Musselman Family History

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Here is a page for collecting information related to the last name Musselman and Musselman family history.


Alternate Spellings

Muspelman, Mupelman, Mupselman or Musseleman.

Origins of the Musselman Name

Along the west coast of Holland "Musselman" was where "the man" collected and sold mussels "mossels" from the sea.

In Swiss-German origins, it can be a woodman. Also "one who has fought the Moslems".

Musselmans in America

Many Musselmans were Mennonite religious members / Pennsylvania Dutch and living in Penn. and Maryland.

Famous and Creative Musselmans

  • Christian High Musselman and his wife Emma built a successful canned fruit company in Pennsylvania, first starting around 1913. Musselman Apple Sauce became the gold standard for future apple sauce and apple butter production done by other companies.
  • A. J. Musselman or The Musselman Products Company invented the coaster brake and the pneumatic aircraft tire. The He was the inventor of the "Doenut" tire (a type of share tire) and a builder of racing bicycle tires.
  • M. Emma Musselman produced some of the top drawings as a fashion illustrator during the early years of the 20th century.

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Henry Musselman
Henry Musselman

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Musselman's Logo
Musselman's Logo

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Musselman's Apple Sauce
Musselman's Apple Sauce

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Ad for Musselman Doenut
Ad for Musselman Doenut

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Musselman Crest

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