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Name: Mvuma Cemetery
(also known as Umvuma Cemetery up until 1982)
Location:Category: Mvuma, Midlands Province
Address:Mvuma, Midlands Province
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Mvuma Cemetery, formerly know as UMvuma Cemetery, is found in the village of Mvuma, in Zimbabwe's Midlands Province. This category is maintained as part of the Zimbabwe Cemeteries Team.

This is the landing level category for all profiles of persons buried in the territories of the former Rhodesia's and Zimbabwe.

Person Profiles (7)

1910 England - 02 Jan 1911
1870 Cheshire, England - 20 May 1915
1918 Southern Rhodesia - 26 Dec 1918
1917 Umvuma, Midlands, Southern Rhodesia - 24 Oct 1918
12 Sep 1854 Soutpansberg, Transvaal Republic - 03 May 1916
1897 Orange Free State - 23 Oct 1918
1894 Bechuanaland Protectorate - 16 Apr 1919

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