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Thank you for merging 1936 and 1307.
Administration;thank you for the 100 badge.there is lots more data I have yet to post.i love sharing with folks who have almost nothing!I also love sharing my great photo archives!!thank you kind folks at wiki for all your loyalty and support!!Bob whitaker
posted by Bob Whitaker
I believe gutshall-15 to be a deceased member. There is messaging that says there is no email address, & there has been no activity since 2011. She has some privacy locked profiles on dead people that cannot be sourced, or connected with. HELP
posted by Debra (Downs) Allison
Hello Debra,

The UPM process is the best option in this case. LouAnn appears to still be living.

Cheers, The WikiTree Team

posted by Admin WikiTree
I was making changes on Saturday April 30, and was over 900 with all of a sudden the contribution count went to zero and then to May. I still had 4 hours to go to get to 1000! I'm going to have to watch GMT time in the future!
posted by John Sigh Jr.
edited by John Sigh Jr.
Thank you for my March badge. It was a pleasure to make the additions.
posted by Jacob Psutka
Thanks for all you do and especially for all the monthly badges. I am trying to put on Wifi tree information I already have. Marilyn Sewell
posted by Marilyn (Hilty) Sewell
Thank you for the March Club 100 badge. I am trying to clean up Braswell lineages.
posted by Ann Braswell
Thank you for the Club 100 Badge!!! It's appreciated!
Thanks for the Club 100 March 2022 Badge. It was a lot of hard work that I enjoyed doing to find and post my relatives.
posted by Robert Ellinger
Thank you for the Wonderful Wiki badge ~ good way to start my day!
posted by Jane (Bialon) Cobb
Thank You for the recognition of contributions. It's a great way to validate the efforts made for the community.
posted by Marty Franke
Many thanks for including me in this wonderful project. Bev Enslow (296-Felty)
posted by Beverly (Felty) Enslow
Wow! You made my morning! Coffee, toast and suddenly my name appeared in today's WikiFeed!

I am so honored. And very, very gratified to be so close to William Wallace! LOL Growing up we kids were given a legacy of Scottish history.. Couldn't be in better company than Wm. Wallace and WikiTree! Thank you! Margaret

Many thanks for my December 2021 badge. I'm excited to earn my February badge!
posted by Terry Burks
Thank you so much for my Dec ‘21 badge. It’s been a really busy year so I haven’t been able to do us much on my family tree as I would like 😊
posted by Sandy (Statt) Stewart
Thank you for my December badge - the encouragement stimulates me to continue
Thank you for the November badge—excited to learn more about Wikitree!!
Thank you for the November badge truly honored !!
posted by Anne Feick
edited by Anne Feick
Thank you for the October badge!!!  : )
posted by Linda Noone
Thank you! It is going to take a bit to figure all this out but you put me on the right track!
posted by Anonymous Richardson
Admin just did a merge for me that I wasn't able to do. The reason was that it was not possible to close an account with the instructions provided. One is to simply remove the email address. This fails, however. I'm thinking it may be a technical issue with the new draft/final operation. When deleting the email address it goes to draft but won't go to final without returning the email address as it was.
posted by Douglas Beezley
Thanks, Douglas. We'll look into updating the Help page instructions.
posted by Admin WikiTree
Hi Douglas,

Can you send us a picture or link where you saw instructions to remove the email? We need to make sure we're updating the correct pages.

Cheers, The WikiTree Team

posted by Admin WikiTree
Thank you very much for the September badge!! Linda
posted by Linda Noone
Thanks for the Badge.  :D

I Just do wikitree for fun, not for the badget. But I do like having one anyway. :D Have a nice day.

posted by Channah Stark
Thank you for a September club 100 badge- much appreciated even if I don't know what I got it for - enjoying myself / becoming frustrated/ or just being bloody-minded!
posted by Rosamund (Boal) Martin
Thank you so much for the August badge.  : ) Linda
posted by Linda Noone
Thank you for the Club 100 Badge!!!
posted by Daniel Case
Thank you so much for the Club 100 badge ! The more I practice WikiTree, the more I like it ...
posted by Patricia Raimbault
Thank you for the July-100 badge! You guys really make this (more) fun. LInda
posted by Linda Noone
Thank you so much for updating the 100 to 1000. I understand the system doesn't necessarily add it up, the way it does under our own contributions. But thank you again for taking the time to do that.
posted by Ben Molesworth
Thanks Admin For The Club 100 Badge For July 2021! I’m So Glad To Be Apart of The WikiTree Family! ❤️
posted by Bradley Dillin
Thank you so much, I am still trying to understand how all of this works but I am really enjoying it. Thank you.
posted by Tommy Browning Jr.
Thanks for the Club 100 badge. This was totally unexpected and is much appreciated.
posted by Sarah Percival
Thanks for the badge. This recognition is much appreciated (and it was so much fun using WikiTree!!) . Adrian
posted by Adrian Lombard
It has been a pleasure to work with other WikiTreeers and to have achieved this status. I hope that I can continue to contribute as much, and as relevant information, as I am able to research and glean.
posted by Alan McKenzie
Thank you for my new badge. This is a fun site and nice to see so many contributors adding to it! Best, Jennifer
posted by Jennifer Harman Smith
Thank you for my new badge! I have so much fun contributing to WikiTree and have learned so much. Jackie
posted by Jackie (F.) Arnold
Thank you so much for my June 100 badge! How fun. Linda
posted by Linda Noone
Thank you for my May badge. They give incentive to get my ancestors on the family tree.
posted by Marlene Thomson
To the Profile managers: Admin WikiTree, I learned a lot of new ideas since I started, cleaning up my source with more precision and to the point, and checking everything twice, birth dates, death dates, found in the church records, and the other books I have. Thank you once again.


