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I would like to make an addition to the profile of my 5th greath-grandmother Anne Raymond (Raymond-529). Specifically, I'm really fascinated by the story of her family's escape during the Grand Dérangement on the ship Pembroke, and I find the summary of this story on the profile of her sister Marie Anne Raymond (Raymond-5317) (yes two Anne's...) to be very concise and readable, with a great reference attached. I think it would be easy to copy and paste this paragraph from one sister to the other, since they were both part of this episode and it seems to be such a momentous event in both their lives.
posted by David Alwin
edited by David Alwin
That sounds like a lovely idea, David, an excellent way to honor their bravery and perseverance. Cindy
posted by Cindy (Bourque) Cooper
Reliability Question --- I read through the section on Reliability on sourcing documents out of Acadie. However, I've moved into Louisiana. I can't seem to find much information other than

My question is this: If familysearch has a reference to "Louisiana Births and Deaths" or "Louisiana Marriages", can that information be considered a trusted source?

posted by Bentley Mouton
Hi, Bentley, I am less familiar with Louisiana sources, but think the answer is "it depends" on the source itself. If it is original records or censuses, then yes. You might take a look at the Trusted Resources page for the Louisiana project to see what they have: Cindy

posted by Cindy (Bourque) Cooper
For the most part, yes. Those Family Search records you refer to are generally a compilation of user-generated transcriptions for FS from sources such as Hebert's Southwest Louisiana Records, Diocese of Baton Rouge Catholic Church Records, Sacramental Records of the Archdiocese of New Orleans, etc., most of which are also transcriptions. In my experience, the FS versions are generally about as accurate as any transcription-- or at least, the ones I've compared to those trusted transcriptions usually have most of the same information and the same spelling.

But it just adds one more level of possible error. Sometimes they're missing the location, and when they aren't, they always put that the event took place where the church or courthouse is located, which was often not the case. But the biggest annoyance I find is that they almost always assign a sex to the child, and the actual record almost never does. So they're often just guessing at the sex, and are often wrong.

Then again, some have an image of the actual record, and it doesn't get much better than that (but even then, records were made by humans...). So by all means use them. But if you can, check the next level of transcription (like the SWLR, the DOBR, the NOSR, or the actual church record) and add that citation, too. We recommend copying the transcription of the record with the citation.

posted by Stephanie Ward
Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but The Attakapas Gazette is now online (1966-1994) at

Lots of information that might be useful (if not already used).

posted by Bentley Mouton
First ... Let me say "WOW!" This is the best source of information for digging out both my and my wife's ancestry. Thanks to all of you for your tremendous efforts!

Second, this work is incredible. It' nice to see almost every record sourced. I would again like to thank of all of those people who did this work!

Finally, I feel like I'm boiling the ocean digging out the details of all of the ancestors in my trees. Here's my dumb and possible the stupidest question. Is there a GEDCOM file of the Acadian Project? I realize how ludicrous this may seem ... but I thought I would ask.


posted by Bentley Mouton
Thank you for your kind words, Benny. Many people contributed, especially to completing the Unsourced Profiles. Now I need to admit I don't know much about GEDCOM's. Do you mean have we made a GEDCOM of all the profiles in the Acadians Project (which is not, at least not yet)? Do you have a purpose in mind? We would look into it if there's enough interest.

Cindy Bourque Cooper, co-leader, Acadians Project

posted by Cindy (Bourque) Cooper
Hi Bentley, Thanks so much for your compliments! And, yes, we do deserve them!!! A lot of love an hours of work have gone into what you see but there is still a lot to be done.

There is a mechanism for downloading your family tree if that is what you mean.

You asked another question about reliable sources for Louisiana and Cindy directed you to our reliable sources page. Some of us in the project have spent our children's inheritance buying books and we will do look-ups when asked. The early New Orleans records have been digitized and are online but buried on their website. They are in the archives section.

posted by Jacqueline Girouard
Hi! I was checking the templates included in Category: Member-Only Stickers against the list of templates restricted to members only (with a "2008-" timeframe on this page) & found one that was "new to me":

I've added it to Category: Member-Only Stickers. Is there a project category that you would like it added to? If so, let me know & I'll take care of it. Same for Template: Acadian Sticker.

