Could someone with Germany expertise take a look a this?

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George Broyles has a number of what appear to be duplicated children all using either Broyles or Breyel as their last name.

This era is not in my wheelhouse, and I would appreciate it if someone who is familiar with this time period in Germany could take a look and set up merges in the proper order so we get everyone merged into the correct last name.

Thank you!!!
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in Genealogy Help by Julie Ricketts G2G6 Pilot (371k points)
Without seeing the actual sources for each, my guess based upon my own research in Germany is that all children could plausibly be the Children of Georg given his age at each child's birth. Based on the fact that the dates and locations of their births (the same in each instance) I would suspect that Margaretha (the first two in the list), Catharina, Martine, and Agnes with the varied surname spellings are the same person in each case. Then following Johannes you have yet a third listing for one Margaretha Breyel who appeared to have been born later than her first three siblings. I have in my own families cases where a child born and died in infancy or early childhood...that same name might definitely be used for a child born afterwards.

For a merge we would have to have some indication which is the right name for the family. Broyles is not a German name, Breyel could be. If somebody with a membership in Ancestry could check, they say they have 9 records in

Then the children could be merged in the right direction.

BTW, the location for Ofterdingen and Dußlingen in the 16th/17th century would be Herzogtum Württemberg, Heiliges Römisches Reich, neither the county Tübingen, nor the state Baden-Württemberg, nor the country Germany existed at that time (county Tübingen founded 1934, Baden-Württemberg 1952, Germany 1871).


Great information! Thank you, Helmut!

Now we just need an Ancestry member. :-)
Can you propose a standard form for the name?   The original name in Dusslingen is quite uncertain, showing as Braial, Briel, Breyel, Breÿal, Breüel, Breihel, etc., with Breÿhel being used for the christening records in Oetisheim.  In America this became Broyles and Briles.

Steve ... and Helmut, please correct me if you think I'm wrong ... if Breÿhel is what's used on their Christening records, then I think that's what we need to use as their LNAB and then add the variations as well. 

Have you ever considered doing a One Name Study on your last name, Steve?? 

p.s. Given that all of these people were born in Germany and based on what Helmut is saying, I'm going to propose the merges into Breyel, and then if that needs to be changed, we can do that later.

Agree, I always lean towards using what is in the original record and put variants in the Other Last Names field.
Thanks again, Helmut!

I've proposed the merges and changed Georg's last name to Breyel, which matches his father, by the way. ;-)

Now we just need to get the merges done. In the meantime, I can hopefully make a run to the library to take a look at those records you referenced.
Julie, it would be great if you could track down the sources.  I'm doubtful about anything predating the church records in Dusslingen, and some of these records appear to.  You can see the original Dusslingen and Oetisheim church records here (first document):
Steve --

I can check what's on Ancestry from the library. I can't promise much more than that -- which is why I posted this question. ;-) This is not an area I've done much work in.

Gotta run out for a while, but I can check the link later. I know you've done a lot of work on this family!! Excellent!

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