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Hallo en van harte welkom hier  :)

Wil je lid worden van het Dutch Roots Project ?

Plaats hier dan een antwoord (klik op answer) en stel je even voor, als je ook even zegt in welke namen je geinteresseerd bent kunnen we je misschien zeggen of ze al aanwezig zijn hier en waar je ze kunt vinden. 

Vergeet niet de project pagina's te lezen, want daar kun je alles vinden wat je moet weten over het project en natuurlijk heel veel plezier alvast !

Voor alle Nederlandse leden die behoefte hebben aan WikiTree uitleg in het Nederlands hebben we nu ook het Nederlands Portaal ! (heel handig) 

  1. Van alle leden die lid willen worden van het Dutch Roots Project en die willen werken aan de Nederlandse profielen , vragen we, als je dit niet al gedaan hebt, om eerst de Pre-1700 Self-Certificatie quiz te doen ! en lees aub ook dit goed door: Wikitree Pre-1700 Profiles
  2. Kopieer en plak deze categorie : [[Category:Dutch_Roots_Project]] links bovenin je eigen biografie, zo wordt je zichtbaar als lid op de Dutch Roots Project top level pagina, en door erop te klikken kom je ook meteen op de Dutch Roots Top level pagina. (de categorie zelf is dus meteen ook de link naar die pagina)
  3. Voeg dutch_roots toe aan je G2G tag feed followed tags om op de hoogte te blijven van Project discussies en nieuws . Zie : Communicatie
  4. Stuur een verzoekje om lid te worden aan Dutch Roots Project's Google Group
  5. Voeg je naam en bijvoorbeeld de achternamen of andere project gerelateerde zaken waarin je geinteresseerd bent toe aan de Dutch Roots Project Leden pagina.
  6. Kijk naar de doelen en de To-Do of Taken lijst waar je precies kunt zien wat de taken zijn en of er misschien ook andere dingen zijn waar je mee kunt helpen.

Namens iedereen van harte welkom en bedankt alvast voor het meedoen! 

Hi and welcome :) 

Would you like to join our Dutch Roots Project ?  

Just add an answer (click answer) here and introduce yourself, perhaps you can also tell us something about your names of interest, so we can show if they already are present and where you can find them. 

Here's what you can do already..and don't forget to check out and read the project pages, there you will find everything you need to know !

  1. For all members working on the Dutch Roots project/profiles, if you did'nt already of course, we need to ask you to first take the Pre-1700 Self-Certification quiz ! and please read this: Wikitree Pre-1700 Profiles
  2. Add the category link: [[Category:Dutch_Roots_Project]] at the top of your own biography, this way you become visible as a member at the Dutch Roots Project top level page, and you will get redirected to the Dutch Roots Project Page.
  3. Send a request to join the Dutch Roots Project's Google Group
  4. Add dutch_roots to your G2G tag feed followed tags to keep up with Project discussions and news. See : Communicate
  5. Add your name and area or surnames of interest to the Dutch Roots Project Members page.
  6. Check out the Goals and To-Do list to find something to help us work on.

​And of course on behalf of all of us, many thanks for joining in advance and have fun !

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To join, click (the word answer you see a little above) and add an answer, just ignore the word comment, thanks ;) 

Om lid te worden klik (op het woordje answer dat je hierboven ziet) en plaats een antwoord, het woord comment kun je gewoon negeren, bedankt ;) 

Onze vorige join G2G (2017/18) bevat veel antwoorden op FAQ/  G2G (2018/19) (veel gestelde vragen) 

Our previous Join G2G's (2017/18) have a lot of answers to FAQ/  G2G (2018/19) (frequently asked questions) 

Hallo allen, Mijn naam is Rob Arzoni, duidelijk van Nederlandse origine, en ben begonnen met mijn Italiaanse wortels (radici) in kaart te brengen. Dat heeft me geleid tot diep in de middeleeuwen en hele mooie verhalen. Inmiddels ben ik begonnen mijn voorouders aan de Nederlandse kant in kaart te brengen. Ik hoop dat ik een bijdrage kan leveren aan de stamboom die ons allen verbindt.

Hello everyone, My name is Rob Arzoni, clearly of Dutch origin wink, and I started to map my Italian roots. That led me deep into the Middle Ages and very beautiful stories. In the meantime I have started to map my ancestors on the Dutch side. I hope I can contribute to the family tree that connects us all. 

Have fun. Rob

Hi Rob,

Welkom! Leuk dat je er bij bent.
Hi my name is Hans Baijense. I would,like to work on adding my Baijens ancestors and do some additional research. The oldest ancestor we have found so far ia from 1560.

