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Born 1980s.
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Hi Sally, the US Civil War Project is conducting a Check-in for 2024 to see if your still interested/active in the Project.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you. You can click the reply button or message me with your answer. Thank you. Pam Kreutzer, leader of the US Civil War Project

posted by Pam Kreutzer
Sally, a chara,

It's Connect-a-Thon time once amore and the Irish Seanchaithe could do with your help! If you would like to join us again, please post a comment on the Team Irish Seanchaithe comment on the G2G January 2024 Connect-a-Thon thread, found here.

We start at 1pm (UTC) on Friday, 19th January and run until 1pm (UTC) on Monday, 22nd January. For more information see the Connect-a-Thon Tutorial and the Irish Seanchaithe Team Page.

Hope to have you on board,

Feargal and Karen.

posted by Feargal Hennigan
Hi Sally,

It is once again time for our annual Ireland Project check-in. Please respond within the next three weeks to let us know:

  1. If you would like to continue as an Ireland Project member. If your answer is yes, please tell us if you are happy with your current team, or if you would prefer to join a different one. If you are currently participating in more than one team we would appreciate you ranking them in their order of importance to you, from highest priority to lowest. This information will be helpful as we consider possible future changes to our team structure.
  2. In the past, the project has had a very minimal membership requirement (one contribution per year) for badged members to meet. Do you believe this is adequate, or should this requirement be increased? What do you believe would be a reasonable commitment to expect from all project members?
  3. How active have you been in the Ireland Project over the past year? Please choose one of the following options: a) I normally spend 1-5 hours per month helping achieve my team’s goals. b) I normally spend 6-10 hours per month helping achieve my team’s goals. c) I spend over 10 hours per month helping achieve my team’s goals. d) I am not able to contribute every month but have spent approximately ________ hours during the past year improving Irish profiles.
  4. Please provide feedback on any things you’d like to see the project do more of in the future.

You can respond to this message by posting a reply below or sending me a private message on WikiTree. If we don’t hear from you within the next three weeks we’ll assume your interests have changed or you no longer are able to participate in the Ireland Project at this time, and your badge will be removed. If your circumstances change later you will be welcome to reapply for membership.

Many thanks for all that so many of you have contributed to the project in the past year, and very special thanks to those who answered the project’s call and gave generously of their time to be part of Team Seanchaithe during the most recent connect-a-thon. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

le dea-mhéin, Jen Hutton, Ireland Project co-leader

posted by Jen (Stevens) Hutton
Thank you for participating with the Irish Seanchaithe during the Source-a-Thon! You're efforts are appreciated!
Sally x participated with Irish Seanchaithe during the 2022 Source-a-Thon, adding sources to 105 previously unsourced profiles. The Seanchaithe sourced a total of 959 profiles!
posted by Feargal Hennigan
Hi Sally,

Regarding Vesta Whitcomb Walker. Born: Apr 5, 1801 and Died: Feb 25, 1886. Father: James Whitcomb 1767-1850 Mother: Polly Hinds 1766-1856. She had six brothers and sisters. One of which was James Whitcomb Jr. Born: March 28, 1797. I am looking for information on him. Susan Whitcomb Harlin

