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Hi Melanie,

It's time for the annual Australia Project membership checkin. Thank you so much for contributing to the project and Australian profiles on WikiTree during the last year. We really appreciate you!

If you would like to stay in the project, please reply to this message or send me a private message to let us know that you would like to stay on. Alternatively, if your WikiTree and research interests have moved away from Australia, please let us know and we can remove you from the membership list for the moment. You will, of course, be very welcome to rejoin the project down the track whenever you want to.

We are also keen to know if you want to make any changes to the team or teams that you want to focus on. Take a look on Australia Project Teams to see what teams there are to choose from. If you want to discuss this, or have any questions or suggestions about the Australia Project we'd love to hear your ideas.

Thanks for taking the time to get back to us!

Gillian, co-Leader, Australia Project

posted by Gillian Thomas
Happy to stay on the Teams where I am currently.

Beware the rabbits!

posted by Melanie Paul
Ha ha... Those jolly holes! They're an occupational hazard. Really great to have you in the project!
posted by Gillian Thomas
Hi Melanie,

Wales Project Semi-Annual Check-In

Thank you for being a member of the Wales Project. You may recall membership requires at least one contribution to project goals during each 6-month period. A contribution includes creation of and modification to Wales related profiles.

Have you been able to contribute?

To all our active members, thank you for your work.

Please consider these questions:

- Do you desire to stay on your current project team(s)?

- Which teams are you most active in?

- Are there other teams you would like to join or become more active in?

- Also, do you have any feedback on what the project is doing well and anything we could do better in the future?

Please respond to this message by posting a reply in Comments below or sending me a private message. I look forward to hearing from you.


Stuart Awbrey, Membership Coordinator

posted by Stuart Awbrey
Wow, is it this time again already?

Same team/s. I sometimes consider others, but am probably best as I am.

From where I'm at the Project is doing ok.

posted by Melanie Paul
Thanks for responding and for your contributions to the project.
posted by Stuart Awbrey
Melanie - thanks for adding that name reference to my grandmother's profile. I saw the response from Virginia, went in to do it, and found you had done it for me. This will make it so much easier for me to do that sort of reference again. The greatness of collaboration!
I didn't see Virginia's post until after I had edited the profile. Then I saw she'd included a link to the help page, so between us I figured you'd have enough info to do it next time. (Because there is always a next time!) Smile smilie (black and white).
posted by Melanie Paul
Hi Melanie

We are conducting a check-in with the England Data Doctor Team, you have been a member for some time and we thank you for all the work you do, it is appreciated. Please let us know if you wish to remain with the team, so we can update our lists. Are you still happy to float?

Look forward to hearing from you

Janet and Derrick

posted by Janet (Langridge) Wild
Since I tend to follow rabbits an awful lot of the time, floating seems the best option. Smile smilie (black and white).
posted by Melanie Paul

I have been trying to add you as a trusted list person for a half an hour. Every time it just tells me it is best to add a family member to another family member. Then it sends me to a page to start a whole new profile. I am copying your email address correctly but it will not add you. I'm ready to just give up. Edit: took a break and tried again. Made a new page. Everything ran together, "the two dates" I finally got into their own lines but I have colons. Make corrections and merge all you want. Thanks, I"m off to get a car oil change. What would I use as a url to put a g2g reference about it?


posted by Beulah (Maltby) Cramer
edited by Beulah (Maltby) Cramer
See my email. Smile smilie (black and white).
posted by Melanie Paul
Hi Melanie, both Cristina Corbellini and Gonzala Alonso were born in Argentina, and native Spanish speakers. I am also a member of the Latin America project.
posted by Steve Thomas
Which reinforces that they are of Hispanic heritage, but that doesn't mean all who speak Spanish are. You all need to be promoting as many non-USA folk as possible.
posted by Melanie Paul
Melanie: Hello again. Following my recent comments I've calmed down, a little. Please see my latest comment for Faunce-176 at:

Leaves the door open - for a while, at least. But I note your caution about doing nothing. Again, many thanks.....Phil (Grace-883).

posted by Phil Grace
Hi Melanie. Many thanks for taking the time to respond regarding my 'problem' with Faunce-176.