Hi Hans and welcome to the Dutch Roots/Netherlands team, I noticed and welcomed you already, so no problem and just a tip, to make your request to join or answers in G2G's like this more noticed, you can just click answer (instead of comment) and this will make you more visible in the G2G's. 

For Dutch (and other) profiles/families at WIkiTree one of the most important things is to check out is our Dutch Naming Convention and how the LNAB (=last name at Birth) is determined 

If you have questions feel free to ask, we tried to explain as much as possible and, if you're Dutch, everything is also explained in Dutch. And for everything about Wikitree in Dutch here's our Nederlands Portaal :) 

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Hi: My name is Diane Jalbert (nee Shockey) and I am researching my paternal grandmother's roots. Her grandmother's name was Regina Van de Wetering b. 1846  and d. 1896 in Wisconsin. There appears to be a lot of information on her genealogy back to approximately 1616 and further back with some names but no dates on
by Diane Jalbert G2G Crew (680 points)
Hi Diane,

Welcome at our Dutch Roots group. If you need any help to trace the roots of your grandma and see if the facts match, you can always ask our help.

Kind regards,


Hi Diane, it took me a while because of the holidays and busy real life, but I added sources and some missing profiles for you a while ago now for your paternal grandmother and her family. (and added you as manager for them of course wink) It's a bit difficult to research because apparently this was the 'Latin' period, so names and records are Latinized /in Latin and the people (your ancestors) perhaps never used those Latinized names themselves, but well, the good news is they go way back indeed so that's always exciting of course ! 

You had a few profiles created or imported already for the male line with the last names all with capitalized prepositions, and not meant as critic of course, because we see this a lot around here because it just isn't known and our naming convention just is quite different eeh, but this, for Dutch people, isn't correct, see the Dutch Naming convention for more information about it. (Dutch also never knew or used middle names, so that's also different and the 'no middle name' box is always checked). 

For the early ones, and Pre-1811 for most Dutch profiles is early, because that's when all Dutch had to officially adopt a last name and before this many (not all) only were known by patronymics, and some might have used a last name already, but because there was no consistency in how people wrote those days, they all (if they could write, because many people couldn't read or write at all of course) wrote phonetically. So how they heard something is how they would write it and because everyone could hear or understand something different, you will see a lot of variants in how the names were written, for some in each record the name can be different.

Because of this and to keep things easy / clear for everyone, we will use the name as it was written in the earliest record (if there's no birth or baptism record, this can be the marriage record or if there are just a few early records, we can also compare all records, including the ones for parents and use for LNAB the one they (all) seem to have used most). 

Anyway, this is why you will see the last names for all of them can vary a lot and all variants of the names (this we do to hopefully prevent duplicates) are added to the nickname or other last name field. 

Still not finished and it looks like before 1688 things were not Latinized and normal Dutch, so still some work to do but they all have links to the sources, so perhaps now you can find more yourself in the archive as well ? Here's the earliest Lammert Wetering (for now wink) and here are the parents of his wife Heilwigis Gerardi Claessen (might be a multiple generation patronymic..if it was, it tells us her father probably was a Gerrit or Gerard Claessen(s) so that's someone you can look for..and her husband Judocus Henrici van Laerschot also know as Joost Henricx, so his actual name probably was Joost and his father was a man named Henrick (or a variant of the name..Hendrick, Heijnrick etc) so that's also a name you can look for in the archive..)

Scan-a-Thon this weekend, but if you would like some help (reading or anything else) feel free to ask or just start a G2G, we all are happy to help. 

Have a wonderful weekend, good luck and thanks for joining the team !

Hi Diane! Happy to meet you. Feel free to contact Bea, Margreet or me personally. We are not better than anyone just longer here.

We love to help at any. Just need your questions to know where to help. heart

Sweet regards from The Netherlands.


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Hi, I am Annette Boshoff nee Kloppers searching for my paternal ancestors. My Dad, Phillipus Johannes Kloppers  is said to be the 8th name carrier with an interspersion of Laurens Kloppers before the 5th PJK. I have not been able to trace this whole line as yet.

The wives of this branch are Naude, Wagner, Strube, Bos, van Nevendorp, Siewert, Schott, van den Berg, Handele, Joubert, Willemsen.  I doubt if they were all Dutch.

Of special interest to me here is the family story that Wagner ties up with Richard Wagner the composer. I would be happy to find this link.

