Woodham Family Cemetery

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Date: 1848 [unknown]
Location: Dale County, Alabama, USAmap
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"Woodham Family Cemetery is a private family burial grounds founded about 1848 or earlier by the Woodham family on Woodham land just north of the Choctawhatchee River in Dale County, Alabama. It is located about 300 yards west of the intersection of US Hwy. 231 and Newton-Echo Road (Dale County Road 18). This crossroads is just north of the Choctawhatchee River and includes a former truck stop, gas station, restaurant and other buildings. Located about 8 mi. south of Ozark and about 14 mi. nw of Dothan. Several neighboring families and friends have also been buried here. The cemetery was restored 1988-90. There are many unknown burials in this cemetery because the graves do not have tombstones. In the 1960's, there were numerous graves marked with elaborately carved wooden stakes or crosses. Unfortunately, all of these were destroyed during the restoration work. Many other graves were marked with rocks or bricks. Most of these were also removed and the locations of many of these graves has been lost. Thanks to J. B. Daughtry of Dothan, many of the "unmarked" graves now at least have a cement block with the name "unknown" marking the graves. This cemetery has been extensively researched by Robert Earl Woodham. He has added info from his family records to the listings below.

"The Woodham Family Cemetery was founded on one of several farm tracks owned by Edward H. Woodham Sr. The first burials there are believed to have been infants. The first confirmed adult burial was that of Richard Ira Woodham in 1848. Richard was a farmer. The next known adult burial was his brother, Frederick, in 1852. Both Edward H. Sr. and his wife Sarah Dowling died in 1865 and were buried here. For many decades, their graves were marked with a short brick wall surrounding the plot. This had deteriorated by the 1980's and was removed. A new granite tombstone was erected during the restoration work.

"The Woodham Family Cemetery Committee organized an annual Remembrance and Decoration Day at the cemetery and held the first one 28 Apr 1990. The first event attracted folk from as far away as Thibodaux, Louisiana and many communities in south Alabama and Georgia. The committee decided to make it an annual gathering. It is held usually on the fourth Saturday of April. A picnic is held at the cemetery in the picnic shed which was built during the restoration work."[1]

1WOODHAMEdward Harley Sr.26 Jun 178518 Oct 1865[son of Edward Jr.]Find A Grave: Memorial #6569297Edward Harley Woodham Sr
2WOODHAMSarah DOWLING27 Aug 178623 Jan 1865[wife of E. H. Sr.]Find A Grave: Memorial #6569303Sarah (Dowling) Woodham
3WOODHAM(unknown) [teenager or child]
4BAGWELLR. R.13 Mar 1813Oct 1866Find A Grave: Memorial #6569324Redmond Reed Bagwell
5BAGWELLRhoda1813Oct 1898[Rhoda Corley, wife of Redden R.]Find A Grave: Memorial #6569315Rhoda (Corley) Bagwell
8ENFINGERSarah L.[Nov 1859 - ?][Sallie Bagwell, dau of R. R.; wife of John Wesley Enfinger Sr.][Sallie Bagwell, dau of R. R.; wife of John Wesley Enfinger Sr.]Sarah L (Bagwell) Enfinger
9(adult grave)
10(adult grave)[marked with bricks and a small marble block]
12REYNOLDSJimmie20 Mar 18982 Oct 1898Find A Grave: Memorial #6570070Jimmie Reynolds
