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Philip W. Smith
Born 1940s.
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Father of [private daughter (1970s - unknown)], [private son (1970s - unknown)] and
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Agenda - Vision - Goals

Many years ago I read a note in someone’s genealogy file that their goal was to "find all of the ancestors of their grandchildren and all of their descendants". Unfortunately I did not write down the person's name, it was a long time ago, today I would add it to their biography with a date and source note. However, I have thought for a long time that it was a reasonable way to define the scope of my research. Many years ago I also realized it was not possible. I only manage about 55,000 family names and it is not nearly enough. Now, I have found Wikitree and realize that maybe it is possible, if everyone works for the best possible system.

On Vacation in Hawaii


Philip Smith is a Military Veteran.
Served in the United States Army 1969-1971 attaining Sp. 5
Served in Vietnam

Profile - Bio - Intro

Phil Smith

I live in Silicon Valley, grew up and was educated in California. I am retired. I am too lazy to enter a proper biography so I attached an old resume.

I have worked on genealogy since the early 1970's when I inherited my grandfather's Herman Willis Smith notes and diaries. Currently I am working on family lines for both my immediate family and many others who have asked me to look into someone.

When I was still working one of the suggestions for job interview questions was "If you had to describe yourself with one word what would that be?" I was ready with an answer: Polly-dimensional. To which I expected the reply - "But that is not a word."; and I would have said, "Exactly". Of course I was never asked - so I had to write it here.

An old resume is included - if you are really bored and have nothing else to read.

OK - working on a biography -

Early Life

I, Philip Wayne Smith, son of Philip G. and Myrtle Edrie (Roach) Smith, was born on 11 January 1947 in Riverside, Riverside County, California. My father was a printer and printed a birth announcement card.

Birth Announcement Card.

I appeared on the census of 17 May 1950 in the home of my parents at 839 N. Main St., Riverside, Riverside County, California. My grandmother was living with us. My paternal grandparents were listed next to us.[1]

Early Education

I attended Fremont Elementary in Riverside, Central Jr. High, and Riverside Polytechnic. I was in the ROTC for two years at Poly, the honor Day Ceremonies on 10 May 1963 show that I received a Bronze Metal - Professor of Military Science - interesting I do not remember it and can only guess it was for academic performance, I was not very good at anything else in ROTC.


I learned to cook when I was very young. My mother starting working with my father and told my sister and I that we were to cook dinner. She wrote out detailed instructions - what to fix, how to fix it and what time to do each thing. I was cooking dinner for the family of 6 when I was 11 years old. Mary and I were to trade off, one doing dishes the other cooking. She hated it, and her cooking reflected her feelings. I was hungry and so I cooked. Since then, if I can find a recipe, I can cook it.

My grandmother, Edrie, raised chickens and thought it was important that I learn how to kill and clean them, so it was also something I did at about the same age. I still have the the butcher knife she bought for me to kill chickens.

I was told by my brother that he and my sisters would talk me into making biscuits. I don't remember them doing so, but I know I made biscuits. They were good, and still are when I make them, but not quite as good as my grandmother's.

First Jobs

Paperboy of the Week.

The first job I had was a paper route, it was a bicycle route and I had about 75 customers, that took the afternoon paper. At that time almost everyone took the paper and as the most of the homes were in a tract I was able to complete the route in less than an hour. I later became the station manger for 15 carriers and then moved to the mail room at the Press-Enterprise, Riverside, California. The mail room is where the newspapers are bundled and loaded on trucks for distribution. I was there, working at night, for two years while I was in Junior College.

When I moved to San Jose, California to go to school I worked at a number of different jobs. One was as a meter reader and maintenance man at the water company in Niles, California.


