Thomas Evans (1710 - 1777) Stanhope Evans Benjamin Evans of Amherst County, Virginia

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Date: 1710 [unknown]
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Thomas Evans (1710 - 1777), Stanhope Evans, and Benjamin Evans of Amherst County, Virginia

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Profiles Identified

Thomas Evans (1710 - 1777), [Evans-21719], of Amherst County, Virginia.

Margaret [Unknown-522451], wife of Thomas Evans (1710 - 1777), [Evans-21719].

Stanhope Evans, [Evans-21725], brother of Thomas Evans (1710 - 1777), [Evans-21719].

Benjamin Evans, [Evans-21720], brother of Thomas Evans (1710 - 1777), [Evans-21719].

Benjamin Wheeler, Sr., [Wheeler-15337]

Morris Evans [Evans-9738], (Research Notes)

Jane Gibson [Gibson-7204], (Research Notes)

Jane "The Elder" [Gibson-12324], (Research Notes)

Charles [Evans-6430], (Research Notes)

Gilbert [Evans-10760], (Research Notes)

Evans General Overview

General Overview: The Evans name in colonial Virginia is very common. It is impossible at this time to know who is the father of Thomas Evans (1710 - 1777), [Evans-21719], who in 1761 sold land in Albemarle County and relocated to near Lynchburg, Amherst Co, VA where he died in 1777.

In the early land records of Albemarle Co VA there is a Charles Evans who lived near the WOODSON family, and who left VA to move to NC. There is also a Thomas Evans who had sons Robert and Griffith Evans, and these people lived on the Tuckahoe Creek.

There is no way at this point to connect Thomas Evans (1710 - 1777), [Evans-21719], Amherst County, VA, who left Moore’s Creek, to either Charles Evans who relocated to NC, or to Thomas Evans who lived on the Tuckahoe Creek.


1634: Henrico Co VA founded.

1638: Robert Johns, 16 poles in James City, August 1638

1665: ROBERT EVANS, 41 acs. & 23 po. In Weynock in Chas. City CO., 20 Oct. 1665. p. 461, (559). N. side of James Riv., beg. At a stake parting FRANCIS RADFORD & ROBT EVANS, running N. by W. &c. Due & confirmed as above.

1679: Robert Evans listed at Turkey Island, Henrico Co VA, 3 persons. (South of Varina, and South of Richmond, North side of the James River) 1680: Robert Evans witnessed for Abraham Childres, Jr. (north of James R.)

1681: Will of Griffith Evans, Henrico Co VA, no sons, but daughter married Childers.

1688: Charles Evans of Charles City, planter, bought of John Perrin

1702: C. Evans witnessed for Abraham Childers

1703: John Woodson lives at Genito Creek.

1706: Charles Evans signed for John Perrin of Varina, Henrico, VA

1714: Charles Evans, Goochland Co VA, 577 acres, Mill Creek, Genito Creek, Tuckahoe Creek

1715: John Woodson lives opposite Manakin town.

1715: John Woodson lives on Genito Creek.

1718: Evans is living next to Johnson and Woodson, Goochland Co VA

1723: Charles Evans lived at “Hickory Points:, North of the James River, next door to Robert Beverley, Jr 1667-1722, author who wrote “I am an Indian”, s/o Robert Sr and Mary Keebel. Married Ursula Byrd, d/o William Byrd, I. His only son was William Beverley.

1723: Thomas Evans patented land on Tuckahoe Creek, Goochland Co VA, Oct 21, 1723. (father of Robert and Griffith)

1723: Daniel Hix, patented 370 new land in Henrico, adjacent to Thomas Evans on Tuckahoe Creek, North of the James River. Dated: 9-5-1723.

1727: Goochland Co VA founded from Henrico.

1727: John Woodson still on Genito Creek.

1729, May 20: Holman to Thomas Randolph (wiki/Randolph-123), on Evans line, No of James, Deer Pen Brook, William Womack (wiki/Womack-139) and Robert Adams (wiki/Adams-1322) among others mentioned. Goochland Co VA.

