How do I find Queen Victoria?

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I don't know any other name for her than "Victoria, famous Queen of England in the 19th century". Do I have to search the Web, e.g., Wikipedia to find some other name(s) among which, by chance, one is used by WikiTree? Looking at e.g., II can't figure why her LNAB is "Hannover". Or should anyone know.

This is not a fake example. I just passed five minutes to find her, without success. I suppose than can happen to any WikiTree visitor, too. I actually found her browsing related G2G questions below down to

But no WikiTree visitor would search this way, right?

They would rather Google ""WikiTree Queen Victoria"" which works fine.
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Basically - you have to know Wikitree has her under Alexandrina Victoria, and also as LNAB Hannover.  (Neither is intuitive when looking for Queen Victoria.)

If you can remember she died in 1901, it helps a little (but I always get her daughter first).

Thx Melanie. That makes quite a few "details" to know. So next time I'll ask Google again I'm afraid. Too bad.sad

Yeah, it is too much detail to remember - which is why I always get the daughter on search.  frown

You shouldn’t have to use Google to find a profile in Wikitree.  There needs to be a way to find profiles by their commonly used name and the search results need to bring up nicknames.  Try searching for Belle Starr, the outlaw.  You probably won’t recognize her in the search results unless you know that she was born Myra Shirley.  

Too many duplicates are created because people can’t easily find a well-known person using the Wikitree search.
You shouldn’t have to use Google to find a profile in Wikitree.  There needs to be a way to find profiles by their commonly used name and the search results need to bring up nicknames.  


No, you shouldn't.  Unfortunately, it is how people find things when the internal WT search function fails to give the desired result/s.

(It was easier for Victoria, at least, when she was the anchor.) 

You are not using the WT search function completely.  Scroll down to 'Search for any text', and put in there "Queen Victoria" (without the quotes) and press enter.

She is the first one after the ads which make it free.  Easy enough.
Easier would be to have it upfront at the top of the Navigation page.

Certainly WikiTree profiles should be accessible WITHIN WikiTree instead of having to go outside the site. But first having to go to the FIND page, then scrolling all the way down past all the other options isn't what I'd call simplest

WOW. laugh

Indeed I agree with Lois, this is far from intuitive. I must confess that after one year and a half of contribution to WikiTree on a quasi-daily basis, I've not yet found "natural" this "Find" menu. Or maybe I have tried it once or twice, but since the first results which are ads were occupying all my laptop screen, I gave up quickly without scrolling further down to find the "true" results. 

Disclaimer #1 : Not being a digital native (far from it), and even if familiar with computers, known by colleagues for my capacity to ignore menus and buttons even if they are showing right in the middle of the screen. 

Disclaimer #2 : My activity on WT is mainly contributing in a part of the Tree where almost nothing had been done before, so I rarely search for anything at all.

You are not using the WT search function completely.  Scroll down to 'Search for any text', and put in there "Queen Victoria" (without the quotes) and press enter.


To do that, first you have to know to do that.  I did not.  I doubt I am alone. 

i  search under margaret rose Windsor first for the latter english monarchs to find earlier ones I pick tudor much easier to write  than those long complicated german names  and i can never spell plagangenet either

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I asked this very question a few weeks back. Got a lot of complicated answers and one really good one. Use Google. Enter   wikitree Queen Victoria

And that's it! This will work for any person. Try:

  wikitree Pocahontas

It will also work for any category you're looking for:

wikitree 54 Massachusetts

If there's no category, you will get the next best thing

wikitree Casket Girls

wikitree Pownal, Vermont

by Joyce Vander Bogart G2G6 Pilot (185k points)
The person who gave me this answer entered it as a comment, so I could not give her a best answer star. I am giving myself a best answer star here so that you will know what a good answer it is.
Thx Joyce. I just arrived to the same conclusion. See above.

Star given laugh

Or you could also go to the dropdown menu 'Find' and scroll down until you hit 'Search' (like you would do for anything else on WikiTree).

Scroll right to the bottom, until it says 'Search for any text', and put in "Queen Victoria" (without the quotes).  Up come the search results, and the profile you want is the first one (after the ads which keep it free).
Ros, as said above - just saw the ads the rare times I tried. Either something is wrong with me, or something is wrong with the search feature.
The ads have to be there as part of making WikiTree free.  If you logged out right now, you would see ads on the home page.

The ones which appear on the search results will always be there.

That said, looking at those various top right menus, I discover that many of the entries I'd never clicked. That is a bad habit I have. When the name on the menu entry does not appeal to me, instead of clicking to figure what it is (which any reasonable person should do) I tend to ignore it, and afterwards not even see it.  

I will now explore some of them, just maybe to avoid future silly questions. sad

The search at the bottom of the WikiTree search page is powered by Google.
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There is a great deal of discussion here about attracting more traffic to the site. Looking for Queen Victoria is a perfect example of the kind of search people are likely to want to make.  The inability to quickly and simply find her On The Site is a great turnoff which probably means that lots of people are not going to try to use WikiTree again and will probably badmouth it to others.

by Lois Tilton G2G6 Pilot (156k points)
There are a lot of profiles that fall into this category, I doubt that this would impact WikiTree as you indicate.   I just had a person tell me that Nancy Reagan is missing from Wikitree.   If you do not know her name as Anne Francis won't find her.  Most people will ask.....
Whom will they ask?

Seems to me that the more profiles present this problem, the more urgent the need for a solution.  And as many as half the profiles may present this problem, with the names they are best known by not their LNAB.

We have "current name" and "other name" fields, why aren't they used to search for profiles?
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In wikitree search, put in Victoria Hannover znc her name will pop up on top.
by David Hughey G2G Astronaut (1.6m points)
But that's not intuitive. If you have to know what her Wikitree name is in order to search for her it means the search is only for those "in the know". Ivory Tower.

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