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Hi! I'm the WikiTree Forest Elf (ie - General Manager)!

I oversee a lot of the day to day operations of the site so you will see me pop up often in google groups, G2G and on our social media sites.

Please message me! I love hearing from members, even if it is just so you can tell me that you and I are 16th cousins 2x removed. :)

Eowyn K. Walker formerly Langholf
Born 1970s.
Ancestors ancestors
Daughter of [private father (1950s - unknown)] and
Sister of [private brother (1980s - unknown)]
Mother of [private son (2000s - unknown)]
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Puerto Rican flag
Eowyn (Langholf) Walker has Puerto Rican ancestry.
Eowyn (Langholf) Walker has Jewish Roots.



Eowyn (Langholf) Walker was adopted 16 May 1978
Location: Albuquerque/Espanola, New Mexico
Adoptive Parents Biological Parents
Father: Dever Langholf Father: Carlos Ramos
Mother: Joan Langholf Mother: Laura Kim Thacker

Hi! I’m Eowyn, the WikiTree Forest Elf.

I have a few different responsibilities here but generally speaking I oversee the day to day community operations of WikiTree.

Eowyn (Langholf) Walker is a part of New Mexico.

I was born in Espanola, Rio Arriba, New Mexico. My biological parents are Carlos Ramos and Laura Kim Thacker. I was adopted on 16 May 1978 through LDS Family Services by Dever Langholf, Jr and Joan (Richards)Langholf.

NOTE: I have had my DNA tested but it is not linked to this profile because I'm linked to my adopted parents, not my biological parents. My GEDmatch ID is M075449 and my haplogroup is J1. You can see my biological profile here.

Contrary to popular belief, I do have hobbies and interests outside of genealogy but most of them tie into it in some way, like history, road-tripping, cemetery hopping, anything military related. I do love making new friends and getting to know people so don't be shy.

Through family history we discover the most beautiful tree in the forest of creation—our family tree. ~J. Richard Clarke

Surnames I'm Researching

Adopted Surnames (12 generations)

  • Paternal Grandfather ancestors
Babb, Bachiler , Basset , Bate , Baylie , Beeson , Bliss , Bovie , Bradfeilde , Bradt , Bratt , Braunson , Buell , Burright
Carrington, Chapin , Coeymans , Corneliszen , Cozzens , Culver
Damen, Davidse , Dunham
Gilbert, Griswold
Hawkins, Hayes , Holcombe , Hoskins , Hulings , Hussey
Jans, Jenkin
LaPorte, Langholf , Lewis
Marshall, Marvin , McCaslin , Merrick , Messenger
Pecke, Pennington , Penny , Perkins , Plumlie , Pohlson , Pritchard , Putman
Schmidt, Sherwood , Smith , Straatsman , Stringer , Swart
Van Eps, Viele
Ward, Westover , Wilde , Williamson , Wood
de Meltselaer, de Vos , du Trieux
van den Bergh
  • Paternal Grandmother ancestors
Clay, Cooper
  • Maternal Grandfather ancestors
Richards, Rupp
Schallenberger, Snavely , Spraggs
  • Maternal Grandmother ancestors
Almy, Anderson , Andres , Audley , Ayers
Barker, Begnell , Benz , Bolt , Borden , Braem , Brunner , Buenzli , Bueri
Cardon, Coggeshall , Collier , Cooke
Feere, Fish , Furrer
Harndell, Hegetschweiler , Hempfield , Hempfield , Hess
Lane, Lips , Lips , Long , Lupfer
Meyer, Meyer , Milk , Moore , Moulton , Muellhaupt
Peyer, Phelps
Shaw, Stanton , Stonard , Strange
Taylor, Tourin
Wadsworth, West , Weston , Wilcox

Biological Surnames (12 generations)

