Ancestors of the Biden families of Maryland are from Sussex, not Huntingdonshire. [closed]

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Two articles in November show that the immigrant William Biden was the one who was born 1789 in Sussex, not 1791 in Huntingdonshire.  I have created a new profile for the correct William Biden (b. 1789, Sussex).  So is okay to keep them as two separate profiles and connect Mary Elkins and the children to the profile of the correct William Biden (profile Biden-93)?  Or would it be easier to merge the profiles and create a new profile for the wrong William Biden (born in Huntingdonshire)?  Here are weblinks to the two November articles:

WikiTree profile: William Biden
closed with the note: The two men have clearly been marked as two different men.
in Genealogy Help by Kenneth Kinman G2G6 Mach 6 (64.6k points)
closed by Robin Lee
I removed the flag on this post. This is not a discussion of the life details of living persons.

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As there is clearly a source for "this William" , I would suggest that we remove the wife and children and add them to the "new William".   Please give the profile manager an opportunity to read and weigh in on all of this.
by Robin Lee G2G6 Pilot (680k points)
selected by Pip Sheppard
Thanks Robin.  I have added more biography and sources to the new William's profile (Biden-93), but I have not transferred the wife and children (pending more feedback here).  And I have also added a Flower and Note (with weblink to the new research) to his Findagrave profile indicating that the birthplace needs to be changed (and that he had no middle name).
Robin, I would detach the parents. The current profile for William Biden should be kept with his wife and children, but the correct parents should be attached.

A new profile William Biden son of John and Ann Biden should be created.

I have concluded that Robin's suggestion would be much easier and less messy.  The new profile for the immigrant William Biden (born in Sussex) is already connected to newly created profiles for the correct parents (James Biden and Ann Silverlock).  It would be easier to just transfer the wife and children, and the Maryland stuff in the profile for William Biden of Huntingdonshire simply deleted.   See the profile for William Biden of Sussex here:  

quote> Huntingdonshire simply deleted

Profiles cannot be deleted on wikitree. If this was a real person, then he can have his own profile - he would just need to have the wrong relatives removed. If you can find any correct relatives, please add them.
The current profile manager has indicated on her profile that she has limited access.   Let's give her a couple of days to add her opinion.
Hi N. Gauthier.  Oh, you misunderstood what I was saying.  I did not say to delete the entire profile.  I said "the Maryland stuff in the profile for William Biden of Huntingdonshire simply deleted."  With that Maryland stuff deleted, the real story of his life can be added.  All the Maryland stuff is now in the profile of William Biden of Sussex.   William Biden of Huntingdonshire is actually Captain William Henry Biden (b. 1791) who died in 1843 in Rangoon, Burma.  So I wouldn't want to delete his profile.  Just omit the Maryland stuff and add the Burma information.
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I think I linked that article as a source. Megan's, I mean. I'll link this to her and see what she thinks.
by Chris Ferraiolo G2G6 Pilot (416k points)

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