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A History of The 11th Field Battery (Hamilton-Wentworth)

Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery

The 11th Hamilton Wentworth Field Battery R.C.A can trace its history to 1836 when a private citizen bought artillery equipment and formed the "Hamilton Cannon Company" manned by civilian volunteers. Artillery is a military term for field guns and/or cannon related equipment.

In 1854 Britain entered the Crimean War and withdrew all but 3000 troops from North America. To provide for the defense of Canada the Legislature passed the Militia Act of 1855 to authorize a Militia of 5000 men including five Batteries of Artillery Located in Quebec, Ottawa, Montreal, Hamilton, and Kingston.

The "Militia Field Battery Hamilton" officially came into being on December 6, 1855 it was renamed the 4th (Hamilton) Field Battery in 1895.


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15 Aug 1857 Hamilton, Canada West - 17 Jul 1923 photo

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