Registered for the draft on January 12, 1965. Received notice to report on May 20, 1969, and was given an extension to June to finish the semester at San Jose State. Inducted US Army, June 18, 1969. Completed basic training at Fort Ord, Monterey, California. Completed MP training at Fort Gordon, Georgia, January 1970. Service in Co. B, 504 MP Battalion of the 18th Military Police Brigade in the Republic of Vietnam, February 13, 1970 to February 11, 1971. Promoted to SP5 December 23, 1970 with a 94B20 MOS. (Cook)

Spent most of my tour managing a mess hall in DaNang as a first cook, the only training I received was by another cook who spent two weeks teaching me the job before he was transferred. Supervised a staff of 50 Vietnamese and 4 soldiers. Prepared and served meals for about 1,000. The mess hall served US Army and US Marine units as well as the prison at DaNang. I was told by a visiting Major, who was responsible for bring supplies into Vietnam, that the meal he had just eaten at at our mess hall was the best he had eaten in Vietnam. We were serving liver and onions.

Discharged February 11, 1971.


I was told much later by my daughter, Erin, that perhaps I should have continued in school as it was something I really enjoyed. Perhaps she was correct. When I returned from Vietnam I returned to school at San Jose State and finished my degree. I realized that the job market required graduate school and I applied to the Social Science department at San Jose and the Statistics department at California State at Hayward. I was accepted at both. I talked to the department heads and asked them the same question. "What is the job market like?" At San Jose I was told, well most of the students are already teaching. At Hayward, Dr. Park, told me "I can get a job for all of my graduates." I took statistics, and Dr. Park was not only a great teacher he was right.

After college I worked for Health Application Systems and then the California Trucking Association. While working full time at the Trucking Association I returned to school at the Haas School of Business, Berkeley, California.

In 1981 I went to work for Viking Freight System, Inc., Santa Clara, California. I was there until 1997.

Books and Authors

I had a difficult time learning to read - I remember with a great deal of pain a first grade teacher correcting me over and over in front of a reading class as I could not seem to be able to remember the difference in various words - I think that "they", "those" and "them" were a special problem. By the third grade something happened and I was reading sixth grade books, those are the ones I used for book reports, there were a large number of other books that I suspected would not meet with approval and I was reading them as well. In high school I took a speed reading course. I was reading at over 5,000 words a minute, when tested. I did not actually read that fast most of the time, but when I need to work my way through a large about of material I am able to do it quickly. I read everything - these authors and books are some of my favorites. - In no particular order.:

  1. Robert A. Heinlein - everything - Glory Road and The Moon is a Harsh Mistress should be read by everyone.
  2. Carl von Clausewitz - On War
  3. Sun-Tzu - The Art of Warfare
  4. Robert B. Parker - all of his are fun
  5. Robert Ruark - Something of Value
  6. Charles M. Doughty - Travels in Arabia Deserta - the most difficult book I have read and worth it.
  7. John Steinbeck - everything
  8. William H. Prescot - History of the Conquest of Mexico and History of the Conquest of Peru - this should be read before reading
  9. Hugh Thomas - Conquest, Montezuma, Cortez, and the Fall of Old Mexico
  10. T. E. Lawrence - Seven Pillars of Wisdom - should read before reading:
  11. Jeremy Wilson - Lawrence of Arabia - the Authorized Biography of T. E. Lawrence.
  12. Leon Trotsky - My Life
  13. Rudyard Kipling - Kim and and all those wonderful poems.
  14. Nevil Shute - Chequer Board and most everything else, his early books seem the best.
  15. Farley Mowat - And No Birds Sang, the most powerful book I have read about WWII.


In January of 2007 a large number of cousins and family members set up a surprise birthday party for my 60th birthday.


I have done cross stitch since I was quite young, my grandmother, Edrie, probably taught me though I do not remember her doing so. The earliest cross stitch I have is a table cloth that she started and I finished probably by the time I was 13 or 14. Later my sister, Mary, made a lace boarder for it. In 2021 I gave the table cloth to Jennifer (Smith) Avedissian. Photos of the table cloth with the lace border are in Mary's images.

