PGM: Can you help with Richard Kimball merges [closed]

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There are a huge number of duplicate profile pages for the 1634 immigrant Richard Kimball, his wife and children. This will be a monumental task to de-dupe them all. Many merges were accomplished a year ago. Several others remain pending, although I've asked Lianne to complete the merges of them. I've also started to clean up the narrative which was a huge mess. (And yes, I'm retaining a list of "contributing" GEDCOM uploaders.)

For those descended from or otherwise interested in Richard Kimball, we need your help. To best keep this under control, I thought we could each take on one child of Richard and Ursula, and work on de-duping those. The children are:

1. Henry Kimball

2. Ursula Kimball

3. Abigail Kimball

4. Elizabeth Kimball

5. Richard Kimball

6. John Kimball

7. Martha Kimball

8. Thomas Kimball

9. Sarah Kimball

10. Benjamin Kimball

11. Caleb Kimball

Please assign yourself one and let us know which one you'll work on. Many many many thanks.

WikiTree profile: Richard Kimball
closed with the note: Dupes resolved
in Policy and Style by Jillaine Smith G2G6 Pilot (917k points)
closed by Jillaine Smith

SUB - All the Richard Kimballs between 1500 to 1699, reviewed and grouped. At least all those I could find through standard search...

·      Kimball-696 (Willette Bryant; s/o Henry; br/o Agnes, Anne, Eliz, Henry)
·      Kimball-245 (no PM; s/o Henry & Marion; br/o Agnes, Richard, Anne, Elizabeh, Peter & Henry)

c1554-1582; s/o Henry K and Cecilia
·      Kembold-20 (Johanna Amnelin)
·      Kimbolde-3 (1541-1619; no PM; s/o Henry & Cecilia)

1567, spouse: Elizabeth; d 1619 when will proven, naming eldest son Henry; wheelwright
·      Kimball-281 (JSS); s/o Henry K and Margaret Munning; d 1619 MERGE PENDING
·      Kimball-394 (Johanna Amnelin; ditto) MERGE PENDING
·      Kemball-1 (Carol Brackley; s/o Henry & Margaret Munning
·      Kemball-18 (Willette Bryant; s/o Henry)

1590/95, emigrant; spouse Ursula Scott]
·      Kimball-60 (multiple; TARGET; s/o Henry & JOhanne)
·      Kimball-80 (J Geer) s/o Henry/Johann
·      Kimball-109 (Robert Weaver; sp/o Ursula)
·      Kimball-198 (Carol Brackley; s/o Henry Kimball/Johann)
·      Kimball-668 (Willette Bryant; s/o Henry/Johanna; sp/o Ursula & Margaret)
·      Kimball-779 (William Kimball; s/o Henry/Johanna)
·      Kimball-978 (Debra Glidden; sp/o Ursula)

1623-1676; sp/o Mary Cooley and/or Mary Gott; most have no parents; those that do: s/o Richard b 1595 & Ursula)
·      Kimball-191 (Carol Brackley; s/o Richard & Ursula)
·      Kimball-292 (Daniel Jacobsen; s/o ??; spouse of Mary Cooley
·      Kimball-683 (Willette Bryant; s/o Richard)
·      Kimball-707 (Johanna Amnelin & Richard Draper; has been merged from Kimball-73)
·      Kimball-885 (Jessica Turner)
·      Kimball-997 (Tamara Stevens)
·      Kimball-977 (Debra Glidden; s/o Richard & Ursula; sp/o Mary Gott)

·      Kimball-871 (Bill Good; orphaned; no spouse; no parents; d 26 May 1676)

1643-1715 (s/o Henry K & Mary Wyatt)
·      Kimball-494 (no PM)

 1659; d 1732 w/o Thomas Kimbal & Mary Smith; sp/o Sarah Spofford
·      Kimball-269 (Elizabeth Patterson; w/o Sarah Spofford)
·      Kimball-277 (no PM)

1664-1710; s/o Benjamin & Mercy (Hazeltine) Kimball
·      Kimball-491 (no PM)

·      Kimball-203 (s/o John & Abigail (Bradstreet) Kimball)

1671-1672 s/o Richard Kimball & Mary Cooley
·      Kimball-495 (no PM)
·      Kimball-727 (Richard Draper)
·      Kimball-888 (Jessica Turner)

