Is there evidence that points to Anne Pympe as wife of Roger Chapin, Sr.?

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I was about to detach Anne Pympe (1509-1590) as the wife of Roger Chapin, Sr. (1508 - unknown) when I thought maybe I should pass this by other WikiTreers and see what you think.  

I actually see no valid evidence of existence on the profiles of either Roger Sr. or Anne!  That "widdo Chapine" you see on Anne Pympe actually refers to Roger Chapin Jr's. wife - Margery Urdde-1.  

And, by the way, where's the valid evidence for the existence of Margery Urdde-1? I note that she was created by a gedcom download and the person who downloaded her profile worked on WikiTree on two occasions in 2010 and hasn't been active since.

I want opinions before I make these changes.  What do you see?  Any actual evidence for any of these three profiles?

Roger Chapin:

Anne Pympe:

Margery Urdde:


addendum: please see this 2014 g2g about this same family...

WikiTree profile: Anne Chapin
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Yes the English Origins series were reprints of old NEHGR articles.

Hopefully GBR selected the ones that had stood up.
Yes, I hope so.  Thanks for the insights you've shared, RJ.
In answer to Cheryl's question as to whether or not I am a Chapin descendant.  no I personally am not a Chapin descendant.  However, I do have a direct relation to a Chapin.  my direct ancestor's brother William THWING (Wikitree ID: Thwing-54--brother to my10th great grandfather John THWING), and son of Benjamin THWING and Deborah SAVAGE, the progenitors of the Thwing line in America, having come over to Boston in 1635, married Ruth CHAPIN in January of 1698 in Boston.


Ruth was born in Boston in about 1665,


This information comes from the following source:

THWING: a genealogical, biographical and historical account of the family. by Walter Eliot Thwing, 1883: David Clapp & son, printers, Boston (page 19)

[NOTE: this source is available in full on goggle books.  It traces the Benjamin Thwing family and it's descendants from 1619 down to 1883, including some information on the English family].
Oh, interesting connection.  Of course it has no bearing on you being a PM of Chapin.  I was just curious whether or not we were distant cousins... And I guess we are,.  WAY distant!  Anyway it's good to work with you.
My Heritage appears to have quite a few articles mentioning Ann and Roger.  I do not have an ancestry account so I cannot access them, but here is the link to the search I did : search terms: "Anne Pympe and Roger Chapin":)
Oh, good.  I'll check it out the first of next week, after the source-a-thon.  Hoping we can get some recent research, and not more of that "Widdo Chapinne stuff that actually pertains to Samuel Chapin's mother, not his grandmother. Anyway, have a nice evening.
Information on Ann PYMPE and her connection to the royal famil:
Jathan, can you edit the URL so it works? Thanks.
Jillaine, My apologies.  I copied the website as it was listed.  I was unaware it would not work correctly/  Here is a working version of the above referenced website, as listed at te top of the document.

(Note:The Royal Lineages portion, containing information on Ann Pympe is listed under Chapter 22 (on page 5 [402]) at the bottom of the page).
Jathan, thanks for the additional link and explanation.

Unfortunately, I see no source citations throughout this document. It may be accurate.  It may not be. We have no way of judging. Without source citations, this document is no better than an unsourced ancestry family tree.

If the author did the hard research that may be reflected in this document, he did himself a huge disservice by not distinguishing that work with source citations.

Genealogy without source citations is mythology.  :-(

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Not necessarily related, but likely connecting in some way:

Also from this same source by Walter Eliot Thwing:

A daughter of Alvi Tabor Thwing married a Charles C. Chapin, of Bellows Falls, Vermont. [as of 1883]  (Alvi was born in Topsham, Vermont, on Feb. 9, 1811

[from page 122]


And on page 139 re read the following::

"James Thwing Hale married Alice Buchner, May 16, 1876. She was born in Canada in 1845. When he was about twenty-three years old, he entered the employ of Chapin & Collins, who had a large saw-mill in Somers, Conn., and, after working there six months, he took entire charge.  Chapin sold out, but he remained there until the spring of 1861, when he removed to the state of New York, and worked in various places until the fall of the same year, when he enlisted in what he supposed to be a company of sharpshooters, to be attached to the Eagle Brigade, about to be raised by Gen. G. A. Scroggs.  His company was to be raised by Joshua Lee.  Neither company, regiment nor brigade were raised, but he and his fellow soldiers were sold to Charles E. Morse, who commanded Company I, 100th Reg. N. . Volunteers.  They were at Fort Porter, just out of he city of Buffalo, until March 8, 1862, when they left for the seat of war, passing through Albany, New York City and Washington.  He was appointed corporal in his company, and remained so until he was discharged, his appointment dating from the day of his enlistment, Aug. 9, 1861" [quote continues in detail for another page and a half describing Mr. Thwing's involvement in the war in great detail].
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