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:Portugal: Douro Litoral Team has sources for 1808
The French Revolutionary Wars (1792-1802) that pitted France against Great Britain, Austria, Prussia, Russia and several other monarchies. Wikipedia
The Napoleonic Wars (1803–1815) were a series of major conflicts pitting the French Empire and its allies, led by Napoleon I, against different European powers. Wikipedia
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... was in the Napoleonic Wars.



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    • Isabelle Martin - I had a great-great-great uncle who died in the Napoleonic wars, as well as at least a dozen of young men from my village.
    • Rich Devlin - My main interest is the Irish that were involved.
    • William Pease - I have an ancestor John Bower Lewis who fought in the Peninsular War, and was late for the War of 1812 and late again for final battles in Belgium and France.
    • Richard Shelley - My 4th GG Father, Hans, and his brother, Claus, served on behalf of Denmark during the Napoleonic Wars. Hans was conscripted in 1802. He fought from 1808 - 1813 in the Schleswig Regiment Jägerkorps, and was wounded in action multiple times, awarded the St Helena Medal (He was commended for the Dannebrog Cross however he had lost this commendation certificate). Claus on the otherhand was conscripted in 1804 and served until 1805 when he was severely wounded which saw an end to his service. He recovered in Italy and remained there until his death in 1828.
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Rich Devlin Formating page, identifying key players

War between Britain and France, 1793–1814

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Wikipedia United_Kingdom_in_the_Napoleonic_Wars
Wikipedia British_Army_during_the_Napoleonic_Wars

(Enter short history here with links to key leaders)

War of the First Coalition (1792-1797)


Some historians do not include this into the Napoleonic Wars.

After the dethroning of Louis XVI, during the Révolution Française there were over 75 French Presidents of the National Convention from 1792 through 1795. (Need to create a page and category French Presidents of the National Convention)

1792 King Frederick William II of Prussia had the support of Great Britain and the Austrian Empire to send the Duke of Brunswick towards Paris with a large army

Francis II the last Holy Roman Emperor, ruling from 1792 until 6 August 1806, when he dissolved the Holy Roman Empire after the decisive defeat at the hands of the First French Empire led by Napoleon at the Battle of Austerlitz

Timeline 1792

Wikipedia War_of_the FirstCoalition

Anglo Spanish War


The Anglo-Spanish War was a conflict fought between 1796 and 1802, and again from 1804 to 1808, as part of the French Revolutionary Wars and the Napoleonic Wars.

War of the Second Coalition (1798–1802)


Some historians do not include this into the Napoleonic Wars

Wikipedia War_of_the_Second_Coalition

War of the Third Coalition 1805


Wikipedia (Enter short history here with links to key leaders)

Battle of Wertingen, 8 October 1805
Battle of Haslach-Jungingen, 11 October 1805
Battle of Elchingen, 14 October 1805
Battle of Ulm, 16–19 October 1805
Battle of Trafalgar, 21 October 1805
Battle of Caldiero, 30 October 1805
Trafalgar campaign, 1805
Battle of Austerlitz (2 December 1805
Battle of Schöngrabern, (aka Battle of Hollabrunn), 16 November 1805

War of the Fourth Coalition 1806–1807


Peninsular War 1807–1814



War of the Fifth Coalition 1809


Austro-Polish War 1809

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Invasion of Russia 1812

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War of the Sixth Coalition 1812–1814


Known in Germany as the War of Liberation

War of the Seventh Coalition 1815

The Hundred Days war [[:Category:Hundred_Days - Wikipedia

Battle of Waterloo Project Homepage

Subsidiary wars

War of 1812


Some European historians often see this as a minor theatre of the Napoleonic Wars. Wikipedia - Project:War_of_1812 -

Latin American Revolutions

Category:Argentine War of Independence
Category:Bolivian War of Independence
Spanish Reconquest of New Granada
Category:Bolívar's Campaign to Liberate New Granada
Category:Chilean War of Independence
Category:Ecuadorian War of Independence
Category:Mexican War of Independence
Category:Peruvian War of Independence
Category:Venezuelan War of Independence