  • Paternal Grandfather ancestors
  • Paternal Grandmother ancestors
Aragon, Archuleta
Baca, Bernal Griego
Gonzales, Gonzales , Griego
Jaramillo, Jaramillo
Moreno de Lara y Trujillo, Márquez Vásquez
Sanchez, Sedillo , Silva
Tafoya, Torres , Trujillo
Zaldívar Jorge, Zamora
de Losada, de Salazar
  • Maternal Grandfather ancestors
Bailey, Bayne , Bean , Boxendale
Conway, Corbin
Dodson, Durham
Elkins, Eltonhead
Golden, Grigsby
Hampton, Hodges , Hughes
Mashburn, Mathias
Newcomb, Nichols
Payne, Pigett , Portlock
Raburn, Redmond , Robinson , Robinson , Rose , Rose , Russell
Smoot, Sowerby , Stroud , Stroud
Thacker, Turner , Turner
Walker, Whitaker , Whitney , Wright
maybe Curlin
  • Maternal Grandmother ancestors
Allen, Andrick
Bailey, Baker
Call, Covey , Currier
Gibson, Griffin
Hammond, Harthman , Holston , Howard
Kettle, Kiesel , Krahenbuhl
Liechti, Luginbuhl
Martin, Murphy
Rikers, Ruchti
Schneider, Scurlock , Stauffer , Stein , Stevens , Stevens , Stott , Strader
Wagner, Walden , Webb , Whaff

My Ancestors Research Statistics (Adopted)

Ancestor No No Identified  % Found
Parent 2 2 100
Grandparent 4 4 100
Great-Grandparent 8 8 100
2x Great-Grandparent 16
3x Great-Grandparent 32
4x Great-Grandparent 64
5x Great-Grandparent 128

My Ancestors Research Statistics (Biological)

Ancestor No No Identified  % Found
Parent 2 2 100
Grandparent 4 4 100
Great-Grandparent 8 8 100
2x Great-Grandparent 16
3x Great-Grandparent 32
4x Great-Grandparent 64
5x Great-Grandparent 128

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  • spouse's name and marriage information
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Hi Eowyn!

Like all WikiTree projects we check in with team members twice per year and it's that time again. Please respond within the next two weeks to let me know:

  1. If you'd like to continue as a PGM project team member (I know you are very busy with multiple projects so your contribution level may be limited).
  2. If you're happy with the team you're on (Research and/or Profile Improvement) or if you'd like to make a change
  3. Optionally, what you like since the reboot back in May or what you think could be improved. This could be something about Discord, or Google Groups, or managed profile spreadsheets, or challenge participation or really anything. If you like everything the way it is, you can let me know that too :)

If you'd like to tell me about a particular project or family you're working on, I'd love to hear about that as well.

Please respond to this message by posting a reply below or sending me a private message on WikiTree. I look forward to hearing from you.

Many thanks!

Brad Stauf, PGM membership coordinator

posted by Brad Stauf
Hi Brad! Why don't you go ahead and remove my badge for now. I hope to have time to get to my PGM ancestors sooner or later and will come back to the project at that time. Thanks!
You uploaded Elizabeth Evans back in 2013 - Evans-6857 https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Evans-6857

Someone has done an unmerged match with Evans-10932 Any ideas today on this. Maybe complete that merge?

posted by Beryl Meehan
Greetings cousin! I noticed you have hidden my comments on an active g2g discussion. May I ask your interest in this matter? Thank you!
posted by [Living Lewis]
Hi, Eowyn. I have added a profile for a high school classmate who died on 9/11 at the WTC in New York. You are listed as one of the leaders of the 9/11 Project, so I’d like to ask if you could review the profile of Christopher Quackenbush (Quackenbush-779).

I have more info (siblings, wife, children); would I still be able to work on the profile after it is project-protected? If so, and if the profile meets the requirements of the project, please make it a project-protected profile. If not, I will build out the main connections and then ask for project protection.