Table Cloth - 1 of 3
I was very sick with pneumonia when I was in the 8th grade. While I was in the hospital and later I completed a large pattern of ducks. When I was in China I found a set of cross stitch kits and have completed many. In 2019 during the Covis-19 pandemic I started another kit. It took two years - it is 23 by 46 inches. This image is what the completed kit looked like without a frame.
Koi and Flowers - Phil Smith - 29 Sep. 2021

In Junior High School I took wood shop for one third of year. All of the boys took woodshop, metal shop and drafting. Girls took home economics classes. In Viet Nam there was a small library and I started reading about wood working and started a subscription to a wood working magazine. I continued the subscription when I returned home. I found that I like designing and then building furniture. One table I did was from pine that my grandfather brought from Arkansas to California when he moved about 1946. The lumber was in storage in his attic. I finally worked out a plan to use all of the pine and built this entry table in the late 1990's.

Entry Table - Phil Smith - about 1997.


17 May 1950

839 N. Main St., Riverside, Riverside County, California

  • Philip G Smith 37 Head b. KS general business printing.
  • Myrtle E Smith 23 Wife b. CA.
  • Philip W Smith 3 Son b. CA.
  • Mary E Smith 2 Daughter b. CA.
  • Douglas E Smith Feb. Son b. CA.
  • Edrie Roach 61 Mother-in-law widow b. CA (sic)[1]

Old Resume


I am a business consultant, accountant, financial analyst, manager, strategic planner, and an English teacher. I have significant experience in the transportation, construction and insurance industries with projects in operations, administration, costing, industrial engineering, information and incentive systems, data services, and pricing. I am able to work at any level or department of an organization. Available to travel.


U.S. Department of Commerce, U.S. Census Bureau. 2009 – 2010 Crew Leader, Trainer – 2010 Census – Part Time

HANSA ONE, INC. 2008 - 2011 Business English Teacher. One-on-one. Business Professional students.

ISABEL CHIU, & CO., LLP, Certified Public Accountants 2008- 2013 Tax Preparer - Seasonal


SILICON VALLEY HABITAT FOR HUMANITY, Milpitas, CA 2006 - 2007 Accountant – Half Time

FINANCIAL RESULTS INC., Pleasant Hill, CA 2005 - 2006 Business Analyst, Bookkeeper – Part Time

ARKANSAS DELTA PRODUCE MARKETING ASSOCIATION, Turner, Arkansas, USA Business Analyst 2005 Analyzed business plan for a new non-profit organization, developed operating plan and designed data base to track sweet potatoes from slips to final sale. Identified problem in building/business design that saved client $50,000 - $100,000. Project managed by Winrock International

ASSOCIACION ALDEA GLOBAL, Jinotega, Nicaragua 2004 Business Planner Analyzed existing business, developed financial plan, trained staff. Farmer-to-Farmer, USAID project managed by Winrock International

FANTSUAM FOUNDATION, Micro Finance Organization, Kafanchan, Nigeria 2003 Financial Analyst Analyzed existing accounting and reporting systems developed and installed new processes. Farmer-to-Farmer, USAID project managed by Winrock International

AGENCE POUR LA COMMERCIALISATION AGRICOLE, Conakry, Republic of Guinea, West Africa Survey Consultant 2003 Developed and completed survey on the use of Market Information, saved project 20 million GNF. Statistician. 2002 Developed procedure to forecast crop yields, trained project and field staff. Survey Systems Trainer. 2001 Developed training materials; trained staff on survey and computer usage while conducting survey. Farmer-to-Farmer, USAID projects managed by Winrock International.

JIANGSU POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY, Changzhou, Jiangsu, P.R. China; Teacher 2002 - 2003 Taught International Finance and Business Writing to juniors and seniors at four year university.

TRANSWORLD SCHOOLS, San Francisco, California; EFL/ESL Teacher Intern 2002 Taught multi-lingual classes at beginning, intermediate and advanced level. Responsible for lesson planning and material selection.

SMITH & LAM INC, Milpitas, California; President 1997 - 2000 Set up new home construction/contracting business in Walnut Creek, CA. Recruited, hired and trained staff. Achieved profitability in 6 months. Received award for highest gross revenue for a medium sized territory in second year of operation. Successfully marketed and sold business.