If I mess things up in trying to detach then re-orphan that profile, is there a simple way to recover the existing status quo (i.e. profile before I started messing about)?

posted by Phil Grace
About the only thing that cannot easily be fixed (as in undone) is a merge that should never have been done (and even so there is a solution to that).

Everything you do, once saved, is in the change logs, so can be found and reversed if you make mistakes. Don't not do things for fear of making mistakes. If we all did that, nothing would ever get done at all!

So, if you detach a parent, and it is decided later it was the correct parent and should not have been detached, the change logs will show who was detached, and they can then be re-attached. (I'm thinking detached, and attached are starting to not look like words anymore!)

posted by Melanie Paul
Melanie: Hello, trust you are well. You have previously, and very kindly, helped me improve some of the profiles I have worked on and I wonder if I could ask for your further help, this time with policy/style/procedural issues. I had proposed to post a comment* on a profile (Faunce-176) that I have recently adopted - only to find that it has become (to me) a problem profile.

* To whom it may concern: Please be advised that I propose to edit this profile and break all connections to the claimed parents, siblings, etc. I, and all interested parties to date, have been unsuccessful in producing sourced evidence to support this profile's correctness. In particular please refer to earlier comments on this profile and, also, the G2G forum of 24 September 2022 where this profile is questioned as an ..."orphaned profile becoming a problem"...

In view of your WT experience and familiarity with the hierarchy could you please let me have your thoughts on whether such a proposed comment could be seen as ill-advised, counter-productive, not according to Hoyle (one of whom apparently created, what has now become this dilemna, back in 2009), etc., etc.?

Alternatively, would you prefer to suggest a more appropriate way to rectify the current, apparent, anomalies with this/these Faunce profile/s, or would you rather direct me to another "fixer-upper"? Finally, my apologies if I have exceeded my claims on your expertise, but I really have no idea as to how to fix something, which appears to be broken, without stepping on anyone's toes. Or should I go back to G2G? My thanks in advance, best regards.....Phil (Grace-883).

posted by Phil Grace
I don't think your profile comment is out of order. Be sure to document all your reasoning for detachment, and other alterations, under a Research Notes header (it goes below any biographical text, and above the Sources header). I also suggest signing the research notes using four ~ tildes, as that will time stamp the notes. Also don't neglect the g2g thread, as you will get some good advice there. (You may also get some that isn't as helpful, because it may not directly answer your current question/s.)
posted by Melanie Paul
Re: Prussia vs Germany

Thanks Melanie for a great example. I don't think Florian is going to get very far arguing that "From the German Confederation" is equivalent to "From Germany". Austria was also in the German Confederation. I don't expect any Austrians to be very happy being described as "From Germany". I'll maintain my view that the country name "Germany" only makes sense after the formation of the German Empire in 1871.

posted by Steve Thomas
edited by Steve Thomas
Yeah, that's pretty much my standpoint as well — no "Germany" until 1871, and even then it was mostly Prussia "rounding up" the rest of the states. (I cannot help but envision a cowboy on a horse with his lasso swirling — that's my imp prodding the art bug that lives in my brain). AND it wasn't "Germany" as we know it now, it was - as you say - the "German Empire". (In response to the British Empire under Victoria.)
posted by Melanie Paul
Mel, Thank you for all your hard work on behalf of the US Black Heritage Project. Every contribution makes a big difference! Emma

P.S. I'm still waiting for a reply to my inquiry about our formatting question. I hadn't forgotten about it.

I have been very restrained in not bugging you on it!

The help file does not say you can not, or must not. It just lays out what the headers are, and where the stickers, categories, etc go. (I've started using a slightly different format until I get a firm yay or nay on it.)

posted by Melanie Paul
Hi Melanie,

Wales Project Semi-Annual Check-In

Thank you for being a member of the Wales Project. You may recall membership requires at least one contribution to project goals during each 6-month period. A contribution includes creation of and modification to Wales related profiles.