posted by Kathy Carroll
Hi Kathy! At the moment it doesn't seem to meet the requirements for project protection. But please do continue building out the connections!! :) Thank you!
Eowyn...any interest in the families of those to came to the Netherlands ca 1607 from England and either stayed in places like Amsterdam, or returned in the next generation to England....but did not join the passengers on the little ship Mayflower in 1620? I have in mind the family of Gyles/Gillis Thorp, the English printer in Amsterdam; also the family of John Smyth, the Se-Baptist, who died shortly in Amsterdam. If my guess is right, the two were brothers-in-law by the two marriages in Lound, England 1604/5 of two Smyth girls to two Throop brothers.....Thorp and Throop being same surname, especially when the Dutch could not pronounce "th", and perhaps Gyles was seeking to hide his origin so as to shelter his family from the wrath of King James I. There are 4 or 5 marriage intentions for Thorp before 1630 on the website archief.amsterdam; any chance you can read and translate them? One man is Pilgrim Thorp, b. ca 1607, so a good name if son of Gyles/Gillis Throop/Thorp and born the year Gyles Thorp fled from England. Is anyone researching the relatives and friends of the passengers on the Mayflower, but who did not leave Europe--or perhaps the next generation left for North America or returned to England? reach me at lwthroop [at] aol [dot] com Thanks. Louise
posted by Louise Walsh Throop
You are AMAZING and awesome!!!!
posted by Lisa (Kelsey) Murphy
Evelyn, thank you for helping me create a Sticker for my Free Space project related to the 1919 Wyoming (PA) Seminary. However, when I initially set it up, I made an error on the 1st attempt, could not delete that first attempt and so I duplicated it by adding a -1 to the title, and have been working on the 2nd versions since It appears that you linked the sticker to the 1st attempt and not the second.

1st attempt - not actively working on: Faculty and Students 1919 Wyoming (PA) Seminary

2nd attempt- working from this one: Faculty and Students 1919 Wyoming (PA) Seminary-1

Could you please put the flag on the 2nd one?


posted by Michael Pavilaitis
Hi Eowyn,

As you know, the Volga German Project will now operate as a Team under the Germany Project. To continue your participation in the Volga German Team, you'll need to join the Germany Project. Can I add you as a member of the Germany Project? I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thanks, Traci

posted by Traci Thiessen
Hi Eowyn,

Has anyone thought about using MtDna on Native American? My mothers line if correct ends in Red Paint Clan Cherokee I can trace her MT no further back. My mt dna haplogroup includes Native American so that should be correct, wondering if there others who trace their MTdna to red paint clan? As I understand it has to be mothers mothers mothers etc. at first, I thought it was all females on mothers side but only mothers mother etc. We may be 12th cousins through Thomas Marshall. Thank you, Sherry

posted by Sherry Holston
edited by Sherry Holston

How fun that we might be 12th cousins! I saw your last name of Holston and thought we might be connected somewhere.

You might try bringing the mtDNA idea up in G2G. I'd be curious to see what the response is.

Greetings fellow adoptee Eowyn and bio cuz! :)

Eowyn (Ramos) Langholf and Patty (Luker) LaPlante are both descendants of William Thacker. (8th cousins)

posted by Patty (Luker) LaPlante
A Thacker cousin! That's awesome! And a fellow adoptee, even cooler. :)
Hi Eowyn,

The Switzerland Project has been dormant for some time now. I would like to resurrect the project if possible. I have been involved in Family History for over 30 years but have been on WikiTree for just over a month. Do you think it would be too early for me to lead a project on WikiTree?

Andrea Staub

posted by Andrea Staub
Hi Andrea! It is probably a bit too earlier. See the requirements here: https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Help:Project_Leaders. But thank you for your interest for sure! It would be nice to be able to get that project going again. If there is a specific area you'd like to start with we could have you be a Team Leader. Maybe build up that one area and then take it from there?
Hi Eowyn,

Missing quite a few requirements :), but I would like to take on a Team Leader role; my main research interest is the Werdenberg constituency in the canton of St. Gallen. This would fit in well with a regional project structure. In particular, I am interested in the stories of local Swiss mercenaries, the emigration of Werdenberg inhabitants to other parts of the world as well as the unique embroidery industry of the region.

Thank you for your support.


posted by Andrea Staub
Hi Eowyn

A member contacted me wanting to work on the 9/11 Project. Name- https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Cox-27529 I contacted Joan Whitaker of Disasters for her badge. I have 9/11 under Disasters, explosions team. Was there a badge for 9/11? . I created tables for her on the Planes of 9/11 space page.

Need your feedback, as your name is still listed on the project as well as Steve Harris.?

Mary Richardson

posted by Mary Richardson
Hi Mary! There isn't a separate badge for 9-11. She would just get the Disasters badge. Thanks!
Hi, I donated a prize of some digital pics for the source a thon. I’m still hoping to do them but my computer kinda fried out on me. I still plan on doing them because I’m getting one, as soon as I find one that my kid aproves of. (Computer guy) I just wanted to let you know that there may be a slim chance that they will get them a little late
Hello. I'm a new member who has been working on my tree through the Ancestry.com site with occasional dips into other sources. I just tried to upload my GEDCOM file but it was rejected because it was too large (37.3 MB) and contains 48,442 people at present and it isn't done yet. What is file size limit and is there any way for me to post it to WikiTree?