INDEPENDENT CONSULTANT 1997 - 1997 BAX completed assignment on the design of a new information system for international shipments. In New Zealand worked for a privately held automobile carrier that has over 60% of the market.

VIKING FREIGHT, INC., San Jose, California; Vice President Corporate Planning 1981 – 1997 A $1 billion regional Less-Than-Truckload motor carrier with 15,000 employees

Managed staff of 55 professionals, including engineers, cost analysts, SAS programmers, statisticians, planning, and data analysts.

Created an activity-based costing system used for all pricing decisions, integrating the use of the data into the entire management decision-making process and generating over $60 million in profit.

Wrote and managed the production of all material for annual field employee meetings. Presented results, plans, and programs monthly to employees throughout company.

Participated in a project team for the design, development, testing, and implementation of a completely rewritten computer system to handle operations, payroll data collection, equipment and shipment tracking, and receivables with interfaces to general ledger and payroll.

Member of Pricing Committee; met twice weekly to handle all pricing policy and approval of pricing for large accounts representing 36 percent of sales. Created a sophisticated rate index system to measure price changes and track effectiveness of changes in pricing.

Evaluated truckload and perishable operations; following evaluation, worked as member of management team and shut down those operations to stem continuing losses.

Evaluated acquisition candidates; following evaluation, worked as member of management team that integrated new companies into the Viking organization.

Established a companywide incentive system with individual work group goals aligned to corporate objectives in the areas of productivity performance vs. standards, on-time service, revenues, claims, and safety, contributing profit of more than $39 million in six years.

Directed installation of an equipment maintenance software system while acting as an internal consultant to the maintenance organization, comprised of Vice Presidents and Directors from four companies. Project included developing initial specifications, vendor selection, file structures, hardware configurations, and installation.

Designed and installed a PC management reporting system to measure key operational, sales, maintenance, and administrative variables. Designed the automated tariff assignment system, which eliminated most rating and billing errors and allowed over 80% of shipments to be automatically rated.

Created, staffed, and developed the industrial engineering function, gaining a 33 percent improvement in productivity in the three months following installation in three new divisions.

CALIFORNIA TRUCKING ASSOCIATION, Burlingame, California; Manager/Statistician 1977 - 1981 The trade association for California motor carriers, representing the industry before the California Public Utilities Commission and government agencies.

Conducted seminars on costing systems for owners and presidents of trucking companies. Appeared as an expert cost witness before the California Public Utilities Commission.

HEALTH APPLICATION SYSTEMS, Burlingame, California; Management Consultant 1975 -1977 Managed a group of three statisticians and analysts. Evaluated, selected, and installed new software to meet corporate data analysis needs.


SCORE Active business counselor – 2003 - 2006
Transportation Research Forum - 1985 - 1997
Associate Editor of the Journal for TRF 1991-1995
Editorial Review Board for 1989 - 1990
University of Michigan - Member - Advisory Board Michigan Trucking Industry Program 1996-1997


"An Estimate of Pickup and Delivery Stop Time for a Less-Than-Truckload Motor Carrier” with M. Housden, J. Jones, M. Leslie & K. Strickland. Journal of the Transportation Research Forum, Vol. XXX N.1, 1989, p 153. Received the best paper award from the NAFC in 1990.

"Platform Cost by Weight Bracket for the Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) Common Carrier” AST&T paper 1982. Paper describes application of work sampling techniques.


Advanced CTESOL (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) CTESOL (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) Transworld Schools, San Francisco, California – 2002

MBA - Finance, University of California at Berkeley – 1980

MS - Statistics, California State University, Hayward – 1975

BA - Social Science, California State University, San Jose - 1973

Engineering, Riverside City College, Riverside, CA – 1967


The Master Genealogist, QuickBooks, Windows Office Suite: Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook


Genealogy, Photography, Reading, Woodworking, Travel, Gardening, Cooking, Robotics.

