Neat way to copy a General Records Office (GRO) citation to a profile

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What is the neatest way to 'copy & paste' a birth or death citation from the GRO to a profile please?

Can you point me to an example?

Many thanks. Mike
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I use

England & Wales birth registration: Wherever [district], Volume 4, Page 123, March quarter 1870, mother's maiden name DOE

Therefore that includes all the information you are going to need if you are going to order the birth certificate, plus by adding the mother's maiden name you are linking the baby to the mother (useful as part of the genealogical proof standard).
by Ros Haywood G2G Astronaut (1.1m points)
Thank you very much Ros for your immediate response.

But without retyping any of that data is it possible to simply 'copy & paste' that part of the GRO page to also show the source?
I do something similar to Ros, adding a link to the online GRO search and a longer GRO "address", but I still put in the headers to separate the data -- Name:  Mother's Maiden Surname: -- otherwise it all just runs together.

It doesn't really take all that long, for me, as I have the basics saved in a text document and paste the GRO stuff to that, then fix it for a copy and paste to a profile.

You could check the England (or Wales) project to see if they have a recommended form for citing the GRO.
@ Michael -- answering your edited in comment -- in short, not really.  The reason being is that you cannot link to the GRO results, and any link you give will take you to either the login page, or the search selection (birth or death) page if you are already logged in.
Thank you very much Melanie for that clarification. Am a bit surprised that an even simpler method hasn't been established as it is the preferred source for 1837 onwards for UK profiles.

Best wishes. Mike
Have now made a template available on my Scratch Pad.

Once again, thanks Melanie.

You could do as I do and set up your own "template" for the citation.  Then you just need to copy and paste the info to that.  I use the link to the GRO (which goes to login when I am not already logged in for the day), because that at least takes anyone to the site if they want to check my work.

(I've been "living" in the GRO the last few weeks, finding the actual details to some cryptic family notes (example: cousin Jane was born in 1838).  Got most of them, too!)

Hah!  You were posting as I was replying!  smiley

Have now made a template available on my Scratch Pad.

Once again, thanks Melanie.
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This might not be quite what you're looking for, but I've found it helpful to create a "source formatting spreadsheet" in Google Sheets as a way of producing nicely formatted citations for WikiTree, as well as functioning to track the specific citations for my own purposes. I paste in the data values, then using a formula, it creates the text that I can copy and paste onto a profile. It's worked well for my purposes.

by anonymous G2G6 Pilot (127k points)
Thank you very much for your suggestion and the link. I use spreadsheets a lot and I'll look closely into this method for sourcing.

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