Not only would I love to get cross references, but I have straightened out a lot of conflicting info such as the 2 Joan Beauforts married to the 2 James Stewarts that so many people confuse. I also know that there are a bunch of bogus people that I'd like to weed out which was how I came to you through the Disproven Existence project.

posted by Linda Thurston
edited by Linda Thurston
Hi Eowyn,

Was there a new 52 ancestors in 52 weeks badge for 2019? I had participated in 2018 and received the badge the end of that year. I also participated in 2019 had sent a message the end of the year stating I had done all 52 weeks, but just realized I didn't appear to have a badge for 2019. Thanks for all you do! ]ill

posted by Jill Perry
Hi Jill!

There is only one 52 in 52 Ancestors badge. Since you already received it, I can't award it again but you can use the sticker on your profile to say which years you've been able to do 52 in 52 for. Thanks!

Hi Eowyn (grin),

Thank you for adding your DNA Test to your profile on WikiTree. Getting Started with DNA will tell you more about how DNA kits are used on WikiTree.

DNA at WikiTree provides a visual way for you to find others who have tested and have the potential of having common ancestors. It normally takes 24 hours from adding a test, or adding a new ancestor, or ancestor’s descendant, for WikiTree to display your name and test results on your ancestors and their descendants’ profiles for potential cousins to compare results with.

Have fun!

Debi ~ WikiTree Greeter

posted by Debi (McGee) Hoag
Hello: I just need help, a friend put my information into WikiTree last July. I didn’t realize that and she has totally forgotten, so no password. I just found out when I tried to get started with the name “Totton “ and she comes up as site manager. I then tried another name “Craig” and I am the only one . I am on Familysearch , Ancestry and My Heritage. Is there a way to bring over to WikiTree. I see my cousins son had a lot on WikiTree. I am in my 70’s and not very good at this. Thank you very much. Carol
posted by Carol Craig
Sorry about the extra PM's. My tries repeatedly showed "failed to send".

Casimer III

posted by Casimer Russak III
Eowyn - about them Mormons -- we need another classification. How about a sub-project for LDS pioneers who converted to Mormonism in Europe and Wales, and immigrated to Utah Territory. Many immigrants came from England and Wales by ship. The LDS project box triggers an error, and they are too late for LDS Pioneers or Mormon Battalion.

My buddy, Rees-1201, contributed beautiful profiles and lots of the have the 931 error. I think they need more than just the LDS sticker.

What say you?

Jo 'just a lil bit Mormon' Gill

posted by Jo Gill
Hi there, Eowyn!

Thanks so very much for your participation in the spring Clean-a-thon! Every suggestion you cleared (over 100!) made our Tree that much better. The WikiTree community appreciates YOU!

Pip Sheppard WikiTree’s Appreciation Team

PS: No one would ever believe you were a brat, despite your military life! :-)

posted by Pip Sheppard
How does one get the badge for being a member of a genealogical/lineage society? I’m a member of DAR.
posted by Phaedra Kincaid
Thank you for the 52 Ancestors and 52 Photos badges. Happy ancestor hunting.
posted by Gary Christopher
posted by [Living Williams]
edited by [Living Williams]
How do I get the 52 Ancestors and 52 Photos participation badges? I've asked several times with no reply. I've been participating since Week 4 this year.
posted by Gary Christopher
                                                                             Wishing you a lifetime of joy and happiness!
wonderful wikitreer
Eowyn (Langholf) Walker is a Wonderful WikiTreer.
posted by Rubén Hernández
edited by Rubén Hernández
Eowyn, I know you lead the Holocaust project and wondered if you are familiar with the twitter account of the Auschwitz Museum: https://twitter.com/AuschwitzMuseum -- They of course also have a website in both Polish and English: http://auschwitz.org/en/ The Twitter account is fascinating because it provides several brief bios every day with pictures and usually birth and death dates. I wonder if it could be used as a resource for those working on Holocaust profiles. Thank you for all you do on WikiTree!
Hi, Eowyn,