All your help would be welcome and perhaps could contribute to other links being made.
by Annette Boshoff G2G6 (8.8k points)

Hi Annette,

By way of welcome I added citations of original sources in the profile of Heinrich Christian Carl Wagner (1813-1887). Turns out he was born in Schleswig, Denmark. So unfortunately no link to Richard Wagner yet.

Feel free to ask for help on the G2G forum, tagging questions on Dutch genealogy "dutch_roots".

Our project leader Bea will award you the Dutch Roots badge soon.

Welcome to the team Annette, I added some info and profiles for the Klopper family a while ago (Holidays so quite busy with things), and just noticed Willem is also working on them now (trying to find the even deeper ancestors) so the names are correct and they are a bit more sourced and improved now eeh, it's always great and exciting when we can find so many sources for these early families !

And great to see you are joining us this weekend with the scan-a-thon...woohoo let's have some fun ! laugh

Wow Annette! Welcome to the DRP!

Ask around please!
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Min naam is Henk Bastiaanse en ik ben al een aantal jaren bezig met het samenstellen van onze familiestamboom. Mijn vader's naam is Cornelis Marginus (Kees) Bastiaanse, geb 1913, ovl 1996; mijn moeder's naam is Christina Joanna (Tine) Knoppers, geb 1914, ovl  1983. Mogelijke familie in America en Zuid-Afrika.Ik woon al sinds 1990 in Australia en zou graag toe willen treden tot de Dutch Root Project. Nieuwkomer op Wikitree G2G.

Met vriendelijke groeten,

by Henk Bastiaanse G2G Crew (680 points)
Hi Henk,

Welcome on WikiTree and the  Dutch Roots project!

Feel free to ask for help on the G2G forum, tagging questions on Dutch genealogy "dutch_roots".

Our project leader Bea will award you the Dutch Roots badge soon.

Hallo Henk en welkom bij WikiTree en het Dutch Roots Project, ik zal je vast ons welkomst bericht sturen zodat je alles op je gemak kunt bekijken, en ik weet niet of je het al gedaan hebt, maar:

van alle leden die lid willen worden van het Dutch Roots Project en die willen werken aan de Nederlandse profielen , vragen we, als je dit niet al gedaan hebt, om eerst de Pre-1700 Self-Certificatie quiz te doen ! en lees aub ook dit goed door: Wikitree Pre-1700 Profiles

Dan krijg je ook de Pre-1700 badge en zodra je die hebt kan ik je ook de project badge geven wink

En Henk we zien en horen natuurlijk allemaal de vreselijke berichten over de bosbranden in Australie dus ik hoop maar dat jij en je familie allemaal veilig zijn en niet in die gebieden wonen ? 

Bedankt voor je aanmelding en kun je me even een berichtje sturen als je de Pre-1700 badge hebt zodat ik je de project badge kan geven ?

He Henk!

Goed bezig! We helpen graag.

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I am Moshe Lerman. I live in Israel. My ancestors are Dutch. Some years already, I work on my family tree. For now, I am interested in the "van Broekhoven" familie, in and around the fifteenth century, in and around Besoyen, and its descendants, and in the ancient "de Bever" lineage.  I would like to join the Dutch Roots Project.
by Moshe Lerman G2G Crew (650 points)
Hi Moshe,

Good to see you joining from Israel. I hope you will find your way around here and if you have questions please feel free to ask.



Welcome to the Dutch Roots Project Moshe, you might find there are some profiles for these families already, perhaps with a different variant of the name, but maybe you have an example or link to perhaps an online genealogy or something for the ancient 'de Bever' lineage you are interested in? 

The more ancient lineages often are falling under the European Aristocrats Project and most of them are present already, so if you are planning to work on Pre-1500 profiles that might fall under this project, you might be interested in joining / contacting them as well ?

Here you can find what sources are required for (Dutch Pre-1811/Pre-1700 profiles for Pre-1500 it's the same, so you probably need to look for more (and better) sources if you like to work on ancient lineages, for Dutch there are many and one place where you can find them, and sometimes really easy, is and here we have added some as well: Pre-1500 bronnen.

To be able to work on or add Pre-1500 profiles you will also need the Pre-1500 badge.

Hope it helps, good luck and if you have any questions or need some help, just ask we all are happy to help !

