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Welcome to the Australia Project

About the Australia Project

This project is the effort of a group of WikiTree users interested in profiles related to Australia.
Here is some information about the project you can view on YouTube:
WikiTree Projects: Australia
Play the WikiTree Projects: Australia.

Mission and Goals

The Mission of the Australia Project is to focus on profiles of people who lived in Australia, specifically:

improving the quality of profiles of people who lived in Australia
increasing the number of Australian profiles on WikiTree.


Joining the Project and Membership Responsibilities

  • After answering our G2G post and advising which of our Project teams you would like to join, you will be awarded the Australia Project badge by one of the leaders.
  • The only requirements for ongoing membership in the Australia Project are that you join a team, work with your Team Leader and respond to the twelve monthly check-In from the Project Leaders and Project Coordinator. We recognise that people lead busy lives and are grateful for any and all contributions you make towards the Project's goals.

Learning about WikiTree and how to create great profiles

WikiTree has recently launched the WikiTree Academy - WikiTree Academy G2G post.

To join up to the WikiTree Academy, you need to create an account. Note: You can't just login with your normal WikiTree login details.

We also recommend joining the Profile Improvement Project and completing their Profile Improvements Project (PIP) Voyage. That's a great way to learn how to get your profiles looking really sensational!

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