posted by Sem Eik
Having received the following ridiculous, convoluted explanation which is completely not understandable and am feeling as if Admin made this change for counting contributions simply to keep themselves entertained because they have nothing else to do!!! ;-) A Contribution is a Contribution and should be counted as ONE CONTRIBUTION,,, there is NO EARTHLY, LOGICAL reason for the change in the counting method you have decided upon!!! You have made the Contribution Badges a BAD JOKE!!!!! Pathetic!!!! """ Hello there,

Due to changes we made in relationship tracking in contributions and changes feeds, the contributions counts for the month looked higher than they actually were. Here's the explanation given by Chris Whitten from when he announced the change here: Regarding contributions, I oversimplified a bit. Here's more explanation (mostly because Dennis Barton asked in a comment above).

Counts will be a little different going forward, but not retroactively. In a few cases we will be only counting one contribution when we used to count two, because now we are identifying the duplicate history item. In one-to-one relationship changes we only want to count one contribution. But if you are changing multiple relationships at once, there could be multiple contributions counted. In my example where there would be 12 history items, six would be counted -- one for each pair.

Sorry for the confusion!Cheers,The WikiTree Team"

posted by Margaret Ann Mc Nutt
A lot of my contributions were taken away this month. Very disappointing to not be recognized for my hard work. I had way over a thousand, and only received credit for 887. To not get anymore recognition than if I had only 100 contributions is terrible. I am going to lower my contributions.
posted by Nancy (Pumroy) Jackson
Same here. I went from 1000+ to 708. The number of contributions shown in the "My WikiTree -> Badges" should be the one used for the badge. If there is a calculation change, it should be reflected everywhere.
posted by PB Côté
Same for me. Showed 1015 8 hours ago but now claims only 628 for May.

Possibly a clue: I've seen edits to "no profile manager" profiles not fully accounted before. Are some edits being dropped unintentionally?

posted by Rob Brownsword
Thank you so much! What a pleasant surprise. ~♡ⓛⓞⓥⓔ♡~ this site!

Merry -`ღ´-

posted by Merry (Jones) Potter
Thanks to the admin(s) and everyone pitching in on this great site. thanks all.
posted by Scott Kessler
Thank You For the Badge, New comer to wikitree, and this has been a lot of fun

Thanks to every one for their help!!!


posted by Kyle Arnold
Hi Admin,

Many thanks for awarding me my badge, I’m so loving being in the Wikitree family 👍

posted by Gary Weller
I am so happy to see someone deleting the ones who aren't responding to merges and such, basically inactive accounts. Thank you so much for this!!!!

This Kentucky girl 🌝

posted by Lea (Polson) Glass
Baie dankie vir die wapen ,wat aan my toegeken is
posted by Johan Terblanche
Thanks so much for the badge Admins. Didn't realise I'd even made it that far.

Cheers Coralie Davies

posted by Coralie Davies
Thanks Admin, I had no idea I had done over 200 contributions in April, Wikitree has kept me sane in this Coronavirus time. I've actually had time to get "stuck into it" and have enjoyed every moment. It is a great site! I am finding new options on the drop downs as I have the time to explore. Thanks again.
I didn't get a badge for April? I see how many more needed for May but I have just discovered it and now I don't know if I just missed April or if they aren't rewarded yet?

I LOVE these badges. Thank you.

posted by Cynthia (Hicks) Curtis
Hi Cynthia,

Looking at the number of contributions for April, it doesn't look like you made it to 100. Good luck with the May badge!

Cheers, Abby The WikiTree Team

posted by Abby (Brown) Glann
I can't find it! *sigh... likely just a handful lol
posted by Cynthia (Hicks) Curtis

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