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Dutch Roots Project

Hi, My name is James Lee Kitchen (Jim). While in the process of developing my Family tree, I discovered that I had a strong Dutch background with names like Van Dusen, Quackenbosch, Vanalstyne, Pieterse, Martensz, Van Ham, Clute, Heemstraat, Schlitenhorst and many others. I am very interested in confirming the data that I have and am hopeful that I may contribute to others. I am 85 years old so please be patient with me.
by James Kitchen G2G1 (1.4k points)
reshown by James Kitchen

Hi Jim! And sorry if it took a while, but you did fine so don't worry. You have a lot of familiar names added here, and I think you will find a lot of profiles already are present and... if you didn't already I think you probably will be interested in joining the New Netherland Settler Project as well ? 

See for already present profiles:  Van Dusen, (van Dussen, van der DussenQuackenbosch, Vanalstyne (looks like we still have a lot of work to do, because if they were born in the Netherlands they would not have last names 'pasted together' (preposition+last name) as one like this or with capitalized prepositions see the Dutch Naming convention for more information about this) , van Slichtenhorst, Van Ham (if born in the Netherlands or Germany that would be van Ham (Dutch) or von Ham (German), Clute, Heemstraat.  

Pieterse and Martensz are (variants of) patronymics and we have a whole lot of those in the Netherlands wink

We are very patient, for us having fun in genealogy is the most important, so just take all the time you need and if you need or would like some help or if you have questions, please feel free to ask we have a great team and lots of members that are very happy to help !

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Hi, My name is Bob Steenberge. My ancestors came first to New Amsterdam and then to Esopus, now Kingston, NY, from Amersfoort in the 1640s. I previously joined the New Netherland project and just discovered your group. I have not had any luck tracing my ancestry back to the Netherlands. I have 2 Y-DNA matches in the Netherlands, but none of us have been able find our common ancestors so far.


Bob Steenberge
by Bob Steenberge G2G2 (2.4k points)

Welcome to the Dutch Roots (Netherlands) Project Bob, we have a whole bunch of wonderful members, so if you would like some help in your search for your ancestors, just ask, her or start a G2G, many NNS profiles were imported by Gedcom in the past with last names they sometimes never used (many Dutch only used (or were known by) patronymics) and it looks like this perhaps was the same for your ancestors ? 

Not sure but perhaps this Jan Jans(en) van Ame(r)sfoort (=from Amersfoort) aka van Steenbergen, van Steenberg, van Steenburgh (although it looks like he nevr used this for last name himself, but we will add all variants to hopefully prevent new duplicates) was your earliest known ancestor? We can of course look if we can find sources for the ones that still need them laugh 

Welcome to the team and if you have questions or need some help just ask !

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Hello, I am researching the surname Koetje.

In particular Jacob and Anna (Brinkers)

Jacob was born in Friesland in the 1930s.(?)

Anna was born in Den Haag  about the same time.

They had 2 sons, Thomas and Jan (John) when they came to Canada in the late 50s or early 60s. They lived in New Brunswick where a third son was born in 1963. His name is Douglas Frank Koetje.

They moved to Ontario.  They lived in Bowmanville for many years. Jacob was transferred by his work to Cobourg Ontario about 1978.

Jacob died about 1999 or 2000

Anna died about 2006.
by Dawn Blakeney G2G1 (1.1k points)
Hi Dawn,

Welcome at the Dutch Roots 'family'. Good to see that you've joined. Unfortunately the dates you're looking for are not yet visible in the official archives due to the fact that they are restricted by Law here in the Netherlands (GDPR and AVG). We could try to find if there's anybody that is mentioning their names, but this would be very difficult.
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Ik ben Koen van Hoof en ik ben mijn voorouders aan het onderzoeken. Het grootste deel komt het Zuidoost-Brabant (Van Hoof, Clerks, Verbeek, Smulders, Van Stiphout en Van de Vossenberg) en een deel komt uit de omgeving van Roosendaal (Nelen en Uijtdehaag). Ik wil graag lid worden van het Dutch Roots-project.
by Koen van Hoof G2G6 Mach 7 (71.7k points)
Hoi Koen,

Van harte welkom en sorry voor de wat late reactie. Ik heb gezien dat je behoorlijk actief bent en dat je gelukkig ook veel vragen stelt. Ik hoop dat je jezelf snel thuis voelt en inderdaad vooral veel vragen blijft stellen. Soms is het gewoon erg lastig op Wikitree vanwege de vele mogelijkheden en toch de oorspronkelijk Amerikaans ingestelde 'regels'. Het 'mondiale' is soms erg lastig, maar beetje bij beetje komt het goed.