posted by Susan Whitcomb
Hi Susan, I have nothing on the Whitcomb family. Best Regards.
posted by Sally x
Hi Sally, On 8 Sep 22 you posted information about Mary (Gorman) Bergin (about 1863) from Lisdowney Kilkenny. This piqued my interest because I have been trying to link Bergins' to my Gorman ancestors with a marriage, but further back in around 1800 near (Baunmore) close to Johnstown Kilkenny. I have US DNA matches that have trees along a Bergin line that fade out at around 1816. Does your Bergin or Gorman line go back further than your Mary (Gorman) Bergin?
posted by Christine Gorman
Hi Christine, I have nothing else on Mary (Gorman) Bergin. Best regards.
posted by Sally x
Hi Sally, on Aug 5 you expanded the abreviation of Herman Maltby's-992 birth location. This I agree with. You removed the marriage information from the profile and it now states spouse unknown. Was there a privacy reason or genealogical (like wrong information) reason or should I just reinstate the previous wife's name and place of marriage?
posted by Beulah (Maltby) Cramer
Hi Beulah - this is a curious thing. I do not recall change anything re spouse yet it seems gone. I did a Wikitree restore which brought back the birth location but did not bring back spouse. Now there is a red link for Margie Rose Mccracken. When click on it the response is No profile for the WikiTree ID currently exists. Click here for more information. I think you could be correct about some privacy reason. When you create new profile for wife you'll probably need to be the profile manager to keep it.
posted by Sally x
Thank you for the reply. I am school/sewing shopping with a granddaughter this afternoon and will make inquiries in G2G later or tomorrow. You should not be held responsible for such a drastic action by default!
posted by Beulah (Maltby) Cramer
Sally, wikitree administration suggests that someone who managed Margie's profile closed their account and she was removed, NOT any thing you did. I put Maltby-992 birth place expansion back the way you had done it. The correction was changed but double check it if you wish. I recreated the deleted profile for Margie Rose McCracken Maltby from his profile records and find A Grave info. I think we have done the best we can. By the way, I saw how many, many correction contributions you made that day, what a great job!!!! You have far more patience than I have.
posted by Beulah (Maltby) Cramer
Hi Sally,

It’s time for our annual Ireland Project check-in! Please respond within the next two weeks to let me know:

  • If you are happy with the team you’re on or if you’d like to make a change. It is now required that all members with an Ireland project badge work on at least one of the project’s team(s), so if you’ve not yet signed up please do so in your reply to this check-in.
  • What you think the project is doing well, and what (if any) changes you would like to see us make? Are there any teams you would like to become more active in?
  • Would you be interested in helping to work on an Ireland Project newsletter?
  • Please give us some feedback on the use of google group and discord. Do you use one or both of these? If you don’t use either of them, what is the best way for us to ensure you receive project communications? If you would like to join us on either one, just let us know in your response and we will get you signed up.

Please respond to this message by posting a reply below or sending me a private message on WikiTree. If we don’t hear from you within two weeks, we will assume you are no longer interested in participating in the Ireland Project, and your badge will be removed. If you wish to reapply for membership later, we will be happy to have you back. Many thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you!


Jen Hutton, on behalf of the Ireland Project

posted by Jen (Stevens) Hutton
Hi Jen,

I like to work on the Ireland Categorization - Thanks

posted by Sally x
Sally, thank you so much for the research on

Much appreciated, Maggie

posted by Maggie N.

I would like to say I thought it was inappropriate to edit the death location of my ancestor from Derry to Londonderry. I have no time for sectarianism

posted by Edwin Walker
I apologize for making a change that you dislike. It was not a political motivation. It is a standard name used for matching computer data. Again, I'm sorry.
posted by Sally x
Thanks for the apology. The Derry/Londonderry name dispute is very contentious, so if you change it people will assume that you have a political agenda. Sorry if you didn't. I hope you understand that I come across this a lot. Hope this helps
posted by Edwin Walker

Today you added a marriage for You did not add a source. Please provide the source for this marriage.

posted by M Ross
Sorry, it looks like I made a mistake. I deleted the marriage location.
posted by Sally x
Hi Sheila, I just wanted to thank you for all the work you've done to improve the US Civil War Between the States Project. I'm doing a check-in with all project members and wanted to verify that you're still interested in being a member of the project. Also, any suggestions for the Project would be welcome. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

P Kreutzer, US Civil War Between the States Project Leader.

posted by Pam Kreutzer
So nice to hear from you. I would dearly like to see progress on moving the PENDING category Woman Soldiers, United States Civil War to a permanent position. Note support for this "In this instance, I believe creation of a separate category is a valid point. In modern times women in armed forces would not warrant such, but in the era of the US civil war this was certainly not a traditional occupation for them, they were exceptions." see


posted by Sally x
Hi Shelia, I looked at the above link, and will ask some questions about this. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. Pam
posted by Pam Kreutzer
Hi Shelia, the answer to your question: "The categorization project is going through some transitions at the moment, but once those are done, you should bring the question back up in the G2G."
posted by Pam Kreutzer

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