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Greeters Project
Greeters welcome new Guests and confirm Volunteers for full membership while we simultaneously protect our members from spammers. We also answer questions from our guests and new members and make sure they get the help they need to have a successful start on Wikitree.

A Greeter is ...
  • ... a member who joined WikiTree more than one month ago.
  • ... a Wiki Genealogist who has signed the Honor Code.
  • ... a special volunteer who is friendly, hospitable and enjoys meeting new people.
  • ... able to communicate with guests and new members in a friendly, helpful manner.
  • ... someone who has a good understanding of WikiTree principles and procedures or knows where to find the answers.

See the badge report for the full list of current Greeters.

Greeter Mags and former Greeter Leader Julie at RootsTech 2016


How to Join The Greeters project

Are you interested in the Greeters Project?



Greeters play a key role as the first contact for guests and new members. Our goals are to:
  • Make sure guests have a positive experience by welcoming them in a timely manner and providing information to familiarize them with the nature of WikiTree.
  • Confirm new members and help them find the tools they need to be successful and, when necessary, connect them with a mentor to make sure they have a successful start.
  • Protect Wikitree from spammers and vandals by engaging with guests and new members to make sure they are genuinely interested in genealogy.
  • Nurture our culture of being the most polite and friendly website on the Internet.

Task List

  1. Monitor the Volunteer Badge and Guest Activity feeds during scheduled shifts.
  2. Confirm sincere Volunteers as full members with personalized messages, including links to the New Member How-To pages.
  3. Post welcome messages to Guests.
  4. Assist Guests who need help volunteering.
  5. Answer questions from Guests and Volunteers or direct them to someone who can help.
  6. Watch for Spammers and Vandals. Notify a Leader immediately when a block may be needed.
  7. Keep the Greeters Schedule current for your availability. Add '''Away''' next to your name for planned absences.
  8. Communicate with other Greeters regarding schedules and other topics through our Greeters Google email group. The e-mail address is, and the group can be found at Wiki Greeters Google Group.
  9. Familiarize yourself with the Help:Welcoming New Members page and keep it handy for your referral.


  1. New Member Tutorials
  2. Help:Welcoming New Members - Familiarize yourself with this page and keep it handy for your referral.
  3. Help Index and Help Category - Many of WikiTree's most helpful links
  4. G2G - Use the Search function at the upper left, if needed.
  5. Mentor Referrals
  6. Greeters' Quick Reference
  7. Language Volunteers

Time Zone Helpers

  1. Time Zone Map
  2. Time Widget (clicking will take you off WikiTree; right-click to open in new tab or window)
  3. Another TIME WIDGET link
  4. World Clock Meeting Planner

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Greeter Communication

Use this email group for any and all communications with the Greeter Project members and leaders. The e-mail address is: wikigreeters -at-, and the group can be found at Wiki Greeters Google Group.

Greeter Schedule

Please contact Vicky with any requests or concerns about the schedule. Thanks!

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
0000 12am 11pm 10pm 9pm 0500 5am 4pm Marlene
Sun 11pm CDT
Open Open OpenOpen Charlotte
0100 1am 12am 11pm 10pm 0600 6am 5pm Marlene
OpenOpenOpen Open Open Open
0200 2am 1am 12am 11pm 0700 7am 6pm GillyGillyOpen GillyGillyGillyGilly
0300 3am 2am 1am 12am 0800 8am 7pm Alex GillyAlexGilly Gilly Ludwig Gilly
0400 4am 3am 2am 1am 0900 9 am 8 pm Open OpenOpen Open Open Ludwig Open
0500 5am 4am 3am 2am 1000 10am 9pm Open OpenJanet Janet Open LudwigOpen
0600 6am 5am 4am 3am 1100 11am 10pm Open OpenJanetJanet Open Open Open
0700 7am 6am 5am 4am 1200 12pm 11pm Deb Deb Deb Deb Deb Deb Deb
0800 8am 7am 6am 5am 1300 1pm 12am Deb Open Open Open Open Open Deb
0900 9am 8am 7am 6am 1400 2pm 1am K Guerra
Open Norman Open Cindy Open Open
1000 10am 9am 8am 7am 1500 3pm 2am Guy Cindy Open Open Cindy Open Open
1100 11am 10am 9am 8am 1600 4pm 3am Guy Cindy Open Cindy Open Open Open
1200 12pm 11am 10am 9am 1700 5pm 4am Karen Tobo Open Cindy Cindy Open Cindy
1300 1pm 12pm 11am 10am 1800 6pm 5am Marshall AwayShirley Cindy Open Shirley Cindy
1400 2pm 1pm 12pm 11am 1900 7pm 6am Open Shirley Open Open Shirley Open Shirley
1500 3pm 2pm 1pm 12pm 2000 8pm 7am Open Open Open Open Open Open Open
1600 4pm 3pm 2pm 1pm 2100 9pm 8am Emma Open Open Open Open Open Marlene
1700 5pm 4pm 3pm 2pm 2200 10pm 9am Emma Open Open Open OpenOpenMarlene
1800 6pm 5pm 4pm 3pm 2300 11pm 10am Open Open Open OpenOpen OpenOpen
1900 7pm 6pm 5pm 4pm 0000 12am 11am Vicky Vicky
Away 19 Feb
Vicky Vicky Vicky Emma Open
2000 8pm 7pm 6pm 5pm 0000 1am 12pm Vicky Vicky
Away 19 Feb
Vicky Vicky Vicky Open Open
2100 9pm 8pm 7pm 6pm 0200 2am 1pm OpenOpen OpenOpen OpenOpen Open
2200 10pm 9pm 8pm 7pm 0300 3am 2pm Carole Carole David S. David S.David S. David S. David S.
2300 11pm 10pm 9pm 8pm 0400 4am 3pm DorothyOpen Veronica
Wed 3pm AEDT away
Open Karen Tobo Charlotte Open
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat

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