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The Project is interested in the people of all origins and nationalities who settled in the Dutch colony of New Netherland (mostly in modern-day New York and New Jersey), their descendants (through 1776), and others who were part of the Dutch-dominated New Netherland community before 1700.

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Please remove Mary Ross (Ross-89) as a wife from PPP New Netherland Settlers Enoch Doughty (Doughty-30).

Enoch Doughty made his will on the 27th February 1675, and in his will Enoch does not name a wife. The will mentions children but does not name any children, and specifies that his children may go out of the country and all his property is to be sold. There are no provisions for a wife who if alive would be entitled to part of the estate.

It is known from sources that Mary Ross was alive in 1713 and was married to Israel Voss (Voss-8) and was the mother of his children as listed in Israel Voss' will (Will of Israel Voss: Original wills, 1693-1821, Norfolk County, Virginia - page 10; Mary is named in the will of her husband Israel Voss.

After Israel Voss' death Mary married Francis Wilder (Wilder-451) and is listed in Norfolk County, Virginia court records as the wife of Francis Wilder as follows: "Norfolk County, Virginia, Court July, 1715 . . . Order is granted Lem'l Wilson against Francis Wilder and Mary his wife adm'x with will anxt of Capt Israel Voss Dec'd for the same of two hundred & ? eight pounds of Tobacco appearing due by the Plts: oath & ordered they pay the same out of the Estate of Capt. Israel Voss Dec'd with cash . . ." See: Norfolk County, Virginia Deed Book No. 9, 1710-1717, page 128 (Image 418 of 562);

There are no sources to show that Mary Ross was ever married to Enoch Doughty (Doughty-30), while there are sources to show she was married to Israel Voss and Francis Wilder, and was still alive 40 years after the will of Enoch Doughty was made.

posted by Carol Wilder
edited by Carol Wilder
Please take a look at this merge. Comment is posted in the profile (
posted by George Morstadt
19 days ago, on Jochem Andriezen's profile Andrieszen-8, a PPP, I posted a comment noting that his eldest child Elias Andrieszen-14 needed connecting. I did the same on the would-be mother's profile Jans-233, also a PPP.

Elias is mentioned in the bios of both parents

So far, nothing but crickets.

Thanks, Greg

posted by Gregory Cooke
I would like to add a child (or have someone else create the link) to the profile of Isaiah Van Zandt Jr (Van_Zandt-45) and Marie Guyon (Guyon-31).

The child's name is Joshua Van Zandt (Van_Zandt-480). He is actually listed as a child in the biography of Isaiah Van Zandt Jr,

posted by Gary Whisenhunt
Requests like this one are more likely to get attention from members familiar with the family, and also are easier to deal with, when they are posted as profile messages on the affected profiles. To make it easier to see what you are talking about, I've inserted double square brackets below to create hyperlinks to the profiles you mentioned:
I would like to add a child (or have someone else create the link) to the profile of Isaiah Van Zandt Jr (Van_Zandt-45) and Marie Guyon (Guyon-31).
The child's name is Joshua Van Zandt (Van_Zandt-480). He is actually listed as a child in the biography of Isaiah Van Zandt Jr,
posted by Ellen Smith
Thanks. It seemed to make more sense to post it to the specific profile manager than the PPP profile, but wikitree actually tells you to post it to the PPP profile.
posted by Gary Whisenhunt
Messages about a specific person's or family's genealogy (including assertions that two profiles are for related peoole abd should be connected) are best posted on the profile(s) of the people involved. All profile managers get email notifications of those messages.
posted by Ellen Smith
I need help. I am experienced, but I don't want to reinvent the wheel. I have undertaken the surname GREEN in Westchester Co NY in the earliest days. The days of first settlers. I have read the history books of Westchester Co NY, and I have notes, but I would like to find someone I could collaborate with, or perhaps someone would read what I have. There could be someone who has already done this work? The locations are: John Green was the first settler at Bedford, Caleb Green was early at North Castle, and Ebenezer was early at Pound Ridge. Green is English. Anyone interested or familiar with this name? 1767 Freeholders list and onward to 1790 census.

