Did Eloi Amand Broussard commit suicide or od on morphine; found 2 records!??? ty

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i fouund a rec that states Eloi Amand Broussard 1788-1832 commited suicide by hanging himself from a tree.

Another record states he od/on morphine?

anyone know the TRUTH the whole truth, NOTHING but the truth!???? grin///thanks

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Could you cite both records so we might see where they come from and what they contain, thanks?
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I would be willing to believe that he was murdered....HERE IS A NOTHING BUT THE  TRUTH STORY...This is what happend to my father Wayne Gerard Molaison in 2018. He was drugged by his girlfriend from her legally prescribed narcotics involving volium,loratabs,and narcotic patches. My dad was an alcoholic. We all knew he couldnt tolerate clear liquor and she never got him any all the years they were together,but that day she brought him Patron. She knew he was an alcoholic,so he would drink it regardless....his alcohol content was 156.48. There is no way on God's green earth that my dad was able to hold his eyes open less much walk out into the yard, tie a loose knot, and then hang himself from the smallest tree in the yard(he was tall) The events that followed....Ill name a few,but won't go into detail. I have evidence supporting ever single one. My brother,and I were not contacted until after the hospital allowed a man ( unk by marriage who  disliked my dad and held a grudge on him sense 1996  for buying him out)  to illegally sign as next of kin,and transferred him to an out of town hospital under unknown. He had no name,no personal effects,no medical background. When I found out hrs later I had to hunt him down,and describe him. His name was Hendricks Unk V and he was 108yrs old. That's what his chart read!!! He was in trauma ,and right away the nurses and doctors lied me telling me I needed to make a descision right away. He was a very sick man. 2days later after they expressed once again that he was a very sick man and told me I had to make a descision.   I then signed as next of kina, had his machine taken off,and signed for an autopsy. I requested one from the coroner as well,but neither preformed one. State laws were broken here.My father's body took 6days to get back from what should have been a 45min drive. The hospital report said he was gone the very next morning. My father's casket was closed,his funeral was private, and no obit was in the paper until afterwards. My father had no marks on his neck or any other signs proving that he would have been hung. I have pics that I took at the hospital as well as the medical reports proving that he had an unremarkable neck. The report also claimed that my father was answering to his name, and moving his limbs on command,so they were lying to me the whole time. I was sick reading this months after his funeral!!! The man who signed as my father's next if kin in the first hospital illegally went straight to cutting down the tree at my dad's house. He cleaned and painted the entire home after throwing all of my father's things into a dumpster without asking if my brothers,or I wanted to go through it. My father's girlfriend forged his insurance because she was promised that for the puppet she played in the ordeal. My dad's assets were handed out accordingly to different ppl in our local govt....judge,lawyer,clerk of court ,and the man and his wife (my non biological aunt)  went to renting my  father's home.  It's been over 2years and Im still collecting evidence. I recently asked for the medical report again,and there was new information that they withheld the first time. My father's death was by staged suicide. I have enough evidence to win the case without a lawyer and with a jury full of ppl with half a brain,but no one will let me state my case. There were records changed in the clerk of court. I have before and after evidence proving this,but what good is it doing when no one will allow me justice. This case has consumed me and I won't ever get my dad back,but they could at least let me have  my life back. All I want is  justice and peace for my father. It's what anyone would want! THIS IS THE TRUTH!!!
by Megan Molaison G2G1 (1.9k points)

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