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Our community's mission is to grow an accurate single family tree that connects us all and is freely available to us all.


WikiTree balances privacy and collaboration so that living people can connect on one world tree to common ancestors.

We privately collaborate with our close family members on modern family history and recent connections. As we go back in time, the privacy controls open up. Collaboration on deep ancestors is between distant cousins who are serious about genealogical research and careful about sources.

Because all the profiles are connected on the same system our collaboration is creating a single family tree that is connecting us all together, preserving our history, and making it available for the world to access, for free, forever.

The WikiTree Team at RootsTech 2016


WikiTree is open to everyone. We are creating The Free Family Tree. There are no "premium" memberships and nobody is charged for access to anything. Ever.

Although everyone is invited to enjoy the fruits of the tree, those who actively help grow the tree must agree with the mission and 9-Point Honor Code. This is the foundation of our productive and enjoyable community. We hope you'll join us.

See Community Membership for more.


Image:WikiTree_Images-1.gif WikiTree was started by Chris Whitten and is hosted by, Inc.

The site first opened in 2008. It has been steadily growing and improving since then. The community improves the tree. Chris and the team improve the technical infrastructure and tools. We do this by working with community members to discover what they need to further our shared mission — and to have fun doing it.

We have made a pledge to keep WikiTree free. This is possible because we are a low-cost operation. Almost everything is done by volunteers. By keeping costs low, we are able to cover expenses through modest ads on public pages.

Nothing lasts forever. Someday will not exist, at least not in the form you see it now. But we are committed to preventing the information that we are growing together from being lost. See Back-Ups for a summary of contingency plans.

See also: WikiTree FAQ, Media Releases, G2G Forum.

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