Secondary question: I used to use the mailing lists to collaborate and help others. That is gone. Is there something similar which has taken its place? Best regards, Lilly Martin

posted by Lilly Martin
edited by Lilly Martin
The G2G is a public forum for questions and collaboration on WikiTree. A Caleb Green of North Castle has a profile, here: Caleb Green II (abt.1736-bef.1785) . He has a will listed as a source here: , You could contact the profile manager to begin your collaboration. Good luck with your search.
posted by Mark Weinheimer
I think I need help with my Castle/Fonda line. Fonda-507

Rebecka Fonda and Vincent Eli Castle. Anyone know of this line?

posted by Ronda Lewis
I am not familiar with your ancestral line, but I used WikiTree name search to find profiles for parents of your two Fonda ancestors who were not connected to parents. Specifically, I searched for Dirkje Winne and Isaac Fonda. The lists of results led me to profiles for the parents named on the baptism records you had posted on the profiles. Then I connected the profiles you created for Peter Johannes Fonda (1763-1812) and Rebecka (Fonda) Castle (1787-1855) to their parents. :-)

It isn't always that easy!

posted by Ellen Smith
Thank you so much Ellen 😊 The names are hard. I've read so much and seen so much at museums and online. I still confuse the families.
posted by Ronda Lewis
Please can we update the link to GSBC Family Files -
posted by Beryl Meehan
Please attached Peek-246 I've just added her church record (baptism) here and to her own profil

posted by Beryl Meehan
edited by Beryl Meehan
I'm new to WIKITree and need someones help please for Johannes Fort.

In my tree I show him as father of Rebecca Fort (Fort-1329) with Rebecca Daniels van Antwerpen (Van_Antwerpen-46 your tree Van_Antwerpen-225 my tree) as his wife, mother of Rebecca.

Are you able to agree and add Rebecca and merge the mother records? If not, what do you need from me.

Thank you !!!

posted by Chip Tobey
I noticed that there is a profile for a Mary Van Damm-1 Pearsall managed by the New Netherlands Settlers WikiTree. Her profile has her born in Queens, New Netherlands, and married to a Nicholas Pearsall-64. The profile for Mary Van Damm-1 might be the same person as Mary Van Damm-11.

Maybe there should be a merge with Mary Van Damm-11.

Researching my cousin Piersol’s family, the tree goes back to a George Pearsall-136. Before my changes, the original profile for George Pearsall gave only one spouse, Ellen ?, married c1663 in Chester Pa.

A source indicates that George sold his Long Island property and moved to Chester Pa.

I created the profile for Mary Van Damm-11 based on Family Search. she was born in England and was married to a George Pearsall. According to Family Search, there are some children of George Pearsall and Mary Van Damm. Their children are given birth dates between 1644 and 1650, in Long Island.

The only FS records I found for Nicholas Pearsall (died in 1689 in Flushing, Queens) does not give a spouse.

Some years ago I read that The New Netherland Project had contracted a person to translate the original 17th century Dutch records. At this time, the colony recorded births, deaths, marriages, land transfers etc.

These translated records may be on line and if so they are probably in an image format. Since I’m blind and rely on a screen reader, they would not be accessible to me.

Perhaps there are sources that could clarify Mary Van Damm’s birth, marriage, death etc? Should there be a merge?

Peter Tesar-14

posted by Peter Tesar
Hi I like to join this project. This my 8th Great grandparents. So apparently I have New Netherland Settlers 😂 this new to me.


According to Melwood W. Van Scoyoc’s book "Descendants of Cornelis Aertsen Van Schaick," Iden A VanSchiack (Arianszen-1) had four children with his second wife Mary (Unknown-483184). They included Stephen VanScoyoc (1720-1805), Jacob VanScoyoc (1722- ), Timothy VanScoyoc (1724- aft 1778), and Mary VanSchaick (1726- ). I created a profile for Stephen VanScoyoc (Vanscoyoc-30), who is my 5th great grandfather. I would like to link him to his father Iden A. VanSchaick (Arianszen-1).