DNA Confirmations

Paternal DNA Confirmations

  • Paternal relationship is confirmed by a triangulated group consisting of third cousins: Philip Smith - GEDMatch ID: T618013, B. Johnson - GEDMAtch ID: T050575 and their third cousin once removed Mary (Anstee) DeLisio - GEDMatch ID: T608141 sharing a common 8.1 cM segment on chromosome 6 from 138,458,036 to 147,930,620. Their common ancestral pair is Albert Smith and Louisa (Pelton) Smith
  • Paternal relationship is confirmed by a triangulated group consisting of third cousins: Philip Smith - GEDMatch ID: T618013, John B. Virnich - GEDMatch ID: A793652 and B. Johnson - GEDMAtch ID: T050575 sharing a common 7.1 cM segment on chromosome 6 from 157,459,176 to 162,430,964. Their common ancestral pair is Albert Smith and Louisa (Pelton) Smith

Maternal DNA Confirmation

Pending DNA Confirmations

  • Three way DNA for any three of this set: Philip W. Smith - GEDMatch T618013, Vera Collum Hammer - GEDMatch ID: A942861, Larry Kirklen - GEDMatch ID: A623761, Ryan Scott - GEDMatch ID: T725121, Leslie Torkelson - GEDMatch ID: A485713 has gedcom at GEDMatch. OR; Hammer and Cindy B - GEDMatch ID: M915070. The common ancestor pair is unknown. Smith_Kirklen_Hammer_Scott_Torkelson_3_Way_DNA_Confirmation shows documentation.

Ancestors with Place of Birth














































Philip G. Smith

Herman W.Smith

Emmit A. Roach

George M. Smith

John Husser

John Roach

James M. Taylor

Albert Smith

Asa Griffin


Johannes Hiller

John Patterson

John M. Taylor

Noah Langford

Freeman Smith

Thomas A. Pelton

Aaron Griffin

Charles Hudson

Johannes Husser

Johann Hiller

Conrad Binder

Isaac Langford

Stephen Huntley

Nathan Baxter

Peleg Pelton

John King

Elnathan Griffin

Joseph R. Paine

Johann Husser


Johannes Hiller

Buckhard Krauss

Johan Binder

Johann Schuler

Dudley Langford

Thomas Elwell

Thomas Howard

Nathan Baxter

George Dodge

Thomas Pelton

Robert Stoddard

Prosper King

Stephen Griffin


Garden City, KS

Jasper, NY

Little Rock, AR

Farmington, PA

Horbourg, Haut-Rhin


Franklin Co., OH

New York

Minden, NY

Horbourg, Haut-Rhin


North Carolina


Mt. Vernon, OH

Conn. or Mass.

Mount Hope, NY

Redding, CT






Chenango, NY

Hebron, CT

Groton, CT


Rochester, MA



Horbourg, Alsace





Westerly, RI

Salem, NJ

New York ?

Hebron, CT

Colchester, CT

Groton, CT

Groton, CT

Southold, NY

Harwich, MA


Myrtle E. Roach

Anna Husser

Edrie I. Taylor

Mary Jane Griffin

Christiane Hiller

Sarah Patterson

Emily A.Langford

Louisa Pelton

Diadama Hudson

Ursula Husser

Maria Binder

Caroline Cox

Iva McClary

Martha Huntley

Polly Baxter

Julia A. King

Lois Lewis

Mehitable Paine

B. Neuschwander

Catharina Krauss

Agnes Schuler

Sarah Elwell

Irena Howard

Anna Dodge

Anna Stoddard


Patience Burr

Mehitable Gillings

M. Rissenach

Catharina Hild

Anna Bausch

Maria Barsch


Maria Hiller

Rebecca Staats


Martha Whitford

Mind. Holdridge

Jemima Wise

Hannah Avery

Lucy Billings


Hannah Norcross


Altadena, CA

Utica, NY

Omaha, NE

Jasper, NY



Darlington, WI

New York

Colrain, MA

Horbourg, Alsace


South Carolina


New York

Delaware Co., NY

Mount Hope, NY

Rhode Island

Braintree, MA

Horbourg, Alsace




New York


Groton, CT



Braintree ?


