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I am trying to merge the Lightfoots of England and Virginia, 1550-1750.  some of the ages and generations appear to be mixed up/wrong.  Is there a good source for this family?
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My mother told me I was the great, great, great, great, great granddaughter of "Rebecca Lightfoot".... I don't know how true this was. But it would be through my father's side. His name was Don Parnell, and through him it was his mother, Eva who was of Indian descent, unfortunately I do not know Eva's maiden name. But they lived in Louisiana.
Wow.  I did not catch that his was from 2013!!! -- jillaine

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Hi Vic,

Are you an NEHGS member? Their has searchable copies of The Virginia Genealogist. I just did a search for Lightfoot in their database, and a  number of TVG articles came up.

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Alternatively, if you don't have access, and are looking for someone in particular, let me know, and I'll poke around.

For example, this from The Virginia Genealogist, 17:151-152 (it's a review of a genealogy that came out in 1972 that has errors in it:

"English wills make it clear that John Lightfoot (Part 2, p. 86 in the 1972 genealogy) who married Anne Goodrich could not have been the son of John Lightfoot of London who married Elizabeth Phillips; he was undoubtedly a grandson."


"Where Mrs. Reese [author of the 1972 genealogy] found a marriage date of 3 Jun 1709 (stated as in Orange County which was not formed until twenty-five years later) or Goodrich Lightfoot and Mary Chew is not shown in the book. There is no evidence to establish that Mrs. Goodrich Lightfoot was a Chew and it would be most unlikely for her to be a child of Benjamin Chew of Anne Arundel Co., Md. Their youngest daughter Elizabeth is shown as married to Richard Meux, but Mrs. Meux's tombstone stands today with an inscription stating she was "the youngest Daughter of Mr. Sherwood Lightfoot."

(There's more...)


"Buckner Land West of the Mattaponi," in The Virginia Genealogist, 44:245:

"15 Feb. 1673/4, Lt. Col. John Smith [of "Purton"], Mr. John Buckner, Mr. Phillip Lightfoot, Mr Thomas Royston and Mr. John Lewis [of Poropotank], patent for 10,050 acres, New Kent County on Mattapony River above the fork where the great run [Beverley] comes into Morocosick Creek." [citing Virginia Land Patent Bk., 6, p. 518]

Colonial Collegians, Vol. William and Mary, p 203, citing McLachlan, James, comp., "Students at William and Mary through 1780," February 2004:

Francis Lightfoot, William and Mary, 1721 (non-graduate)
Main residences: Yorktown, VA, 1721-1728
Father: Lightfoot, Philip (merchant)
Died: 1728

Looks like Francis' brother Philip was also there:

Philip Lightfoot, William and Mary, 1721 [non graduate]
Occupation: Business
Main residences: Yorktown, VA, 1722-1747
Father: Lightfoot, Philip (merchant)
Death: 1747



Oooh.. here's a goodie:

The Virginia Genealogist, 18:313

Book Reviews: English Convicts in Colonial America. Volume I, Middlesex: 1617-1775. Compiled and edited by Peter Wilson Coldham. New Orleans, 1974...

(about 30,000 convicts were transported from England to America between 1615-1775, 1/3 of them from County of Middlesex; a great many were sent to Virginia)

"Daniel Lightfoot who was transported in Oct. 1732 to Virginia may very well be the Daniel Lightfoot who appears in Richmond County afew years later since previous efforts to attach him to the earlier Lightfoot families in Virginia have failed of success."

Love these article titles: "Elopements and Other Miscreant Deeds of Women," in Pennsylvania Genealogical Magazine, 34:219-220:

"29 May 1760: Whereas JAMES LIGHTFOOT left his Wife about two years ago, in Bristol, in England, and sent for her over here; up on which she accordingly came, and arrived here the 19th of November last, in the Prince George, and hath, since that Time, heard that he was at work at Mr. John Inch's, in Annapolis, to whom she has wrote several Letters, but is uncertain whether he ever received them, as she never had an Answer. This is to give notice, that if any Person can give any Information of him, and will direct a Line to me, at Mr. John McMichael's in Philadelphia, it will be taken as a very great Favour, and acknowledged as such, by ESTHER LIGHTFOOT."

This one may be too late for you, but:

The Virginia Genealogist, 27: 258:

Claim of Geo: McCall & Company and McCall, Smellie & Company [pp. 82-83]: Goodrich Lightfoot, Culpeper. Died during the [Rev.] war possessed of a considerable real and personal estate. His son John Lightfoot is his acting executor, who removed to Kentucky since the peace and carried with him assets of his testator sufficient to pay all his debts. He now lives in Mercer County, able to pay. Goodrich Lightfoot by his will directed certain property to be sold to pay his debts. The executor, thinking the debts very inconsiderable, retained the property himself, which is yet unsold. This clause in the will agreeable to a well known principle of equity will admit creditors whose debts are barried [sic] by the statute of limitation. Capt. Philip Slaughter of Culpeper, who is a relation of John Lightfoot, having paid money on account of the estate of Goodrich Lightfoot, went out to Kentucky principally to get reimbursed, which was done by John Lightfoot, the executor."