Have you been able to contribute?

It is recognized some members are active. Thank you for your work. (There is no viable method to determine which members have been active in the Wales Project.)

  • Do you desire to stay on your current project team(s)?
  • Which teams are you most active in?
  • Are there other teams you would like to join or become more active in?
  • Also, do you have any feedback on what the project is doing well and anything we could do better in the future?

Please respond to this message by posting a reply in Comments below or sending me a private message. I look forward to hearing from you.


Stuart Awbrey, Membership Coordinator

posted by Stuart Awbrey
* Have you been able to contribute? Moderately.
  • Do you desire to stay on your current project team(s)? Yes.
  • Which teams are you most active in? Diaspora. (Although I do do DD stuff when I see it.)
  • Are there other teams you would like to join or become more active in? Probably safer not.  ;-P
  • Also, do you have any feedback on what the project is doing well and anything we could do better in the future? Uh, not really, (Loved the Mining Disaster feature/callout on G2G. recently ) Not really. Seems to work well as is, at least from my perspective.  :-)
posted by Melanie Paul
edited by Melanie Paul
Am I missing something? I responded here, I'm on the team list as having "joined" 3-Aug-2019, but I don't seem to have my Wales Project member badge anymore? Have I gone blind, or did it really disappear?
posted by Melanie Paul
Yes, you are missing something! I checked the list of badge holders and your name is not there. How did that happen?

Regardless, I will request Rich to add the badge.

Thanks for pointing this out.


posted by Stuart Awbrey
But it won't say Maria gave it to me in 2019 anymore. *sniff*


I seem to recall someone posted on g2g AGES ago that one / some of their badges had just done a vanishing act, and wondered if there was a bug. Wanted someone else's eyes on it, though, before bringing it to anyone's attention. I'll email info.

posted by Melanie Paul
Your Wales Project badge has been restored.
posted by Stuart Awbrey
Hi its Dawn been going through info on septimus,s profile did you find stuff on ancestry I have a child named Eli 1893 that's another one can you check children already listed see what you think. Plus I thought lilly was a girl on the profile it's a boy.
posted by Dawn (Watt) Jones
I'll check and see what I can find.
posted by Melanie Paul
Thanks for help maybe next time I will contact you I need help with something.
posted by Dawn (Watt) Jones
Thank you so very much for your help, Melanie!

You solved a decades old family mystery.

posted by Terry West
Not a problem. Am always happy to (over) help where I can!  :-)
posted by Melanie Paul
Melanie, hello. I posted the following 'comment' on Bushell-171.

"Melanie, hello again. You kindly responded to my 27/2/2022 'comment' posted on your profile. My initial aim was to add the DOB for my Ggmother (Bushell-171), as appears in FamilySearch records, however as you have so expertly expanded information on her profile, since I originally created it many years ago, I thought it best to consult you - before attempting to do so. If you have the opportunity of guiding me in this matter I would be most grateful. Many thanks, best regards.....Phil (Grace-883)."

Cheers.....Phil (Grace-883)

posted by Phil Grace
Melanie: Hello. I was going to offer (belated) 'happy new year' wishes, but with Covid and, now Vladimir, I'm not sure how happy this year will be.

Also, not knowing whether you are still in the Nthn. hemisphere, or not, will likely affect the further help I hope you may be able to offer - in addition to all the extremely valuable work you have already so kindly done, in expanding the profiles of some of my 'rellos' over the years - regarding several profiles with which we are currently directly involved. (You may also recall my previous lack of confidence in adding info. to profiles - in a way which meets the WikiTree rules & regulations - where you so selflessly helped me at the time. However despite my almost 7 years' connection with the WikiTree 'system', I'm an even older 'old dog', trying to learn even more new tricks. I also suspect I have outstayed my welcome at G2G - thus my direct approach to you.) Please let me know, at your convenience, whether I should now address my further questions by way of "Comments" on your 'profile' page or on those of the individuals concerned. Kindest regards.....Phil (Grace-883).

posted by Phil Grace
I'm always happy to help where - and if - I can. Just let me know. (Comments on the profile for the person are probably better -- if I am the profile manager, or on the Trusted List for them -- or send me a private message FROM the profile, and I can take a look.)
posted by Melanie Paul
I decided not to create a free-space page for Elinor Brent-Dyer, as she was *so* prolific, her works would not fit! I have removed the sentence about it in her biography.
posted by Ros Haywood
Ok, thanks. I may just link to it on Wikpedia, then.)