Do you have any issues with this and if not, how could I get this accomplished?


posted by Scott Miller
Regarding WikiTree for Jean Mousnier de La Montagne (Mousnier-3), there are numerous bits of misinformation. As just example, Maison de la Montagne, given as his father is incorrect, as maison refers to an estate, at times used to describe the home of Michel de Montaigne; La Montagne was registered at Leiden University at least 5 times not 3; La Montagne and family(?) left for Tobago in mid summer (July/August) of 1629, not with the original colonist on the "Fortune" in 1628; the date and location of his death is not known. There is also more information given that is suspect such as death date of wife Rachel, and place of birth as Saintes. Also, if following protocol, he should be listed with his birth name Jean (Jehan) Mousnier, absent the title "de La Montagne".
posted by Jim Maxwell
edited by Jim Maxwell
RE: Giacomo de Ferentino as progenitor of the Romeyn family?

I have recently inherited the family genealogist role from my 99-year-old Great Aunt and I'd like to try picking up where she left off. Below is an excerpt of a source she's been using for decades.

Questions: 1. Has anyone come across a more current source with greater detail? 2. Are there newer resources available that may help to fill in the 250+ year gap between Peter "the Roman" Romeyn and Nicholas Romeyn

Page 139 JAMES A. ROMEYN. — The Romeyns, Romanies, and Romains of Bergen County, claim to be of Italian lineage, which they trace to one Giacomo de Ferentino, an Italian gentleman who settled at Bongham [Rongham] Manor, Norfolk- shire, England, in the early part of the thirteenth century, and married an English lady, Isabella de Rucham, by whom he had issue two sons, one of whom was Peter. This Peter was sent to Rome to be educated, and on his return took the surname of Romaeyn (Peter the Roman). Peter married the daughter of Thomas de Leicester. Many of Peter's descendants became noted men in England. One of them, Jan Romeyn, went from England to the low countries (Holland) and settled in Amsterdam. He had several children, among whom were Claes Jansen, Simeon Jansen, and Christofer Janen. Claes and Christofer sailed from Rotterdam, Holland, to Brazil, as members of an expedition to that country commanded by Prince Maurice of Nassau. Soon after arriving in Brazil the country was ceded to Portugal, and hereupon the two Romeyns sailed for America.

[source: Harvey, Cornelius Burnham. Genealogical History of Hudson and Bergen Counties, New Jersey. New York : New Jersey Genealogical Pub. Co., 1900.]

posted by Rhyan Romaine
My ancestor is DeGroot-1445, by way of my great-grandfather, DeGroat-42. However, I don't read Dutch records at all. My great uncle, DeGroat-47, paid a professional genealogist to produce a report which would allow him to join the Holland Society in New York. I have never found a copy of the document he presented to be allowed to join. So far as I know, the archives of the Holland Society are buried away somewhere in New York and not online. What has been described to me informally is fantastic: ancestors who were several times mayor of Delft and curator of Lyden University back in the 15th century.

Today my sister asked me if I had made any progress finding the parents of DeGroot-1445. If you check his profile, I know quite a lot about him and his family once they arrive in New Netherlands. But I lack the ability to press further back with any sort of genealogical rigor.

I don't know if you have Dutch events similar to the site-wide events I get emails about on a regular basis. But I would like to nominate DeGroot-1445 as a person who a Dutch team could hook up back to the Netherlands if his family was as prominent as DeGroat-47 kept telling my grandmother, who was his sister. Thanks for reading this, and please let me know if I should do something else rather than leave this comment.

posted by Bill Schultz
Hi, Bill. Welcome to the world of New Netherland genealogy.

As is true of the great majority of colonial Americans of the 1600s who have living descendants, there are other WikiTree profiles for your de Groots, and WikiTree had some solid sources for the information in these profiles. I have merged at least one duplicate profile from your family line, and I have proposed a couple more merges.