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Hi, , my name is Russell Turck living in Jamestown, NY USA and I am traced to Paulus Jacobszen Turck (bd 10/31/1635 - d May 1703 in NY  verified thru dna, he emigrating to New Netherland.    I wondered if you know who Paulus Turck b-1563, d-1629  parents where in Holland.  He was married to Cornelia van Strijen.  Any info would be wonderful  Can I also join the Dutch Roots Project.  Thankyou very much Russ Turck
by Russ Turck G2G Crew (790 points)
Hi Russell,

Welcome at the Dutch Roots community. Bea our leader will grant you the badge and I already looked into the details of your family. I don't have the proof right now, because I need to look into the sourced to proof it. But the parents of Paulus Turcq (that's the Dutch way of writting his name in that period) where Justus Turcq and Elisabeth van Sevenhoven.

Justus Turcq was the son of Pascasius Justus Turcq and Cornelia Velters.

But be aware that we still need to find the original sources.
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Hi, My name is Steve Wall, and I am a descendant of Johannes Hendryckse Gardenier of Overijssel, Netherlands, as well as Antonius/Teunis Jacobsz Van Schoenderwoert/Woerdt of Schoonderwoert, Nederland. , and Hendrick Jansen Oosteroom of Schalckwyck, Netherlands, on various branches.  That is the lesser part of my heritage, however, the bulk being England, largely through the British Colonies, esp. Connecticut and Massachusetts Bay (I am a descendant of Governor William Bradford).  There's a bit of Belgian and a chunk of German in the mix as well.

by Stephen Wall G2G1 (1.4k points)
Hi Stephen,

Your really a mondial personality ;-) If there's anything you would like to know about Dutch Archives you can always ask one of the Dutch Roots community members.
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Hi, my name is Liam Tran.

I am doing a lot of research in Rijswijk (ZH). I also have Dutch roots.
by Liam Tran G2G2 (2.3k points)
Hi Liam,

I'm not sure if you can read Dutch but I  want to say: Welkom hier (Welcome here). Good to see you've found is and you do have a lot of Dutch Roots. I also saw that you're profiles are well sourced and I don't think you need any help at this moment. However of you have questions don't hesitate to ask.
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Hello, my name is Henk Elemans. I am not really prioritizing any particular family name, just going in every direction with people related to myself. At the moment I am still working on importing existing information I had compiled in MyHeritage and as far as Pre-1700s are concerned that includes the names Schamp en van Heesch. I also think I may have already added some pre-1700 profiles, but since their birthdates were unknown to me the site did not notify me. My goal is figuring out to what extend I am related to the rest of the world.

Hallo, mijn naam is Henk Elemans. Ik ben niet echt bezig met een bepaalde familienaam, maar breid de stamboom uit met alle mensen die ik kan vinden die verwant zijn aan mijzelf. Op het moment is dat alleen nog het importeren van de GEDCom uit MyHeritage en wat betreft Pre-1700 profielen is dat de namen Schamp en van Heesch. Ik heb mogelijk ook al pre-1700 profielen toegevoegd, maar aangezien de geboortedata voor mij onbekend waren werd ik niet door de website gewaarschuwd. Mijn doel is uit te zoeken in hoeverre ik met iedereen verwant ben.

by Henk Elemans G2G1 (1.7k points)
Aangezien de Pre-1700 quiz erg op Amerikaanse bronnen concentreerde was ik tevens benieuwd in hoeverre Nederlandse bronnen zoals BHIC wel gezien worden als erkend bronnen.
Hoi Henk,

Welkom hier. Ik denk dat het heel verstandig is als je even het Nederlands Portaal bezoekt en daar zie je denk ik al heel veel antwoorden op je vragen. Ik ga je ook onmiddellijk waarschuwen om niet nog meer GEDCom's te importeren totdat je van de huidige profielen alle bronnen hebt toegevoegd
Henk, deze

Bedoel ik. Je zult zien dat de missie bij Wikitree is alles voorzien van originele bronnen en dat kost veel tijd.
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Thanks for the invite. My name is Tonia and I'm mostly working on my Maternal Grandmother's side on my tree, the dutch side. I have alot of resources that have been passed down over the years that I am working my way through. I just read through all the naming guides and learned alot that will help me with my tree.  Surnames that I am working on are Van Bierum, Van Boerum, Boerum, Booraem, Burum, Burem and Buren. The earliest record I have from my family is that of Willem Jacobse Van Boerum, born 1617 from Village of Boerum in Province of Gromin gor Holland, and his wife Geertje Hendrickse. They migrated from Amsterdam to Flatbush, Long Island in 1649. Willem's father was Jacobus Van Boerum born approx 1570.
by Tonia Pierce G2G Crew (560 points)
your ancestor probably came from a small town on the border between the provinces of Friesland and Groningen named Burum. In the Frisian language written as Boerum. see Wikipedia

Only possible Groningen place would be Bierum

Hi Tonia, 

Welcome to WIkiTree and the Dutch Roots/Netherlands project. Since you just arrived, it's possible you can't take the Pre-1700 test already, I'll award you the project badge as soon as you have the Pre-1700 badge, so just let me know when you have the badge. wink

Looking at the names and families you mention, you probably are interested in joining the New Netherland Settlers project as well, we all work a lot together on these early profiles. 

