What genealogy gifts are on your wishlist?

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What genealogy things are you wishing for this year? Or what genealogy-related gifts will you give?

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ago in The Tree House by Eowyn Langholf G2G Astronaut (1.4m points)
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For more DNA cousins to be found over the holidays so I can break my elusive Hughey brick wall!!!

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I would be delighted to give my relatives in my hard-to-validate lines DNA test kits for Christmas.  I just wish I could find them, or that they would find me.
ago by Julie Kelts G2G6 Mach 9 (92.3k points)
selected ago by Debbie Parsons
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1. A visit to the National Library of Ireland in Dublin. (Maybe in September)

2. A courthouse in Louisiana. (Closer to home and planned for February)

3. A miracle brick wall sledge hammer for two family lines. (Out of my hands - will be a surprise break-through)

4. A visit by the genealogy organization elves.

My wishes all sound perfectly reasonable to me.

ago by Virginia Fields G2G6 Pilot (242k points)
Sounds good to me, Ginny. I hope you get a few of these under your tree this Christmas!

I would also like the miracle brick wall sledgehammer and the elves smileyheart and yes they are very reasonable xxx

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Thumb drives
ago by Candyce Fulford G2G6 (7.2k points)
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A chance to talk with my grandparents just one more time!

Realistically: A trip back to Gaston and Mecklenburg counties to visit the cemeteries my grandparents took me to so very many times, plus a few others. Just a nice trip down memory lane (with a camera!).
ago by Pip Sheppard G2G Astronaut (1.6m points)
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1.Would love a copy of:

Myers, N. M., & Gibsonburg, Ohio Area History Group (Gibsonburg, Ohio). (1996). Gibsonburg, Ohio area history. Gibsonburg, Ohio: Gibsonburg, Ohio Area History Group.

I have family who submitted stories for this book and someone was nice enough to scan various pages but would love to look through the whole book. 

2.Access to various databases or that more newspapers were available online. 

ago by Kristin Anderson G2G6 (8.3k points)
You might want to look into a subscription (given to you as a gift) of Newspapers.com. Happy Holidays!
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More time in the day.
ago by Chase Ashley G2G6 Pilot (144k points)

More time in the day is always very welcome smileyheart xxx

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A time machine smileyheart xxx

ago by Karen Butler G2G6 Mach 7 (74k points)
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I asked for gift vouchers to the GRO (General Registry Office) in England to help pay for birth, marriage, and death certificates. Then I thought I ought to check and see if they actually sell gift vouchers or not. They don't. Someone in that office needs to get on that!
ago by Amber Brosius G2G6 Mach 1 (13.6k points)
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I want to be able to break through some brick walls. I would like genealogy information on my ancestors sent to me by mail. (I already had this happen recently on one lineage, which was pretty cool.) I ordered an advanced DNA kit so I'm hoping to get it soon.
ago by Greta Moody G2G3 (3.1k points)
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I want to find software that would allow me to print my genealogy books without having to pay an additional fee (i.e. Ancestry.com)! Any suggestions appreciated!
ago by Patty Almond G2G6 Mach 1 (10.8k points)
I am curious how you would organize such a book.  I've never been able to decide how I would even do it.  By date?  By family line?  What about interconnected lines?  That's the great thing about websites--you can just click back and forth.  

WikiTree is free, so maybe you could just send Christmas cards with a link to WikiTree!  I'm serious.  You could create a WikiTree free-space page with a family timetable and links to the various profiles.  Now that I think of it, maybe I'll do it myself.
In the past, when I could print out books from my genealogy software without paying for it, I chose family lines that I wanted to print. It allowed me to focus on one family at a time and provide the pedigree and family stories. I would probably do it again that way.
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A trip to Yellville, Arkansas, with some of my cousins.    We've finally located the grave of our 5 great grandfather; Dancing Bill Wood, because he was the best dancer in Yellville.... it's on private property but the property owner had agreed to take us there.  It has headstones!  He died in 1865 and was buried in an old Indian cemetery with a few other "pioneers".
ago by Peggy McReynolds G2G6 Pilot (145k points)
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I’d like some of my distant Scottish relatives to find my WikiTree profiles and using their personal knowledge, backed up by sources, give me a link through my father to the main tree. Some of those Scottish names, like King, Armstrong and Macfarlane, are just too numerous to be sure of a family connection.
ago by Fiona McMichael G2G6 Pilot (124k points)
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1. For one of the many children of my possible father or even one of his brothers (so I can rule them out) to get dna tested.

2. Enough funds to order my maternal great great grandfather's marriage cert. from NZ BDM, because I have a BRICKWALL with both of them.....there are numerous John Campbell's (I am related to 2 of them.....so far....this one came from Northern Ireland as a single man and married here in NZ. To find out anything more I need that Marriage Cert. Too many of them to even work out how he got here.

3. Enough funds, to get my partner a dna test for Christmas. I am doing his tree also, and we already know we will match somewhere. His grandma showed up as a match in the tree of a dna cousin match to me.  But I can't view her actual tree because she got tested in a different company. Could only see the matching names. Also his paternal grandfather is a mystery in a conundrum waiting to be solved.....all his father had was a name. I found out quite a bit about his life here and worked out he wasn't born in NZ., and no idea where he came from.....so can't go further back.
ago by Sarah Jenkins G2G6 (6.1k points)
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I'd like 23andMe tests, one for me and two for friends of mine that would like to test.

A subscription to the North Carolina Genealogy Society Journal.

For distant cousins from the McPhatter branch to DNA test so we can have a better idea of our ancestral connections. Plus, some descendants of Austin McFatter to DNA test so we can find out if he was a McFatter at all.
ago by Jessica Key G2G6 Pilot (114k points)

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