There were multiple de Groot or Groot families in New Netherland, and I believe that your immigrant ancestor in the de Groot line is not Staats de Groot. Staats de Groot had only one son, and he was not Johannes. Rather, it looks to me like your earliest immigrant ancestor may be Jacob (Pieterszen) de Groot (abt.1628-).

See and the other pages linked from that page for information on some of the sources we use to research New Netherland people. Most of this material is in English, and much of it is free.

posted by Ellen Smith
I am a descendent of several New Netherlands families, including Van Meter, Du Bois, Van Vorhees, Wycoff, and others. I am particularly interested in my Van Horn line since I do not have any earlier info before Arthur Van in Pennsylvania in the 9th century. What more do I need to join the group?
posted by W Van Horn
Hi Ellen,

Yes, It's me, Jim again. My current project, other than officially becoming a New_Netherlands Project member ... is the completion of a merge between Nicholas (D'allie) d'Allie (abt.1630-) & Nicholas d'Ailly (1635-abt.1700), currently marked as an unmerged match. There is absolutely no question about them being/representing the same person, though a few data points vary.

I think that I have done a fairly good job of explaining the ambiguity between various accounts of a person's life events who lived nearly 400 years ago, on the profile that I manage. With your agreement, I am prposing that we ..YOU.. set them as a pendeng merge, then I will do the rest by completing the merge under D'allie-1. I hope that we can work together to consolidate these records of a very prominent member of the New_Netherlands Project.



posted by James Sellers
I am descended from Catherine Celeste (VanName) Cloyes, 1831-1910, who was the daughter of William VanName born about 1800, who was married to Rachel Hicks, born 7/10/1810. Records for Herkimer county were destroyed, so I am looking for any help to trace the VanName (VanNaame VanNaamen) line furher back. Thank you. Robert E> Fletcher
posted by Robert Fletcher
Hi! I just posted to G2G & hit 6 tags too soon to tag new_netherland, so tagging the project by posting here.

Please see my G2G post:

Cheers, Liz (a van Meter descendant)

posted by Liz (Noland) Shifflett
Regarding the source

<a href=" ">Baptismal and marriage registers of the old Dutch church of Kingston, Ulster County, New York</a>... The term "Hoogduits-land", spelled vaious way and referring to a bride or groom's origin, was interpeted by the author/transcriber of that work to represent a German origin... However, I read in the past, in a source I can't remember, that term was used to represent the highlands beyond Albany. Can anyone out there provide a source for this supposition?

posted by Jim Maxwell
edited by Jim Maxwell
Hi, Jim.

In case you are not already aware of them, you might appreciate knowing about the WikiTree collection of Source pages that are designed to help in citing a source -- and also providing background information about the source, along with information on where to find it. The Source page for the book you refer to is Space: Baptismal and Marriage Registers of the Old Dutch Church of Kingston, Ulster County, New York.

In the book Hoog-duytsland (and its various spellings) is almost always identified parenthetically as Germany, and I have no reason to doubt that. Hoog is a Dutch word that means "high" and "Duitsland" is the Dutch language name for Germany (see ) -- note that the word is very similar to the German language name "Deutschland." Thus Hoog-duitsland could be read as High Germany. "High" refers here to elevation of the land. If you remember much geography, you probably remember that the Netherlands is a very low-lying region ("Nether" means low), and Germany is mostly uphill from the Netherlands. In centuries past, English speakers often referred to the people of the Netherlands as Low Dutch (in German this would be Niederdeutsch; in Dutch I guess it would be something like Neder-Duytsch) and used the term High Dutch for the people of what is now Germany. Many German (Palatine) migrants were settled in work camps along the Hudson River (West Camp was in Ulster County and East Camp was across the river) in 1710, and the name Hoog-duytsland first appears in the Kingston marriage records in 1712 (marriages 284 and 285 on page 526) when young men of the New Netherland community started marrying young women from the Palatine camps. This could make a great story to tell!