13REYNOLDSMrs. James(unmarked grave) [1st wife of James Reynolds, d. abt 1899]
15BRACKINElla13 Apr 189115 Feb 1895Dau of W. J. and N. U. Brackin [dau of Martha Malinda Mattie Woodham and William J. Brackin]Find A Grave: Memorial #6569372Ella Brackin
17WOODHAMMartha Malinda(unmarked grave) [dau of E. H. Jr.][Jul 1853 - Aft 1900]Find A Grave: Memorial #20450085Martha Malinda (Woodham) Brackin
18WOODHAMP. N.26 Feb 181317 Feb 1900Creek Indian War soldier, Alabama Militia [Presley Nelson Woodham, son of Edward H. Woodham Sr.]Find A Grave: Memorial #6569361Presley Nelson Woodham
20WOODHAMPerthenia WARD[1st wife of P. N. Woodham][abt 1817 - abt 1856]Perthenia (Ward) Woodham
21WOODHAMNancy E. ADKINS12 Apr 1823Aft 1910][2nd wife of P. N. Woodham]Nancy Elizabeth (Adkins) Woodham
22(several spaces)
23WOODHAMAris Junior2 Jun 18011880Native of old Darlington Dist., now Lee County, SC [Alabama Militia, Creek Indian War. Veteran's tombstone mistakenly gives wrong unit and is actually for Aris Bryant Woodham]Find A Grave: Memorial #6569346Aris Woodham Jr
24WOODHAMCaron H. RILEY181016 Mar 1873[2nd wife of Aris Woodham Jr.; born Old Darlington Dist., SC]Find A Grave: Memorial #6569349Caron H (Riley) Woodham
25WOODHAMAsa Edward[unmarked grave son of Aris Jr.]Asa Edward Woodham
26WOODHAMAthanasius10 Jan 17921856(several spaces)Find A Grave: Memorial #6569340Athanasius Woodham
27GOLDENSamuel M. (Sam)[unmarked grave][1874 - Aft 1910]Samuel M Golden
28(several spaces)(several spaces)
29WOODHAMEssie MYERS[1889 - abt 1914][1st wife of Jasper Richard Woodham]Essie (Myers) Woodham
30(unmarked grave)[formerly surrounded with bricks]
32WOODHAMInfantabt 1911abt 1912[infant of Jasper Richard Woodham & 1st wife, Essie MYERS]
33WOODHAMInfantAbt 1913Abt 1914[infant of Jasper Richard Woodham & 1st wife, Essie MYERS]
34CANNONMattie13 Aug 186514 Aug 1894wife of J. T. [Martha Ellen Daughtry, wife of John T. Cannon]Find A Grave: Memorial #6569393Martha Ellen Jane (Daughtry) Canon
36CANNONInfant18941894[unmarked grave]
37DAUGHTRYJohn [Bryant]20 Aug 182431 May 1880[hus of Rachel Woodham; Sheriff of Dale County]Find A Grave: Memorial #6569384John Bryant Daughtry
38DAUGHTRYRachel [WOODHAM]4 Nov 1823bef 1900[Rachel Woodham; tombstone should read died AFTER 1910]Find A Grave: Memorial #6569380Rachel (Woodham) Daughtry
39Several spaces
40BAULDREE[John Quincy][John Q. Bauldree, hus of Priscilla Adeline DAUGHTRY][3 Jun 1835 - 1 Dec 1891 (unmarked grave)Find A Grave: Memorial #6570053John Quincy Bauldree
41DAUGHTRYPriscilla Adeline [DAUGHTRY BAULDREE]1836(unmarked grave)[dau of Joshua Daughtry; wife of John Q. Bauldree]Dec 1835 - 1915Find A Grave: Memorial #107625680Priscilla Adeline (Daughtry) Bauldree
42BAULDREEAnnie1903aft 1910[two triplet daus of Mittie Cordelia Daughtry; unmarked graves]Annie M Bauldree
43BAULDREEFannie1903Aft 1910[two triplet daus of Mittie Cordelia Daughtry; unmarked graves]Fannie M Bauldree
44WOODHAMRufus29 Jan 1920Sep 1944US Army, World War II [memorial stone; killed in action in Italy during WW II; son of John Wesley Woodham and Lillie Mae Sanders; father of Robert Earl Woodham]Find A Grave: Memorial #6570022Rufus Woodham
46WOODHAMJoe Annie wife of C. C. Woodham18 Nov 18143 Apr 1890[Joanna Jody, Joe Annie RILEY, 1st wife of Edward Christopher C. C. Woodham]Find A Grave: Memorial #6570104Joe Annie (Riley) Woodham
47WOODHAMDillieMay 18791879[twin daus. Of Ira Edward Woodham & Millie Ann Enfinger]Dillie Woodham