Not sure if you found them already, but here are the profiles of Willem Jacobse (Jacops) van Boerum (as Eef mentioned he probably was from Burum, Friesland but not certain yet, so Bierum in Groningen also still is an option) and his wife Geertje Hendricks (Heijndrix) (according the marriage record she was from Goch tot Haarlem. The place Goch (now part of Germany), those days was Dutch and many Dutch (Reformed refugees) fled from Eindhoven to Goch and later to Haarlem, (here's some info in Dutch about it) so it's possible Geertje and her family originally were from Eindhoven as well. 

Anyway, with some luck you can just connect your family to already present profiles, if profiles are PPP't (Project Protected)  you can just add a post with a link to the profile that needs to be connected and ask if the manager or, if only the project account is present, if a leader / project coordinator can connect the profile to the parents.

Hope it helps and if you have questions just ask !  

The tree I have Willem Jacobse Van Boerum is one of the starting points. I was using the info on that for the came from location. I haven't had a chance to cross reference/ verify for the location. The tree was started by Rev. Jacob Bookstaver's son. His name was Jacob Edgar Bookstaver. He wrote that he was the G.G.G. Grandson of Willem Jacobse Van Boerum. My Grandma told me when I was younger that he was a history researcher, but when I recently looked him up I found out he was a author as well. Between the 40s and 60s another family member traveled to New York, Tennessee, Missouri and overseas with a genealogist and recorded alot of information. She updated the tree around that time and then the last update was in 1986. It has 100's of names and goes across my entire table. She documented personal family histories from as many Boerum decents that she could. Do you think it's best for me to finish my direct line as far as I know from what I have or start my branching out from recent to oldest? Also is the tree or any of the documents considered a source or should I try to find the orginal source they used? They physically went to the places that had the source so it would have to be already available online for me to access.

Hi Tonia, 

Well (online) genealogies/family trees (unless they cite and/or have images of the actual primary records) are used mostly for leads, so all the ones that don't have or cite the actual (primary) sources/records or have links that only can be accessed by (paying) members (like Ancestry, MyHeritage for example) are not seen as a 'source' at WikiTree. 

So the best way is to add primary records/sources (with links if possible) right away to every profile you add/create and of course for the younger/more modern profiles personal stories also are great. If you work like this (add primary sources /records + links to those sources right away), it probably doesn't matter where you start, but the most easy probably would be to start with your own profile, and add your parents / grandparents etc. and work towards the earlier profiles (deeper ancestors) that already are present and connect your family to those. This way you can get used to WikiTree and still experement a bit with your 'own' family first, and no one will be upset if something perhaps goes wrong by accident. (But don't worry to much, just go ahead and start, we all made mistakes when we just arrived, WikiTree can be quite overwhelming at first, so everyone understands what a struggle it can be when you still have to learn how it all works  smiley

And here's a link to the reliable sources page, where you also will find a link to our Dutch Archive with a lot of info and links to various online Dutch archives, we're really spoiled with all the info and records that all are available for free in so many places online nowadays eeh wink 

Good luck and most important enjoy and have fun !

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Hi  My name is Toni Randall (nee Gielink).  I am researching my father's ancestry.  I have a number of old documents and names for this.
by Toni Randall G2G Crew (560 points)
Hi Toni, welcome to the Dutch Roots group. I’m curious about your ancestors. I also have the family Gielink in my familytree so if I can help you. Just ask.
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Hi Folks,

My name is Andy Rogers. I am the son of Anneke Groot, who emigrated from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, to Canada in 1956. I had the great fortune of being able to visit my grandparents in Amsterdam many times and have seen the beautiful sights of Amsterdam and Holland (the canals, Dam Square, the Rijksmuseum, Amstelveen, the Zuider Zee, Madurodam, etc.).

