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Thank you for all that you do to make WikiTree a better place.
posted by Pat (Fuller) Credit
Thank you, and right back at you! --Gene
posted by GeneJ X
How come your family tree or your relationship finder is not showing?
The edits you made to the Sanborn/Samborne line are quite amazing! Is there a way to view the TAGS research that proves the ancestry of the Sanborn/Samborne line of Hampton, New Hampshire? I would love to see this source and where they obtained the proof for the line.

I am stunned. Thank you for your edits!

posted by Darrell Larocque
Thank you for your kind comment, but the glory goes to Clifford L. Stott, FASG, for his mighty work, The English Ancestry and Royal Descent of John, Stephen, and William Sanborn/Samborne of Hampton, New Hampshire.

As I recall, we expect there will be at least three installments to the update. The first installment was published some months back, The American Genealogist, 92 (2021/2022):1-16, and the second was just released as TAG, 92 (2022), 125-130. The third installment will quite likely be in the next published issue.

Separate from a high level summary of the update given in the first installment, the ancestral sketches appear in chronological order--with the earliest ancestors profiled in the first installment. (Thus the immigrant sketches are expected in a yet to be published edition.)

Shortly after the Stott's first installment was released, we did open a free space page about the 2022 update, Sanborn, Samborne Research 2022. (That page has not yet been updated as to the second installment.) At least it is my hope that our space page will be more relate-able once we're able to review all installments of Stott's work in context.

You wrote, "... and where they obtained the proof for the line."

Special thanks for noting the importance of the underlying historical records/analysis. It is at least my intent that citations on the profiles will reference Stott's source of the source. I also hope that for each of Stott's profiled ancestors, we'll be able to reference how those persons were profiled in earlier work on the family by Victor Channing Sanborn.

It is not easy to obtain copies of the most recent editions of TAG. Online publishing is not a feature of this mainstay journal. As I recall, five years after publication, AmericanAncestors makes the issues searchable and viewable; more recent issues are available for purchase. See The American Genealogist. Genealogical libraries that subscribe to the journal will have (or shortly have) the more recent issues.

Thanks again and onward we go!--Gene

posted by GeneJ X
edited by GeneJ X
Hi, GeneJ – I'll message you separately about navigating back alleys of FamilySearch – but just FYI, the "Gene's Sandbox" link currently yields a "Page Not Found" error notice. If you intended the page to remain accessible, I'd love to see it! -- Cheers, Christopher
posted by Christopher Childs

I got your trusted list request for his profile is Open so pls feel free to add/fix facts on his profile. As far as I know the only privilege that is added to Trusted List members for Open profiles is ability to change Last Name at Birth.

Thank you!!!

posted by Teresa Downey
Thank you for your note, Teresa.

I guess we have different approaches to all of this. As a rule of thumb, I've tried to follow the WikiTree guidance on, Help:Communication Before Editing. I have no shortage of profiles on which to work, so I will pass on this one. --Gene

posted by GeneJ X
I suggest that there is an obvious anomaly in the birthdate for this profile, and that the birthdate should have at least 20 years subtracted. All the evidence points to this . <grin>
posted by Jo Fitz-Henry
Thank you for your work on Thomas Gregson (bef.1611-1646). Having looked at the sources you added, I now believe he has been conflated with Thomas Gregson (1599-). Richard Gregson whose will was proved in 1640 appears to be the brother of Henry Gregson (father of Thomas 1611) and cousin of the Thomas in New England (son of his uncle Gregory Gregson).


posted by Stephen Heathcote
Thank you again for lending your considerable expertise.

There is a more modern published account, Paul Prindle, English Ancestry of Mr. Thomas Gregson of New Haven (NEHGR 1973-1974); looking at this now. Will post more to Thomas' profile.

posted by GeneJ X
Oh wow- Now that I'm seeing such amazing comments/compliments I feel as if I just sent the most ridiculous, lengthy, extraneous message to one of the most popular guys at WikiTree! I mentioned I'd seen your name a bit but being somewhat new to the site I didn't realize how involved you are and again sincerely apologize that my email, like this post, is so long. Have a great weekend. Cheers! Becky Elizabeth / Simmons-11603
posted by Becky Simmons

Thank you for the kind words, but I'm just another WikiTree-er. I assure you, there is no reason to apologize. In whatever form it takes, WikiTree is all about collaboration.

Thank you for yours.--Gene

posted by GeneJ X
Hi GeneJ,

I just happened to notice a couple of your contributions. It's a great feeling when I see your name and am reminded that you're still a WikiTreer. (One of the best in WikiTree's history!)


posted by Chris Whitten
This will keep me in the best of spirits for a long, long time, Chris. Thank you for making this platform available for all of us. --Gene
posted by GeneJ X
Greetings Gene,

Talk about being late. I think I have this right. . . . Carpenter Sketches and many other TAG contributions. Thank you for all your great work. I'm barely a weekend warrior at this who mostly thrashes about, so any acknowledgements are humbling and appreciated. Thank you again. D. Jenkins

posted by Dave Jenkins
edited by Dave Jenkins
Visions of you "thrashing about" will keep me in smiles for a week.