48WOODHAMZillieMay 18791879Zillie Woodham
49WOODHAMunknownunmarked grave
50WOODHAMUriah Daniel13 Mar 1861aft 1900[unmarked grave; son of Edward Christopher Woodham & Joanna RILEY]Find A Grave: Memorial #191549994Uriah Daniel Woodham
51WOODHAMSarah Frances5 Mar 1860aft 1900[unmarked grave; wife of Uriah Daniel Woodham; dau. of Presley N. Woodham]Sarah Frances Woodham
52WOODHAMBlanton12 Feb 1895[unmarked grave, formerly marked with carved wooden stakes; children of Uriah D. & Sarah F. Woodham]Blanton Woodham
53WOODHAMInfant[unmarked grave, formerly marked with carved wooden stakes; children of Uriah D. & Sarah F. Woodham]
54WOODHAMInfant[unmarked grave, formerly marked with carved wooden stakes; children of Uriah D. & Sarah F. Woodham]
55WOODHAMInfant[unmarked grave, formerly marked with carved wooden stakes; children of Daniel W. Woodham and Martha ENFINGER]
56WOODHAMInfant[unmarked grave, formerly marked with carved wooden stakes; children of Daniel W. Woodham and Martha ENFINGER]
57WOODHAMInfant[unmarked grave, formerly marked with carved wooden stakes; children of Daniel W. Woodham and Martha ENFINGER][NOTE: Daniel W. Woodham was buried here but later disinterred and moved to Mt. Carmel Methodist Church Cemetery]
59GLOVERM. H.22 Apr 191128 May 1912[Major Holland Glover, son of Carrie Cordelia Daughtry & Lonnie A. Glover; gson of Nellie WOODHAM & M. H. Fox Daughtry]Find A Grave: Memorial #70993379Major Holland Glover
60DAUGHTRYM. H.25 Dec 183521 Nov 1906[Confederate States Army; Sheriff of Dale County; hus of Nellie WOODHAM]Find A Grave: Memorial #6569249Major Holland Daughtry
61DAUGHTRYNellie20 Aug 183620 Aug 1910[Nellie WOODHAM, dau of Aris Woodham Jr.; wife of M. H. Daughtry]Find A Grave: Memorial #6569234Nellie (Woodham) Daughtry
62ENFINGERAnna27 Jan 18911915[Anzilla Anna RILEY; dau of Moses RILEY; wife of Henry Terrell ENFINGER]Find A Grave: Memorial #70993275Anzille (Riley) Enfinger
63ENFINGERChild of H. T. and Anna Enfinger
64ENFINGER[twin infants of Anna RILEY and Henry T. ENFINGER; died in 1915]
65Unknown[Unmarked grave adult]
66Unknown[Unmarked grave adult]
67Unknown[Unmarked grave adult]
68BAGWELLC. G.[Curtis G., son of R. R. & Rhoda Corley Bagwell]Find A Grave: Memorial #6570180Curtis G Bagwell
69BAGWELLMartha A.15 Jun 185130 Nov 1908[Martha A. STEVENS, dau of Wiley & Mary Stevens; wife of C. G. Bagwell]Find A Grave: Memorial #6570185Martha Ann Elizabeth (Stevens) Bagwell
70BAGWELLInfantUnmarked grave Ch of C. G.
71BAGWELLInfantUnmarked grave Ch of C. G.
72BAGWELLInfantUnmarked grave Ch of C. G.
73STEVENSWiley11 Oct 1815Age 84 years[1899]Find A Grave: Memorial #6569277Wiley Stevens
74STEVENSMary15 Nov 1820Age 75 years[1895]Find A Grave: Memorial #6569284Mary (Unknown) Stevens
75Unknown(unmarked grave) [child?; grave marked with bricks]
76Unknown(unmarked grave) [child?; grave marked with bricks]
77WOODHAMCas14 Oct 186830 Dec 1932[Perry Caswell (Cas) Woodham, son of Steven Moses Woodham & Amanda Galloway]Find A Grave: Memorial #6569255Perry Caswell Woodham Sr
78WOODHAMAmanda[Amanda Jane CORLEY, wife of P. C. Cas Woodham; unmarked grave]Find A Grave: Memorial #6569251Amanda Jane (Corley) Woodham
79WHITLOCKWilliam Henry(unmarked grave)
80WHITLOCKElizabeth CORLEY(unmarked grave)(wife of W. H.)Find A Grave: Memorial #127809634Nancy Elizabeth (Corley) Whitlock
81(space)(grave ?)
