves staff at certain 3 + dna sites awel witch u no longer have as thay took it thanks and I don't mean to start anything here I just needed to make sure u now how bad it was
posted by Kayleigh Walker
Thank you, Admin, for the Club 100 award; I'm tickled pink! WikiTree has helped my research greatly and doubled my enjoyment of it.
posted by Laura (Filbert) Zacher
Thank you for the Club100 badge :)
posted by John Machell
Thank you, Admin, for the Club100 Badge for March, 2021. I had no idea I was even close to that, so it came as a complete and happy surprise to see your award. My son had LOTS of Monthly Badges; maybe I am on my way to competing with him here. Have a great Easter and thanks, again.
posted by HB Auld Jr.
Thank you for the Club 100 Badge. That was a lot of work and I've only scratched the surface of the 8,800 ancestor Family Tree Maker database that I have been accumulating for the last 30 years or so. But, I really appreciate the Wiki Tree philosophy so I will continue to add ancestors.
posted by Lawrence Johnson
I just want to express my appreciation for Wikitree. I have always believed that genealogy information should be free and Wikitree has impressed me so much that I wanted to share information that I have been gathering for over 30 years. Thank you for being there.
posted by Byford Bruce
Thanks to administration for the badge this week. It is greatly appreciated.
posted by Judy (Garris) Mauldin
Thank you for the Club 100 Badge for January 2021. I really didn't do anything. I had someone complain because I didn't add him to one of my Profiles that I Manage. So he went to Administrative and told you that I wouldn't respond to him. You went and took me off from being Profiles Manager for 2,000 to 3,000 Profiles and then he was able to take me off and add himself as the Profile to several of the ones that I use to Manage.

Thanks a lot for removing me from the ones I used to Manage to give it to him. That is really nice of what he did and you went along with it.

posted by Patrick Grenier
Thank you for the Club 100 badge! Unfortunately I've hit a dead end. LOL. For now. I still have family members who just need to accept their invitations, but until then there's not much I can do. Or is there? I love this site. Any suggestions on what to do next? How do I go from family conversations to discovering records and all that cool stuff so many genealogists do on here?
posted by Brando Furtado
Hello Brando,

Try this category for ideas on where to go next:

Cheers, The WikiTree Team

posted by Admin WikiTree
Thank you so much for the January 2021 Club 100 badge! I was so surprised. And thank you for all you do!
posted by Melanie (Howard) Seago
Thank you for the October Badge!
posted by Christina Emro
Thank you Admin for the December Badge.

I can’t thank you enough for all the selfless work you do. You are cheerleaders, rule keepers, record keepers, amongst many other duties. I am trying my best to copy my trees, from handed down ones, with sources as correctly and as fast as I can. As I pick away at the trees, I can’t wait to finally find myself, or other’s, attached to the main tree. Such an amazing site!

Thanks for the December badge... just trying to get things as accurate as I can!

Happy New Year to all...

posted by James Royal
I have wonderful people to work with , Thank you !!!!!!
posted by Denise Beach
Thanks-- but is there a way to opt out of the 100 contributions badges?
posted by Stephanie Ward
No, there isn't a way to opt out, but you can hide your badges by going to the My WikiTree drop down menu, then to Badges.
posted by Admin WikiTree
Many thanks for badges, I am still searching for details regards, Mrs Sophia (Takentien) Smith - Germany , my Great, Great Grandmother. Possibly from the area around Rieseby (Bohnert) Northern Germany just below the German / Danish Border. Any details at all.

Again, much appreciated for what you have given.

posted by Graeme Smith
Thank you for the November badge, I didn't think I made enough to get it, so a nice surprise 🤗 xxx
Dear Admin,

Thank you for posting the 1K badge this month and know that you are appreciated for your hard work and diligence every month! Sincerely, Carol

posted by Carol Baldwin PhD, RN
Thank you for the November badge, that is awesome
posted by Dianne Bothamley
Thank you for the November 100 badge.
posted by Clare Pierson
Thank you for the October badge.
posted by J. J. Flint
Thank you for the October Club 100 badge :-)
posted by Shaun Dunphy
thanks for the 100 2020 badge wasnt expecting, it
posted by Audie Hardee MR.
Thank you for awarding me the 100 October 2020 badge, my first, looking forward to many more.

