Did Isabel (Beauchamp-127) marry John (Clinton-218)?

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Did Isabel (Beauchamp-127) married John (Clinton-218)?  

 Isabel (Beauchamp) de Beauchamp — married 1326 in Warwick, Warwickshire, , England
Thank you for your help! :-) 

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Guy de Beauchamp died in 1316 and his will is on page 53-54 and names two daughters, Maud and Elizabeth, and two sons Thomas and John, so she was dead before 1316. The author also mentions in a footnote that the pedigree in "Dugdale" has 5 daughters - I didn't have luck finding that specific Dugdale volume online, but this one by Carthew (p. 92)  has Isabel m. someone with the last name Clinton, no first name. The pedigree would have said his title, so she married a Clinton who wasn't Lord Clinton, and she died before age 13 if the birth date is correct. Hope this helps!

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Dugdale pedigree here


but nothing to add.



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I have had a quick look at the Bio, and it states "Isabel, wife of John de Clinton"  so I presume he must have done.

P.S. this is the first try at helping someone, so please excuse me if I have it wrong.


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I think this isn't an easy question to answer.  Douglas Richardson seems to be the source for this marriage, but again I'd be interested to know what sources he is using?

The other issue is whether the John de Clinton is the same as John de Clinton, 2nd Baron Clinton (this is Clinton-218 currently her husband in Wikitree).

The Complete Peerage, 2nd ed. Vol 3. p. 313-314 has his only wife as Margery Corbet, married before 24 February 1328/29, who survived him.  Admittedly this volume was published in 1913 and other evidence may have been discovered since then, though I can't see any discussion on the Gen-Medieval discussion group?
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Yes. Royal Ancestry, Vol. II page 263, under CLINTON, shows John de Clinton, Knt., 2nd Lord clinton, married before 7 April 1325 MARGERY CORBET with no mention of a second wife.
Thought to look under Beauchamp, there it is. Royal Ancestry Vol. I, page 288. Guy De Beauchamp, Knt., Guy married (2nd) shortly before 28 Feb. 1309/10 Alice de Tony, They had two sons, Thomas, John, and five daughters Maud, Emma, Isabel (wife of John de Clinton), Elizabeth, and Lucy.

Thank you all for the look-ups, and comments! Very much appreciated!

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So sorry - I just discovered part of the problem. Guy's profile ( http://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Beauchamp-75 ) had the Magna Carta badge and he shouldn't have. I have re-hidden the Magna Carta project template and descendant categories.

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I'm currently reviewing a line that includes this profile and I couldn't determine what the consensus was on Isabel being attached as a wife. I understand she married a John Clinton--but is it this John Clinton? (Clinton-218)
Jayme - I couldn't find in the fine print of either Magna Carta Ancestry or Royal Ancestry what source Richardson might have used to say that Isabel de Beauchamp, daughter of Guy & Alice, married John de Clinton. Kirk's answer above notes that she was not in Guy's 1316 will. And Alice wasn't widowed (according to Richardson) until 1307, which means Isabel, dau of Guy & Alice, would have been born between 1307 and 1316 & died before 1316. With these dates, I'm guessing Richrdson's source may have been a marriage contract. Even if it is the right John de Clinton, it would not appear the marriage was consummated or had issue (not with Isabel dead by 1316 at an age no greater than 9).

Cheers, Liz
I've added a note to Isabel's profile about birth/death dates & the surmise that the John Clinton she married was not titled... I also removed her as spouse of Sir John Clinton (Clinton-218). WikiTree had their marriage in 1326, but she's presumed dead before 1316 because she is not named in her father's 1316 will. This also removes the conflict of John marrying Margaret Corbet in 1325 & having seven children by her before he died in 1335.
Thank you! That was the same conclusion I was coming too since Kirk's answer had lined up the most with what I had found, but I didn't want to start detaching without more confirmation.

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