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The Project is interested in the people of all origins and nationalities who settled in the Dutch colony of New Netherland (mostly in modern-day New York and New Jersey), their descendants (through 1776), and others who were part of the Dutch-dominated New Netherland community before 1700.

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Oosteroom-32 Margariet Oosteroom (et var)

This has a warning that this person may not belong in the family group. It says to see the text for details, but there's no text. There is one link which is a dead end. Is it okay for me to take that warning out? She is listed in the Record "The Dutcher Family" as a daughter. Cari Yocom

posted by Cari (Van Tine) Yocom
Hi Cari,

The text with the discussion is on the profile of her linked spouse Thomaszen-1. It is not anything I have researched but it looks like it is not her parents that are in question but rather her spouse.

posted by Richard Kyllo

Those are my comments on Hendrick's profile and have nothing to do with the Oosterooms. We are trying to settle the relationships between Phillips and Thomas. It looks like I've got to clarify that and will do so immediately. There is additional information being verified before it is added to the profile. Unfortunately, with the FHL and NYPL closed, verification is impossible for the moment. The comment which is on her page would indicate that the relationship with the Oosteroom family is questioned. It is an extremely odd comment. Do you think her relationship with the Oosteroom family is questionable? Cari

posted by Cari (Van Tine) Yocom
My apologies - I had been looking at these profiles during the clean-a-thon so my comprehension wasn't at its peak.

Just my opinion, but it looks solid to me.

posted by Richard Kyllo
Cari, when you have a comment about one of the thousands of profiles that have the NNS project as a manager, please post it on the profile you are commenting about, NOT here. Posting on the specific profile will send email notifications to the entire membership of the NNS google group (same as posting here) and also to individual profile managers for the profile of interest, and it will create a record of the discussion on the profile you are commenting on.

That Research Box template was placed on the profile nearly 3 years ago, and probably reflected the fact that the profile was almost devoid of content, that the only content that was there (born 1700 and baptized 1724) did not make a lot of sense, and possibly also that there are no known records to connect Margrietje with her parents. Boxes like that one are used to signal that the information in the profile should not be treated as validated genealogy. The language in the box is standard boilerplate, and to add confusion, I think the standard text of that box may have changed during the intervening years.

Thank you for adding/connecting the profiles for her children and for citing the Dutcher Family article. I hope that your additions of reference citations and images of book pages will be an interim step toward writing good biographies with verbose source citations.

As it happens, the Patricia Wardell notes on the Oosteroom family point out that the father connected to this woman was the only Oosteroom in the region at the time, so he can be assumed to be the progenitor of all of the later generations. That indicates that it is very reasonable to treat Margrietje as his daughter. (In later generations, however, it can be a serious challenge to distinguish between different Oosterooms with the same name.)

If you want to continue this conversation, please do it at Oosteroom-32. Thanks!

posted by Ellen Smith
I am not a member of New Netherland Settlers Project but have requested Van Dyck-3 and Van Dyke-544 be merged because they are obviously duplicates. It has just been refused again and listed as an Unmerged Match because they are both PPP profiles.

Could someone who has the power please merge these two files.

Hi Terri,

Van Dyck-3 and Van Dyck 544 were merged in 2017. The unmerged match is VanDyke-249, and being set as an unmerged match does not mean it has been rejected. It means that it has been accepted as a match but work needs to be done before the merge can be completed.

posted by Richard Kyllo
Oops! I should have said VanDyke-249 and Van Dyck-544. Pieter Barentsen Van Horn-10 still shows 2 wives with the same name. Everything in each of their profiles matches. It really should be cleaned up.
Look at Unknown-329619 Anna (Unknown) Wilkins. Her father is shown as Thomas Jansz van Dyke. Shouldn't her LNAB be changed from Unknown to van Dyke. Her marriage to Nicholas Stillwell shows her maiden name as van Dyke.
posted by Jack Wise
Every one on the New Netherland Settler's list should know by now that the NYG&B Society has published several generations of the immigrant Willem Gerritsen & Mary/Maria ? family. The articles began in July of 2002 in THE RECORD and ended in July 2005 and corrections in Oct 2005.

Willem's children were named Willemsen and eventually became Williamson. We know one branch of the family has surname Williams, because a Williams matches my Y-DNA. I have traced my direct line and others back to Willem Gerritsen. Richard Williamson

posted by Richard Williamson Sr
Awesome thanks for information. I am the Gerritsen with Marvel Gerritsen and Groot
posted by [Living Grover]

By adding other names in the profile when making/editing the profile will help connect to multiple spellings. It is with the help of valid, historical works/records that connect the branches to the World Tree. Van Kortryck became Cutright for my ancestors in West Virginia. Having that info in other names tracks them back to the Nethelands. This is the same for Larrison, Blackshear which had multiple spellings and without the sources I found would never have connected to the Stout Family. Sharon

posted by Sharon (Hardman) West

Much of the data on this page seems to fail community standards.

posted by Steven Amendola II
Sharon, Wikitree policy site-wide is to use the names (for people and places) that our ancestors used or would have recognized, NOT what we think their names should have been, and NOT standardized names for all generations of a family.

ADDED: That policy is at Help:Name Fields, particularly in the section "General Naming Conventions," which says "Use their conventions instead of ours." The New Netherland Settlers Project Naming Convention is an extension to the general naming convention, describing its application to the New Netherland situation.

posted by Ellen Smith

Suggest a common name for Van Kortryck Descendants--Courtright, Kortright, Kortget, Kortrect all in America--be agreed upon for Wikitree Tree. Van Kortryck for LNAB sounds best for me. Always include other names somewhere on the profile. Worked on it all day and cannot get a merge done because the mother's name LNAB is Weber/Webber if one understands why she also has the LNAB of Hansen--child of Hans or Jansen--wife of maybe Hendrick Jansen (son of Jan) Van Kortryck (in Netherlands and Kortright/Courtright after the came to America. Thanks for your input. Both Hendrick, the father and Pieter, the son have two wives who are the same person--it is the LNAB that causes the difficulty. Sharon

posted by Sharon (Hardman) West
Leaving merge decisions up to the project on Van Santvoort-25. I'm not qualified to understand how to set final spellings in these names
posted by Beulah (Maltby) Cramer
This is a "first" for me: someone proposed a "merge" of a relative of mine which is part of the "New Netherland Settlers Project". Do I just compare the two and if they are a match proceed, or since the person is "project protected" does something else need done? One of the three merges on this profile has been outstanding since January. It is quite possible that you will never find a birth/baptism record for this person. Perhaps a good "evidence explained" paragraph and a decision is called for in this case.
posted by Robin Lee
Philip married Gansevoort while only 21-23 years of age and many of the children are named according to the Dutch Naming practices and many have the same name as Frederick Philips' children. Philip after many years of marriage certainly could have married one Maria in Barbados giving his seafaring adventures. Naturally, this is speculation but much of it fits a pattern. If you have a problem with de Moer, it is a city in Holland and his mother traveled frequently to Holland to purchase commodities and then resell them in New York or New Amsterdam. She certainly could have been pregnant and delivered a child in Holland. Nonetheless, the two Philip Philipse present a mystery as to who is Philip Philipse de Moer's real father.
posted by John Biddle

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