1st time I used "Your Family List" and got a surprise.

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Hi, I plan on using WikiTree more now that updating operating systems are making it difficult to use my computer software. Yes it is old & old fashioned looking but I have been using it for a very very long time.  Makes me cranky.

I'm learning more each day, and try to explore different features almost every use. In "My Family List" there are 252 "family members" in the 15 generations. I have entered just a tiny fraction of these names. So 252 is a major surprise to me. A lot of these names are familiar to me in my search, but most are out of the blue for me.
How accurate is this and how does WikiTree figure this all out?
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The quality of the information on Wikitree varies with the volunteers who entered the information.  The Wikitree Honor Code requires that sources be cited for the information entered and that we strive for accuracy.

Some people take their commitment very seriously.  Others -- not so much.

For the information that you have not entered yourself, I suggest you look at the profile and check the sources.  See if the information and its supporting documentation holds up under scrutiny.  If the profile is a person in your line, perhaps you can research and add supporting documentation -- or find information that exposes errors in what has been posted.  (If that's the case, another Honor Code point is to collaborate with others, and to be polite.)

If you see only names and dates and no indication of where the information comes from, it is not a well supported profile, and I would think of the information on that profile as possibly true, but quite possibly NOT true.

answered by R. Greenup G2G6 Mach 6 (63.3k points)
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Thank you, Pip!
Hi Reba, thanks for your answer. I didn’t phrase the question properly. 
I’m not going to question the entries made, as I’m confident we all do our best to enter the correct data, even if it is only from family knowledge. And I know I’ve messed data up, particularly dates, multiple times. 
My question was more about how the connections are made. 
I will poke around with a few really old names and see if I can make the connections to today. I know I haven’t been able to start at what I know & go back that far. 
I probably will never get as deep into this as some do because l’m the last of my line. I just find it relaxing & maybe answer a few questions I have about my family line, particularly now, after 23andMe threw some wrenches into the gears. 
Again, thanks. 

Hi again Reba,

Just an update of something you already know. I picked a name and did the “find your genealogical relationship with” John Bacon abt. 1550 and was pretty surprised again. I can see how I have some work to take care of some “confidence” issues in my recent history, particularly my mother & grandfather but I was able to follow a trail so far back it looks to be a possible origin of that Bacon name. And while I understand the limitations of this trail, it still is worth an accolade.  WikiTree seems to be pretty cool in its capabilities. A lot more than I ever knew.  Keep up the great work.


I do hope you enjoy your Wikitree experience.  I have learned a lot since I started here about 2 years ago (and have barely scratched the surface, I think!.)

I do get a little queasy when I stumble upon already existing connections in my own line that seem to go back past Conan the Barbarian.  The truth is, I don't spend much time looking at my really ancient connections because I don't have the skill and knowledge to find or to evaluate sources for anyone who didn't manage to survive to at least 1850 -- in the USA.  

I maintain a healthy skepticism about my supposed ancestors who were born several hundreds of years ago, but I can't really challenge such information with my current level of expertise.  I do feel better if I see some supporting sources, even if I doubt my ability to evaluate them...  

Your John Bacon who was born about 1550 is far beyond my comfort level.  

I came to Wikitree partly for the same reasons you mentioned.  I lost my ability to use old genealogical programs, and needed a way to organize my information.  I sure hope you find this to be a friendly and helpful place to add your research to.


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