The information you saw regarding the highlands beyond Albany likely used a word something like Hoog-landt, which would be Dutch for "highland." :-)

posted by Ellen Smith
edited by Ellen Smith
Hi Ellen. Thanks for taking the time to give that detailed answer, I really appreciate it! My question arrose of the use of the term "Hoogduyts-land" when I saw it used in a marriage entry as follows:

1732 Aug 12, marriage of Johannes Maks Velde, single, born in Hoogduyts-land [Germany], and Margriet Hendriks, single, born under the durisdiction of Menner van Livengstont [Livingston Manor]. Both resind in Ulters [Ulster] Co. Banns registerd 1732 Aug 27 [sic].

What stood out to me was the name "Maks Velde", a variation of the name "Maxfield" and "Maxwell" that I had seen before in Dutch Records. Being a name of Scottish origin is what made me question the accuracy of the translation for "Hoogsduyts-land"

On further baptism records the name was given as 1733 Jun 17, Joh. Maks Velten 1736 Jan 1, Johannes Velten 1738 Jan 22, Johannes Velde 1740 Jan 13, Johannes Velten 1743 Sep 11, Johan Max Velde 1746 Feb 23, Johannes Velter 1748 Nov 20, Johan Maximilian Velde 1752 Jan 12, Johannes Velde 1754 Sep 15, Johan Maximilian Velde

Do you think that term could have represented Germantown, NY which was in close proximity to the bride's place of origin, that being "Livinston Manor"?

Again, that you for your comments!

Jim Maxwell

posted by Jim Maxwell
Comments and questions about a specific person often can be addressed more efficiently when the profile is identified and linked. I have worked out that you are talking about Maxwell-13648. :-)

Before I say anything else, I feel it urgently important to advise you his LNAB should not be Maxwell. WikiTree naming conventions (see Help:Name Fields) tell us to "use their conventions, not ours," and call people by the name(s) they were known by during their lifetime. WikiTree should record him with the names he actually was recorded with. I have not researched him (other than looking at some of the church records), but I have yet to see any contemporary documentation supporting Maxwell as his name, much less his original name. It is not clear that he fits within the scope of the New Netherland Settlers project, but because he lived in the New Netherland area and had his life events recorded in New Netherland churches, I think the project-specific naming conventions are very appropriate to apply.

Your notion that this was a Scotsman named Maxwell or Maxfield is interesting. There were Scotsmen in the New Netherland population at this time, and their names were spelled in diverse ways in the church records. However, I have to say that the most straightforward interpretation of the available evidence indicates that he was born in Germany before 1710 with a baptismal name something like Johan Maximilian (consistent with German naming in that time period) and a family name of Veldt (or similar), arrived in New York in 1710, and settled originally in East Camp (the original name of what was later called Germantown) or West Camp. Some of the evidence I see:

  • The marriage record says he was born in Germany. I do not know when the area now called Germantown got that name (the online sources suggest that it was called that by 1775), but it seems unlikely that it had that name as early as 1732, and although the Dutch domines who created the church records did make mistakes sometimes, most of them were well-educated in Europe and I cannot imagine that they would have confused Germany with the settlement along the river.
  • The three [transcribed] church records that have Maks or Max in them do not clearly indicate whether this was part of his given name or part of his last name. You have assumed that they are part of the last name, but they also could be part of his given name.
  • There are two records that call him Johan Maximilian Velde. In that construction, I think most of us would recognize Maximilian as a middle name or part of a given name.
  • Eight of the 13 records have only two names for him, with the second name being Velde, Velter, Velten, or similar. This makes me think that he told the domines that this was his name.
  • The domines were Dutch-language speakers who recorded names phonetically, using Dutch spelling. If they had heard Maxwell spoken by an English or Scottish speaker, they probably would have generated a variety of seemingly bizarre spellings, but they would not have rendered a spoken W as a V.
  • The witnesses to the baptisms of his children include several people who are identifiable as of German (Palatine) origin or probably of German origin, including the names Valk, Volland, Dennemarker, Krans, and Kreller.