Barbary Wars

Category:First Barbary War
Category:Second Barbary War


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Battle Date yyyy/mm/dd Page/Category Notes
Battle of Abukir (1799) 1799/01/02 – 20 February
Battle of Abukir (1801) 1801/03/08 March 1801
Battle of Abensberg 1809/04/20 April 1809
Siege of Acre 1799/03/17 March – 20 May 1799
Battle of Alba de Tormes 1809/11/26 November 1809
Battle of la Albuera 1811/05/16 May 1811
Battle of Algeciras Bay 1801/07/08 and 12 July 1801
Battle of Alkmaar 1799/10/02 October 1799 Category Wikipedia
Battle of Amberg 1796/08/24 August 1796 Category Wikipedia:Battle_of_Amberg
Battle of Amstetten 1805/11/05 November 1805
Battle of Arcis-sur-Aube 1814/03/20–21 March 1814
Battle of Aspern-Essling 1809/05/22 May 1809
Battle of Jena–Auerstedt 1806/10/14 Oct 1806
Battle of Arcole 1796/11/15–17 Nov 1796
Battle of Austerlitz 1805/12/02 December 1805
Battle of Badajoz 1812/03/15 16 March – 6 April 1812
Battle of Bailén 1808/07/18 18 – 22 July 1808
Battle of la Barrosa 1811/03/04 5 March 1811
Battle of Bassano 1796/09/08 8 September 1796
Battle of Bautzen 1813/05/21 21 May 1813
Battle of Berezina 1812/11/26–29 Nov 1812
Battle of Bergen 1799/09/19 September 1799 Category WIKIPEDIA
Battles of Bergisel 1809/04/02 April – 1 Nov 1809
Battle of Borodino 1812/09/07 September 1812
Battle of Brienne 1814/01/29 January 1814
Battle of Burgos - Battle of Gamonal 1808/11/07 November 1808
Battle of Buçaco 1810/09/27 September 1810
Siege of Cádiz 1810/02/05 Feb 1810, 24 Aug 1812
Battle of Caldiero 1805/10/30 October 1805
Battle of Cape St Vincent 1797.02/14 Feb 1797 Category Wikipedia
Battle of Castiglione 1796/08/05 August 1796
Battle of Castlebar 1798/08/27 August 1798
Battle of Champaubert 1814/02/10 February 1814
Battle of Château-Thierry 1814/02/02 February 1814
Battle of Copenhagen 1801/04/02 April 1801
Battle of Corunna 1809/01/16 January 1809
Battle of Craonne 1814/03/07 March 1814
Battle of Dego 1796/04/14–15 April 1796
Battle of Dennewitz 1813/09/06 September 1813
Battle of Dresden 1813/08/26–27 August 1813
Battle of Dürenstein 1805/11/11 November 1805
Battle of Eckmühl 1809/04/22 April 1809
Battle of Elchingen 1805/10/14 October 1805
Battle of Espinosa de los Monteros 1808/11/10–11 Nov 1808
Battle of Eylau 1807/02/07–8 February 1807
Battle of Cape Finisterre 1805/07/22 July 1805
Battle of Friedland 1808/06/14 June 1807
Battle of Fuentes de Oñoro 1811/05/03–5 May 1811
Battle of the Gevora river 1811/02/19 February 1811
Third Siege of Gerona 1809/12/06 May – 12 December 1809
Siege of Hamburg 1813/05/30 May 1813 – 27 May 1814
Battle of Haslach-Jungingen 1805/10/11 October 1805
Battle of Heilsberg 1807/06/10 June 1807
Battle of Hohenlinden 1800/12/03 December 1800
Battle of Issy 1815/07/02-3 July 1815
Battle of Jena–Auerstedt 1806/10/14 Oct 1806
Kolberg, Siege of 1807/07/01 March to 2 July 1807
Battle of Landshut 1809/04/21 April 1809
Battle of La Suffel 1815/06/28 June 1815
Battle of Leipzig 1813/10/16–19 Oct 1813 Category
Battle of Ligny 1815/06/16 June 1815
Battle of Lodi 1796/05/10 May 1796
Battle of Lübeck 1806/11/06 November 1806
Battle of Lützen 1813/05/02 May 1813