Also possibly too late:

The Virginia Genealogist, 28:239 ("Queries"):

"3331. LIGHTFOOT. Need names of parents and wife of Henry Lightfoot whose estate, Isle of Wight Co., Va., 1754, names sons Bartholomew, Henry and Thomas. HAYES. Need names of parents of William Hayes, born ca. 1750, Amelia Co., Va., died Wake Co., N.C., 1806, married ca. 1786 Ann Lightfoot, daughter of Bartholomew."

The VERY long "Will of Henry Benskin Lightfoot of New Kent County, Virginia and the Island of Antigua," (dated 19 March 1805) is in The Virginia Genealogist, 30:195-201

I won't transcribe it all-- but it is very fascinating; highlights include:

* he was living on the Island of Antigua at the time he wrote his will

* left a bunch of money to friends living in Antigua (and a few in VA)

* makes reference to a "reputed natural [i.e., illegitimate] daughter baptized by the name of Juliana the natural Daughter of Aspasia Merrick" (who herself was the reputed natural daughter of one Thomas Oliver Merrick) "who formerly lived with me as house keeper" [ie., Henry impregnated his housekeeper] - in any case, he left Juliana 5,000 pounds (and a bunch more), and once she was 21 or married, many slaves and profits derived from them (see below). He also says of her "And to the end that the education of my said reputed natural Daughter Juliana may be complete in all respects to render her a well informed woman, it is my earnest request that as soon after my decease as may be convenient she be sent to England and placed at some respectable School noted for the good education and care of female children and the the allowance for her maintenance and education be liberal and fully sufficient for the purposes aforesaid.

* makes frequent reference to a Nicholas Lightfoot (but does not identify his relationship)

* bequeathes a number (34) of slaves to friends (and above Nicholas), named Tom, Harman, Toney, Goodloe, Harpur, Dick, John, Jacob, Pero, Temple, Stapford, Commodore, Glasgow and Dubling being Caulkers by Trade and now employed in his Majesty's yard at English Harbour, an apprentice Hamilton, Mulatto Harry Coleman, Neptune, Frank, Mulatto Dick Brown, being carpenters now also emp;oyed at English Harbour; Virgil, Tom, Justice and Cromwell being apprentices to carpenters; Mulatto Cudjoe, Mulatto Billy Spa[   ?], Harry Ponto, Richmond, and black Cudjoe, being Masons, and also employed at English Harbour; Aberdeen, Moco Tom, Little Jack, Mitford, being Labourers also employed at English Harbour; and Lefebur, Archy, Meyrick and Richard being boys who I desire may be put to trades... and also seven negro slaves following, that is to say Mimba, Barbara, Mercey, Creet, Lou, polly a washer with her three children Murphy, Frankey and Joe, together with the issue or increase of the females of said slaves... 

* bequest to Aspasia Merrick (mother of Juliana; former housekeeper); an annuity of 100 pounds gold or silver money; he also bequeathed to her the following slaves and their issue: "Saint John, a young Cook, Abba and her Mulatto children Eley and Edward, Sophia and her coloured children Ann and Elizabeth, Ebo Louise (a field worker) and Molly Colquhoun."

* "I give and devise a free mestie [sic] woman named Mary Garrett who has been supposed to be my natural Daughter for and during her natural life one annuity or clear yearly sum of One Hundred pounds Gold or Silver current money..." also to her a parcel of land in the town of St. John, and a number of slaves, namely: a negro man named England, a cook, a negro woman named Bess (the daughter of saint), an African negro Girl named Jane (now with the said Mary Garrett), a mulatto girl named Eley Elliott (now employed in my house at the Grove), and two negro boys named Abraham and Benjamin..."

* he also freed a number of slaves, namely: a mulatto man named William Hillhouse, a carpenter, two negro women named Long Betty and Flora, House servants, two negro women named Lydia and Margaret (washers) and a negro man named Johnny (a groom), leaving them also "their usual allowance of food and cloathing from my plantation called the Grove and be permitted to live thereon during their respective lives without interruption or molestation provided they behaved themselves orderly and properly."

* my Godson William Butler, a youth now at school in England, son of my friend and Trustee William Butler (500 pounds)

He gave the remainder of his estate, including the Grove, to his friends John Burke, William Butler, Daniel Hill the younger, Thomas Rogers, Langford Lovell Hodge, George Poindexter, Nicholas Lightfoot and unto the eldest son of my brother Francis Lightfoot who shall be living at the time of my decease .... 