I am descended from the Groot and Sluis families of Andik and Enkhuizen and can trace my ancestors back to Willem Willemsz (1615-xxxx) of Grootebroek. I have been researching my genealogy seriously for about ten years now, and have been very impressed by the number and quality of the resources available to research Dutch ancestry (like Wikitree, of course, WieWasWie, Kistemaker, West Friese Familes, etc.). I am also indebted to my mother for instilling a sense of pride in my Dutch heritage and also providing me with many original sources of family information and pictures to get me started.

I have also had the good fortune to "meet" (online) and communicate with several cousins (some as distant as 6th-cousins, some still living in Andijk, others in the United States, Canada, and the West Indies) to share research, family histories and pictures. 

I do my best to accurately source all of my genealogical research and maintain solid ancestor profiles. I am also very willing to help others conduct research and improve upon the body of knowledge we are putting together here at Wikitree.

I very much look forward to becoming part of the Dutch Roots community and being an active member.

Thank you all and best wishes from Canada,
Andy Rogers (of the family Groot).

by Andy Rogers G2G Crew (830 points)
Hi Andy,

Good to see you here. And great that you would like to join our Dutch Roots group. I checked your profile and was impressed. (And it was fun to see that I'm not the only SAP consultant within Wikitree ).

I don't think you need a lot of help in sourcing your profikes, but if you have questions you can always ask.
Thank you very much for the warm welcome, Margreet! I appreciate it!
Thanks, if there's anything I could help you with, just ask. (By the way, the correct name is Andijk ;-) ) And I'm currious if you could still read or speak some Dutch? My Grandma is from Grootebroek, my mom is born in Bovenkarspel and my Aunt is living in Enkhuizen, so I know my way around that area.

Ugh, yes I know it's Andijk...that was a typo! crying

I can read a fair bit of Dutch but cannot speak it in any meaningful way. I studied German up until first-year university, which helped somewhat.

I do have 4th cousins that still live in Andijk. It seems that most of my currently-living relatives (that I am aware of) live in Canada (Ontario and British Columbia) or the United States (Michigan).

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Through triangulation, I have identified several Dutch surnames which appear frequently among my matches. I would like to pinpoint the branches of my ancestry where these names among others occur: van Wagenen, Kittle, Van Buskirk.
by Katherine Patterson G2G5 (6.0k points)
Hi Katherine,

Glad to see you here and I'm willing to help you I've you need some guiding in finding the right archives. There's a lot to find and it's almost always accessible for free.  Keep in mind that the Dutch naming convention is different from the USA. So searching for matching names is sometimes difficult.

Hi and welcome to the Dutch Roots project Katherine, looking at the names, you also might be interested (if you aren't already) in joining the New Netherland Settler project

The Kettel (later variant Kittle) family probably was from Germany. 

The 'Van Wagenen' family originally came from Wageningen (Gelderland, the Netherlands) and emigrated to New Netherland. The earliest ancestors only used patronymics and the name 'Van Wagenen' probably was adopted by later descendants.

The 'Van Buskirk' family starts with Laurens Andriesz from Holstein (according the marriage record) he also emigrated to New Netherland where he married Jannetje Jans (from Utrecht, the Netherlands) the widow of Christiaen Barentsz (from Hoorn, the Netherlands). Just like many they also all used just the patronymics and the places of origin later were adopted / used as last name by later descendants. 

So for al of them early records (Church Records) are important to determine their LNAB (so to see if they only were known by and using patronymics or if they used these (or a different) last names already), also to prevent duplicates, it's important because most of the NNS already are present at WikiTree, but because the last names are corrected for many of them they are not showing up if you are looking for them with these last names (Van Buskirk, Van Wagenen, etc) that were adopted  by later descendants, so for the earliest ones they probably only will show up if you search for them with the patronymics. 

Hope it helps, welcome to the team and have fun ! :)

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Hello. My name is Gerrit Heikamp. I am researching my parents roots. My father Cornelis Heikamp was born in 1927 in Ede, Gelderland and my mother Jacoba Adriana van Doleweerd was born in 1930 in Zeist, Utrecht.
by Gerrit Heikamp G2G1 (1.6k points)

Hi Gerrit,

Welcome to the Dutch Roots Project :) At our Dutch Roots Project page you can find all project info .. if you still have questions feel free to ask, we're all happy to help :)

Here's a direct link to our most important links for info for and about Dutch profiles and here you can find our most recent Project update

Good luck, have fun and thanks for joining !

the Dutch Roots Project Team

Hoi !

Welkom bij het Dutch Roots Project ! Bij onze Dutch Roots Project pagina en het Nederlands Portaal kun je al heel veel informatie vinden en .. allemaal in het Nederlands, mocht je toch nog vragen hebben, schroom niet en stel ze gerust, we helpen graag :)

Hier is een link naar de sectie met de belangrijk(st)e Dutch Roots project info en hier de meest recente Project update

Succes, veel plezier en bedankt voor het meedoen !

