You Might Be A WikiTreer If

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  • you stay up till12:01 am December 1st to see if you have any new badges
  • your favorite colors are green and orange
  • the letters LNAB mean something to you
  • a family picnic means you are looking for aunts
  • you do research in your dreams
  • the 1800s are more exciting than now
  • you are upset because you have to leave the "death date" field blank because the person is still living
  • it's December and you still have Halloween Decorations out
  • your list of Bookmarks look like:
    • WikiTree/profile
    • WikiTree/G2G
    • WikiTree/Twitter
    • WikiTree/Facebook
    • WikiTree/matchbot
    • WikiTree/errors
  • you work on database errors report at 3 am because you can't sleep
  • look for questions to answer on the G2G forum every few hours cause you have no one to talk to
  • look for deceased people's obituaries or grave sites online while eating dinner
  • look for questions to answer on the G2G forum every few hours because your eyes are tired of reading 17th century wills
  • you're someone who has access to plenty of video games and enjoys videogaming thoroughly, but choose to go on WikiTree instead
  • you get really excited over finding information on a dead person
  • the languages you speak do not line up with the languages you've read in the last week (Hello Latin my old friend...)
  • you can't remember the names of all your cousins but you can name your great great grandparents and a few of their siblings
  • you know how to read certain key phrases in at least four languages:
    • was the legitimate/natural son/daughter of
    • was baptized on
    • godfather / godmother
    • was buried in
    • arrived on
    • widowed/divorced
  • if your wife & kids are tired of hearing about their ancestors
  • you'd rather look at gravestones than the evening news
  • you decided to do a bit of sourcing and find yourself not satisfied by simply citing a few sources for person X, so you just keep going and next thing you know, you've created profiles for X's parents and all the siblings
  • you broke your vow to never, ever wear orange. In fact you do it with friends in front of your 25,000 cousins each February. (at RootsTech in Salt Lake City)
  • it is your most favorite Internet site
  • you have 35 tabs open in your browser
  • you have muscle memory for entering inline citations
  • some of your best friends are people you mostly see in Google Hangouts
  • you spend more time working on a stranger's family than your own
  • your husband surprises you on vacation by driving you to an old cemetery he stumbled across
  • if you pick up the biography of an obscure person, find that their parents and even grandparents are named in the text, go to WikiTree, search for them, and enter them if they don't have any profiles. (Sourcing them with the biography and with any other source you can find, of course.)
  • you're looking forward to the holiday break because then you can spend even more time on WikiTree
  • before you date someone you thoroughly check out their last name to see if they have a connection to the Magna Carta
  • you're contemplating decking out your profile in WikiTree is more exiting and less dangerous than decking out your home
  • you want to be connected to Kevin Spacey
  • you look for sources for people you're not even vaguely related to, so you can polish up a profile
  • you get excited over how many "thank you's" you've received this month
  • you watch for genealogy-related blogs so you can share them with fellow Wikitreers
  • you watch the new additions to see if anyone else "out there" shares one of your surnames
  • your spouse demands that you move all of your orange shirts to the closet in the spare room
  • the librarian in the genealogy room notices that you're wearing a new shaving lotion (or perfume) this morning
  • when your great-grandchildren are composing letters to Santa, you insist that they include a source in [1] tags for each item on the list
  • you quickly check the latest G2G feed on your tablet while sitting on the throne
  • you have a love/hate relationship with imported Ancestry profiles
  • your work more on someone else's tree because you know you are related by DNA, but you haven't found the connection yet
  • you get bummed when another Wiki Greeter jumps on the feed before you can because you want to have the satisfaction of greeting new members and confirming memberships during that hour
  • you read your new thank yous every day
  • you thank people you don't even know--randomly--for anything they did on the tree--because it gives you satisfaction
  • you do extra work on your tree because you really like to watch your points go up
  • you spend your holidays and non-working hours on Wiki
  • when you get bored (does that even happen at this age anymore?) your first thought is--Wiki Tree!!
  • if you do things like this in your spare time:

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