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1309 and 1332 Beds Subsidy Lists, a more careful review

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Gostwick Name Study

A survey of very great import, well translated from latin and notated with care...please have a look at this source, it has not been available on the web that long, and hard to get.

"Two Bedfordshire subsidy lists. 1309 and 1332", Great Britain. Exchequer., S. H. A. H. (Sydenham Henry Augustus Hervey), 1. (1925)... Bury St. Edmunds: Paul & Mathew., pg. 47-48 Hathitrust.org

1309 Subsidy List for Willington

1309, Wylitone (aka Willington), England

Beds., Subsidy Lists (2) of 1309
Original Name Surname Vars Subsidy tax paid Incremental tax paid  % of land taxed
Rogero Extraneo Roger Strange 16s 8d + 14s 3 1/4d 35.67% (0.8328/2.33485)
Waltero James Walter James n/a 7s 2 1/2d
Rogero de Gestwyke / Gostwyk Roger de Gostwyk 2s 0 3/4d + 6s 10d 4.41% (0.103075/2.33485)
Johanne Davy John Davy missing + 0s 12d
Jacobo le Clerke Jacob le Clark 0s 12 1/2d missing  %
Johanne David John David 0s 6 1/4d missing  %
Nicholao le Cartere / Carectare Nicholas le Carter 0s 6 1/4d + 0s 6 1/2d  %
Willmo le Cartere William le Carter 0s 7 1/4d missing  %
Rogero le Ryder Roger le Rider 0s 6 1/4d + 0s 15 3/4d  %
Roberto Tele / Teele Robert Teal 0s 7 1/4d + 0s 6 1/4d  %
Willo Gotobedde William Gotobed 0s 6 1/4d 0s 3 3/4d  %
Galfrido le Ryder Walfred / Wilfred le Rider 0s 6 1/4d 0s 18 1/4d  %
David Avenant David Avenant 0s 6 1/4d + 0s 22 1/4d  %
Johanne Avenant John Avenant 0s 7 1/4d 0s 5d  %
Roberto Markant Robert Markant / Mordaunt? 0s 8 3/4d missing  %
Rogero le Cartere Roger le Carter 0s 6 1/4d missing  %
David Avenant David Avenant 0s 6 1/4d missing  %
Roberto fabro Robert 'Ironmonger' 0s 8 3/4d missing  %
Johanne filio Simonis John son of Simon 0s 12d missing  %
Thoma Frankleyn Thomas Franklin 0s 12 1/2d missing  %
Willo Carectario William Carter 0s 6 1/4d missing  %
Henrico Bercare Henry Bercare 0s 6 3/4d missing  %
Rogero Sabyn Roger Sabin 0s 6 3/4d missing  %
Ricardo Oliver / Olyver Richard Oliver 0s 12 1/2d 0s 8d  %
Richardo Partrych Richard Partridge 0s 12d missing  %
Johanne Mile John Mile 0s 6 1/4d + 0s 5 1/4d  %
Laurentio Clerico Lawrence Clerk / Clark 0s 12d 0s 22 1/2d  %
Rogero Davyd / Davy Roger David / Davy 0s 12d 3s 8 1/4d  %
Nicholao Gorwys Nicholas Gorwis? 0s 12d missing  %
Wilmo Bercare William Bercare 0s 6 1/4d missing  %
Johanne Bruton John Bruton 0s 7d missing  %
Johanne Sterlinge John Sterling 0s 12d missing  %
Roberto Bole Robert Bole 0s 8 3/4d 0s 9 1/2d  %
Nicholao Kaunt Nicholas Kaunt 0s 12d missing  %
Willo David / Davy William David / Davy 0s 12 1/4d 0s 22 3/4d  %
Johanne Avenaunt John Sterling 0s 8 3/4d missing  %
Johanne Coco / Clerico John Clerk / Clark 0s 6 3/4d missing  %
Roberto Avenaunt Robert Avenaunt 0s 6 3/4d missing  %
Henrico le Ryder Henry le Rider 0s 6 1/4d 0s 18 3/4d  %
Is' Coco / Clerico Isabelle? Clerk / Clark 0s 12d missing  %
Henrico Aylbryth / Aylbryht Henry Aelbeorht / Alebreath / Allbright 0s 6 1/4d 0s 8 3/4d  %
Waltero Pokke Walter Pook / Poke / Pooke / Poake / Peake 2s 0d missing  %
Roberto Chapman Robert Chapman missing 2s 0 1/2d  %
Johanne le Keu John le Kew missing 2s 0 1/2d  %
Waltero fabro Walter 'Ironmonger' missing 0s 12d  %
Matilda Davy Matilda David / Davy missing 0s 9d  %
Galfredo preposito Walfred / Wilfred the Provost missing 0s 11d  %
Jacobo Sabyn Jacob Sabin / Sabine missing 0s 11 3/4d  %
Henrico Solat Henry Solat? missing 0s 6 1/4d  %
Johanne clerico John Clark / Clerk missing 0s 10 3/4d  %
Primary landholders in BOLD
8d = 8 pence = 0.0041 pound sterling
12s = 12 shillings = 0.05 pound sterling
20s = 1 pound; 12p = 1s, 240p = 1 pound

Other Gostwicks and related entries from the 1309, Bedfordshire Tax Roll

Roberto de Gostwyke, taxed 0s 15d, Wottone, Incipit Hundred of Redburn, Bedfordshire (pg56 with Roger le Strange and the Botetourt families, in fact, most of Wottone names overlap with those in Wylitone)

Mulnho (aka Millowbury) There are two curious entries that could be Gostwicks?:

  • Rogero filio Gewette, taxed 0s 5 3/4d
  • Rogero de Wylitone, taxed 0s, 12d
  • Robert pater noster, taxed 2s could easily mean 'Father Robert', priest of Mulnho

Dunton (aka Dunston) More curious entries possibly Gostwicks...

  • Walter Osegodisdich, taxed 2s 6 1/2d


  • Willo de Wylliton, aka William of Willington, taxed 0s 10d (p73)

Sondeye (aka Sandy) Of note: Sibilla de Bella Campo, taxed 11s 9 1/4d

Etone (aka Eton) Of note: Rogero de Bella Campo, taxed 9s 1d

Ronhale (aha Renhold) Of note: Rogero le Estraunge, taxed 9s 2d.; Matilda le Estraunge, taxed 8s 6d.

Bikelswade (aka Biggleswade) pg 100

  • Hugone de Hostwyke 0s 18 1/2d; a very suspicious entry, especially as 'hostwick' is an unknown surname at this time.

Villa de Bedford

  • Richero de Wyke, taxed 12s, 10d; next to 'Galfredo le Whyte' so unlikely its also White

1332 Subsidy Lists of Bedfordshire

starting pg 106

Villata de Colmorde (aka Colmworth?), pg 119

Roberto Gostwyk, taxed 2s 5d

Villata de Goldington (aka Goldington Manor)

Richero de Wiltton subtax 12d

Hundred of Wythstonstre, pg 133 Villata de Wyliton

Johanne de Moubrai, taxed 13s, 2 1/4d
Richaro Gostwyk, taxed 22 1/2
Rogero Gostwyk, taxed 0s 12 3/4d
There are no Gostwyks listed for Couple (Cople) in 1332.
A John Burgoyne is found in Toternho, pg. 141

To Do

  • go back and double check the boundaries between the 1309 and 1332 lists. Few dates inline and they are taken almost a generation apart
  • Mistakes found from using incomplete access to these rolls. Call out the 1309 entries, and reconcile them with anyone using the citations. They may trigger ripples in Roger de Gostwyk's placement & logic.

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