Edward Winslow Jr.
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Edward Winslow Jr. (1595 - 1655)

Governor Edward Winslow Jr.
Born in Droitwich, Worcestershire, Englandmap
Ancestors ancestors
Husband of — married after 12 May 1618 in Leiden, Holland, Republiek der Zeven Verenigde Nederlandenmap
Husband of — married 12 May 1621 in Plymouth Colonymap
Descendants descendants
Died at age 59 in at sea, west of Hispaniola, near Jamaica, West Indiesmap
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The Mayflower.
Edward Winslow Jr. was a passenger on the Mayflower.
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Preceded by
2nd Governor
William Bradford

5th Governor
William Bradford

9th Governor
William Bradford
Edward Winslow
3rd Governor
of Plymouth Colony

1633 —1634
Plymouth Colony Seal
6th Governor
10th Governor
Succeeded by
4th Governor
Thomas Prence

7th Governor
William Bradford

11th Governor
William Bradford



Edward Winslow is well known as a passenger on the Mayflower and one of the early leaders of the Plymouth Colony. He served three times as governor of the colony and was an assistant governor on numerous occasions. He was fervent defender of the colonies in New England and made several trips back to England to defend the colonies from opponents and to obtain much needed support. He also wrote a number of publications in defense of the colonies which greatly help our understanding of the settlement of the new world.
He was married twice, first to Elizabeth Barker and then to Susanna Jackson. His second marriage was the first in the newly established colony. He had five known children by his second wife, but only one son and one daughter survived to leave descendants.
In 1655, he was the chief of the three English commissioners whom Cromwell sent on his expedition against the West Indies to advise with its leaders Admiral Venables and Admiral William Penn, but died near Jamaica (Anderson says near Hispaniola) on the 8th of May 1655, aged 59y, 6m, 18d, and was buried at sea.


Baptized: 20 October 1595 at the parish of St. Peter's in Droitwich, Worcestershire, England.[1][2][3]
He was the son of Edward Winslow and Magdalen Oliver.

Marriages and Children

Married: 1st - Elizabeth Barker shortly after 12 May 1618 when their third marriage banns were published in Leiden, Holland.[4][5][6][7] She was recently shown to be the daughter of Samuel Barker of Chattisham, Suffolk, England.[8] She died testate on 24 Mar 1621 in Plymouth, Plymouth Colony.[9] They had no children.
Married: 2nd - Susannah Jackson on 12 May 1621 in Plymouth Colony. She was the widow of Mayflower passenger William White, and a daughter of Richard Jackson.[10] She was last known living on 18 December 1654 when named in the will of her husband.
Children of Edward Winslow and Susannah Jackson:[1]
  1. Unnamed Child, b and d 1622/23.[11]
  2. Edward Winslow. Born about 1624. He was living in 1627, but no further record.
  3. John Winslow. Born about 1626. He was living in 1627, but no further record.
  4. Josiah Winslow. Born after 22 May 1627 (not in cattle division). He married by 1658 Penelope Pelham, dau of Herbert Pelham; in his will of 1 Jan 1672/3 Herbert Pelham makes bequests to "my daughter Penelope Winslow" and "my son Josias Winslow."
  5. Elizabeth Winslow. Born about 1631; She married 1st about 1656 Robert Brooks; married 2nd George Curwin on 22 Sep 1669 in Salem.


Died: 8 May 1655 at sea of a fever on a voyage from Hispaniola to Jamaica. He was buried at sea.[1]
Will: of Edward Winslowe of London, Esquire.[1]
Dated 18 Dec 1654; proved 16 Oct 1655.
"Edward Winslowe of London, Esquire, being now bound in a voyage to sea in service of the commonwealth...
to Josiah my only son [the entire estate] he allowing to my wife a full third part thereof for her life...
to the poor of the Church of Plymuth in New England...
to the poor of Marshfield where the chiefest of my estate lies...
my linent which I carry with me to sea to my daughter Elizabeth...
residue to my son Josias, he giving to each of my brothers a suit of apparell...
son Josias my executor...
my four friends Dr. Edmond Wilson, Mr. John Arthur, Mr. Jmes Shirley, Mr. Richard Floyd overseers for the rest of my personal estate in England...


English origins and connections

Edward Winslow was baptized in Droitwich, Worcestershire, England. He was the oldest son of Edward Winslow and Magdalene Oliver. Four of his brothers would also immigrate to New England. His brother Gilbert was also a Mayflower passenger. John Winslow arrived the next year on the Fortune in 1621. His brothers Kenelm and Josiah did not arrive until 1631. Margaret, wife of Robert Hicks, is sometimes said to be a sister of these brothers; there is no evidence that this is true and is not accepted.
He attended the King's School of Worcester Cathedral from April 1606 until April 1611. He was subsequently apprenticed to "John Beale, citizen and stationer, for the term of eight years," on 19 August 1613, but left his master in 1617.[1] Shortly thereafter he removed to Leiden and joined the separatist congregation there.
At the time of his marriage in 1618, he was called a printer from London, England. It has been speculated that he assisted William Brewster and Thomas Brewer in their publishing of religious books.[12]