* later reference to the eldest son of my Brother John Lightfoot

later reference to my said brothers John Lightfoot, Francis Lightfoot, Sherwood Lightfoot; my sister Frances Poindexter


Page 203 of the above-cited article/journal includes a codicil (more details for his natural daughter juliana), then includes:

"Henry Benskin Lightfoot, son of John and Mary Lightfoot of New Kent Co., Va., was a factor for Dreghorn, Murdoch & Company in Prince Edward Co., Va., before the Revolution but, refusing to join the American cause, was given a permit on 22 March 1776 to leave the colony and settled in Antigua where on 8 May 1777 he married Ann Moore (buried 7 Feb. 1780). Their two children died in infancy. According to a letter written to Lyon G. Tyler, 3 April 1894, by Aug. C. Smith of New York, N.Y. (Tyler Papers College of William and Mary), his natural daughter Juliana (1800-1881) married Maj. Thomas Lilly Smith (1787-1871) on 7 Feb. 1821 in Philadelphia, Pa."

"The American Ancestry of John Pierpoint," in The Virginia Genealogist, 2:53.

One John Larkin was buried 4 Feb 1702/3, aged 88+ suggesting a birth year about 1615. He had a daughter Rebecca (b say about 1640-1650? that's a total guess) who married Thomas Lightfoot (citing for this marriage Maryland Historical Magazine, 8:373.)

The Virginia Genealogist 3:61:

reference to marriage of Cadwallader Slaughter, son of Francis and Ann (Lightfoot) Slaughter of Culpeper County. The marriage took place in 1786. I include this bit for the marriage of Ann Lightfoot to Francis Slaughter, which must have taken place in the early-to-mid 1700s.

The Virginia Genealogist 17:79 (Queries):

"Goodrich Lightfoot in will, 1778, Culpeper Co., Va., made bequest to daughter Susanna Brooks." [query was seeking name of her Brooks husband and their children]

there's lots more...
Interesting. This G2G post was posted in Dec 2013, with few responses.  Wow! Look at the last 24 hours!  And yes, I am an NEHGS member, so I do have access to  I'll get back to the Lightfoots ASAP.
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Just typing in "Lightfoot family genealogy" in Google Search I came up with this which looks a very good resource for you to check out.

I just looked at the descendants list and it seems very well sourced so that you can easily know what information was found from which source.


Hope this helps,


by Michael Hruska G2G6 Mach 5 (52.3k points)
Thanks Michael.  I googled Lightfoot and Lightfoot genealogy and didn't find that.  I guess you've got the touch!.
No problem! Any time I can help! I usually type "(Surname) Family Genealogy" and it works for me most times and sometimes I qualify it with other things like "1500s" or "Italy".

Michael, I've had a chance to look at this source, and most of the Lightfoots are from 1700 and after.  Unfortunately, the family trees do not include the early generations, and, although the newsletter has lots of interesting information, is it very difficult to find anything, and again it is mostly 1800 and after. So, I still need a source for 1550 to 1750.
This link isn't the best citation wise and it was last updated 5 years ago but it appears to have many Lightfoots who lived between 1550 and 1770 so I figured I would see if this one helps you any: It at least should help with any date confusion.


  As for my previous post, I simply clicked on Lightfoot Genealogy Reports down below the long intro and then clicked on Descendants of Daniel Lightfoot. As far as I can tell it appears to bring you to a pretty standard descendant report that gives basic info about head then lists narrative information about said person and then proceeds to list the spouse and children of the progenitor. But I do agree that it is confusing because this person chose to relay whole sections from every main source instead of summarizing it and citing it so you can read the source on your own time.


  Again hope this helps you,

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My 5th great grandmother was a Lightfoot and there are sources out there but very few located in one place.  The web site contains the newsletters of the Lightfoot Family Association that contain queries and research on various Lightfoot family lines.  These newsletters contain quite a bit of helpful information but are tedious to search through.  I was a member of this group in the 1980's.  A book has been published on the Lightfoots titled: Calling All Lightfoots: A Lightfoot Family History by Mary Edd Morton, but I do not know how reliable it is.  There are articles about the Lightfoot family in old issues of the William and Mary Quarterly that can be accessed via but you have to register to access their information.  

I am not aware of any published sources that have published information on the Lightfoots that cover the time period before 1700.


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edited by Carol Wilder
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In his most recent opus Royal Ancestry, Douglas Richardson adds Captain John Lightfoot and his brother Lt Philip Lightfoot as Gateway Ancestors.  This Lightfoot family married into MANY of the notable Colonial Virginia families. This 5 volume book is available via Amazon and should be in most major libraries that have large genealogy holdings.  With a cousin, I administer a Facebook page for descendants of Rev Richard Lightfoot, an ancestor of Capt. John and Lt Philip. Please join us.  By the way, Captain John is a Qualifying Ancestor for several interesting linage societies including Jamestowne.
by Karen Stetler G2G Crew (320 points)

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