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The goal of this project is to sort out "who" the family of Thomas Green and Elizabeth Lynde Swindells was. We know that they were likely first generation English to the American colonies, and wound up in Malden Mass. Greens of I Y-DNA haplogroup welcome to join.

Right now this project just has one member, me. I am Stephanie White. This is to distinguish the Y-DNA Green I-L22 haplogroup: "Descendants of Thomas and Elizabeth (Lynde) Green of Malden, MA."

Here are some of the tasks that I think need to be done. I'll be working on them, and could use your help.

  • Gathering and organizing the data of the Thomas Green/Elizabeth Lynde family
  • Consider organizing the "other" Thomas Green/Elizabeth ? family of England to Mass. in another free space page and finding the family discussed in the Kempton genealogy and/or flushing out the already in existence page regarding this biography and connecting the surrounding discussion together regarding the Green family found within that lineage.
  • Researching the Lynde families in Malden, Mass and surrounding areas
  • Researching the Waite families in the area
  • Researching the Hill families


Original Version of the Understanding of Thomas Green b. 1605/1606 and Elizabeth Lynde

Extensive changes in this family happened Thanksgiving 2021: Thomas Green 1606-1667 was collapsed with another Thomas Greene of Toppefield, England 1599-1667 and has since prompted further research. The confusion is the facts surrounding the Thomas Green buried in Malden Mass 16 Dec 1667. Either both men died the exact same day, or both men were attributed to the same family. Both men married an Elizabeth, and both men came from England and settled in Colonial Mass. Which lineages belong to which couple is the main research agenda now.


Samuell Green Sener of Malden -1724 wife Susanna, Will and Children

  • Wife Susanna,
  • Samuell Green
  • Thomas Green
  • William Green
  • Jonathan Green
  • David Green
  • Isaac Green
  • Mary
  • Martha
  • Elizabeth

Those who witnessed the Will:

  • John Green
  • Jacob Green
  • John Green juner

There is a "PGM" concerned Thomas Greene/Elizabeth ________ couple of Toppefield, England groomed to "take over" the previous Thomas Green/Elizabeth Lynde profiles:

  • Thomas Greene born 1599/1600 Toppefield, England- Two Baptismal records show a Thomas Greene of Toppefield, Essex, England son of William Greene, recorded 4 Feb 1599 and 18 Feb 1600. The first one may be the birthdate, followed by a 1 year old baptizing, but this is my speculation. Is this Thomas the 1605/1606 Thomas Green? After much research, it would appear so!
  • Elizabeth unknown There is a marriage citation for a Thomas Greene born 1599 En who marries Elizabeth in 1619 England.


  • Mary Greene: Mary Greene (bef.1625-abt.1625)
  • Henry Greene: Henery Greene Essex, England
  • Samuel Greene: 1645 Norfolk, England
  • Thomas Greene
  • John Greene
  • William Greene 1635-1705 m. Elizabeth Wheeler

James Green and Elizabeth Newman of Colonial Mass.

New Changes thanks to Brad Stauf, to show difference between Elizabeth Newman Green and other Mrs. Elizabeth Greens. Not known at this time what haplogroup this Green line belongs to:

Addt'l notes on Elizabeth (Newman) Elizabeth (Newman) Green (abt.1610-1658) This Elizabeth Newman has a listed birthdate 1602, England, and death date of 1658 8 22, Middlesex, Mass. At first, she was listed as Jane, middlename Elizabeth. Thomas Green (son of Arthur Green) b. ca. 1600. St. Albans, Hartfort, England, d. 16 Apr 1674; m. Elizabeth Newman...p76 of source1. For reasons unknown, Brad Stauff on Nov 18 2021 changed this woman's birthdate from 1602 to 1610 and dropped the 22 from her death date.
If I am going to be singled out on this page then you can have the courtesy to allow me to respond. I stated exactly why I edited the Elizabeth "Newman" profile several times. The only claim for her existence came from the 2004 private publication "Windows Into Our Past, Volume 6 Published on Jan 1, 2004 A Genealogy of Lewis Green & Associated Families" by Judy Parson Smith on page 76 of that work. She asserted a lineage that showed Elizabeth Newman as the wife of Thomas Green of Malden. Her one and only "source" cited? an email from, a defunct domain. No content from the email is shown, no support for the name "Newman". You assert that Thomas Green's wife was Elizabeth Lynde Swindells, also without proof. So you also assert that Parson Smith was wrong, that Elizabeth Newman was not married to Thomas Green. Parson Smith listed no source for a marriage record, a christening record, a will confirming her name, nothing at all. Nobody has shown any proof of the surname of Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Green of Malden. My options were to sever Elizabeth Newman from Thomas Green meaning that somebody in the future would probably try to re-attach her from a mistaken belief that "Newman" was supported; or to edit her to keep her as a wife of Thomas Green but to change her name appropriately to "Unknown". I chose the latter path. Regarding her death date, Malden vital records does not state a specific date for her death that I have seen so if you have a true primary source for a death on the 22nd that would be great to see.

Will you join me? Please post a comment here on this page, in G2G using the project tag, or send me a private message. Thanks!

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In the interest of helping with this research, I'd like to request a change to the information about Elizabeth Newman based on primary sources now attached to her profile. I'm happy to make the edits myself reflecting her actual origins and marriage to James Green of Malden and Charlestown. This should help eliminate any confusion amongst researchers on the branches of the Green family. I'll wait for your thoughts before making changes. Thanks!
posted by Brad Stauf
Stephanie, is this page meant to support an objective search to clarify the family of Thomas Green of Malden? Or is it meant to prove that his wife was Elizabeth Lynde Swindells no matter what sources, facts and analysis appear? I really hope it is the former and that we can collaboratively look for primary and high-quality sources to support research.
posted by Brad Stauf
This page is to collect the I Y-DNA haplogroup lineages of Thomas Green Malden, MA. I am following the Green Surname Study over at FTDNA and that is how they have grouped a particular Thomas Green of Malden, MA., as having been married to an Elizabeth (Lynde). I am not saying this is the only or correct family you are searching for, and if this group's "classification" changes to reflect a different spouse or couple, then that may be able to be reflected on this page all the same. Right now my main objective is to get some organization-by-Y-DNA-haplogroup of the multitude of Greens in Colonial America with living descendants today. I suggest that the PGM project should work with the The Ancestry of Eva Belle Kempton, 1878-1908 page to discover and connect back to the Green family found within those pages to add to the general goals of finding all the Thomas Greens of Malden, MA, their correct spouse(s), as well as children, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, kinship relations, etc. This page is more for genetic genealogists to make sense of the edits and changes found on wikitree, as to be able to better collect and search for relevant descendants, matches, and ancestors within the same Haplogroup, inside and outside surnames and placeholder names. This page is set up for expanding the Haplogroup research, something that is currently restrictive to do easily on wikitree.
posted by [Living Martin]