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Notable Napier's

  • Stockard Channing
  • Cate Blanchett
  • Alan Napier (1903–1988), actor who played Alfred the Butler in the television series Batman
  • Sir Albert Edward Alexander Napier, (1881–1973), British civil servant, Permanent Secretary to the Lord Chancellor's Department, 1944 - 1954
  • Alex Napier (musician), musician, formerly a drummer for the band Uriah Heep
  • Sir Alexander Napier, 2nd Laird of Merchistoun (died c. 1473-4), Scottish administrator, diplomat and member of the Scottish Parliament
  • Sir Archibald Napier, (1534–1608), Scottish landowner and official, master of the Scottish mint and seventh Laird of Merchiston.
  • Archibald Napier, 1st Lord Napier, the 9th Laird Napier of Merchiston (c. 1576–1645), Scottish politician and judge
  • Archibald Napier, 2nd Lord Napier (c. 1625–1660), Scottish peer and royalist
  • Arthur Sampson Napier, (1853-1916), British academic
  • Bill Napier (William M. Napier, b. 1940), Scottish astronomer and author
  • Buddy Napier (Skelton Le Roy "Buddy" Napier), American Major League Baseball pitcher
  • Charles Elers Napier, (1812–1847), British naval officer
  • Charles "Charlie" Edward Napier, (1910–1973), Scottish footballer
  • Sir Charles James Napier (1782–1853), British general
  • Sir Charles Napier, (1786–1860), Scottish admiral of the Royal Navy
  • Charles Napier, (1936–2011), American actor
  • Charles Napier, (1892–1918), World War I flying ace
  • Claude Napier, British translator of Scandinavian
  • David Napier, (1785–1873), Scottish Precision engineer
  • David Napier, (1790–1869), Scottish marine engineer
  • Diana Napier (1905–1982), British film actor
  • Duncan Napier, Victorian botanist and herbalist
  • Elma Napier (1892–1973), Scottish-born writer and politician who lived most of her life in the Caribbean island of Dominica
  • Findlay Napier (b. 1978), Scottish musician, guitarist and songwriter
  • Francis Napier, 8th Lord Napier (1758-1823), British peer and army officer
  • Francis Napier, 10th Lord Napier and 1st Baron Ettrick (1819 – 1898)
  • George Napier, (1751–1804), British Army officer
  • George Thomas Napier, (1784–1855), George Napier's son, also a British Army officer, Governor of the Cape
  • George Napper (1550–1610) or Napier, English Roman Catholic priest and martyr
  • Sir Gerrard Napier, 1st Baronet (1606–1673), of Middle Marsh and Moor Crichel in Dorset, English Member of Parliament, Royalists during the English Civil War
  • Graham Napier (b. 1980), English cricketer
  • Henry Edward Napier, another of George Napier's sons, naval officer and historian.
  • Ian Napier (aviator), World War I flying ace
  • Irene Napier (b. 1953), Scottish film and television Make-up artist
  • Jack Napier, (b. 1972), American pornographic actor
  • James Napier, (1810–1884), Scottish chemist and antiquarian
  • James Napier, (b. 1982), New Zealand actor
  • James Robert Napier (1821–1879), Scottish engineer, inventor of Napier's diagram
  • Jim Napier (b. 1938), baseball catcher and manager
  • James Napier, "Jimmy Napes", English songwriter, producer and musician
  • Jessica Napier (b. 1979), New Zealand actress, daughter of Marshall Napier
  • John Napier, (1550–1617), Scots mathematician, physicist and astronomer
  • John Napier (1859–1939), English clergyman and cricketer
  • Sir John Mellis Napier (1882-1976), Chief Justice of South Australia 1942-1967
  • John R. Napier (1917–1987), primatologist from the University of London, founder of the Primate Society of Great Britain
  • John Napier (b. 1944), theatre set designer, recipient of many Tony and Olivier awards
  • John Napier (b. 1946), Irish-born footballer and manager, notably with Bradford City A.F.C.
