How do I adopt a locked profile without a manager

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McManus-195 needs adoption.  Has no information at all but is private. I'm happy to adopt it as I can certainly find a George McManus to create for this profile. I checked the Profile Manager guidelines but nothing pertains.
WikiTree profile: George McManus
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Please share the answer. Others will want to know. Thank you.

Oh, so sorry!  Yes, I found the answer:  email; explain and they will do it.  I sent:

McManus-195 has no manager and is up for adoption but is red privacy and wont let me adopt it.  I can find a George McManus to fill the empty place if you like.  Almost an instant fix!  I love this website.



I was unaware a private profile could be adopted. Well I'm wrong. I did know that I got several private profiles when I got a bulk list of profiles. I don't want them can't orphan them , but Anyway I do find it disturbing that if I left wikitree my profile and my private family could be adopt and possibly made public.
You might want a better explanation . . you see the orphan private one I adopted had only a NAME and had been abandoned a long time ago.  There are hundreds of people with that name so I will apply it to one I know to save the useless space.  The original contributor wasn't even listed.  With more data and another person's name, there might be different qualifications . . ??? I do try to remember that we sign an honor code and this website is not easy so lazy people are not going to bother - probably.  If they are conscientious they will probably help your profile or leave it alone . .. . my "take" that makes me feel better about it.  I guess we should hope that someone will take care of it after we're gone . . . .   RU you too young to worry yet?  LOL??  Lots of stuff to consider here but I think this is the best website possible for honest genealogy. Keep on keepin' on . . ..
Nicely stated, Barbara.

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Oh, so sorry!  Yes, I found the answer:  email;  Immediate results!  THANKS TO:

This is a rare situation where a profile has been abandoned while the privacy was not open (or a similar situation).  You can send a message to and tell them in a short message to please set the profile open and/or make you the manager.  Make sure to tell them the Wikitree-ID of the profile.

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