(She was - and is - one of my daughter's favourite writers.)

posted by Melanie Paul
Melanie, thanks for providing the date on when you connected me to the PublicTree. I am still waiting for WikiTree Plus to find that our branch of the Adey family is connected. In the meantime I discovered that there was a William Adey/Eady who was born in the same area of Hampshire. The Connection Finder reveals that there is currently 30 degrees of separation between Adey-271 and Adey-152. You can be sure that I will be trying to close that gap. Regards Steve
posted by Stephen Adey
You never know when a same last name may be related. It may be a few generations, or it may be more. I have found some interesting collateral relations just by investigating a familiar last name. my grand aunt's husband's link to my maternal line is just one such.
posted by Melanie Paul
Hi Melanie, I am the granddaughter of William Augustus Dobson. Thank you so much for your contributions to his WikiTree site. I would like to add more to his history and our family legacy but I don't know how. I am new to ancestry and there is so much information that I am totally lost. I do however have a lot of history to add and I have taken the DNA test and am awaiting the results. If you have a moment would you please reach out? I would appreciate your response and I look forward to talking with you. Faythe
posted by Faythe Canson
Faythe, I am absolutely thrilled to have an actual family member wishing to contribute! Anything you can add will be wonderful.  :)
posted by Melanie Paul
Hi Melanie,

I totally agree with you that there is no best answer to the connection posts in G2G-even the suggestions/nominees posts. If you see them, just let me know. I try to remove them when I see them, but do not check on the connection posts as frequently as I probably should. They're definitely posts where there should be no best answer...unless it's mine, of course, ha!

Thank you! Abby

(p.s. I miss your contributions to the nominees posts!)

posted by Abby (Brown) Glann
Hi Melanie!

I just wanted you and the team to know just how much I enjoyed being a part of the recent Source-A-Thon. T-H-I-S much!! I hope that I can be a part of the next one.

We did ok! (I have no idea what the next 'Thon will be, but we'll be ready for it.)
posted by Melanie Paul
Hi Melanie,

Thanks for the post about creating a new team. You never know what you can accomplish if you don't try, right? Good luck with regards to the turtles-themed team you've created. The graphics are cute!

posted by Judi Stutz
edited by Judi Stutz
Good luck with your new team!

(Thanks for the comment on my silly tortoise images. Ya just gotta have some fun!)

posted by Melanie Paul
From your friends at the Appreciation Team:

Congrats on the Super Star Badge!

posted by SJ Baty
Hi Melanie, just wanted to thank you for helping me today. I really couldn't get past Albert Stanley. Thank you so much, I can't want to tell my relative, who wanted to find out about his family but doesn't really know how to use a computer.
posted by Will King
Not a problem, always happy to help. (At least you weren't looking for a john Smith! (I've a few of those.))

I've added as much information as I currently have, enough to keep you going for a while, anyway.  :) Especially with all Edward John's kids! (The notice of his death names those still living, so there may be more who predeceased him.)

posted by Melanie Paul
Hello Melanie,

Please change your category to Category:Military and War Project Members. Category:Military and War Project is a top level category and should not hold profiles. Thanks, Natalie, M&W Leader

posted by Natalie (Durbin) Trott
I don't have such a category.