I have not checked for the name Velden (or similar spellings) in the records of Palatines in East Camp and West Camp, but that is where I would look for clues to the origins of this man.

posted by Ellen Smith
edited by Ellen Smith
Hello all. I am relatively new to Wiki Tree, and have been contributing what I know to this great tree, for all of my ancestors. I am a direct descendent of Jacob Luursz van Kuykendall, through his son Nathaniel, then HIS son George, George's son Matthew, down through Robert Kirkendall Sr. and Jr., to my grandmother Ethel Kirkendall. When I try to set Jacob Luursz van Kuykendall as the father of Nathaniel in the family tree, I just get a message saying "To edit relationships on Van_Kuykendall-42 please see Help:Project Protection. Thank you!" I have read and interacted with that page, but I still don't know how to get my ancestor Nathaniel connected to his father Jacob in the tree. Can you help with this please? Thank you!
posted by Malika Lyon
Hello Malika,

I am sending a private message to you, so it should get to your email. Respond here if you don't get it.

Some comments to leave here, so others can see:

1. The Nathaniel you created is a duplicate, so these two profiles will need to be merged:

2. I added a link to the transcription of the baptismal record on Kuykendaal-15, so assuming it is correctly transcribed, "Kuykendaal" should remain as the spelling of the Last Name at Birth (LNAB).

3. If you look at the comments far down on the older profile (the first link above), you'll see that someone asked if George is the son of Nathaniel. No good answer was given, and a compiled genealogy was linked which does not list a son George. Those authored works, especially ones like that from over 100 years ago, are often unreliable. So George very well might have been his son. But before a merger can happen, the current children need to be confirmed, meaning that we will need to find solid evidence that George was Nathaniel's son.

4. After sorting out the children on the two profiles, the death date will need to be sorted out. The current Nathaniel has 1769, which is maybe dubious since, for instance, that authored work says he was having children in the 1770s. But a reliable source will need to be found and placed on his profile.

posted by Barry Smith

I have information to contribute to the profile of Abraham Freer. This is what I can add:

additional children eg Phillippus Freer These are the sources I am using:

History of New Paltz, New York, and Its Old Families (from 1678 to 1820): Including the Huguenot Pioneers and Others who Settled in New Paltz Previous to the Revolution; with an Appendix Bringing Down the History of Certain Families and Some Other Matter to 1850 Book by Ralph Le Fevre Should I contact one of the pre-1700 projects or know about any style guidelines before proceeding? Thank you!

WikiTree profile: Abraham Freer

posted by Michael Beaudoin
Nettie Wyckoff. My grandfathers sister......... Her father was William Harley Wyckoff not William Wallace Wyckoff. Her Brother William Hardy Wyckoff,my grandfather.
posted by Michelle Wyckoff
I have been verified as direct descendent of Pieter Clausen Wyckoff. My father William Richard Wyckoff born Winslow Az, April 2 1921. Died Pomona California November 9, 1960. His father William Hardy Wyckoff believed birth place Greenleaf Washington Kansas 1889, died Pomona California, 1983. His Father William Harley Wyckoff believe born Kansas 1843. I am Michelle Wyckoff Born Pomona California May 20, 1946.
posted by Michelle Wyckoff
edited by Michelle Wyckoff
Hello, i believe my ancestors on my fathers side can be traced back to the settlement. my ancestor me be Jan Van Aernum a soldier in the employ of the Dutch West India Company
posted by Hooligan Smith
Hello New Netherlanders,

I posted this as a comment on 'William Wallen-459' and am following up with a separate email to you. I also sent this to Ellen Smith and the PM for William Wallen.