I don't know if I'm doing something wrong. I commented and answered on this post: https://www.wikitree.com/g2g/969955/are-you-participating-the-2020-ancestors-photos-challenges?start=40#a_list_title but I haven't received the 52 Ancestors participation badge. Can you please tell me what I need to do? Thank you, Auriette


As one of the co-leaders of the European Aristocrats project, I'm messaging to inform you that we are removing the "House Assignments" from our project structure. You are absolutely still welcome to work on the profiles from the families that you chose, we are simply removing the official House Assignments as, for the most part, people choose to work on whichever profiles interest them. We're glad to have you in the project and we hope that you continue to work with us!

Regards, Amy Utting

posted by Amelia Utting
Hi, Eowyn, checking in on the 5 star profiles. The Acadian project has completed their edits on all 367 profiles we had. One is cleaned but pending a final review on some Metis questions. We are going back to the edits on our PPP profies now.


posted by Cindy (Bourque) Cooper
Wow!! That's awesome! Great work as a project.
I hate to be a bother Eowyn, but I just noticed that the 2019 Source-a-Thon badge had oddly disappeared from my profile. I was registered as #369 with the MID-ATLANTIC team.

I've never seen a Badge dissappear before and am hoping you could place it back in.

Thank you very much for your time and understanding with this. :-)

~Brian Kerr

posted by [Living Kerr]
Thank you very much Eowyn. Your awesome!!! ;-D

~Brian Kerr

posted by [Living Kerr]
Hi Brian! I checked and it's still there. :)
Eowyn, I am very sorry to bother you, but I still need the 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks Badge. Thank you very much.
posted by Cheryl (Smith) Hess
Thank you very much for your hard work and dedication this year, especially in the 52 Ancestors and 52 Photos challenges. I enjoyed both very much!!! Happy New Year to you and your family!
posted by SJ Baty

An older G2G thread suggested that you were the person to contact regarding missing monthly contribution badges. My name is on the November 100 list, but I don't have the badge on my page. I know it's not much (and not what I used to do) but I'd still like to see it there :) Could you (or someone else) fix it for me, please?


Hey hun,

I am wondering if you can remove my religion project badge for now. I am still fighting personal life stuff and just am not getting to things like I really should. I plan to get back to it later but think it best to be off of it for now.

Thanks, Lisa

posted by Lisa (Kelsey) Murphy
Eowyn here is this year Team Tennessee Volunteers 2020 Scan - A - Thon free space page link would you fix it on the team list for the scan - a -thon to it. https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Space:Team_Tennessee_Volunteers_2020_Scan_-_A_-_Thon
posted by [Living Barnett]
Hi Eowyn,

You and I are 10 cousins, once removed and have 3 shared ancestors! Kelly (Holtz) Stamper (Holtz-78)

posted by Kelly (Holtz) Stamper
Thanks Eowyn for your speedy reply. You've even answered before I deleted the message LOL. It appears to have been my browser that caused the problem. A quick switch from IE to Firefox solved it for me. Thanks again.
posted by Niki Tolken
On the scan - a - thon people who we scan things to do they need to be dead or can they be living and be counted.
posted by [Living Barnett]
Thanks, Eowyn, for mentioning the Belgium project in last week's news post!


posted by Filip Beunis
Hi Eowyn!

Project Belgium is really taking off, with about 30 enthousiastic members waiting for your input on how to continue from here! Whenever you have time to have a look at the messages I've been sending you about this (last one an email 2 days ago), could you let us know something?

Thanks a lot! Filip

posted by Filip Beunis
I belong to the Williams Township Historical Society in Pennsylvania.

Thanks, Eowyn!


posted by TC Duran
Hello, Eowyn.

I found an old G2G post about obtaining a Society Member badge, and commented on it. https://www.wikitree.com/g2g/281835/would-you-like-a-society-member-badge I'm wondering if the badge is still available.

Thanks for your help!


posted by TC Duran
Hi Eowyn,

Just following up on the (personal) message that I've sent you recently, about starting a "Belgium" sub-project: I've now updated the free-space project page (see link). It's still work in progress, but it should give you a better idea on what the project would be about. It also includes a list of people that were or are interested in joining such a project.


Best regards, Filip

posted by Filip Beunis

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