Cheers, Liz

posted by Liz (Noland) Shifflett
Liz, thank you for your note. The diaspora sticker was new to me too! I think you have it categorized in the right place since it is only for current WikiTreers. The Acadian Sticker can be used on all Acadian ancestors and no category immediately comes to mind about that, but you are more familiar with the broad range of categories. Maybe Gisele will have an idea. We should add the Diaspora one to our project page.


posted by Cindy (Bourque) Cooper
Thanks Liz and Cindy. I added the Acadian diaspora sticker to the Acadians project page.
posted by Gisèle Cormier
hello dear cousins ​​from America, I am a Porlier from France related to Claude Porlier pioneer in Quebec La Nouvelle France who is your ancestor and I share my DNA with you here is my Id T388487 Gedmatch you can check see you soon good evening Guillaume Porlier
posted by Guillaume Porlier
Hi, the children of Gallant-364 are a bit of a mess. I don't have any of the main reference works for Acadians of PEI here to feel confident in proposing merges of the duplicates. Also, both Gallant and Hache Gallant are used - I seem to remember seeing a discussion of which one the Acadian project preferred. Can someone check this out? Jane
posted by Jane Dyment
Hi Jane,

Thanks for the heads up. There were 4 sets of duplicates so merges have been proposed. Xavier will be removed because he was born before his parents' marriage. I don't have any of the main reference works for PEI either, and they are not accessible online. The few records that can be found in Ancestry and Family search give very little information. I relied mainly on Gérard Winkelmuller's Family Tree which is reliable and an article by James Perry. The best source we have is for the father Firmin and his son Louis Gallant by reputed historian Jean Bernard. Normally the standard name preferred for the profiles managed by the Acadians project is Haché which is entered as Last Name at Birth. The "dit" name Gallant is added in the Other Last Names field. However, in later generations, in some families, Haché was dropped and they used only Gallant. I proposed merges into the Gallant name, not Haché dit Gallant, because only Gallant appears in the few records available, and it is the name used by Jean Bernard.

posted by Gisèle Cormier
Hi! I just added a line under the name field guidance for the Acadians Project at -

Let me know if I should not have done that & I'll remove it from the entry:

Acadians Project FAQs (about name fields, "dit" names)
Familles acadiennes
  • Acadians Project
  • see also this G2G discussion
  • see also French naming conventions, posted by the France Project
  • see also Quebecois Project/Guidelines on Names

(see for links)

Cheers, Liz

posted by Liz (Noland) Shifflett
edited by Liz (Noland) Shifflett
It looks great. Thank you, Liz.
posted by Cindy (Bourque) Cooper
I have completed reviewing the 1678 Census for reference entries on profiles of all persons listed! It took a bit longer than I thought it would, and required some attention to detail, but it's finished and I'm proud of it!  :)


posted by Julia (Petrick) Read
edited by Julia (Petrick) Read
Congratulations Julia on a job well done. We really appreciate your hard work, your perseverance and your attention to detail. Do you have another project in mind concerning Acadians?
posted by Gisèle Cormier
Not immediately. I want to get back to working on my own tree, for a bit. But I'll be available in the future.


posted by Julia (Petrick) Read
Julia, I was seeing you go through those profiles, and am very grateful to you for the careful attention to detail and excellent citation entries. And you should be proud of your work. To me, that was a particularly difficult one because of its structure. I updated our census page - take a look


posted by Cindy (Bourque) Cooper
Hi! I'm new to the project. I started by doing a biography of a profile ( I wasn't sure if that was satisfactory enough to remove the "needs a biography" tag. Thanks.

If it's okay, I'll do them all in a minute or so; it's a script that does it. Really easy ;P

posted by Ken Tremblay
HI, Ken, that is very cool! Nicely laid out. At first I though you might be using the Bio Builder, but I see the format is somewhat different. Did you write that script yourself? One question, we don't normally put siblings in the biography. Could that section be skipped?

Best, Cindy

posted by Cindy (Bourque) Cooper
I like the layout but I would delete the redundant gedcom entries if it were me doing it. If there is something new, then weave it into your new biography. Like after a merge, we want only one biography and it should be in the same style throughout. Thanks! Share your script?
posted by Jacqueline Girouard
I don't even know what gedcom entries are. Sorry. I have about a year of experience, but I don't know much lingo. (See reply above for the script availability)
posted by Ken Tremblay
I didn't do it, it's available to anyone who wants to download it. It's a Google Chrome add-on that a wikitreer scripted. It also translates in French and highlights the profile's picture in green if the person is an ancestor of yours (both suggested by me) and it gets info automatically from other sites, among other cool stuff.

