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Profile pages are the building blocks of WikiTree.

WikiTree Profile Pages

WikiTree has two types of profile pages:

  1. Person Profiles
  2. Free-Space Profiles for anything other than a person, e.g. places, events, pets, and objects.

Content that's specifically related to someone in particular should go on a Person Profile. There's room for biographical notes, sources and footnotes, memories about the person, photos and documents, and a bulletin board for questions and answers about the person, etc. These profiles are connected to each other through family relationships and thereby fit on family trees.

Any content that isn't directly related to a person can go on a Free-Space Profile. These are still "profiles" in the sense that they are centered on something in particular. They're about a town, a Christmas party, a beloved dog, a family home, a cemetery ... whatever. You can profile anything. Go ahead and create an Encyclopedia of You.

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