Horbourg, Alsace



Holzgerlingen ?


Weston, WV


New York

Hebron, CT

Attleboro, MA

Groton, CT

Stonington, CT




  1. 1.0 1.1 Philip G Smith in the 1950 United States Federal Census.


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01 Sep 2022 c313349 t-10040 p-301,130 r#117 cc 3722
01 Oct 2022 c314008 t-10077 p-302,080 r#117 cc 3738
01 Nov 2022 c315586 t-10111 p-304,510 r#117 cc 3758
01 Dec 2022 c316430 t-10136 p-306,220 r#118 cc 3759
01 Jan 2023 c317781 t-10390 p-308,811 r#118 cc 3765
01 Feb 2023 c319874 t-10513 p-310,750 r#120 cc 3769
01 Mar 2023 c321743 t-10555 p-313,080 r#120 cc 3774
01 Apr 2023 missing
01 May 2023 c323864 t-10636 p-314,590 r#120 cc 3788
01 Jun 2023 c325023 t-10685 p-314,740 r#120 cc 3805
01 Jul 2023 c325526 t-10704 p-315,740 r#120 cc 3811
01 Aug 2023 c327298 t-10721 p-316,520 #120 cc 3811
01 Sep 2023 c328099 t-10746 p-320,800 #122 cc 3890
01 Oct 2023 c328420 t-10756 p-372,250 #122 cc 3911
01 Nov 2023 missing
01 Dec 2023 c328,528 t-10,762 p-327,270 #124 cc 3950

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DNA Connections
It may be possible to confirm family relationships by comparing test results with Philip or other carriers of his ancestors' Y-chromosome or mitochondrial DNA. Y-chromosome DNA test-takers in his direct paternal line on WikiTree: Mitochondrial DNA test-takers in the direct maternal line: It is likely that these autosomal DNA test-takers will share some percentage of DNA with Philip:

Have you taken a DNA test? If so, login to add it. If not, see our friends at Ancestry DNA.

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posted by Azure Robinson
Thanks for your contribution to North Carolina Green and Greene Wills!
posted by Paula J
Greetings, Philip, or should I say Cousin Philip (9th, once removed)! I am responding to your request to merge some Duty's...(somehow that just does not sound right)

While I can see that you are quite diligent in your research, I can find no background (sources) on our friend Duty-135 you have some info I don't see--it looks to me to be completely unsourced? Thanks so much! (Re: merge of Duty-432/Duty-135) I will continue to poke around a bit, although it's not much fun from my phone...

posted by Loretta Buckner
Phillip, hello. Regarding the Amy Whitney and Amy Payson recent merge request. Thanks for recently providing the Savory/Calnek source on a LNAB of Whitney. I'm completing the requested merge.

Amy Payson-271 and spouse David Randall-5236 Amy Whitney-980 and spouse David Randall-995

Thank you for the work you posted on Aurora Spencer and Julia Whitney. You cleared the confusion that i was in. Much appreciated!
posted by Kim (Hadaway) Huntsman
Just uploaded DNA to Gedmatch. Thanks for your help.
posted by Ed Mauldin III
We are actually 17th Cousins through Robert Darcy (1391-1448).
posted by Ed Mauldin III
Thanks for merging Frances Sumerall. We have interesting connections. I lived in Silicon Valley (Mountain View) working for NASA Ames (Moffett Field) as a Rocket Scientist. My surname should also be "Smith." A child was sired by Christopher Smith and Elizabeth Mauldin in 1760. Since Elizabeth never married, she gave the kid "Mauldin" for last name. Christopher Smith happened to be her sister's husband. Check out my tree at Mauldin-688.
posted by Ed Mauldin III
Thank you, Philip, for all your help with our families.
Thank you Phillip for your wonderful research and documentation of ancestors. I am impressed and extremely grateful.
posted by Marcia Powell
Melinda Cheatham Bolchoz, thankyou, Phillip it's nice to have someone who is gifted in this ❤ My info is full of holes and I appreciate your contribution..You r my first response, exciting
Hi, Philip,

I noticed that you changed the birth and death dates on Borgersdatter-5. Do you happen to have sources that you can add to support those estimated dates?