82Unknown(unmarked grave) [adult grave]
83Unknown(unmarked grave) [adult grave]
84Unknown(unmarked grave) [adult grave]
85STEVENSCora26 Jan 18951 Jan 1911Dau of W. H. & M. E. StevensFind A Grave: Memorial #6570154Cora Stevens
86STEVENSM. E.186210 Mar 1900Wife of W. H. StevensFind A Grave: Memorial #6570160Martha Emma A (Miller) Stevens
87STEVENSWilliam H.(unmarked grave)Find A Grave: Memorial #173659530William H Stevens
88STEVENSInfantUnmarked grave [ch of W. H. & [Martha E. Stevens]
89STEVENSW. S.31 May 188723 May 1913Son of W. H. & M. E. StevensFind A Grave: Memorial #6570165W Shelby Stevens
90STEVENSWilliam E.(unmarked grave)
91STEVENSD. Franklin15 Apr 18531 Mar 1911[son of Wiley & Mary Stevens; hus of Sarah DAUGHTRY]Find A Grave: Memorial #6570172Daniel Franklin Stevens
92STEVENSSarah M.1848Jul 1920Wife of D. F. Stevens [Sarah M. DAUGHTRY, dau of Rachel WOODHAM & J. B. DAUGHTRY]Find A Grave: Memorial #6570176arah Minerva (Daughtry) Stevens
94Unknown[adult grave marked with brick]
95Unknown[adult grave marked with brick]
96Unknown[child ?; grave marked with brick]
97Unknown[child ?; grave marked with brick]
98Unknown[child ?; grave marked with brick]
99Unknown[child ?; grave marked with brick]
100WOODHAMSteven MosesApr 18341908[unmarked grave][Son of Aris Woodham Jr. and Caron Riley]Find A Grave: Memorial #6569351Stephen Moses Woodham
101WOODHAMSarah A. Jane GallowayDec 18341914[wife of Steven M. Woodham]Find A Grave: Memorial #153041246Sarah Amanda Jane (Galloway) Woodham
102WOODHAMNancy1908[unmarked grave]
103WOODHAMInfant[unmarked grave][ch of Steven Moses Woodham and Sarah Galloway]
104WOODHAMInfant[unmarked grave][ch of Steven Moses Woodham and Sarah Galloway]
105WOODHAMFrederick6 Jun 18061854[son of Edward H. Woodham Sr. & Sarah Dowling; born Stokes Bridge, Lee Co., SC]Find A Grave: Memorial #169512700Frederick Woodham
106WOODHAMMary Ann POLLARD1815[wife of Frederick Woodham and John J. Golden]Mary Ann (Pollard) Golden
107(unmarked grave)
108WOODHAMMary Isabel9 Aug 186020 Aug 1860[infant ch of Richard E. L. Woodham & Elizabeth Ann Miller; grandch of Frederick Woodham]Mary Isabel Woodham
109WOODHAMSarah Lovelia21 Jun 186217 Mar 1863[infant ch of Richard E. L. Woodham & Elizabeth Ann Miller; grandch of Frederick Woodham]Sarah Lovelia Woodham
110WOODHAMHillary Hopewell1832(unmarked grave) [son of Frederick] [Confederate States Army]Hillary Hopewell Woodham
111WOODHAMI. Beniter1830[wife of Hillary H.]
112BAGWELLJames A18433 Jul 1863Find A Grave: Memorial #6571829James A. J. Bagwell
113Unknown(unmarked grave) [adult grave]
114BAGWELLJohn A184121 May 1862Find A Grave: Memorial #6571818John N. A. Bagwell
115BAGWELLWilliam R184019 Jun 1862Find A Grave: Memorial #6571823William R Bagwell
116CROOKSGrover Cleveland25 Sep 19299 Nov 2000Find A Grave: Memorial #6569403Grover Cleveland Crooks
117CROOKSMichael Richard19 Oct 195610 Aug 2014Find A Grave: Memorial #153252821Michael Richard Crooks
118CROOKSNettie Jane1 Dec 1939Find A Grave: Memorial #153251155Nettie Jane (Hamm) Crooks
119DOWLINGSarah27 Aug 178618 Jan 1865Find A Grave: Memorial #153250936Sarah (Dowling) Woodham
120MEREDITHElizabeth M (Conner)17 Jul 183114 Jul 1917Find A Grave: Memorial #30241733Elizabeth (Conner) Meredith
121MYRESMary Ligon (Woodham)13 Jun 186212 Sep 1911Find A Grave: Memorial #191547606Mary Legion (Woodham) Myers
122WHITLOCKHenry Maxwell15 Oct 185117 Feb 1913Find A Grave: Memorial #127809719Henry Maxwell Whitlock


  1. Woodham Family Cemetery, by Robert Earl Woodham, Oct 2009.

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