GEDCOM upload is diabolical

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The new GEDCOM upload is a bureaucratic nightmare, and is not even keeping the data in the GEDCOM file.

The two things that need fixing immediately are:

1) Gender. It just wastes my time to be told that M (or F) is an invalid gender, and then have to fix it. I have reported this before but can someone actually fix it?

2) Lost links. I have now uploaded two files and for each of them some spouses and children have been lost. I have had to search for the relevant profiles and re-link them. This is just wasting my time. (E.g. [[|Susan BONSTOW]] was uploaded without her husband or any of her four children.)
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I see that you have reported the gender problem before (twice) and, looking at your file, I know you're not making it up. I apologize for the inconvenience.

I don't know why your files have this problem. So far as I know, yours are the only ones that do.

We will try to find a solution, but please understand, it's not a top priority, and your attitude doesn't help.

by Chris Whitten G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)
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asked twice before over a four year period? doesn't feel like much of an attitude problem -- though "diabolical" was a bit melodramatic and perhaps unnecessary.

still, the gender problem seems like a really interesting bug, but obviously one that's not new (since it existed in the old system 4 years ago). I wonder if his gedcom export has some strange encoding, characters or line endings that's causing the bug.

The spouse/children problem, I think, is new with the newly improved system. I seem to recall seeing discussions about it already, with possible suggestions having to do with the order in which the profiles are added.

Is it really four years since I raised this? I felt that I needed to be a bit more aggressive since up to now I had received no response whatsoever.

The gedcom file goes through the gedcom verification process without any problems, and logically should go through wikitree with no problems. It is the only line that fails with wikitree, and is, I think, the only single character value.

I had not spotted any other reports about the spouse/children problem and thought it important enough to shout about it. Possibly the others are not reviewing the descendant/antecedant views, which is how I spotted it.
My third upload and it still does not work. [ Philip NORGATE (c1851 - p1919)] has arrived with his spouse but where are the children? I can remember that they had five, so I now have to go searching through my papers to identify them, and then add them one by one to their parents. All it is doing is wasting my time! What do I have to do to get it fixed?

It continues! [[ Frank Norgate]] has arrived with his daughter ok; but with neither of his wives. Fixed now, but what a waste of my time.

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