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Use the Relationship Finder to find Richard's Relationships to Famous People


Work on Johnson County Cemeteries
Work on Uncategorized Categories list
Work on Wanted Categories list
Update Sources
Work through family tree (and branches related through marriage) starting with most recently passed
Add category Category:Ryker-100 Improve Sources to profiles that need it to aid in tracking progress
Work on missing profiles
The sub-categories below have missing father / mother / sibling(s) / spouse(s) / children profiles or need verification that siblings / spouse(s) / children do not exist.
When you create a new profile, add these category tags to help track which missing profiles to add next
Category:Ryker-100 Create Parents
Category:Ryker-100 Create Father
Category:Ryker-100 Create Mother
Category:Ryker-100 Create Siblings
Category:Ryker-100 Create Spouse (for non-living spouses)
Category:Ryker-100 Create Living Spouse (for living spouses)
Category:Ryker-100 Create Children (for non-living children)
Category:Ryker-100 Create Living Children (for living children)
Category:Ryker-100 Living (for the living)
Consider using these categories on new profiles
Category:Needs Biography
Category: Needs Birth Record
Category:Needs Birth Record
Category:Needs Death Record
Add these to when you tried but cannot find ancestors
Category:Indiana, Family Brick Walls
Category:Ryker Family Brick Walls
Add these to find unknown / missing names / relationships
Category:Ryker-100 Find Name
Category:Ryker-100 Find Parents
Category:Ryker-100 Find Mother
Category:Ryker-100 Find Mother LNAB
Category:Ryker-100 Find Siblings
Category:Ryker-100 Find Missing Siblings
Category:Ryker-100 Find Spouse
Category:Ryker-100 Find Spouse LNAB
Category:Ryker-100 Find Children
Add these to find unknown information
Category:Ryker-100 Find Date Of Birth
Category:Ryker-100 Find Date Of Death
Category:Ryker-100 Find Census Records
Category:Ryker-100 Find Military Records
Category:Ryker-100 Find Obituary
Category:Ryker-100 Find Grave
Add these to verify assumptions
Category:Ryker-100 Verify Only Child
Category:Ryker-100 Verify No Spouse
Category:Ryker-100 Verify No Children
Category:Ryker-100 Verify Living
To remind yourself to clean up the biography and improve sources
Category:Ryker-100 Clean Up Biography
Category:Ryker-100 Improve Sources

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