1730: Thomas Evans dated 9-28-1730, adjacent to William Womack (wiki/Womack-139), on Tuckahoe Creek.

1730: Charles Evans, page 18, (p.179) Deed 19 May 1730 Mr. Samuel Gregory of Chrles City Co. to William Knight of Goochland Co., for £20, 130 acres on north side of James River on bend of Westernmost branch of Tuckahoe Creek, and part of land formerly taken up by Charles Evans and Joseph Woodson, patented in name of said Evans, bounded by Mr. Allen Howard and former dividing line between Joseph Woodson and Charles Evans, and the horsepen crook of Bever Dam. Wil Allen Howard, John Knight, Andre Moreman Signed: Saml Gregory Recorded 19 May 1730.

1731: Thomas Evans, page 25, (p.243) Deed 17 May 1731 William Kent of Goochland Co., to Stephen Samson of same, for £10, land on Tuckahoe Creek on north side of James River, 500 acres, bounded by said Ken, Thomas Evans, Tuckahoe Creek. Wit: James Holman, Charles Jordan, Sarah Holman, Witnessed James Holman, Charles Jordan, Sarah Holman, Signed Wm. Kent. Recorded 18 May 1731.

1732: Page 38, citing Charles Evans in Deed of Col. William Randolph, Esq. of county and parish of Henrico to Stephen Woodson, Sr., of same, land in Goochland Co., which John Lewis now lives on, bounded by William Finney, 200 acres, being the south bounds of a patent, next to William Knight, Joseph Woodson, Charles Evans, on line of Allen Howard, next to John Gunn, being part of a patent to Charles Evans and by him defected and granted to Col. William Randolph. Wit: Robt. Payne, Bena Alfriend, Jos. Woodson, Robert Maddox; Signed William Randolph, Recorded 16 Jan. 1732

1732: (p.392) By court order of 18 July 1732 we valued improvements on 400 acres belonging to Capt. Allen Howard whereon he now dwells at head of Allens Creek near Tuckahoe, being part of land formerly patented to Charles Evans (includes 81 acres cultivated, tobacco house 32 x 20, house 24 x 16 with chimney, house 20 x 12, house 16 x 12, house 24 x 16 with chimney dwelling house 28 x 18 with two outside chimneys, 2 closets and cellar, 233 peach trees, 100 apple trees, 9 May cherry treest) all valued to £164/11/10 by Geo. Payne and John Woodson. Recorded 20 March 1732.

1733: John Woodson on Genito Creek

1735: Charles Evans of North Carolina bought of Stephen Woodson in Goochland Co VA

NOTE: I believe Charles Evans left Goochland and Virginia and settled in NC. He apparently lived alongside the WOODSON family.

1735: Tabitha Evans sued James Marye for trespass, Goochland Co VA

1735: page 67, citing Griffin, Robert and Thomas Evins, (p. 120) Deed Robert Evins for love and affection to my brother Griffin Evins, 150 acres on branches of Tuckahoe Creek, granted to my father Thomas Evins by patent 21 Oct. 1723. Dated 14 July 1735; Wit: J. Williams, James Holman, Wm. Kent. Recorded 15 July 1735

1737: the 21st day of June 1737 between Robert Adams of the parish of St. James in the county of Goochland and John Evans of same place, tract of land lying in Goochland and known by the name of the aforesaid Robert Addams's Stoney Creek land containing 400 acres beginning at a corn point on Co.. Thomas Randolph's line...Stoney Creek Broad branch of Tuckahoe Creek...

1738: Page 22, citing Griffin Evans (p.158) Deed 22 July 1738 Griffin Evans of St. James Parish, Goochland Co., to Wilmenton Harris of same, for £5, land on north side of James River, 60 acres, as in patent to said Evans for 400 acres 21 Oct. 1731. Wit: J. Williams, John Holman, James Barret, Henry Holman. Signed Griffin his mark Evans. Recorded 15 Aug. 1738 Note: Griffith Evans is the brother of Robert and the son of Thomas Evans.