I have the sticker I was told I could use. I presume that has changed, so the new template for the sticker would be helpful, thanks.

posted by Melanie Paul
{{Military and War}}
Military and war Project Member sticker.
posted by Melanie Paul
Thanks, now I know I need to talk to templates project for a fix. I appreciate the response, Melanie.



posted by Natalie (Durbin) Trott
edited by Natalie (Durbin) Trott
Happy to oblige. (It's the only sticker I know of that has an animated image.)
posted by Melanie Paul
Hi Melanie. I am going to work on the various profiles of Star Wars actors and personalities before a decision is made about who to feature. I have my list of eight but if more are allowed, I can recommend others. All that I have identified so far are in Category:Star Wars and that includes crew.
posted by Steven Greenwood
We can nominate as many people as we want, but Abby will only choose 8 supporters to the main feature (9 profiles in all). The more people there are, the more variety Abby will have to select from. :)
posted by Melanie Paul
Then I can provide more than the eight I submitted in G2G to choose from: Actors Sebastian Shaw (unmasked Darth Vader in Return of the Jedi, connected), Wilford Brimley (Noa in Ewoks: The Battle for Endor, connected), Art Carney (Saun Dann in the Star Wars Holiday Special, connected), Max von Sydow (Lor San Tekka in The Force Awakens, connected), and Jack Purvis (in all three films of the Original Trilogy, but unconnected and which needs improvement honestly); and Crew Andrew Jack (dialect coach on The Force Awakens and voices in Solo and The Last Jedi, unconnected), and Grant Imahara (Mythbuster who previously operated R2-D2 in the Prequel Trilogy, connected).
posted by Steven Greenwood
Thanks Melanie for trying to help me figure out the puzzle of my grandparents (Sparks/Sewell) marriage date today.
I just wish I'd been able to find something more definitive, than just events around it. That they were married is shown by the divorce. We could presume they were married in Florida, as that's where their eldest child was born, but a presumption isn't proof.
posted by Melanie Paul
A small, Happy, Imp is lovingly feeding flowers to an Art Bug.  It is clearly an Art Bug because it has paint palettes in place of normal wings, and brush heads for antennae — and it has  paintbrushes on the leaf where it sits eating a flower.  Art Bug has already started chomping on the flower it holds, because there is a bitten petal still partially hanging from its mouth.  The Imp is clearly Happy, as it has a heart-shaped mouth, and its heart is visible on its chest.  There are also several hearts floating across towards Art Bug.
Happy Imp Feeds Art Bug

(inspired by an email conversation with Loretta Corbin.)

posted by Melanie Paul
Hi Mel,

I wanted to make sure you knew that the US Black Heritage Connecting Challenge is now on the challenge tracker if you decide you want to participate at any time. It's now so much easier to track how many new profiles we add!

Thanks, Emma

Neat! I have been on a break so I could Connect others, but am also still working on finding my previous folk that elusive Connection. I willhave to remember to click the tracker next time!  :)
posted by Melanie Paul
Hi Melanie,

I wanted to make sure you saw the change up in themes for this coming week for the EPOW, since you're great at finding candidates:

Thanks! Abby

posted by Abby (Brown) Glann
Yep, saw it . . . but thanks for the alert! (I think Ros has a great list going.)
posted by Melanie Paul
Hi Melanie,

Thank you so much for all your contributions to WikiTree in the last six months, and especially to the Wales Project. It’s been wonderful to have you as part of the project as we work together to increase the quality and quantity of Welsh Profiles.

You don’t seem to have selected which team(s) you would like to be on. Please have a look at the project page: and let me know your choices so I can introduce you to your Team Leader(s). Do you have any questions? What can we do to support you? Do you want to continue in the Wales Project moving forwards?

Please can you also private message me your e-mail so I can add you to the Google group.

I see you’re not currently on the Discord server. You’d be very welcome to join us where we have live text and voice conversations which really helps with collaboration. Just let me know and I can send you an invitation.

I look forward to hearing back from you with all the above.

Thanks once again,

Olivia, Project Coordinator for Wales :-)

posted by Susie MacLeod
Sent private message.

Your comment must be at least 30 characters long.

posted by Melanie Paul
Hi Melanie,

Just a quick note to say THANK YOU for all the time you spend helping out with the Connection Finder stuff each week, including helping corral people back to the right post and encouraging them to create and/or connect profiles they mention. It's much appreciated!


posted by Abby (Brown) Glann
Thanks for saying so. <3

I do worry about stepping on toes, but I also know you can't be everywhere and read every post, and would hate for eligible profiles to miss being considered because nobody saw them nominated.

posted by Melanie Paul

Thank you for joining our first ever Connecting Challenge and helping us create 2729 profiles by adding 45!