In early June 2020, I was working on the Lawrence of St Albans, Hertfordshire line. They are direct descendants of Charlemagne. They came to the colonies in 1635 with their mother, Lawrence siblings and Tuttle stepfather and siblings. One of the Lawrence daughters is my 8th great-grandmother. I found that several of her siblings needed editing and sourcing. I started with Capt. Thomas Lawrence-952 given that he is an ancestor of Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) through his daughter Mary Lawrence-3773, who married Thomas Walton-6105 (she married 2) John White; however, there is little to no information about him). I added biographies and sourcing for all three of these profiles (Thomas and Mary Lawrence and Thomas Walton). I found a discrepancy for Mary and Thomas Walton's son, William Walton, who is erroneously listed as Willem Wallen-459 on wikitree. He is NOT a Netherlands descendant. I have a great deal of information about William Walton and his brother (less so for his siblings listed in the Mary Lawrence and Thomas Walton profiles). In late May/early June 2020 when I discovered this discrepancy, I contacted Jillaine in order to add Capt. Thomas Lawrence to PGM. I also discussed the erroneous listing and biography for 'Willem Wallen', who should rightfully be William Walton, son of Mary (Lawrence) and Thomas Walton. This link to Mary Lawrence also provides FDR with his link to Charlemagne. I also contacted and email communicated with Chase Ashley and Joe Cochoit at that time (late May, early June), who were extremely helpful in reviewing, discussing, and verifying information, sources and so forth.

I am now requesting that this profile for 'Willem Wallen-459' be disconnected from Daniel Joseph Waldron and Saertie Rutgers and the 'Waldron' siblings (who are not his parents and siblings), and connect him as William Walton to parents Thomas Walton-6105. and Mary Lawrence-3773. He should also be deleted from the New Netherland project given that his parents were of English heritage. I will re-write and resource this profile, and add the linkage to FDR and to Charlemagne. Again, i sent this as an email to Mary Van Deusen, Ellen Smith, and Jillaine as follow up.

Thank you all very much for your attention to this profile. I will be happy to help with re-connecting William Walton, of which I have a great deal of information and proper sourcing.

posted by Carol Baldwin PhD RN
edited by Carol Baldwin PhD RN
I will respond in more detail at Wallen-459, as your comment is focused on him and his family, not the New Netherland Settlers Project in general. However, I must note that you do not correctly understand the purpose and scope of this project. This is not a project about Dutch nationals and their descendants who lived in New York and New Jersey. It is about the people of New Netherland, which was a diverse place including people of Dutch, German, French, Belgian, English, Scottish, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Polish, Bohemian, Italian, Spanish, African, Turkish, and very probably other origins, in addition to Native Americans.
posted by Ellen Smith
Hello Ellen,

Thank you for your prompt comment. I just finished responding to your Comment to Chase Ashley and added sources to support William Walton, husband of Mary Santford [Santvoort], who is the son of Capt. Thomas Walton of England and Mary Lawrence, daughter of Capt. Thomas Lawrence of Newtown, Long Island, New York, who was a wealthy landowner there. I provided two sources in my Comment, one by Annette (Townsend) Phillips on the Walton and Roosevelt families (the book is dedicated to Sara Delano Roosevelt and believe she ant the authors may have been friends), the other is Gary Boyd Roberts' most recent work (2018) on the Royal Descent of 900 Ancestor. I have other resources that link William Walton with Thomas and Mary (Lawrence) Walton; extensive background on William Walton and his brother Thomas, with additional linkages to the Santvoorts, Beekmans and Dutch Church. As to your comment about not correctly understanding the purpose of the New Netherland Project, I apologize for what came across as ignorance. I do fully understand the intent of this project. I made the comment because of the conflated information about the parentage of William Walton. I certainly recognize and feel it important that the New Netherlands Settlers Project be returned when the profile for William Walton be corrected with his sourced parents, Thomas and Elizabeth (Lawrence) Walton, who were of English heritage. I fully understand that William and Mary Santvoort's son (also named William) married a Beekman and this merchant family not only have Dutch heritage, but interacted with Dutch, English and Spanish merchants. I am sorry if my comment offended you. It was not intentional, I can assure you. I will be happy to help write up and fully source William Walton with additional information about his life, marriage to Mary Santvoort, children, etc. I will also write up and source his Walton/Lawrence siblings, several of whom also have primary sources and supportive information as to their Walton/Lawrence parents. Again, thank you!

posted by Carol Baldwin PhD RN
I am not a member of New Netherland Settlers Project but have requested Van Dyck-3 and Van Dyke-544 be merged because they are obviously duplicates. It has just been refused again and listed as an Unmerged Match because they are both PPP profiles.