1741: Thomas Evans (1710 - 1777), [Evans-21719] next to William Branham, Goochland Co VA

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is the first positive identification of Thomas Evans (1710 - 1777), [Evans-21719], Amherst Co, VA. William Branham, Sr. was the same age range of Thomas Evans, and William’s son married Thomas’ daughter.

1746: Thomas Evans (1710 - 1777), [Evans-21719] land next to William Branham, William’s land was 176 acres at North Garden, Goochland Co, VA. Dated Jan 12, 1746. (This became Albemarle Co. VA in 1769)

1746: Page 46, 48, citing Griffin Evans, Index Page 235, Grantorm to Grantee...18 March 1746 Griffin Evans to Nicholas Neale

1747: Ivy Creek, March 29, 1747- "Whereas it is agreed or porposed that ye inhabitants of Ivy Creek and ye Mountain Plain Congregation joyn together with ye Congregation of Rockfish, to call and invite ye Reverend Samuel Black, now Residing in ye bounds of ye Reverend John Craig's Congregation, to be our Minister and Pastor......Orthodox Reformed Presbyterian Church: as Witness our hands. Michael Woods, William Woods, Archibald Woods, William Wallace, Andrew Wallace, John Woods Sr., John Greer, Thomas Lockhart, Peter Hairston, Adam Gaudylock, Michael Woods Jr., William McCord, John Gamble, Davis Stockton, Hugh Dobbins, David Lewis, James Gamble, Charles Lambert, John Monday, Thomas Evins, Thomas Wright, William Little, Nathan Woods, Samuel Jameson, John Lockhart, Hendry Burch, Thomas Alexander, Patrick Woods, John McColloch, William Ogans, William Chamberlain, Thomas Craig, John Thompson, John Corban, Hendry Carr, James Weir, Robert McNeilly, John Dicky, William Morris, John Kincaid, John Woods Jr., John Jameson, Benjamin Wheeler, W. Bucknall, John Burrisse, Robert Stewart, James Kincaid, Andrew McWilliams, George Dawson, Joseph Kincaid, John McCord, Archibald Woods, William Whiteside, William Bustard, Thomas Whiteside, Matthew Mullins, and Richard Stockton. "

Note: The Rockfish River and area is today in Nelson Co VA but was previous to 1808 in Amherst County, Virginia.

1747: Griffith Evans on 157 acres on branches of the Tuckahoe Creek, Goochland Co VA

1750: Robert Johns, Sr was overseer for Alexander Trent, II at Cumberland Co VA

Note: This is the same Robert Johns who moved to Partridge Creek, Amherst County, VA

1751: Stoney Creek and Buffaloe River became inside Albemarle Co VA

1758: Robert Johns patented land at the future Lynchburg, near Thomas Evans (1710 - 1777), [Evans-21719].

1758: Thomas Evans (1710 - 1777), [Evans-21719] on Partridge Creek, Albemarle Co VA (now Amherst Co VA)

1761: John Woodson on Broad Branch on west side of Tuckahoe Creek

1761: Mathew Woodson Broad branch west side of Tuckahoe Creek

1761 LAND RECORD: VA, Albermarle Co., Abstracts by Davis, Vol 1, pg 52: p. 120: 11 Sept 1761. Thomas Evins, Sr. (Thomas Evans (1710 - 1777), [Evans-21719]) to Benjamin Dod Wheeler for 60 pounds, 400 acres pat. 6 July 1741, both sides S. fork Moor Creek adj. John Warren, Benjamin Wheeler. Wit: John Langford, Micajah Wheeler, Charles Whitlock. . Margaret [Unknown-522451], wife of Evins.

p. 3 Dec 1761. Thomas Evans (1710 - 1777), [Evans-21719] to Benjamin Dod Wheeler for 60 pounds, 246 acres S. branch Moor Creek adj. Ben Wheeler, grantor. Margaret [Unknown-522451], wife of Evens. Wit: William Cheek, Micajah Wheeler, John Langford, Abraham Musick.

Note: Thomas Evans (1710 - 1777), [Evans-21719] sold to Benjamin Wheeler, Sr., [Wheeler-15337]. *

1766: Thomas Evans (1710 - 1777), [Evans-21719], debt, Amherst Co, VA. Lived on Buffalo River to Stovall’s road.