You can add the participation sticker to your profile if you’d like. Connecting Challenge Stickers

We’ve started the March challenge here: March Connecting Challenge


50 Profiles
Melanie created 50 new profiles during the February 2021 USBH Connecting Challenge.
Many thanks to my new friend Rt. Rev. Melanie Paul for her help in posting the painting of

Elizabeth Tuckey Stearne. I felt this was a very important portrait to share with others who are related to her. I wanted to be sure it was posted safely. Melanie went above and beyond all, helping she handled everything superbly.

Always happy to help if I can.  :)
posted by Melanie Paul
Many thanks to a very prompt WIKITREE hands on helper.

Grateful to her for her help in posting a picture to my husband's profile I couldn't do.

Discovered a relative too.

Margaret Drody Thompson


It’s time for a Project check-in!

Scotland Project Leaders check in with you at least once a year to see how you are doing. With the changes happening around the world, we understand that life is hectic right now.

What are you planning to work on for the Scotland Project this year? Are you happy with the team(s) you part of, or would you like to make some changes?

This time round, we’re also looking for feedback on the use of Google Group and Discord. Do you use one or both of these? If you don’t use either of them, what is the best way to ensure you receive Project communications? If you would like to join us on Google Group or Discord, let us know in your response.

posted by Amy (Crawford) Gilpin
Response sent.

Blah blah -- Your comment must be at least 30 characters long.

posted by Melanie Paul
Melanie is a very helpful Wikitreer and devoted to helping others.
Melanie is truly a devoted WikiTreer helping others. She spent several hours helping me sort out a merge problem and I just cannot thank her enough. She is to be commended and methinks there will be a special place for her some day. I wish you and yours the best of new certainly deserve it for sure. THANK YOU immensely!
Testing -- {{Estimated Date}}
posted by Melanie Paul
Hi Melanie,

Thank you for restoring my ancestress after she was inadvertently replaced with someone else's ancestress. I greatly appreciate all your help. I apologize for my lack of clarity, which resulted in extra entries on your part. You generously went above and beyond! Again, thank you. Gerri Hines Parsley

posted by Gerri Hines
I am always happy to help where I can .. and sometimes clarity isn't where our minds are. WE know what we mean, and what we want to say, but the words come out all wrong, and seem to send others on wild rabbit chases.  :p
posted by Melanie Paul
Hi Melanie,

Thank you for your help with my family tree, Brumpton & Olson, they look wonderful now the sources are all tidy and easy to read. You are a great Source-a-thon. Have a great day, I'm a happy Wikitree new learner. Elsie Hagley-Olson

posted by Elsie (Olson) Hagley
I was happy to help, even just a little.  :)

Didn't want to step on toes, so tried to follow the method already in use.

posted by Melanie Paul
Thank you, Melanie, for your help with Michael Kissick-87's profile, and for adding categories and a Died Young sticker. May i ask a further boon? I've added a photo (my first!) to the biography (a photo from findagrave - notice how i gayly skipped past the acronym there, he said, tongue deep in cheek? - which I'd gotten permission to do from the photographer) but I'm not entirely sure it's right. I like the look of the biography as it is now, though I'll continue to search for more information, and, I hope, a picture of him. It's just I'm not entirely happy with the look of the repetition of the photo on the right side of the profile page, though the extra info about where the gravestone is is important. Suggestions? Will watch future edits with interest; and again, 1.573 billion thanks! -Ted
posted by Ted Fisher
Ahh, you see - I get past that dratted double-vision thing by uploading images to a space page. Then I can post them in a profile without them also showing on the right (except the profile picture which will always show, whereas the background does not).
posted by Melanie Paul
Yes. Um. Right. Uh - space page. Upload to - ah - hmmm. Going to have to study up on that. (Dealing With Newbies Frustration #597: They won't understand your suggestions.) Well, another thing to look up; another adventure in education. Which is so much fun! Loving it! And now, I'm off for another wonderful adventure - A Visit to the Dentist! Hooray!
posted by Ted Fisher
I'm more than happy to help you set up a space page, if you don't figure it out for yourself. How to use them can vary.

