Will uploading my results from AncestryDNA violate the user agreement and make them terminate my account?

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Hello! I am a total newt, but not a newg. I have an extensive tree on Ancestry.

Will uploading my dna data cause problems on Ancestry? The user agreement says not to use the downloading for other databases.

Has anyone been cancelled there for uploading here?

I don’t want to lose my 4+ years of work, but I have some random dead ends that I am curious about and want to corroborate.
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I’m talking about the gedcom data file that I can download from ancestrydna. There is a place here to upload it.

I have followed a lot of paper trails and no dna trails, so this is brand new. Have mercy on me. :)
Your gedcom file is your personal property. You created it. No issues with downloading it from ancestry and doing with it what you choose...  FYI, it isn't from ancestry DNA, although you can attach your family tree from ancestry to your AncestryDNA test.

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from: https://www.ancestry.com/cs/legal/termsandconditions

this was the closest I could find:

You will not use the information obtained from the DNA Services (including any downloaded raw DNA data) in whole, in part and/or in combination with any other database, for any medical, diagnostic or paternity testing purpose or for any discriminatory purpose or illegal activity.

and I don't believe that means what you think it means. Its followed by this:

If you choose to download a copy of your raw DNA data, you are responsible for storing, securing and protecting that downloaded data. While we protect your information in our web and data systems, once you download the raw DNA data, that copy will not be protected by our security measures. Your raw DNA data is for your personal use only and should not be used for medical, diagnostic or paternity testing purposes.

Which means you can download it, and use it for genealogical purposes (including uploading to Gedmatch.com's database, for example).

They are discouraging use for medical purposes. (as its probably not accurate enough for that -- and they are trying to avoid liabilities on that front)

by Dennis Wheeler G2G6 Pilot (537k points)
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This is the portion of the user agreement I am referring to. I am making sure that the language doesn’t include applying the downloaded info to any other database.
All that is referring to is your raw DNA. You said above you are talking about a gedcom file. Those are completely separate matters/issues. Bottom line is you can download your tree from ancestry and upload it to Wikitree.  It's recommended that you start with a small group to upload and see how that goes.  Many profiles already exist on Wikitree, and duplicates are not allowed.
Off to try to get a better understanding of definitions.
right -- DNA data and gedcom data are two different things entirely.

DNA - you spit in a tube, and they analyze it in a lab to see who you might match with genetically -- by comparing with other user's test data in DNA databases (theirs, and others).

Gedcom - is a transfer file format specifically for moving your family tree info (names and source records) from one program into another. Not everything will transfer, because each Genealogy app supports a different set of data fields.
Thank you.
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In short - No issues here on Wikitree. See Help:DNA which states:

WikiTree doesn't offer DNA testing and you don't upload the raw results of your test to WikiTree. We focus on what we do best: genealogy collaboration.

Once you confirm your test on WikiTree (entering the information about the test itself), you can Get Started With DNA.

by Steven Harris G2G6 Pilot (507k points)
Oh boy. I’m so confused. I’m trying to do this on my phone. Maybe it would be clearer on my laptop.
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I'm not quite sure what you're asking. You don't upload any DNA data from AncestryDNA, or any other testing site, to Wikitree. All you do is list your ancestry name, or Gedmatch ID, or FTDNA info, on your profile.

I have been on ancestry and have a tree there as well as testing DNA. One site has nothing to do with the other, and no one cancels your account because you post about having your DNA tested.

If you are wanting to collaborate on your tree, then enter your information here on Wikitree until you connect to an existing profile (or multiple profiles).  Feel free, on your personal profile page on Wikitree, to provide a link to your ancestry.com tree if you'd like.
by Darlene Athey-Hill G2G6 Pilot (437k points)
Many AncestryDNA customers upload their DNA data to Gedmatch.com, and as Darlene says, you can link to the Gedmatch profile from WikiTree.

It seems to me that we own our personal DNA data.  I can't imagine that Ancestry would claim otherwise (but I'm not an AncestryDNA customer).
I agree that we *should* own it!
Many of us who focus on genetic genealogy evidence to support our family tree have downloaded our raw data from Ancestry and uploaded it to gedmatch, FTDNA, myHeritage and LivingDNA. There is nothing in Ancestry T&C to prevent us doing this.
Thank you very much.

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