1776: Revolution began, Thomas Evans (1710 - 1777), [Evans-21719]'s sons all served.

1777: Thomas Evans (1710 - 1777), [Evans-21719] died in Amherst Co VA and left a will detailing his children and one grandson (Thomas Stanhope Evans, [Evans-22384]).

1778: In Chancery- Mary Johns, Admx. ordered to make an Acct. of the estate of Robert Johns, Decd., on Oath before Drury Christian, Charles Christian, John Christian (Buffaloe), and they will have authority to divide the Estate of her said husband having regard to her Dower., (6) Amherst Co., VA Land Deeds, P. 111, 18 Dec 1778, Thos. Johns to Ro. Johns, Thos. for love of his brother, Robt, "and to fulfill desire of his late father, Robt. Johns", 100 acres both sides Porrage Creek. (Note: Porrage Creek is actually Partridge Creek, Amherst Co VA.)

1780: Stanhope Evans, [Evans-21725], lived on Johns Branch. North of the Buffalo River. His brother Benjamin Evans, [Evans-21720] also lived there.

1790 census at Amherst Co VA:

Research Notes

Thomas Evans (1710 - 1777), [Evans-21719] Amherst County VA had descendants in the 1850 census still living in Amherst Co VA even after almost 100 years since he had originally settled on Buffalo River. Thomas’ son Charles had a son Robert, who married Delilah. They and their family are a household in 1850 there in Amherst County.

Thomas Evans (1710 - 1777), [Evans-21719]’ son Charles had a son Walter, who was dead by 1850, but his widow Elizabeth and her sons Moab, James and Spotswood were living in Amherst County in 1850.

Thomas Evans (1710 - 1777), [Evans-21719]’ son Charles had a son Charles, Jr. who married Mildred Thompson, and they are living in Amherst County with children. One of Charles Jr.‘s sons Samuel who married Silva is listed there in Amherst County 1850. Samuel died in 1857 in Alaska, probably on the Gold Rush which took many lives, and his widow Silva is found in 1880 census in Bedford County, VA. The interesting thing is in 1850 the family is designated White, but in the 1880 census Silva is called Mulatto.

Thomas Evans (1710 - 1777), [Evans-21719]’ son William had a son Tarleton, who married Susannah Hudson, and they are listed in 1850 there in Amherst County. Tarleton’s son William, who married Mahala, is also listed there in Amherst County. These six households are all Evans who are direct descendants of Thomas, and have not moved away from Amherst County, VA.

It is interesting to note that Jordan Evans b. 1831 Mecklenburg County VA, who married Delila Tucker, lived and died in 1938 at Monroe, Amherst County, VA. This man is the son of Rueben, s/o Morris, s/o Morris, s/o Morris Evans [Evans-9738], who was an African man married to Jane Gibson [Gibson-7204], who is said to be Cherokee. This Morris Evans [Evans-9738] and Jane Gibson [Gibson-7204] family are an early mixed-race family connected to various counties in colonial Virginia, and later descendants were in Granville County, NC. Jordan Evans is the first Amherst County VA connection to the line of Morris Evans, who has Y-DNA tested as African.

Another interesting point is James Evans b. 1863 Granville County, NC who married in Amherst County VA to Mary Morrick, who was born in Norfolk, VA. This family are in 1900-1910-1920 census’ in Norfolk, VA. This is yet another Evans connection between Granville County NC and Amherst County VA.

We must remember the oral family tradition among the Evans families, as noted by Edgar Whitehead, that Thomas Evans (1710 - 1777), [Evans-21719] had come from North Carolina. We first see him in 1742 in Albemarle Co VA next to William Branham, Sr. Perhaps Granville County NC was Thomas Evans ancestral home? He was recognized as a White man, and landowner, but he lived among, and his children married from Native American and mixed-race families, such as: Redcross, Johns, Branham, Terry, Clarke, Via, among others.

Thomas Evans (1710 - 1777), [Evans-21719]’ direct male DNA is White, western European, British, likely Wales specifically. But, his female ancestors may have been Native American or mixed race.

