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Rename of World War I to The Great War is causing failure of templates.
posted by Craig Rayner
edited by Aleš Trtnik
Can you provide an example of a problem. I did a sample check and It looks fine to me.
posted by Aleš Trtnik

I have changed both the changes on this page back, both the World War I and World War II, so no red. Thanks

It also changes World War II to The Great WarI, which means WWII stops as well.

posted by Craig Rayner
edited by Craig Rayner
There is no World War I template. It should be The Great War.

I adjusted the coding so World War II will no longer be replaced by Great WarI


posted by Aleš Trtnik
Thank you for your information on Henry Holman Hendee (1817 - 1912). I was able to fill in many of the blanks with your information.

Paul E Hendee

posted by Paul Hendee
I'm totally unclear what to do with this edit: 20 Jul 2021 10:59: EditBot WikiTree edited the Biography for Jay Thaniel Richards (1879-1958). (Redirecting:World_War_I) Richards-11140

I don't know how to fix the box information that remains.

The correct template for WW1 is The Great War. EditBOT made the rename for you. You can see here examples on how to use the template.
posted by Aleš Trtnik
... am a Golden and Golding researcher. This bot or whomever has combined data from at least three different yDNA-tested families.

++ John Golding of 1670-1743 has two male lines tested. They are R1b and are related to William Golding c1704-1782 and Elizabeth Foster c1704-1775. This is the line connected with the Ripleys.

++ Gaulden/Gauldings appear in Virginia about 1765. There is no known yDNA connection prior to that. They are R1b but not related to William Golding/Elizabeth Foster.

++ No one has a shred of evidence as to what happened to John Golding, son of the Rev William Golding of Eleuthra.

++ The Goldings of Caribbean that went to Long Island in the 1670s are yDNA type I1.

posted by William Golden
edited by Aleš Trtnik
Which profile and edit seems to be a problem? Can you provide WikiTreeID, so I can look into it.
posted by Aleš Trtnik
a year or so ago you graciously added stickers for John Nuthall John Nuthall (abt.1620-1668). I thought that I didn't move or change them while doing some recent updating. However, the 'code' is still showing in Edit mode but they are not showing up in Public or Private View.

The should be changed to Virginia. And categories to reflect his first residence in Northampton, Virginia need to be added.

Would you be able to fix them please? or tell me how to? Thanks so much! Beth

posted by Beth (Brown) Golden
edited by Beth (Brown) Golden
On a profile you provided, there is no sticker even in edit mode. Can you explain more on what you want or what do you understand as sticker.
posted by Aleš Trtnik
Oh, well, hmmm.... I got confused between Category and Sticker! Here are the entries from Nuthall-5 Changes

15 Dec 2019 08:58: EditBot WikiTree edited the Biography for John Nuthall (abt.1620-1668). (Renaming category: Immigrants to Province of Maryland from England) [Thank EditBot for this] 14 Aug 2019 16:51: EditBot WikiTree edited the Biography for John Nuthall (abt.1620-1668). (Renaming category: English Immigrants to Province of Maryland) [Thank EditBot for this]

and the text which is at the very top of his profile in Edit mode

I was thinking that these would show-up on his profile in Private/Public View in some form or fashion but they don't.

Thanks for any assistance!

posted by Beth (Brown) Golden
edited by Beth (Brown) Golden
Edit it, you deleted the category Roman Senators. What should the Roman Senators be listed under if not under Roman Senators. See Cibo-2
posted by Deborah (Smith) Talbot
Edit comment says "Removing category: Roman Senators+Removed empty lines at beginning". It was designated to be deleted. I have no idea about what category should be used. Categorisation project might know more.
posted by Aleš Trtnik
Thank you for the work on Leonard Cheshire VC. I'm not a Catholic but Cheshire was a Special man deserving of being remembered both for heroism and his understated humanity.
posted by Geoffrey Raebel
Edi, you are one busy bot! Thanks for fixing my amateur attempt at creating a category.
posted by Jo Gill
11:12, 29 December 2018 WikiTree-3 (Talk | contribs) deleted "Category:1st Regiment, Arkansas Cavalry, United States Civil War" ‎ (BOT Maintainace)

How about posting where the new category is? The following profile needs this category:

posted by David Thomson III
Category: Harris County, Texas, Cemeteries this has been BOT DELETED now where can I put him?