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ik ben Daniël en kom uit Apeldoorn, Nederland. Ik wil graag lid worden van het Dutch-roots project. Ik ben al een tijdje bezig met mijn familiestamboom via MyHeritage en hoop via Wikitree bij te kunnen dragen en meer informatie te vinden. Familienamen zijn Kers, Lageveen, Meijer, Licht, Mouw, Grift en anderen.


Hello I'm Daniël from Apeldoorn, The Netherlands and ask to join the Dutch Root Project.
by Daniël Kers G2G Crew (500 points)
Hoi Daniël,

Sorry voor mijn late reactie en welkom bij de Dutch Roots familie. Ik zie dat je nieuw bent op Wikitree en ik ben nieuwsgierig of je de 'weg' een beetje kan vinden.

Mocht je hulp nodig hebben, dan kan je dat altijd vragen aan mij of een van de andere Coordinatoren.
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Hi, my name is Roxanne and I’m researching the Houtkooper family. I’ve been searching on & off for a few years. Hope I can find some more information on my family!
by Roxanne Houtkooper G2G Crew (470 points)
Hi Roxanne, I’m not sure if you can read Dutch, so I would like to wish you a warm welcome to our Dutch Roots Group.

If there’s any question you have or there is anything you would like to know, feel free to ask. Bea would grant you the DR badge asap.
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Hi there,

My name is David Jiggens and according to family oral history, in 1621 my family came over from Holland to England in order to escape religious persecution (they were Protestants) and on arrival, helped to drain the marshes and fens in Southern Essex. My research of the early Dutch Settlers has shown that they probably would have Anglicised their name (e.g. Jegons, Jigens, Jigons, Jiggins, Giggins,, Jigons, Jiggens, etc). I am stuck at 1761 and am unable to get back to that magic date, 1621. I have contacted the Dutch Church in London but all Church records for that time are missing.

I would be very grateful for any help

Tot ziens,

David Jiggens
by David Jiggens G2G Crew (950 points)
Hi David,

Welcome to our Dutch Roots family. I see that you are new to Wikitree and I see you have some questions. However the question you have doesn't have a simpel answer. There are hardly any Jiggens on Wikitree and I don't know where you are stuck. Are you going to add your familymembers to Wikitree? So we could help you solve the puzzle?

Hi David and welcome to WikiTree !

Looking at your profile and other places, I think you are stuck at Thomas Jiggins born 1761 in Rayne, Essex, England (Here's some info about the Raine Church in Essex (in records the place was written as Rayne/Raines/Reynes), son of a Samuel Jiggins and Sarah (married name Jiggins) is her actual last name known? Thomas Jiggins moved to Bulphan where he married in 1785 and where he died in 1826 ? Thomas Jiggins and his wife had 9 children ? Do you have more information about is wife ?

Not sure if this is helpful but here are: 

Some Marriage Entries from Boyd’s Index for Essex Transcribed by Brian Parsons

It has two marriage entries, one in 1671 and one in 1791:

 1671 Samuel JIGGONS (Jiggins) & Sarah FRANKRoxwell 

1791 Samuel JIGGINS & Sarah HORTONGt Leighs

But both don't really seem to fit Thomas's parents (one too early, and one too late)

Something you probably can do best is start a G2G (add the title of your request for help in the white field you see at the top right below where it says: Ask a question or post a new message:

click enter and it will open a field where you can add more. Add as much as possible info about them and ask for help and sources there, we have members from all over the world, so I'm sure there are some that might be able to help and find the records and information you are looking for. If you start a G2G make sure to add tags: England, Dutch Roots, Brick Wall etc to make sure members following these tags will notice your G2G / request for help with your Brickwall. 

Hope it helps and if you have questions just ask here or in G2G we all are happy to help wink Good luck and hope your Brickwall is solved in no time !

Hi Bea,

Thank you very.much for your kind help and advice, it must have.taken you ages to find those.

I am thinking that the Samuel Jiggons married in Roxwell in 1671, might possibly have been my Thomas' Grandfather??

Also, the Samuel Jiggins 1791 my have been a nephew?? I perhaps also need to research sideways and see if anything leads back to my Thomas.

I will certainly take your advice and have a go at starting a G2G. I'm new to all this so it's quite exciting.

Thank you once again for you help.

Kind regards,

David Jiggens.

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