I appreciate all the work you do, you put many smiles on the faces of all the Wikitree members. Have a great day, Elsie Hagley/ Olson

posted by Elsie (Olson) Hagley
Many thanks for all the work you do - I can't begin to imagine how much time it must mean. When I just see all the badges you allocate every new month - it's amazing - and that must be peanuts compared to all the other work WT admin involves.
Thanks for everything you do, but particular thanks for recognizing my second cousin, Robert Moore II. He continues to amaze me not only with his research skills, but with his literary excellence and eloquentness.
posted by Bill Fravel Jr.
Thank you admin.

I just need to inforn you i adopted Losper Profile and did add info on that one. and the Seymore the one that first came from Scotland, im busy getting info on that one so that it can get more info

Thank you kindly Rusty (Aldrich) Comstock. Hope your new glasses are all good. I really appreciate what you do. Peace and Love.😊
posted by Sheron Tucker
Thank you for the notice, and bearing with me until I could see better with new glasses...

appreciate every single one of you more than you know regards Rusty

posted by Rusty (Aldrich) Comstock
edited by Rusty (Aldrich) Comstock
Thank you for noting the accomplishments of my second cousin, Robert Moore II.
posted by Bill Fravel Jr.
Hello, Admin O. Wikitree!

Thank you very much for the September badge for my 284 new WIKITREE inscriptions. I wasn't aware of the fact that I had so many new contributions in a month. The badge gives me new motivation to work more for the WIKITREE community... Greetings from the south of Baden, Germany, and good wishes for you, Eva

HI there,

I just wanted to say thankyou for the new badge:)

posted by Larina Harper
My badge was awarded by before 6:50 PM, Pacific Time, on July 31 instead of August 1. Therefore, I was not given the full month to get the 1,000 contributions completed. I had 934 contributions and had hope to get to 1,000. This is not fair.
posted by Nancy (Pumroy) Jackson
Hello Nancy,

GMT is used to calculate contributions tallies:

Cheers, Abby The WikiTree Team

posted by Abby (Brown) Glann
Thank you so much for awarding the July badges so very promptly!
posted by Shirlea Smith
Thank you for the badge, I have been slow in earning them so I appreciate it very much.
posted by Roy Lee Warren Esquire
Thank you for the 35th badge.


posted by Aline Barbeau
Thank you very much for the new badge! I am new to WikiTree and loving it!

Take care and all the best!

posted by Phil (Velez) Vélez
Thank you so much! What a pleasant surprise. ~♡ⓛⓞⓥⓔ♡~ this site!

Merry -`ღ´-

posted by Merry (Jones) Potter
Thanks to the admin(s) and everyone pitching in on this great site. thanks all.
posted by Scott Kessler
Thank You For the Badge, New comer to wikitree, and this has been a lot of fun

Thanks to every one for their help!!!


posted by Kyle Arnold
Hi Admin,

Many thanks for awarding me my badge, I’m so loving being in the Wikitree family 👍

posted by Gary Weller
I am so happy to see someone deleting the ones who aren't responding to merges and such, basically inactive accounts. Thank you so much for this!!!!

This Kentucky girl 🌝

posted by Lea (Polson) Glass
Baie dankie vir die wapen ,wat aan my toegeken is
posted by Johan Terblanche
Thanks so much for the badge Admins. Didn't realise I'd even made it that far.

Cheers Coralie Davies

posted by Coralie Davies
Thanks Admin, I had no idea I had done over 200 contributions in April, Wikitree has kept me sane in this Coronavirus time. I've actually had time to get "stuck into it" and have enjoyed every moment. It is a great site! I am finding new options on the drop downs as I have the time to explore. Thanks again.
I didn't get a badge for April? I see how many more needed for May but I have just discovered it and now I don't know if I just missed April or if they aren't rewarded yet?

I LOVE these badges. Thank you.

posted by Cynthia (Hicks) Curtis
Hi Cynthia,

Looking at the number of contributions for April, it doesn't look like you made it to 100. Good luck with the May badge!

Cheers, Abby The WikiTree Team

posted by Abby (Brown) Glann
I can't find it! *sigh... likely just a handful lol
posted by Cynthia (Hicks) Curtis
Thank you for the great badges!!!!!!! this is WONDERFUL DENISE BEACH
posted by Denise Beach
Thankyou. I’m still relatively knew at this. But the input from others is wonderful xxx
posted by Simone (Sing) Bennett
Wow, we really are a community. Thank you for the award. I am surprised and pleased. Thank you Corinne for all your help.
Thanks for the nice surprise badge this morning. I didn't know that I had done 100 in April.
posted by Wendy (Birch) Croome

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