Thank you for your kind words, they are so appreciated. Do keep on thrashing, Dave!

posted by GeneJ X
Hi Gene!

Thanks for contributing to Puritan Great Migration profiles over the last six months. Every little bit helps, so please keep those edits coming!

Like all WikiTree projects we check in with team members twice per year and it's that time again. Please respond within the next two weeks to let me know:

  1. If you'd like to continue as a PGM project team member
  2. If you're happy with the team you're on (Research and/or Profile Improvement) or if you'd like to make a change
  3. Optionally, what you like since the reboot back in May or what you think could be improved. This could be something about Discord, or Google Groups, or managed profile spreadsheets, or challenge participation or really anything. If you like everything the way it is, you can let me know that too :)

If you'd like to tell me about a particular project or family you're working on, I'd love to hear about that as well.

Please respond to this message by posting a reply below or sending me a private message on WikiTree. I look forward to hearing from you.

Many thanks!

Brad Stauf, PGM membership coordinator

posted by Brad Stauf
Thanks for all you do Brad,

You are amazing.

I would like to continue as part of the PGM team and am happy with the teams. --Gene

posted by GeneJ X
Oh my stars, I had to come check the profile... It really is you! So glad to see you back! Yes to everything you are doing on so many profiles!
posted by Robin (Felch) Wedertz
And then I read other posts, and am SO late to this party...
posted by Robin (Felch) Wedertz
edited by Robin (Felch) Wedertz
But it wasn't really a party 'till you arrived. --Gene
posted by GeneJ X
I know... isn't it GRAND????

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posted by Jillaine Smith
Congratulations on that shiny new pre-1500 badge! It is very well deserved. And many thanks for all the great contributions you've been making to PGM profiles recently. They have not gone unnoticed.
posted by Jen (Stevens) Hutton
And thank you for all you do ... --Gene
posted by GeneJ X
Hi Gene,

I’m reluctant to leave both Joseph Kingsbury profiles unlocked overnight since anyone pre-1700 certified will be able to merge them. Do you envision getting them merged soon? If not I’ll lock them back up until tomorrow. Thanks, Sharon

posted by S (Hill) Willson
They will be done tonight. John is almost ready to post; Joseph will follow.
posted by GeneJ X
Congratulations on your Pre-1500 badge and thank you for ALL you do on WikiTree!
posted by Robin Lee
And by you ... Now it is really special!

Thank you right back for this and all you do in support of WikiTree. --Gene

posted by GeneJ X
You're back? That's awesome! When I first started using Wiki Tree you were so helpful to me. Glad to see you are back.
posted by Brian Wagnon

I just saw your recent contributions. You're back?! Is it really you?!

Welcome back!


posted by Chris Whitten
Thank you, Chris.

You are also too kind.

I'm so happy to see WikiTree thriving. You all have done a great job.

I'm taking things slowly, one step at a time.

Thank you again. --Gene

posted by GeneJ X
You're back!! Can you hear me shouting for joy?! And see my doing the happy dance? I'm so pleased.
posted by Jillaine Smith
You are too kind, Jillaine! I'm tinkering. Will write more later. -- Gene
posted by GeneJ X

Thanks for your report on the difference between Mary Standish and Mary Shaw, both claimed as wives of James Cary. You made the correct conclusion. I am descended from Mary Standish, and am also from Joseph Shaw, b/o Mary Shaw, who served as guardian of James Cary Jr. per the estate settlement of James Sr. I found different evidence, but came to the same conclusion you did. Richard

posted by Richard Bisbee
Hi Gene,

Hope you are well and enjoyed your break. Just dropped by to say thank you for your contributions to the community's shared tree. Every contribution is appreciated you are doing a wonderful job of support others. You obviously love what you do Thank you


Member of the Wikitree Appreciation Team

posted by Janet (Langridge) Wild
still thinking of you...
posted by Jillaine Smith
Just wanted to thank you for your comment on Mccall-584 I also do not like that source but decided to leave it up, for the fact that better sources do need to be found and any source is better then no source. I do not know I cannot even access it though :)


Hi GeneJ, joined wikitree yesterday and just browsing families names. My mother was a Gault from Sligo, Ireland.

For info, there is no Norfolkshire in England, it's just (the county of) Norfolk. Regards

posted by Eammon Cassidy
Just stopping by, thinking of you...
posted by Jillaine Smith
On October 15, 2014 at 22:50GMT GeneJ X wrote:

Great Migration reported seven children born to Edward Elmer. These were, John, Samuel, Elizabeth, Edward, Joseph, Mary and Sarah. The child Joseph, not yet entered to WikiTree was said born "say 1656"; he died Northampton in July 1657 (cites "Pynchon VR 155").

Any thoughts what Pynchon VR is?

posted by Robert Elmore
Gene, yes. We should disconnect Ambrose Leach (Leach-308) from the diluted connection to Lawrence Leach's wife, Elizabeth. Would you like to do the honors?


posted by Michele Britton
Thinking of you and hoping you have a lovely holiday season!


posted by Paula J
Hi Gene!

Hope all is well with you!

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