  • John Napier (b. 1946), footballer, birth name Robert John Napier
  • John Light Napier (b. 1947), U.S. Representative from South Carolina
  • John Napier (b. 1986), American bobsledder
  • Joseph Napier (1804-1882), politician in the United Kingdom
  • Joseph Napier, a station keeper for the United States Lifesaving Service, founder of the lifesaving station at St. Joseph, Michigan, whose name was given to the cutter USCGC Joseph Napier
  • Lonnie Napier (b. 1940), American politician from Kentucky
  • Macvey Napier (1776–1847), Scottish lawyer, editor of the Encyclopædia Britannica
  • Margaret Brisbane, 5th Lady Napier (died 1706), Scottish peer
  • Mark Napier (1798–1879), Scottish historian
  • Mark Napier (b. 1957), retired Canadian ice-hockey player
  • Mark Napier (b. 1961), American internet artist
  • Mark Francis Napier, British Member of Parliament for Roxburghshire, 1892–1895
  • Marshall Napier, New Zealand actor, father of Jessica Napier
  • Montague Stanley Napier (1870–1931), English automobile and aircraft engine manufacturer
  • Mick Napier, American actor and director
  • Sir Nathaniel Napier (d. 1635), of Middlemarsh Hall and Moor Crichel in Dorset, English Member of Parliament
  • Sir Nathaniel Napier, 2nd Baronet (1636–1709), English politician, traveller and dilettante.
  • Nigel Napier, 14th Lord Napier (b. 1930), Scottish soldier and courtier
  • Nigel Napier-Andrews (b. 1942), British/Canadian TV producer and director
  • Oliver Napier (1935-2011), first leader of the Alliance Party of Northern Ireland
  • Phillip Morris Napier, American politician in Maine
  • Priscilla Napier, English biographer
  • Prudence Hero Napier, British primatologist
  • Richard Napier (1559–1634), astrologer
  • Richard Napier (1559 – 1 April 1634) English astrologer and medical practitioner
  • Robert Napier (1791-1876), Scottish marine engineer
  • Sir Robert Napier, (d. 1615), English judge, Member of Parliament, Chief Baron of the Exchequer in Ireland
  • Sir Robert Napier, 1st Baronet, of Luton Hoo (1560-1637), English merchant
  • Sir Robert Napier, 2nd Baronet (c. 1603-1661), his son, Member of Parliament
  • Robert Napier, (d. 1766), British Adjutant-General to the Forces
  • Robert Napier, 1st Baron Napier of Magdala (1810-1890), British Field Marshal
  • Sir Robert Napier, 1st Baronet, of Punknoll (1642–1700)
  • Robina Napier, aka Mrs. Alexander Napier, 19c British translator and antiquarian
  • Russell Napier (1910–1974), Australian actor
  • Shabazz Napier (b. 1991), Puerto Rican-American basketball player
  • Sheena Napier, British costume designer
  • Simon Napier-Bell (b. 1939), English music professional, one-time manager of The Yardbirds, Wham! and others
  • Sue Napier (b. 1948), Tasmanian politician
  • Susan Napier, New Zealand novelist
  • Susan J. Napier, American professor
  • Thomas Napier (philanthropist) (1802–1881), Scottish philanthropist
  • Vice Admiral Sir Trevylyan Dacres Willes Napier (1867–1920), Royal Navy office
  • Wilfrid Napier (b. 1941), South African cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church
  • William Napier (1804–1879), lawyer, newspaper editor (in Singapore), and Lieutenant-Governor of Labuan
  • William Napier (1828–1908), winner of the Victoria Cross
  • Major-General William Craig Emilius Napier (1818–1903), British Army officer, Governor of the Royal Military College Sandhurst
  • William Ewart Napier (17 January 1881 in East Dulwich, Surrey - 6 September 1952 in Washington, D.C.) was an American chess master of English birth
  • Lt. Gen. Sir William Francis Patrick Napier (1785–1860), British Army officer and military historian
  • William Rawdon Napier (1877-1951), Admiral of the Royal Navy


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