Thanks, Laura

posted by Laura DeSpain
edited by Laura DeSpain
I think I will have to practice a while, when it is early and work on it!!. Thanks for the hints.

~Mary ~~

posted by Mary Richardson
Hi Philip.

Nice Wikitree page. We're 7th cousins through David Britain Dodge.

Farley Mowat's Wikitree ID is Mowat-164 in case you'd like to link him in your favorite book list.


posted by Greg Bishop
edited by Greg Bishop
Hi Philip

Thanks for picking up the duplicate of Elijah Painter. Appreciated rgds Murray

posted by Murray Painter
Dear Philip,

Thank you so much for your help with Sibyl North and others! What a lovely surprise. I’m quite the newbie, so your expertise is most welcome.

Jennifer Kerr

posted by Jennifer Kerr

Can you possibly help me understand how it is that the recent merger affecting my 6th Great grand Aunt Euphemia (Radley) Badgely--( Radley-265 and Radley-74) was completed by you without my being first consulted as one of the profile managers involved? I am not necessarily objecting to the merger, just noting what appears to be an important glitch in the system. Best. Mike Bissell [Bissell-517]

Phillip Smith can you help me with John Young. My tree is reflecting the wrong John young. Don't know why or how my tree was altered. Please let me know if you can help. Kind regards
posted by Jocelyn Young
I don't know the John Young you want to fix. He is not related to me. My John McCullough Young was born 1739, had one wife, Mary Polly Cotter. He died 1824. He was born in South Carolina, not Ireland
posted by Jocelyn Young
Philip, thank you very much for straightening out the two Jeremiah Crandalls: i appreciate it very much. It had bothered me for a long time. I adopted the profile of Jeremiah Crandall, son of Eber and Mary, as soon as i saw that it had been oprhaned. Thanks again for your great work here!
Philip, the Appreciation Team thanks for you for efforts toward making our Shared Tree the best it can be with your 1000+ contributions during August 2019. You are an important part of what we are all about!

And... thank you for your service in the US Army.

Pippin Sheppard

WikiTree’s Appreciation Team

posted by Pip Sheppard
Hi Philip!

The Appreciation Team thanks you for all for your hard work for reaching 1000+ actually, over 1500!) contributions for the month July 2019. Onward and upward!

Pip Sheppard

WikiTree Appreciation Team

posted by Pip Sheppard
THank you Philip for helping improve my family John Reid profile. We WikiTree Genealogists help each other greatly!

Gordon Warder Jr "Bud"

posted by Gordon Warder Jr

Thanks for suggesting the merger for Anne Quarles Matthews, my Calhoun-2608 with Calhoun-193. I think there are serious problems with Calhoun-193, some of which I detail in a Note at my Calhoun-2608. I had worked on it long and hard to the point of being very frustrated. If you don't mind I am going to do an Unmerged match at this time. I will also do the same with her husband, Isaac Matthews. I intended to look at it closer, within a few years, maybe, after retiring, including a trip to the areas in Virginia and South Carolina where they lived. Thanks again.

posted by Buddy Jordan
Thanks Philip,

For your note to merge Shuck 317 into it was a duplicate. It took me a while but I think I got the confusion figured out...and now they are one! Regards, Joyce Ferguson, aka Jakeway-65

Dear, Philip, thanks for proposing the merge of Sims-5125 and Sims-64.

The bio of -5125 is definitely NOT the individual of profile -64, but let's merge anyway to simplify the tree.

Actually, I had created -5125, feeling cocky I could corroborate and document a different line of the Sims family but hit an immediate brick wall and later learned that such an individual may not have existed, based on subsequent DNA confirmations from that line of Sims family!

I've since become much more conservative in profile creation, and was embarrassed to have created this profile.

So I'll delete the bio and sources, and let's merge. Problem solved! :)

Best, Mark

posted by Mark Todd