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How To Participate

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The goal of the Canada project is to add and improve profiles of Canadians and people related to Canadian history. Project members contribute in a variety of ways, through working on family groupings, cleaning up profiles, adding sources, merging duplicates and ensuring that the profiles reach the best standard possible. They also offer assistance to others working on Canadian profiles wherever possible.

Research Resources

See the Canadian Resources page to help you with your research.

And here is a link to Free space pages: Canada Project


The Canada Project organises itself into teams. On joining the project you will have the opportunity to contribute to one or more of these teams:

Geographical Teams

Atlantic Canada Team

The Atlantic Canada Team includes the four sub teams and projects of New Brunswick Team, Prince Edward Island Team, Nova Scotia Team and Newfoundland and Labrador Team

Ontario Team

The Ontario Team is a sub-team of the Canada Project. The team focuses on all profiles relating to the province of Ontario.

Québec Team

The Québec Team focuses on all profiles of people who were either born in Quebec or who settled there and includes the Québecois Project Team , the Filles du Roi Project Team, and the Grosse Île, Québec Project Team.

Western Canada Team

The Western Canada Team includes the four sub teams and projects of Alberta Team, British Columbia Team, Manitoba Team and the Saskatchewan Team.

Other Teams

Managed Profiles Team

The Managed Profiles Team are a group of skilled individuals who collaborate on profiles managed and protected by the Canada Project. These profiles may be of notable Canadians, gateway ancestors, or those which might be considered contentious. They seek to raise the standard of these profiles to the highest level possible through research, connecting to the global tree, and through the writing of biographies.

Connectors Team

The Connectors Team is focused on connecting all the loose branches in our Canadian tree. This team will also tackle the Needs Profiles Created category.

Trans Canada Trail Team

The trail uses existing orphaned profiles associated with Canada, which serves two purposes. It gives Travellers the freedom they need to practice and make mistakes, and it helps improve the quality of profiles within the project's scope.

Categories Team

The Categories Team are a group of individuals familiar with Canadian locations, topics and WikiTree Categorization. They work closely with the Categorization Project. The main goal for this team is to establish and maintain an accurate category structure for the Project. Please direct your Canadian category questions to this team.

Topical Teams

  • British Home Children Team - This is the central page for the former British Home Children Project and contains links to other teams, by country.

Sub Projects Team

Leader Contact: Amy Gilpin

The Sub-Projects Team covers a variety of specialty sub-projects and teams:

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