Mayflower Passenger

Mayflower in Plymouth Harbor
by William Halsall, 1882.
After a couple of false starts the Mayflower left Plymouth, England on 6 September 1620 for what was originally planned to be a journey to Virginia. Onboard were 102 passengers, including Edward Winslow. The historic voyage took 66 days, and on 9 November 1620, the Mayflower arrived at Cape Cod (well off-course). A decision was made, however, to remain at Cape Cod for safety rather than attempt to sail south to the area they were supposed to settle by the terms of their patent.
Signing the Mayflower Compact 1620,
by Jean Leon Gerome Ferris, 1899.
Immediately upon arrival some dissension broke out among the colonists. Since they were not settling in the area specified by their patent, some colonists felt they were no longer bound by the laws of England and the terms of the patent. An agreement was drawn up to help establish law, government and social order. The Mayflower Compact was signed while the Mayflower was anchored at Cape Cod (Provincetown Harbor) on 11 November 1620. It was signed by all free adult males and some, but not all, of the servants. Edward Winslow was the third male to sign.


- Governor of Plymouth Colony. Elected three times on 1 January 1632/3, 5 January 1635/6 and 5 June 1644.
- Assistant Governor of Plymouth Colony. In 1634, 1635, 1637, 1638, 1641, 1642, 1643, 1645, 1647, 1648 and 1650.


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- Edward Winslow and Howard Miller Chapin ed. Hypocrisie Unmasked; A True Relation of the Proceedings of the Governor and Company of the Massachusetts against Samuel Gorton of Rhode Island (1646; reprint Providence, 1916). Archive.org link
- New England's Salamander Discovered. (1647).
- He also wrote the introduction to the Glorious Progress of the Gospel Amongst the Indians in New England. (1649).

A possible royal line

A royal line to Edward III was proposed by John Hunt in 1965; however, this is not completely proven and is not accepted.[13]

Research Notes

Recent Research

The most recent and definitive study of the Winslow family is:
Fraad, Brandon. The Winslow Families of Worcestershire 1400-1700. (Boston: NEHGS, 2009).
The focus of this book is in researching and correcting errors in the ancestry of Edward Winslow.
UPDATE: The General Society of Mayflower Descendants has published a New "Mayflower Families Silver Books" on Edward Winslow (vol. 25, by Marston Watson, Plymouth: GSMD 2019). This book covers the descendants of Gov. Edward Winslow for eight generations.


Y-DNA ResultsBY71464:[14] Previous Y-STR testing through the Mayflower DNA Project and the Winslow surname DNA project has indicated that the Winslow lineage belongs to the I-M253 Y-DNA haplogroup, which is quite common in Northern and Northwestern Europe. Next Generation Sequence/Whole Genome Sequence testing
As of April 2021 there are three patrilineal (all male line) descendants of the Winslow family from Droitwich who have taken the Big Y-700 test. One of these individuals descends from Gov. Edward Winslow, while the other two individuals descends from his brother, Kenelm. Their results document where the Winslow family clade/Haplogroup is I-M253>>Z61>S9939>>S11023>BY34545>BYBY34542>BY71464. In addition, the two descendants of Kenelm share an additional SNP not found in the descendant of Edward: BY108126.
Thus, anyone who falls under the BY71464 clade (regardless of their surname) must descend from the Winslow family of Droitwich, and anyone who falls under this clade and tests positive for BY108126 must descend from Kenelm. HOWEVER, this does not mean that anyone who falls under the BY71464 clade and tests negative for BY108126 must not descend from Kenelm.
Notables Project
Edward Winslow Jr. is Notable.


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Though this may be very close to being correct, the original marriage record does not exist. The best we can say is they were married very soon after 12 May 1618 when the third marriage banns were published.
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Lora Altine Woodbury Underhill, Descendants of Edward Small of New England and the Allied Families with Tracings of English Ancestry. Revised Edition. The Riverside Press, Boston and New York, Houghton Mifflin Company, 1934, p. 23. JOHN SMALLEY OF EASTHAM. "John Smalley came over with Edward Winslow in the William and Francis, sailing from London March 9, 1632, and arrived in New England, June 5, 1632."
William White-12582 is a different person than Mayflower passenger William White-506. He did live in Leiden, and he did marry Anna Fuller (who is not Susanna Jackson). It is important to keep these two different William Whites separate so the mistakes of the past will not be repeated.
posted by Joe Cochoit
William White-12582 needs to be disconneced from Anna Fuller as his spouse, and then merge the two William White. It's absurd that considering the expert evidence that now confirms Susanna Jackson as his wife (and mother of Resolved and Perigrene), that Wikitree is reluctant to separate the two. Why and what is the reluctance to follow standard Wikitree protocol regarding disproved spouses and ancestors?
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