Battle of Maida 1806/07/04 July 1806
Battle of Marengo 1800/06/14 June 1800
Battle of María 1809/06/15 June 1809
Battle of Medellín 1809/03/28 March 1809
Battle of Medina de Rioseco 1808/07/14 July 1808
Battle of Millesimo 1796/04/13 April 1796
Battle of the Mincio River 1814/92/08 February 1814
Battle of Mondovì 1796/04/21 April 1796
Battle of Montebello 1800/06/09 June 1800
Battle of Montenotte 1796/04/12 April 1796 Wikipedia
Battle of Montmirail 1814/02/11 February 1814
Battle of Mount Tabor 1799/04/16 April 1799
Battle of the Nile 1798/08/01–2
Battle of Novi 1799/08/15 August 1799
Battle of Ocaña 1809/11/19 November 1809
Battle of Cape Ortegal 1805/11/04 November 1805
Battle of Orthez 1814/02/27 February 1814
Battle of Pancorbo 1808/10/31 October 1808
Battle of Piave River 1809/05/07–8 May 1809
Battle of the Pyramids 1798/07/21 July 1798
Battle of Quatre Bras 1815/06/16 June 1815
Battle of Raab 1809/06/14 June 1809
Battle of Raszyn 1809/04/09 April 1809
Battle of Rivoli 1797/01/14–15 January 1797
Battle of Rocquencourt 1815/07/01 July 1815
Battle of Roliça 1808/08/17 August 1808
Battle of La Rothière 1814/02/011 February 1814
Battle of Rovereto 1796/09/04 September 1796
Battle of Saalfeld 1806/10/10 October 1806
Battle of Schöngrabern 1805/11/16 November 1805
Battle of Salamanca - Battle of Los Arapiles 1812/07/22 July 1812
Battle of Smolensk 1812/08/17 August 1812
Battle of Somosierra 1808/11/30 November 1808
Battle of Talavera 1809/07/27–28 July 1809
Battle of Tamames 1809/10/18 October 1809
Battle of Trafalgar 1805/10/21 October 1805
Battle of Trebbia 1799/06/17–19 June 1799
Battle of Tudela 1808/11/23 November 1808
Battle of Ulm 1805/10/16–19 October 1805
Battle of Valls 1809/02/25 February 1809
Battle of Valmaseda 1808/11/05 November 1808
Battle of Valutino 1812/08/18 August 1812
Battle of Vauchamps 1814/02/14 February 1814
Battle of Vimeiro 1808/08/20 August 1808
Battle of Vitoria 1813/06/21 June 1813
Battle of Wagram 1813/07/5–6 July 1809
Battle of Waterloo 1815/06/18 June 1815 Page/Category
Battle of Wavre 1815/06/18–19 June 1815
Battle of Wertingen 1805/10/08 October 1805
First Siege of Zaragoza 1808/08/15 Jun – 13 Aug 1808
Second Siege of Zaragoza 1808/12/20 Dec 1808 – 20 Feb 1809


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1. "Invasion of Russia 1812" -> Wikipedia:de:Russlandfeldzug 1812 states it as beginning of the War of the Sixth Coalition, while Wikipedia:French invasion of Russia doesn't. Also the section "War of the Sixth Coalition 1812–1814" here implies, it's a part of it.

2. Shouldn't the Military and War project also manage this FSP?

3. Wikipedia:Category:Napoleonic_Wars is spelled Napoleonic, so I guess we should rename the category?

posted by Florian Straub
hi, is the category name correct? Shouldn't it read Napoleonic wars? Neapolitan would stand for events relating to Naples only.
posted by Danielle Liard
Good catch Danielle, It looks like the category is the problem. I'm not an expert on French, French history, Naples or Categories. So whatever you and the related projects come up with, I would go along with it.
posted by Richard Devlin