This is a space page being used for a project (not a Project). This one is being used for images etc related to that project. The page I linked to in g2g, images for the Remember the Children project, is another space page. Any time you see an image that is ADWP-###, that's one of mine, uploaded to my first space page.

posted by Melanie Paul
edited by Melanie Paul
Thanks Mel for any help,,it’s all very complicated in my point of view,I don’t understand why you can’t correct the mistakes oneself easier
posted by Kay Simpson
Some relationships do get quite complicated. I spend a lot of time untangling ancestors, or their siblings, who have been confused with same-name relatives. It takes time to do that, and is never easy.
posted by Melanie Paul
Thanks for commenting on my ancestor Elizabeth Paxton 1772 Dunbar east lothian scotland and

I have tried to take the surname Baxter away from my tree but to no evail,please advise. I wondered if you know anyway of finding death date of both her and my Ancestor Andrew Simpson I realize this is difficult as I too have searched for years with no luck

posted by Kay Simpson
I just wanted to say thank you for your quick responses early today and for your help in trying to figure out this big mystery. I really do appreciate you for everything you suggested!
I just wish I'd been able to help more.
posted by Melanie Paul
Thank you you are amazing Ty for your help ur a blessing
posted by Caryn (Cassidy) Decker
It's a pleasure.  :)

It's an even greater pleasure when I FIND things! (I'm stuck on my own research right now, because I need to track a fairly common forename name with a fairly common last name.)

posted by Melanie Paul
Many thanks for your help for Susan R. I sent her an e-mail on how to enter new sourced profiles. I still can't figure out how to correct like you did. The double references were my fault while trying to copy her source and reprint it in the references column. I didn't want to wipe out her source, just erase my attempt to transfer it.

Apparently my attempts didn't work. (Typical of my endeavors). I can e-mail others, and do fair at adding sources to "unsourced profiles". That is my hobby to try to stave off Alzheimers.

posted by Beulah (Maltby) Cramer
It was my pleasure to assist. You'd have worked out the duplicated sources/citations in time, once you had them all added to each fact. The unsourced was still showing because the template was still above the = Biography = header. That the sources weren't showing properly was due, I believe, to where the = Sources = header and references tag were placed. Moving those allowed the sources to properly propagate where they should when done inline. You were doing fine, and I'm sure you'd have worked it all out without me, given time.  :)
posted by Melanie Paul
I need to recognize your contribution to my tree in a grander manner than simply thank you on the message comment. :) You are so creative!!!! are you a graphic designer by trade?

Thank you so much for your picture and sticker. I can't tell you how much I appreciated it... You are very generous indeed.

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Nope. I had aspirations many decades ago of becoming an artist of sorts (that was after I'd been talked out of becoming a mothercraft nurse), but realised around age 13 that I really had no talent for much in the way of originality. I am, however, a fairly decent copyist, and find I can adjust and adapt images I find in the public domain to something "new" - and, indeed, was creating posters, banners, and flags for church long ago.   I did study technical drawing, but had no real desire to become an architect, or draftsman (person?), although I did love the mathematics involved.   I gravitated more towards teaching children in Sunday School, and what we called "religious education" (when I was a student it was "religious instruction" - no education needed when you were told what to believe). Then I became involved in inner-city "mission" work and it just went from there.

I am happy to share what little things I can create with anyone who appreciates them, and who will use them.  :)     Let me know if you have any trouble adding the image to profiles.

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Hello Melanie

Thank you for finding my 4th cousin even if she does not want to speak to me Iat least I know she is there

You know, she just may not have realised you ARE her cousin, until I told her, because the profiles don't yet have the relationship finder at the bottom. (Because they still need that Connection to the greater Tree. (And we are working on that!)
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