Could someone who has the power please merge these two files.

Hi Terri,

Van Dyck-3 and Van Dyck 544 were merged in 2017. The unmerged match is VanDyke-249, and being set as an unmerged match does not mean it has been rejected. It means that it has been accepted as a match but work needs to be done before the merge can be completed.

posted by Richard Kyllo
Oops! I should have said VanDyke-249 and Van Dyck-544. Pieter Barentsen Van Horn-10 still shows 2 wives with the same name. Everything in each of their profiles matches. It really should be cleaned up.
Look at Unknown-329619 Anna (Unknown) Wilkins. Her father is shown as Thomas Jansz van Dyke. Shouldn't her LNAB be changed from Unknown to van Dyke. Her marriage to Nicholas Stillwell shows her maiden name as van Dyke.
posted by Jack Wise
Every one on the New Netherland Settler's list should know by now that the NYG&B Society has published several generations of the immigrant Willem Gerritsen & Mary/Maria ? family. The articles began in July of 2002 in THE RECORD and ended in July 2005 and corrections in Oct 2005.

Willem's children were named Willemsen and eventually became Williamson. We know one branch of the family has surname Williams, because a Williams matches my Y-DNA. I have traced my direct line and others back to Willem Gerritsen. Richard Williamson [email address removed]

posted by [Living Williamson]
Awesome thanks for information. I am the Gerritsen with Marvel Gerritsen and Groot
posted by [Living Grover]

By adding other names in the profile when making/editing the profile will help connect to multiple spellings. It is with the help of valid, historical works/records that connect the branches to the World Tree. Van Kortryck became Cutright for my ancestors in West Virginia. Having that info in other names tracks them back to the Nethelands. This is the same for Larrison, Blackshear which had multiple spellings and without the sources I found would never have connected to the Stout Family. Sharon

posted by Sharon (Hardman) West

Much of the data on this page seems to fail community standards.

posted by Steven Amendola II
Sharon, Wikitree policy site-wide is to use the names (for people and places) that our ancestors used or would have recognized, NOT what we think their names should have been, and NOT standardized names for all generations of a family.

ADDED: That policy is at Help:Name Fields, particularly in the section "General Naming Conventions," which says "Use their conventions instead of ours." The New Netherland Settlers Project Naming Convention is an extension to the general naming convention, describing its application to the New Netherland situation.

posted by Ellen Smith

Suggest a common name for Van Kortryck Descendants--Courtright, Kortright, Kortget, Kortrect all in America--be agreed upon for Wikitree Tree. Van Kortryck for LNAB sounds best for me. Always include other names somewhere on the profile. Worked on it all day and cannot get a merge done because the mother's name LNAB is Weber/Webber if one understands why she also has the LNAB of Hansen--child of Hans or Jansen--wife of maybe Hendrick Jansen (son of Jan) Van Kortryck (in Netherlands and Kortright/Courtright after the came to America. Thanks for your input. Both Hendrick, the father and Pieter, the son have two wives who are the same person--it is the LNAB that causes the difficulty. Sharon

posted by Sharon (Hardman) West
Leaving merge decisions up to the project on Van Santvoort-25. I'm not qualified to understand how to set final spellings in these names
posted by Beulah (Maltby) Cramer
This is a "first" for me: someone proposed a "merge" of a relative of mine which is part of the "New Netherland Settlers Project". Do I just compare the two and if they are a match proceed, or since the person is "project protected" does something else need done?
Philip married Gansevoort while only 21-23 years of age and many of the children are named according to the Dutch Naming practices and many have the same name as Frederick Philips' children. Philip after many years of marriage certainly could have married one Maria in Barbados giving his seafaring adventures. Naturally, this is speculation but much of it fits a pattern. If you have a problem with de Moer, it is a city in Holland and his mother traveled frequently to Holland to purchase commodities and then resell them in New York or New Amsterdam. She certainly could have been pregnant and delivered a child in Holland. Nonetheless, the two Philip Philipse present a mystery as to who is Philip Philipse de Moer's real father.
posted by John Biddle

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