Crown Hill Cemetery, Pasadena, Harris County, Texas, USA Show Map Memorial ID 10331301

I do have a suggestion, maybe I didnt see it but if you could give a reason why you are deleting the cemetery, and inform us where to place the person in question.

posted by Carole Taylor
edited by Carole Taylor
You have deleted cemeteries in Polk county.

but this one is in a different township, Shady Grove Cemetery #2, Humansville, Polk County, Missouri, The 2 cemeteries are according to 16.2 miles apart. so I believe we need to make Shady Grove Cemetery #2, Humansville, Polk County, Missouri, a cemetery in our Global cemetery project. thank you and changes the "Shady Grove Cemetery, Aldrich, MO to Fair Play......

posted by Carole Taylor
Editbot is renaming colonial census categories to "state census" categories, before states existed. Please see my G2G post:

posted by Barry Smith
edited by Barry Smith
Can you please repair this link:

Monroe County Historical Society, "Obit Index: Monroe County Michigan," database: extractions( : accessed 1 Dec 2010), Bevier, Theressa; Monroe Evening News.

Found on Bodenmiller-25 and 100 others. The new link is:

Thank you

posted by Richard Van Wasshnova
EditBot is changing category 'Bedminster, Bristol' to 'Bedminster, Somerset'. This is only correct for pre-1831 profiles
posted by Ros Haywood
England Project only accepts ONE category for each location, and they use a traditional county. You will have to see with them which this one should be, but my hunch is they won't want to use "Bedminster, Bristol" for profiles before 1831.
My comment was made in 2019. All is well now.
posted by Ros Haywood
Notwithstanding that the bot seems to have only edited the biographies of Vincent & Robert Hinchcliff via a note above the Biography title on the Edit pages (changes which do not show on the respective, public pages), and while the town of Cambria, as an addition, is a more precise and helpful locator for the Hinchcliffe Cemetary, the town name, Cambria, itself, is not a proper substitute for the county name, Williamson.
posted by David Dunaway
I don't think I need to initate an emergency s t o p on this bot, however, it does need to be adjusted on this particular database error (DBE 866) ... Please see changes made by EditBot on 09 January 2019 on WikiTree ID Thomas Williams, Jr.

EditBot did not corrected DBE 866 Duplicated <references /> tag, but says it did.

I corrected the profile and it's fine.

Thanks for your prompt attention in this matter.

posted by Paula (Hawkins) Reinke
Why was Rivercliff Cemetery in Mount Gilead, Ohio deleted? It's a real place and there are over 6,000 people buried in it.
Please s t o p changing my linked photo buttons on my free space profiles ;


posted by Campbell Braddock
Thank you for updating the bio's for Moses & Patience Hoag - my 5th gr grandparents.
posted by Kevin Hoeg
Thank you for updating Patience Hoag's BIO.
posted by Kevin Hoeg
Hello EditBot,

to apply to the rule for Pre-1700 profile "we do not use personal categories in pre-1700 profiles" I've created e.g. the category "Glasenapp Loose End" (and fixed the profiles by hand). Now you've changed everything back to the private category "Grindle-179 Loose End", breaking the rule in my name!

posted by Ronnie Grindle
Please do not change category Montrose Cuthill. This is to show a difference between 2 family lines which has nothing to do with location BUT to seperate because records cannot prove they are related. So many people have fixed both families on other sites and you are now adding confusion which defies the purpose. The 2 separate lines are Montrose Cuthill and Inverkeilor Cuthill. If you bothered to read the category description you can tell they're different.

Removed the sto.p instruction. Aleš

posted by [Living Anderson]

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