Morris Evans [Evans-9738], Jane Gibson [Gibson-7204] and Jane "The Elder" [Gibson-1232]

The Chickahominy and Pamunkey Bradby Descendants of Jane Gibson the Elder

Key words: Berkeley Plantation, Bradby, Charles City County, Chickahominy, Evans, Gibson, Pamunkey, Shirley Plantation, Weyanoke

Jane Gibson THE ELDER was invited onto the plantation by John Carter where she practiced doctoring. For a detailed discussion of Jane Gibson who is the maternal progenitor of the Evans family of Granville County, please read this blogpost.

All of what is documented about Jane Gibson the Elder’s life comes from the testimony of her descendants and people who knew her. Though she was a free woman whose free status should have been passed down to all her descendants, a branch of her offspring were illegally held in slavery for several generations. Beginning in the late 1700s and through the early 1800s, these descendants filed freedom suits claiming descent from a free Indian woman, Jane Gibson the Elder. The sworn deposition and in court testimony from a white man named Robert Wills, provided the most in depth discussion about her life and the identity of her descendants. The following is a bullet point summary of relevant information from Robert Wills sworn deposition and in court testimony from 1791 on two separate dates, June 5th and July 9th:[1]

GRAPHIC 2022-02-03 Jane Gibson the Elder and Morris Evans 1665-1739.jpg

29 April 2022 e-mail from Lilly Martin

Map: Amherst Appomattox Buckingham Campbell Nelson Counties - James River

Amherst County was created in 1761 out of Albemarle County.

Nelson County was created in 1807 from Amherst County. At the time the English began settling Virginia in the 1600s, the inhabitants of what is now Nelson County were a Siouan-speaking tribe called the Nahyssan. They were probably connected to the Manahoac.

Appomattox County was formed in 1845 from Buckingham, Prince Edward, Campbell and Charlotte counties. In 1848, another part from Campbell County was added to Appomattox County.

Appomattox County was named for the Appomattox River, which in turn was named for the Appamatuck, a historic Native American tribe in Virginia.

  • 2022-05-01 Amherst Appomattox Buckingham Campbell Nelson Counties - James River.jpg

Evans in Tax Records in Buckingham Co. VA.

Lilly Martin e-mail of 2022-04-29.

Lilly Martin: "I have looked at tax records in Buckingham Co VA."


Col. Rob. Bolling (17 slaves and 8,727 acres)

Charles Patteson

David Via

Henry Evens

Ambrose Evens

Isaac Bryant


James Pamplin

David Patteson

Mallory Johns (only Mulatto listed)

Leonard Ballow

John Johns

Col. Robert Bolling

Thomas Harve

Thomas Evins


Rob. Bolling Estate

Silvanus Beverly

Priscilla Beverly

Jean (or Jenny) Beverly

(The 3 Beverly names above are listed as Mullato [sic])

Lilly Martin: It is my opinion that these are all people associated with Amherst Co. VA.

Robert Bolling-25 his marriage was in Amherst Co VA. Charles Patteson is connected to Joyce Patteson, wife of William Evans, s/o Thomas.

David Via is likely connected to the Via family who married into the Monacan group in Amherst Co. VA.

Henry Evens and Ambrose Evens are likely the BROTHERS of my Thomas Evans 1710-1774. Thomas' daughter named a son Ambrose. William Evans, s/o Thomas, named a son Robert Ambrose Evans, who went to Kentucky and married a Cherokee (Mahala Granger) according to numerous children.

The first record for Thomas Evans in Amherst Co VA in court calls him Thomas EVINGS. Spelling variation.

In 1773 there is a Thomas EVINS listed. Thomas 1710-1774 should be over in Amherst Co. VA, one year before his death. Could he have owned some land there in Buckingham Co. VA? Do not know. But that 1773 Thomas could be his son, Thomas Jr. Maybe he left Amherst Co VA and went next door to Buckingham?

Robert Johns and his wife Mary Gresham were WHITE, and are NOT the parents of Mallory Johns. There is speculation that Mallory Johns is from John Johns, who was also in Buckingham Co VA.

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