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I've identified a relative that is a Swedish actress and I've added her profile here Hedda Stiernstedt Hedda Stiernstedt - Wikipedia. Could you please change the privacy to yellow?
posted by Hans Juneby
edited by Hans Juneby
I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask, but could work be done on Michael J. Fox's profile (Fox-4897)? One of my aunts just got diagnosed with Parkinson's yesterday (thankfully caught early, but she's currently in the hospital because she has possible diabetic paralysis -- she suddenly found she couldn't move her legs and fell, but thankfully only got a scrape on her arm -- tests are being made), my great grandma had it, she had English ancestry (Michael has Irish, English, and Scottish ancestry according to his Wiki page), and -- if I remember correctly out of the many profiles I've made along my family tree journey -- I had one or a few family members who once lived in Edmonton, so I'm curious to see if we're distant cousins.
posted by Jennifer Fulk
Michael J. Fox's ( ) profile has been opened to viewing privacy levels, so that his basic information can be seen. However, his family is another matter. His father ( ) is in a "green" privacy lock (can see all information, but cannot edit without permission from the Profile Manager) and his mother ( ) is set as "Still Living", which means her profile is completely Private. Neither his father nor his mother are in the control of the Notables Project, so there is little the project can do to assist. If you have an interest in working on his family, you would need to request permission of the Profile Manager.
posted by Scott Fulkerson
I have created profiles for John Lithgow's mother and many profiles following her line to William Bradford. Would someone from "Notables" please check her profile and attach her to his profile if appropriate. Her profile is Thank you!
posted by Faylene Bailey
she has been added to his profile as mother.


posted by Scott Fulkerson
Eklund-228 is NOT the actress Britt Eklund, that's Eklund-399.
posted by Jessica Key
I see that now, but I also see that there is conflicting information. 3 of the 4 sources on her profile point to the actress, while the 4th is the birth record you mention. In order to get Eklund-399 open, can you please add Notables as co-manager of that profile so that we can get it to Yellow privacy? (address is wikitree-notables-project at googlegroups dot c-o-m) - Thanks!

I'll see what I can do with Eklund-228 to note on the profile that this is not the actress and remove the Notables template from the profile.

posted by Scott Fulkerson
Would you consider opening this profile Carpet-4 @ as a living noble at 103? She is listed on Wikipedia here: Quote: Vivian Mildred Corbett Bailey (born February 3, 1918) is an American World War II veteran, civil servant, and volunteer. She is a fundraiser for education, health, and military service personnel. Bailey was one of the first African American officers in the Women's Army Corps. This year's recognition by the news:

Thanks, Sandra Davidson, profile creator and manager at this time.

Hi Sandra - one of the requirements is to have at minimum 3 Wikipedia articles about the individual to open a profile. I don't think she meets that requirement, but I'll go back and verify.
posted by Scott Fulkerson
As Jeremy Bulloch died today, December 17, 2020, could his profile be unlocked?
posted by Steven Greenwood
Can someone from the Notables projects connect one of the daughters of Dorothy Helen (Ruth) Pirone [Ruth-4]? And connect her first husband, Daniel. Ellen Marie Ruth (Sullivan) Hourigan [Sullivan-15394] was one of her daughters from her first marriage to Daniel J. Sullivan. My (now ex) SIL had told me her mom's maiden name was Pirone, but I guess it was Sullivan. I left a note on Dorothy's page but not sure how often things get looked at.
Travers-493 is the same as Travers-380. Mary was my half-sister - we shared the same mother, Virginia Allin Coigney (Allin-200). These two profiles are definitely her and should be merged. (There is a rejected merge of these two profiles but the rejection was incorrect.) I might add that Virginia's family name was Copeland, her own father is a bit of a mystery, but is listed sometimes as "Allin", her first husband was Robert Travers (Mary's father), her second husband was Herman E. Cooper (my father), and her third husband was Rudolph Coigney, from whom she was divorced when she died. And finally, Mary has two children, b. Erika Fuller and b. Alicia Feinstein.

The date of Mary's death should be Sept. 16, not 19. Mary's father is not "unknown Cooper" (that was my father, not hers). Her father shown on Travers-380 is correct.

Ann (Cooper) Gordon (Cooper-14488).

posted by Ann (Cooper) Gordon
edited by Ann (Cooper) Gordon
I request to be added to Loftus-544 as a PM.
posted by John Thompson
8th Cousins (5 times removed) with Elvis! lol
posted by Cyenthia Clepper
Notables folks, I think you should be managing (Elvis). Someone claiming to be his daughter has created a duplicate. His estate recognizes only one daughter-- Lisa Marie. I think the profile needs protection and project mgt. Thanks!

FYI, a group of us are researching his claimed Native American ancestry.

posted by Jillaine Smith
I think that I may be related to Barbara Jill Walters (the TV personality) because there is a relative named Burton Walters, and; she had a brother by that name who died. Is there any way I can get access to her profile so I can verify whether I am related or not?

Norman Walters - 4155

posted by Norman Walters
Can I be added as a manager to Hynde-3 so I can connect her?
posted by Jessica Key
How do I find my notables connections that are featured weekly or so if I have not saved them?

Thank you.

posted by Emm Balluff
Birch Bayh died today, 14 March 2019, at his home in Easton, MD. His father is on Wikitree, and I assume that Birch Jr. is one of the Unlisted Bayh profiles. If so, the Privacy should be opened.
posted by Vic Watt
Janet Asimov née Jeppson died 25th February 2019. Searching for her as Janet Asimov gave me Unlisted Profile Privacy Level: Unlisted (Black) Jeppson-6 managed by Notables Project Wikitree.>br />

So could we please have the profile open if Jeppson-6 is her?

posted by Melanie Paul
I was looking to see if Chris Hemsworth was added and found an unlisted profile Hemsworth-37 since he is managed by you i assume this is the person i am looking for, a notable shouldn't be listed as.. unlisted right, can you loosen up the privacy so we can see the family tree.. thanks
Why is Jimmy Farrar born 1950 a notable?
posted by [Living Farrar]
How do i join the notables project?
I just read what they asked about wow. I wasn’t sure the names but it’s filed when I see unknown. Just not where you can see, archives, or list if it’s fairly new. Maybe never listed in time before demise. I understand perfectly. Noted I checked for a name given to me against my name it worked.
posted by Maureen Angela Riley
I am trying to fix the Categories as part of the Categorization team for the following two profiles:

Aghassian-1 Marzbani-1 They are using a Category Iran (?????? ?????? ?????) that is being renamed. I need to know if the profiles are in English, Persian, or Farsi and put the proper Category on these profiles. Both Profiles are part of the Notables project. Would someone with access to these profiles please change the Category to "Category:Iran" if the Profiles are in English. If not English, let me know what language they are in. Are these Profiles of deceased or living persons? If deceased, they should be open.

posted by Anonymous Moore

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