1673; s/o John & Sarah (Bradstreet) Burton; d 1753
·      Kimball-135 (Carol Brackley)
·      Kimball-883 (Jessica Turner)

1682-1683; s/o Caleb K & Anna Haseltine
·      Kimball-496 (no PM)

1683 Bradford, s/o Richard & Sarah (Spofford) Kimball
·      Kimball-237 (no PM)

1683-1713; s/o Samuel Kimball & Mary Witt
·      Kimball-733 (Richard Draper)

1689 Bradford, d 1769 s/o Richard & Sarah (Spofford) Kimball
·      Kimball-267 (no PM)

1691-c1760; sp/o Sarah Burley
·      Kimball-959 (JSS)

Henry Kimball

1466-1526 (s/o John; husband of Marion)
* Kembold-22 (Johanna Amnelin et al)
* Kimball-83 (J Geer)
* Kimball-693 (Willette Bryant)

1510-1558; s/o Henry & Marion; sp/o Cecilia
* Kimball-82
* Kimball-157 (Carol Brackley)
* Kimball-690 (Willette Bryant)

1539; s/o Henry K & Cecelia Sysley; sp/o Margaret Munning
* Kimball-64 (Charlene Sue Chambers)
* Kimball-81 (J Geer)
* Kimball-182 (Carol Brackley)
* Kimball-687 (Willette Bryant)

1565-1619; s/o Henry Kimball & Margaret Munning; m Johann
* Kimball-63 (Johanna Amnelin)
* Kimball-78 (J Geer)
* Kimball-194 (Carol Brackley)
* Kimball-676 (Willette Bryant)

1590; s/o Henry & Johann
* Kimball-181 (Carol Brackley)
* Kimball-275 (Johanna Amnelin)
* Kimball-689 (Willette Bryant)
* Kimball-792 (Charlene Sue Chambers)

Born 12 Aug 1615; d 1676; s/o Richard Kimball & Ursula Scott; m Mary Wyatt
* Kimball-138 (Carol Brackley)
* Kimball-258 (John Putnam)
* Kimball-377 (Johanna Amnelin)
* Kimball-462 (No PM)
* Kimball-686 (Willette Bryant)
* Kimball-716 (Richard Draper)
* Kimball-876 (Bill Good) not attached to anyone else
* Kimball-909 (Christopher Becker)
* Kimball-906 (Christopher Becker)

B 1656 s/o Henry Kimball & Mary Wyatt; father of Caleb
* Kimball-463 (No PM)
* Kimball-914 (Merry Kennedy)

1674; s/o Richard Kimball & Mary Cooley
* Kimball-457 (No PM)
* Kimball-887 (Jessica Turner)

* Kimball-912 (JSS) – m Susan Stone

3 Answers

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Good Lord, what a mess!
by Keith Baker G2G6 Pilot (106k points)
That's why I need help!

Okay, okay!surprise  It may take me a couple more days, but let me see if I can help. Maybe a few from the PGM group will jump in here?


Thanks for all your work on the WikiTree, Jillaine!

Can I just say, this is a nightmare.
+5 votes

I didn't see this til recently. I've been trying to help anyhow. I just don't know if I've been so systematic about it.


by Jessica Turner G2G Crew (350 points)
Jessica, thanks for anything you can do.

I recently got through the children of Richard and Ursula-- at least by the KIMBALL spelling; if there are other spellings for their children, I haven't gotten to those yet.

One stumbling block is Ursula Scott's ancestry. We can't merge her dupes without merging her parents dupes, and somewhere up the line there is disagreement about parentage. I'd sure like it if someone who knew more than me would take that on.

Then, of course, now that Richard and Ursula's children have been de-duped, each of THEIR spouses and sets of children need de-duping.

Yes it's a mess. Thanks for anything you can do to support it. And... I may have started out methodical, but I don't think I've been able to sustain it! ;-)

I just take on a particular grouping and focus there until I pass out. ;-)

-- Jillaine
+4 votes

I've checked each of his children. Detached a couple of profiles for which there is no support; requested a merge in another case. Checked for duplicate spouses of each child.

Have NOT checked (yet) to see if there are duplicate children of each of these children.
by Jillaine Smith G2G6 Pilot (917k points)
Checked children of Richard's children; no dupes in existing family profile sets.

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