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I have messaged the PMs for Ayres-32 asking them to disconnect the child Gabriel Leftwich-503 from Ruth Ayres-32 and to add Leftwich-496 as a child. I also posted a public comment on this profile and have had no response. I don't think the profile needs to be PPP and the bio could use some attention. Thanks for help! Sherrie

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do we know who the parents of Gabriel b 1819 are?

According to the profiles of Gabriel and his father, he was detached because he wasn't listed in a 1820 census.  But the profile of Gabriel has him born ABOUT 1819. Which leaves the clear possibility that he could have been born after this census was taken.

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I've added William as her son.

Instead of cutting Gabriel adrift, I'd like to try to figure out his parents. Also, it appears William & Ruth were living in 1819... what shows that Gabriel is not their son?
by Liz Shifflett G2G6 Pilot (539k points)
Thanks Liz, I'm hoping to figure Gabriel's parents. I had attached him based on our LHA report, but that report also lists several others that I have not created profiles for because there seems to be some duplication of "Gabriel" in NC, and some are born too late in Ruth's life. (We do have a few errors in that report).

I detached Gabriel from William based on his DOB and the fact that he is not listed in 1820 census,...per his age, he  should be if he's William and Ruth's child. William & Ruth are present in 1820 census.
See Leftwich-456 which has Gabriel with different parents, same wife.
The 1819 DOB is estimated based on the census for Carrol County VA

I'll look at the LHA report this afternoon and see if any of those siblings are posted at WT. I think we may need to do some merges...
Thanks for spelling it out for me (I had to run off to Ranger duty). But... 1820 doesn't include names does it? Are we certain of his age and that it's not him instead of another son?

See also Lois's comment - born "about 1819" could mean "after the 1820 census".

ps - what's LHA?

pps - Gabriel Leftwich-456? He's b 1871 & not with same wife as Leftwich-503. Did you mean a different Leftwich?
It's not the useless 1820 US Census, it's a local census with names
LHA is Leftwich Historical Association. This report has been building for years mainly based on submitted lineages of members and since I do DNA for LHA and help with research I've built most of the lineages in at WT.

The LHA report lists Gabriel born @ 1813 Bedford VA, died 13 Mar 1895 Carroll VA. I used the census info for Carroll, VA in estimating 1819 as DOB. In addition to Gabriel there's a James born 1821, a Joel Keith born 1828, and a Susan, no DOB cited, these I have not created. Ruth Ayres born 1774 (estimated based on 1795 marriage date) is too old to have these late kids. And presuming the Carroll connection is correct then Gabriel born 1819 fits better with above born 1821- 1830. I don't know who his parents are but I don't think William & Ruth are. Wish I could get into our library to check Carroll VA!
It is exceedingly vexing to be locked out of the libraries.

The problem is, for WikiTree purposes, most of these sources have to be regarded as unsourced. Lineages submitted by members don't have a high degree of reliability if not backed up by documentation - which we can't see here.
Well Lois, that's the reason I've added as much as I've been able to find at Family Search and if I can't find any documentation that seems legitimate then I can only source to LHA report, and end it there. But, in many cases I've run into Leftwich profiles that were previously unconnected and have been able to connect them. It serves our overall purpose.

Thanks for you help and input today.

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