It's called Auto WikiTree Tables.

I can't really modify it to sratch the siblings, but I can certainly easily erase them afterwards. It takes a second.

So, should I remove them from the "Needs a biography" after? I'm waiting before doing the other ones. I don't want to come back to each one of them after.


posted by Ken Tremblay
Hi, Ken, I would just delete those siblings after then. What Jackie mentions are the entries that say = Marriage = then marriage info underneath. They often have = Name = and other events. I usually look at those and erase them if they are supported in the biography and if they don't have sources. If they do have a source, then I leave them so the source will be linked to the info. Or if you have a little extra time, I will check that source and sometimes move the inline reference to the fact in the newly created biography. This is a simple biography with no ged stuff. In the case of Arseneau-22, all those GED's are supported by the same souce - a good one - Stephen White. You could just leave that in the sources section and delete all the GED entries. Actually I will do it so you can see what I mean. A little touching up after the app does the main work. I also removed the tildes as a year entry with no other specific date is already an estimate. What do you think about doing that? Cindy

posted by Cindy (Bourque) Cooper
Oops! While preparing an answer for Ken, and before seeing your comment , I edited the Arseneau profile. You can add the final touch, Cindy. I also removed the category Acadia needs biography and you can do the same Ken when you create one. For more information on editing GEDCOM created biographies: . Thanks for your help Ken and for introducing us to Auto WikiTree Tables. I've installed it.
posted by Gisèle Cormier
LOL I saw that. You did fine and we can leave Ken with that as a good example. Thanks Ken - I hope we didn't have too many cooks in the kitchen! Cindy
posted by Cindy (Bourque) Cooper
I created a FB group for the descendants of Joseph Gueguen, his wives and children and siblings. There is over 340 distant (some close) cousins in the group.

Joseph Gueguen (Goguen) - Anne Nanon Arsenault, Marie Caissie (Quessy), Anne Surette

You and your family are welcome to join our FB group (copy & paste url)

Best regards,

Robert Goguen [email address removed] PS. Should you have any questions... please ask.

posted by Robert Goguen
is FindAgrave a good source for finding out Jean Pitre 's parents? I thought it was accepted. here are Jean Pitre's parents according to the source
posted by Marie Mercier
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Hi there,

I just sort of dove in and uploaded a tree from my deceased friend. Her mother did all the research. It seems to be impacted the Robichaud family tree the most. Before I do anymore damage, can I hand the reins over to someone else? I don't want to be the profile manager as I have no knowledge of Acadian or French Canadian family history. I downloaded the gedcom and have been trying to merge and correct (gulp!).

Elizabeth, are you having trouble with some particular aspect of it? What profiles are impacted?
posted by Cindy (Bourque) Cooper
I have dates where the owner of the Robichaud family tree doesn't but I can't verify the dates are accurate. The owner is Bobby Robichaud. I didn't want to continue because of that. I don't know how reliable the research is because it isn't mine. I just didn't want the research to go to waste.
I am a co-manager of Montet-21 and the following error is generated for it: "935 Unpaired Project Account and ProjectBox". I did not add the project boxes and I don't know anything about them; therefore I am unable to correct the error. Thanks.
posted by Orin Hargraves III
HI, Orin, the Acadians project is correctly on the profile, so it is the Louisiana Family project that would need to be added. I forwarded it to Joyce Rivet who project manager for that project. Thanks for letting us know.
posted by Cindy (Bourque) Cooper
Hi Orin, Usually for profiles that were involved in the forced migration of Acadians to Louisiana, both the Acadians and Louisiana projects are added as co-managers. This step for the Louisiana project was only half-done on Montet-21, which I have now corrected. Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention!
Ales will run the program to assign them very soon and then the errors will get better until more profiles are made! I'll do it if it's just a few, but there are too many to do manually right now. For any people who see these errors on their suggestions list, you can pass over them because the project will have them taken care of periodically.
posted by Cindy (Bourque) Cooper
Logged in to remove project as manager for three profiles.
Logged in to remove project as manager from 1 profile. Also to run the missing dates tool.
The missing dates tool seemed to be only pulling for my own watchlist. Need to find another way.
posted by Cindy (Bourque) Cooper
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posted by Cindy (Bourque) Cooper
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Nope, I guess I can't do that. Signing out.
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