about the X and Y sex chromosome DNA

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I would like to state that I had a karyotype in 1976 and learned that I have XXY sex chromosomes.  How many people have learned that their sex chromosomes are different then the standard XX for females and XY for males?  Persons with XXY ones are sterile and can not pass their DNA on to children.

I want to know when I pay to get my x-dna tested - will both my XX's be tested or will I need to pay twice?  I've already had my y-dna test through the National Geographic Genomic Project and they confirmed what I already knew of my father's lineage.  

I note that people use X and Y chromosomes instead of "sex chromosomes."  Are they the same?  I'm also wondering how women with androgen insensitivity syndrome (AIS) fair with these tests since they have XY sex chromosomes?

I guess that was four questions.  Many people don't realize that there are many different sex chromosome combinations (XXX, XO, XXXY, XXXY/XY, XYY, etc.)
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If you decide to do additional genetic tests, it would be a good idea to tell the company about your karyotype before you submit your sample -- and ask them how it will affect the results you receive.
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Thank you, Ellen, for this good advice.
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My understading from the following is you received one X from your mother and it formed two identical copies.

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Peter - I don't know if I got the extra X from my mother or my father!  It doesn't matter and I do have a body that's in-between most males and females.
The extra X chromosome in Klinefelters can come from either the sperm (father) or egg (mother).
Thank you Joey for your correction!  I was incorrect.

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