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Genetic genealogy is the new frontier. It is rapidly becoming an important part of WikiTree and our mission to connect the human family on one tree.

If you have taken a DNA test for genealogy simply select it (23andMe, AncestryDNA, Family Tree DNA Family Finder, etc.) from the list here. Many of the benefits for your genealogy work on WikiTree will then happen automatically.


DNA Features

WikiTree doesn't host raw DNA data. This avoids major privacy concerns and keeps things simple on the tree.

What we do is connect what's learned and can be learned from DNA comparisons to our worldwide family tree. This can have surprisingly powerful benefits for us all. See the DNA Features page for an introduction.

For an introduction from a user's perspective, you might be interested in Peter Roberts' "WikiTree and DNA" post on Roberta Estes' DNAeXplained blog or Kitty Cooper's "Organizing DNA results with your Genealogy."

DNA Project

Our DNA-related features are growing and evolving quickly. We need the help of genealogists who are:

  1. Experienced with genetic genealogy.
  2. Enthusiastic about our mission to connect the human family on one free family tree.

Please join the DNA Project and follow the tag dna in G2G.

DNA Questions and Answers

See the DNA FAQ for common questions and answers about WikiTree's DNA features.

See the DNA tag in G2G for more Q&A. You can your own question there. Be sure to tag it "dna".

DNA Tests on WikiTree

Here are the DNA tests that WikiTree members have taken:

X-Chromosome DNA Tests are included in the 23andMe, AncestryDNA, and Family Tree DNA Family Finder autosomal tests.

Many members have also taken the National Geographic Genographic test, BritainsDNA, etc., but those are not considered useful for genealogy on WikiTree. See the DNA FAQ for the explanation.

Click here to enter which test have you taken.

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